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Lost Without You
Chapter 7: Reunited

Oh God! Harry! Draco cried out in his thoughts. Harry!

Looking up from the floor, Harry's eyes flickered in pain as that pulling yanked at him, shaking his body from head to toe. Draco! Dearest Draco! My God, what have I done to us?

The magic pulsed in both of their veins, resulting from their mental contact. So strong was their connection, so pure was their love and craving, that even through the miles separating them, they found strength and comfort in sharing their thoughts.

I am so sorry, so very sorry! What have I done? cried Harry.

Don't apologize Harry. It's my fault…I'm killing us both, and I just can't help it.

No! shouted Harry emphatically. This is not your fault! I will not have you suffer for my sins!

Harry…we're dying. His mental words were soft, hushed.

Draco could hear Harry's sigh; he could almost feel that warm breath stir his hair. I know, Harry replied. Down the hall Harry heard Mr. Weasley's voice.

"Harry? Harry, are you in there? Dumbledore is here, do you have a minute?"

Harry felt his mate's anger and disgust at the headmaster's name. That mother-fucking son of a bitch, Draco began.

Hush, dear, Harry replied, his mind rapidly working. It was now or never. Draco, stay with me, please. I'm going to try to fix this hell I've caused. Getting up, he replied to Arthur. "I'm in here. Tell him I'm coming."

Before Harry could leave the library, Dumbledore walked in, dressed in his Hogwarts robes. "Take a seat, Harry. I don't have long; I just wanted to see how you were doing."

Oh, he's doing just great, sir, Draco said mockingly in Harry's mind. We're both wasting away under your fucking eyes!

Shhh…Harry reminded Draco. "Well, things could be better," he replied to Dumbledore's question.

He only nodded in response to Harry's words; he was busy looking and thinking. On the outside, Harry looked strong. Muscles rippled over his body, and his aura of magic was cloaked in the air around him, but something wasn't right. Physically he looked acceptable but it was underneath his skin that Dumbledore focused. Harry was dying, and it didn't take him long to see that awful truth. His cloak of magic had black dots on it, like a diseased plant, killing it slowly. Behind those emerald eyes was a pain Dumbledore knew was not there a few weeks ago. Internally, Harry was wasting away.

'Sir?" Harry questioned. Dumbledore hadn't spoken in minutes, instead he just examined Harry with amazing scrutiny.

Blinking, Dumbledore's eyes focused on Harry's eyes. "Ahem, yes. So, things could be better. How so?"

"Well, I was just wondering…if I could have visitors here."

Dumbledore shook his head slowly. "That would be dangerous for you and them, you know."

"I know, I know!" Harry replied quickly. "But what about quick visits? Maybe not even here, at another location, perhaps."

"Your friends have said they would be willing to do whatever was necessary to help you. Would you ask this of Mr. Weasley and Miss Granger?"

Cocking his head to the side, Harry spoke very slowly. "I was actually thinking about someone else, Professor." He could feel the anxiety rise in his mate, the tension in his own heart, plus the worries of Draco making it hard to breathe and speak.

"And who, Harry, would that be?" Dumbledore said slowly.

Taking a deep breath, Harry stared Dumbledore straight in the eye when he replied, "Draco Malfoy."

His eyebrows lifting considerably, Dumbledore held Harry's gaze. "Harry, that is a very strange request, indeed. Would you care to elaborate?"

"No, sir, I wouldn't. It isn't my place. I think it's enough that I want him here, and I trust him."

"You may trust him, Harry, but the fact remains his family is faithful to Voldemort, the precise person you are hoping to avoid right now. No, I'm sorry, I cannot accede to your request."

Harry's only reply was to close his lips tightly, biting off the words he wanted to scream. In his head he heard Draco. I'll kill that son of bitch. Just let him get back to this hell-hole castle and I'll hang him by his grizzled beard!.

So this was it, then. They were going to die, suffering, painfully, completely and utterly alone, separated forever. Holding his head up high, even though it killed him to do so, Harry looked down on Dumbledore. "Then you'll kill us both," he said, before walking out of the room, not looking over his shoulder at the expression on Dumbledore's face. If he would have even peeked a glance, he would have seen the headmaster thoughtful, but sad and pained as well.

Standing up, Dumbledore left the house, walking until he was a safe distance away to Apparate near the Hogwarts grounds. Something had to be done quickly, not just because Harry was the savior of the wizarding world, but because Dumbledore cared about Harry. He had accepted and surpassed everyone's beliefs in him, and here he was dying at the hands of a decision made by Dumbledore. Reaching his office, Dumbledore sank down onto his chair, rubbing his aching temples. Too many times Dumbledore was making mistakes, hurting the boy he should be helping. A portrait on the wall cleared its throat.

