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Love's Labour Lost Chapter 25: Separation

Kagome ran forward, tears staining her cheeks as she unsheathed her kodachi. Forgetting all training and simply feeding off her fear, she lashed out at Naro, still a good 10 ft from him. The kodachi, acting as if on its own, formed into a whip that was similar to Sesshomaru's, except a purifying whip, and lashed out at Naro.

"Wh-what just happened?" Kagome's grandfather asked as Souta and Kagome's mother helped him up.

Kagome and Inuyasha rushed forward to guard her family from Naro.

(Moments earlier)

Kagome and Inuyasha rushed out of the well house to take in the sight before them.

Naro was toying wither her family. They were fleeing from him whine her grandfather fell and Naro took this opportunity to strike.

Naro was a tall muscular figure of equal height to Sesshomaru. He had long black hair that was braided and reached down to his mid-back. He had cold, dark sinister eyes like Naraku, and a sadistic smile that would make the feint of heart quiver in fear.

When Kagome's grandfather fell, Naro rushed forward and stalked over her grandfather with his claws extended to strike. It was that moment that Kagome rushed forward.

"You bastard" Kagome snarled, shocking Inuyasha and her family. "You will pay for even thinking of hurting them." she threatened. Flicking her wrist she reformed her whip. "I will purify your sorry ass to hell, then you can see your pathetic father again" (Sorry for the OOCness but he did almost just kill her family, it is about time she got some balls )

"KAGOME ENOUGH!" Inuyasha barked, worried about her personality change.

Using this distraction, Naro ran to the well hut and disappeared through the well, Inuyasha and Kagome fast on his heels.

"Kagome! Don't go it's too dangerous" Her mother pleaded.

"I have to go, I'm sorry. I'll be back" and with that they were gone.

When they landed, Inuyasha jumped up out of the well with Kagome in his arms.

"Release him" Kagome demanded to Sesshomaru as she stepped out of Inuyasha's grasp.

Naro was dangling by the neck with Sesshomaru's poison claws digging into his neck.

"Sesshomaru" Kagome pleaded, drawing the red tint from his eyes. "He tried to kill my family, I will dispose of him" Kagome informed.

Sesshomaru released him as Kagome stepped up.

"I'm normally a peaceful person, but for threatening my family, you will pay" Kagome murmured.

She flicked her wrist and formed the whip again, striking Naro in the back. As the whip pierced his skin, and started to purify his skin in the region, Naro jumped up and tried to flee. Kagome, unflinchingly, drew an arrow on her bow and shot him dead in the back, purifying him on contact. As Kagome, Sesshomaru, Inuyasha and Naoki walked forward they noticed a glimmer in the grass.

When they approached they noticed it was a small charm on a bracelet.

"So that is how he got through the well" Inuyasha mumbled, leaning down to pick up the bracelet.

"DON'T TOUCH IT!" Kagome yelled, stopping Inuyasha in his tracks. "It is full of dark magic, it would destroy you on contact" she reached down and the moment her skin contacted the beads the curse was removed. "The curse to hurt you has been removed now" she spoke, turning towards Sesshomaru, "but it should still have the spell to get through the well". Handing the bracelet to Sesshomaru she began again "Take it, I want you to come through with me now. I want my family to know I have a guardian better than they could have ever asked for"

"Very well. It would be nice to see your world" Sesshomaru responded, taking the bracelet and slipping it over his hand.

The two walked together towards the well when Kagome stopped and turned around to face Inuyasha and Naoki, "Could you two go tell the rest that everything is safe now? Besides I think you have a lot to talk about yourselves" Kagome asked winking at them for her other comment, before she and Sesshomaru disappeared into the well.

"What did she mean by that?" Inuyasha asked as he turned to look at a very betrayed Naoki.

"Nothing, we should go tell the others" Naoki avoided walking past Inuyasha, only to be stopped by his hand on her arm.

"Naoki, you can talk to me. We've known each other forever. I know I haven't been there for you, but I'm not going to leave this time. Sesshomaru has invited me to come stay at the castle with him. So that the family can be together again, and I think I just might take him up on that offer" Inuyasha told Naoki, releasing her arm as she turned to look at him.

"Really?" Naoki asked in disbelief, her excitement dwindling as she added "You're coming to look after Kagome aren't you?"

"Kagome isn't the only thing keeping me there Naoki, I missed you too. Besides, I was wrong about Sesshomaru. My place is there in the Western Lands, as father wanted."

"That's good to know." Naoki simply smiled as she stared up at Inuyasha

"Wh-what?" Inuyasha asked, nervous under her gaze, but instead of answering him, she leaned up and kissed him.

"Mom? Grandpa? Souta?" Kagome called out when she and Sesshomaru entered her house.

Her family came running down the hall and stopped dead in their tracks as they saw Sesshomaru.

"KAGOME GET OVER HERE!" Her mother wailed

"What's wrong?"

"Get away from that THING!"

"Mom! It's okay, calm down. This is Inuyasha's brother" Kagome pleaded as she tried to calm her family.


"It's not like that! I was wrong. He was trying to make Inuyasha stronger, to protect him. I just was stubborn and got in the way. He's really a good guy. I trust him" Kagome rambled out, trying to calm her family.

Seeing how it really wasn't working she tried the only thing she had left, she whirled around and pulled Sesshomaru down into a kiss. Her family gawked at Kagome, who was currently attached, to what they thought was an evil monster, at the lips. They watched as her arms snaked around his neck and his arms around her waist. Then the two broke apart and Kagome turned around to face her family, still in Sesshomaru's grasp.

