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Love's Labour Lost:

From the dark corner, a cold presence looms over the figure of a young sleeping child.

"The fever isn't breaking" solemnly the healer reported.

"Perhaps Milord, we should seek outside aid to heal the girl" the old vassal suggested.

As the young child began to stir, and opened her fatigued brown eyes.

"Jake, Lord Sesshomaru, do not worry, this Rin will be just fine and even if something should happen, Lord Sesshomaru could always use Tenseiga to reviveme." She said with a toothy grin.

Sesshomaru stepped out of the shadows and gave Rin a look of compassion, although only those who have been around him a long time could notice the slight change in outer appearance.

"Rest Rin, I, Lord Sesshomaru, will be certain to see you are made well. Come Jaken".

As the two left the room Rin obediently obeyed Sesshomaru's orders and drifted off to dream of her strong Lord and protector.

"Jaken, find aid of any kind to heal Rin's ailment"

"But Milord, Rin is right, you can just use Tenseiga to bring her back if the worst should come"

As Sesshomaru sent a cold glare down to Jaken the vassal quickly stuttered out apologies.

"N-not that I would ever question you Milord"

"Rin is in my care and I shall not allow her to die again"

"Bye Inuyasha!"

"And where do you think you're going wench?"

"First of all, WHAT HAVE I TOLD YOU ABOUT CALLING ME WENCH?! SIT BOY! And second, I am only going home to get food, bandages and medicine. I'll return soon."

"Feh, just hurry up" Inuyasha grumbled as he pulled himself up.

She smiled as she waved and jumped into the well to return to her own time. Inuyasha just sighed and returned to Kaede village.

"Mom I'm home! Can I have some money to go buy bandages, food and medicine?"

"Here honey, be home for dinner."

2 hours later:

"Must you rush back so soon? You haven't been home in months. Wouldn't you like a nice hot bath and a nap"

"I guess Inuyasha could wait, I haven't had a good bath in ages. Besides what could possibly happen if I'm a little late?"

"Lord Sesshomaru! Rin's fever has gotten worse! The healer suggests we seek out the healing abilities of a powerful miko" Jaken quickly blabbered out.

"What miko would possibly aid a demon such as myself" Sesshomaru pondered out loud.

I am a powerful and fearful demon Lord I could force anyone to help me at anytime (Sorry ya'll it's a little OOC but yeah)

"Perhaps Milord, your brother's wench. She seems to put others before herself" Jaken suggested as he cowers in fear because he mentioned Inuyasha.

"That may be the only way" Sesshomaru stated.

"Very well Lord Sesshomaru, I will begin preparations to fetch... Kagome I believe it is"


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