"Albus?" he questioned.

"Yes," Dumbledore replied, looking up.

"Severus came by to see you not too long ago. He was…distraught, to say the least. Perhaps you should inform him you're back from your trip."

"Of course, of course," he agreed. Before he could even stand up, though, Snape burst into his office, looking distressed and extremely angry. "Well Severus, it's good to see you."

"Did you know about my godson?" Snape snarled, coming to the edge of the desk, glaring down on the headmaster.

"Know precisely what, Severus?" His eyebrows were arched, studying Severus' face intently.

"You better say that you had no idea, or Gods help you Albus…" Snape trailed off, leaving the threat unfinished. Draco was the closest thing he had to family, and if he died at the hands of one Dumbledore's grand ideas, Snape would contemplate murdering the old bastard.

Dumbledore held up a hand. "Does this have something to do with Harry Potter, perhaps?"

Drawing in his breath sharply, Snape curled his lip back over his teeth in a snarl. "You did know!" It was a statement, not a question.

Shaking his head, Dumbledore replied, "Let us say that I am only beginning to see that my decision was not the best to have made. I was not working with all the information, Severus. Tell me, what is the secret here?"

"He's a half-veela, Albus," Snape whispered, as though people were all around, crowding in to listen to the words.

"And?" pressed the aged headmaster.

"His mate," Snape shuddered in disgust just thinking about the rest of the sentence, "his mate…is…" He found he couldn't even finish the words, his eyes rolling back in his head in revulsion, choking off the words.

"Who, Severus?" asked Dumbledore. He knew the truth, the awful truth, but he had to hear it for himself, to assure him beyond any doubt of the truth.

"Harry Potter," finished Snape, groaning in repulsion.

"And why are you here, telling me this, Severus? Why isn't Mr. Malfoy here?"

"He can't make it here."

"Does he know you're here?"

Snape hung his head. "No, he does not."

Dumbledore tapped his fingers on the desk. "Aha…so perhaps this union between the two boys is not that strong for Draco, that he is not here begging to be reunited with Harry."

"He would not beg for his life."

"But would he not beg for Harry's life?"

"What?" Snape asked, narrowing his eyes.

"I see now that I have made a grievous error, but certain events must unfold before I can fix it."

"Such as?"

"Harry has already asked to be with Draco, but Mr. Malfoy must come to me, too."

"Why, in the name of all the gods, why? You know the truth, it's not necessary he talk to you."

"Because he has to trust me, too. The minute he rejoins with Harry, their power surge will be so great it will take every bit of my magic to keep them hidden. I will need Draco's complete and undying trust to keep them safe for a bit longer. He has to come to me of his own accord. He has to prove his love for Harry for either of them to live through this."

"And if he doesn't?"

Dumbledore put his elbows on the desk, his face in his hands. "Then the world falls apart, and we enter chaos once again," he said into his palms.

Both men were silent for some time, letting the gravity of the words sink in. Finally Snape spoke, "So you are telling me that the fate of our world rides on the love of two boys?"

"Not boys anymore, Severus. Growing men. Without each other, they are lost. We are all lost."


Meanwhile, back at Harry's hideout, he had locked himself up in the exercise room again. Pushing himself to the peak of physical exhaustion seemed to be the only way to push the pain aside even momentarily. Pull up after pull up, his arms screaming at him in agony. In his head he heard Draco screaming at him also. Stop it Harry, you're going to kill yourself! Stop it stop it stop it! He could actually see his lover stamp his foot, radiating anger.

"Just…one…more…" panted Harry, before letting his body fall and hit the ground, the blackness of fatigue claiming him before he even felt the floor. God dammit! roared Draco in his mind, which shook Harry from his self-induced unconscious state. You're killing yourself!

That's the point, commented Harry dryly.

What? Draco uttered quietly, thinking he must have mistaken what he heard.

You heard me, dear. I said that's the point. They all want me strong, perfect, flawless…they want a body capable of taking all their fears and frustrations for them. That's all, just a body to take the blows of Voldemort. Well I'll give it to them, an empty, perfect body.

Draco stood stock still in the middle of his chamber. So you're going to kill yourself?

I'm going to push myself until I can go no further. They'll get what they want, then.

I'll die too, Draco reminded him.

Harry maneuvered himself into a sitting position. You're dying now, and it's all my fault, my love. I can do more but finish this torture.

No! Draco screamed, hitting his fists against the stones of his walls. No! No! No!

Yes, my love, I'm sorry. We can suffer no more. I feel your pain every day, as I know you carry mine. This can't go on. We've been apart for weeks now, and every day is worse than the last weeks combined. No more, my dear. No one can save us now…its time we let ourselves go. We'll meet again, I know it…someday. No matter where we go after death, I'll find you. I promise…I'll talk better care of you in death than I did in life.