"Not only that," Kagome started, bringing them out of their shock "but I love him".

With that declaration, not only was her family shocked and taken aback, but she felt Sesshomaru's quick intake of breath as well. Afraid she scared him she whirled around.

"I didn't want you to find out like that. It's just I need them to trust you. It killed me when they called you 'thing'. I need them to see the you I see." Kagome pleaded. Seeing no change she was about to continue rambling when Sesshomaru grabbed her and pulled her to him, capturing her lips in another kiss. When they released Sesshomaru stared down into her eyes.

"This Sesshomaru, loves you as well"

"Well, then." Her grandfather interrupted, "That changes everything. Come in, come in my boy." He energetically brushed Sesshomaru into the living area.

"Kagome," Her mother started, once Sesshomaru was in the other room.

"It's fine mom. I know what I'm doing."

"I know dear, but how did he get here?"

"Oh that, there is a charm on his wrist that allows him to travel back and forth through the well. I hope to learn how to make more so I can bring the others back and take you too see his home"

"Kagome, Mom" Souta whined, dragging the girls into the other room.

"So tell me," Kagome's mother started, "How did you two hook up?"

"Well, I healed this young girl who is his charge from an illness and well, he brought me back to life."

"HE WHAT? WAIT YOU DIED!" Her mother wailed before she passed out.

"Mom!" Souta and Kagome yelled in unison.

Naoki pulled away from Inuyasha as she looked away, afraid of what she'd see in his eyes. To her surprise, Inuyasha gently grabbed her face and kissed her again. When they separated Naoki's shocked eyes met with Inuyasha's calm ones as he embraced her.

"Sesshomaru was right." Inuyasha mumbled.

"How's that?" Naoki asked, slightly confused.

"He said I'd chosen my mate without even knowing it"

Naoki could only gasp as she heard this and tears began to stream down her face. Inuyasha smelling her tears pulled away to look at her, afraid he had said something wrong.

"Please don't cry" He begged

"I'm sorry. I just, did I hear you right?"

"You don't have to be if you don't want to!" Inuyasha answered immediately, but Naoki calmed his fears by embracing again and in the place of crying, she was laughing.

"No you baka, I want to be your mate. I just couldn't believe I heard you right."

"I love you Naoki"

"I love you too Inuyasha"

The two separated as they started back towards Kaede's village, walking hand in hand.

After Kagome had calmed her mom and they explained the whole story, the two returned back through the well, promising to return immediately. Upon arrival to Kaede's and the realization that now there were three couples, the girls began laughing like crazy, slightly scaring their poor boys.

"Lord Sesshomaru" Kaede whispered, breaking the laughter.

"Kaede! Get back to bed!" Sango ordered, running to help the old woman.

"No I must tell Lord Sesshomaru what Naro said."

"What is it Lady Kaede?" Sesshomaru asked, being respectful of the elderly priestess.

"So polite, unlike another demon I know" Kaede responded, glaring at Inuyasha. "Naro spoke of revenge. He said that even if he failed, he would not be the last. There are others who would seek out and aid Naraku."

"Dammit. Kagome, I must return home. There is much unrest I must settle."

"But, I can't go with you. I promised my mother I'd return home and stay for a little while." Kagome responded, sadness tinting her voice.

"Inuyasha, I must ask you a favor" Sesshomaru stated, turning towards his brother. "Seeing as you and I are the only ones who can pass through the well for now, please stay here and protect her."
"You didn't need to ask me to do that, I would have anyway. She is my best friend, and I guess my sister-to-be. I wouldn't let anything happen to her, but you must promise to look after Naoki as well." Inuyasha responded.

"I have thus far haven't I?" Sesshomaru responded, a smirk gracing his lips.

"Okay, stop it!" Kagome yelled, as everyone turned to look at her. "You're getting along too well. Souta and I don't even get along this way and we haven't spent most of our lives trying to kill each other." She finished, slightly exhausted.

"Very well, would you rather me try to kill him?" Sesshomaru asked with a grin as he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her to him.

"No" Kagome pouted as Sesshomaru leaned down to kiss her goodbye.

"I will come back for you as soon as everything is settled." Sesshomaru promised as he held out a pendant to her, "Take this. It is my symbol. All demons will be wary of harming you now that I have declared you as mine. If you are ever in danger, call upon it and I will be by your side in a heartbeat" He promised as he kissed her cheek.

Kagome took the pendant as she examined it. It was a silver dog, that was positioned so that it was in the shape of a crescent moon.

"How fitting" She giggled as she placed the chain around her neck. "Tell Shippo and Rin that I'll be home soon"

"Home. I like that. I'll be sure to tell them." Sesshomaru responded as he embraced her one last time.

Meanwhile on the other side of the group, another couple was saying its goodbyes.

"I'll be home soon Naoki, keep an eye on my pig-headed brother for me." Inuyasha promised as he hugged her.

"Who's the pig-headed one again?" Naoki joked

"Oh shut up."

"You better come home. You've been gone too long as it is."

"I know. I promise I'll be home soon, and I'll come in one piece."
"Good and keep my sister in once piece too." Naoki requested tightening her hold on Inuyasha.

Inuyasha pulled away and leaned down to kiss her one last time as the two couples stepped away from each other. Naoki approached Sesshomaru, as Kagome backed away to stand by Inuyasha. As the cloud formed at their feet Sesshomaru and Naoki called out one last goodbye.

"I love you."


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