"So, what do you want to do? Go shopping at Diagon Alley? Or go and get some butterbeer?" Asked Harry looking around trying to find where he left the car.

"Lets go and get some butterbeer, it's been a while since my last one," said Hermione. She looked at Harry's face, she knew something was wrong. "Looking for something?"

"Yeah, I don't remember where I left the car, I thought it was around here somewhere" he said scratching his head and looked a little confused.

"Um, honey…"

"I swear I left it here, or was it the other… no I remember it was here."

"Hun, you should…."


"Honey, turn around, then we can talk," she said pointing at something.

Harry turned around and was facing a red Ferrari.

"What the… how did… did I…?"

"Yes you did left it here. I can't believe you forgot and the weirdest thing is that you didn't even see the car" Hermione was a little worried about Harry. "Harry is something wrong?"

"Uh…nope… I just remember that I DID left the car here," Harry blushed. He couldn't believe how stupid he looked looking for his car that was 1 meter away from him.

Ron, Luna, and all the children were at the park.

"Ok lil fellas, go and have some fun. Don't talk to strangers, oh and be careful." Said Ron

Ron and Luna went to a table near a store while the 7 kids were in the park.

"Ok let's see, who wants to play 'catch Voldy'?" asked Lily.

"I DO" yelled everyone.

"Ok Germs is Voldy. Ready, set, GO" everyone ran to catch James. He was trying to run as fast as he could, but he fell down. Lily laughed, and so did Bob and Tim. Nora, on the other hand, didn't.

"James are you ok?" Said Nora, She got closer to him; James looked at her and smiled.

"Yeah." he said. He stood up and…

"Gotcha" smiled Nora. She grabbed James wrist.

"Damn" James blushed.

"Great, Nora caught him. The fun is over thanx to him." Lily rolled her eyes.

"Hey it's not my fault." James was getting angry.

"Yes it is." Lily left. Bob and Tim looked at each other, then followed Lily.

"It's ok, my brothers are like that too." Said Nora.

"Yeah I hate it when she is like that. I hate her most of the time. She is only nice when she wants something." Replied James.

Nora and James went to the sandbox. Meanwhile, Lily, Bob and Tim were just walking.

"So, how does it feel to be the daughter of the man who lived?" asked Bob.

"Um… normal? Is no big deal. He is just a normal dad, a normal person." said Lily.

"Bob has read so much about him. He is obsessed. We know the stories my dad told us aren't true. He likes to invent things." Said Tim. Lily couldn't help but smile. Bob Blushed and Tim just smiled back.

"So are you guys ready for Hogwarts?" Asked Lily.

"Yeah. I just need to buy an Owl. Tim wants a cat though. Dad got furious when he asked for one." Replied Bob.

"Yeah. He hates cats. I dunno why…. So which House do you wanna be in?" Said Tim.

"Gryffindor, My mom and dad were there, so I think I might be there too."

"Cool. I want to be in Gryffindor too." Bob and Tim said in unison. They looked ate each other. Lily just laughed.

"Great. Hope we can all be in Gryffindor. It might be great to be all of us together.

"Yeah. We can be another famous Trio" Smiled Bob.

"Yeah, that would be cool." Said Tim.

Harry and Hermione were driving.

"Do you think we should go to the park with Ron and Luna? I mean they are with 5 kids. One of them can get lost."

"Honey calm down they are going to be ok... besides they are in good hands" Hermione thought for a while. "I mean they are in good hands right?" they both glance at each other. "There is an exit 1 mile away."

"Yeah that is what I thought." Harry got to the exit and headed to the park.

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