Draco knelt on the floor of his room, tears streaming down his face. He heard the words, felt the emotions behind him, and knew that Harry spoke the truth. He would end their pain in life to unite them in death. He had no fear of dying now, only wanted the ultimate release of his demise. My sweet Harry, he sobbed.

I'm sorry I can do no more to save us now.

Suddenly a spark flared in Draco's eyes. You may not be able to save us, but I can. And I will.


Just hold on, dear one. Draco wiped his eyes and stumbled towards the door, practically racing out of the room. Physically he was looking a little better since his mental union with his mate. He had kept trying to eat to save himself for Harry. That wasn't enough now, though. The time had come to do what he knew he had to do all along.

Stepping up to the entrance of Dumbledore's office, he stared at the gargoyle, realizing he didn't know the password. Inside himself he could feel Harry slipping away even more. This damned stone was not going to stop him. "It's an emergency," he told the gargoyle. "Let me pass. I need to speak the headmaster, now."

Draco could swear he heard a response from somewhere in the stone walls themselves. "All right," a ghostly voice said, "but don't make a habit of asking."

Stepping in the gateway, Draco was raised to Dumbledore's office. Bursting out of the entryway, Draco saw the headmaster sitting at his desk, preening Fawkes. "Headmaster, I need to speak to you, right away."

"Ah, Mr. Malfoy. Do sit down, please."

"I don't have time for frivolities. You know what's going on, you have to make it right."

Dumbledore eased back in his chair. "I do not believe I know of what you are speaking, Mr. Malfoy. Perhaps you would care to enlighten me."

Snarling, Draco curled his lip back over his teeth, baring his pearly whites in a wolf-like manner. Don't rush him, my love, he heard Harry say. Sighing, Draco clenched his fists to control his rage.

"All right, we'll play it your way." Draco sat down in the chair, sitting up straight, staring Dumbledore in the eyes. "A few months ago I found out I was a half-veela. My mother was one too, and before she married Lucius, she bonded with another half-veela, conceiving me. Lucius killed her mate, and raised me as his own son. Not more then a few weeks ago, I found my perfect partner, my soul mate. We had one night of bliss until you had to come along and destroy it. You ruined everything I had worked for, and now you're killing Harry!" By this point Draco was on his feet, hands braced against the desk, glaring at Dumbledore. He drew strength from his anger, and the pain he felt in his mate. He was going to make things right, by God, and Dumbledore was going to do what he wanted him to do.

"I don't care about your stupid rules, your fears, or your ideas of how things should be done. You've fucked it up grandly so far, so now we're playing by my rules!"

"Draco," Dumbledore began, but was cut off by the young wizard's lashing tongue.

"I'm in charge here now, and I demand you either tell me where Harry is, or I find him. I swear to every deity that I will find him. If I have to spend every waking moment, my last shuddered breath searching for him, I swear to God I will." Magic sparked and rippled from him with every word he spoke. "Not you, not Voldemort, not anyone is going to stop me in finding my way to Harry Potter. He needs me right now, and I'm going to save him." With every declaration Draco made, magic seemed to gather around him in a cloak. A vision sparkled in front of him, but Draco couldn't quite tell what it was. "I love him more than you could ever imagine, and nothing is going to stand in between him and myself." In his vision he saw a house in a clearing, woods all around. "I will find Harry, and I will make things right, so help me God."

The vision shrunk quickly, like he was backing away rapidly from it. The house, the woods, a lake, all gradually shrank away until he was looking at a continent. Still he backed up further, beginning to see the curvature of the earth. It was North America in his vision, that was where Harry was. Suddenly he plunged back deep into the vision, until he saw the house again. Inside the house he saw Harry kneeling on the floor, holding his ring and crying. 'Oregon,' a disembodied voice whispered in his mind. That's where his Harry was, hidden in the forests of North America, in Oregon.

Although it seemed like minutes had passed, Draco realized the whole vision took only seconds. Blinking his eyes, he focused his gaze on Dumbledore. "Oregon," was all he said, a triumphant look on his face. "Hide him wherever you want, but I will always find him, always be there for him."

Dumbledore had been speechless for some time, simply staring at the powerful wizard in front of him. He had needed a declaration, and he got so much more. How had Draco figured out where Harry was?

Draco could almost see the question flit across Dumbledore's eyes. "Love," he answered, in response to the unspoken question.

Nodding, Dumbledore had to agree with Draco. Pure, undying love had saved Harry from death at the hands of Voldemort, and now pure, undying love was saving Harry yet again. "I have to agree with you in every way, Mr. Malfoy. I was wrong; I made another mistake. Please, accept an old man's apologies."

"I don't want your apologies; that's not what I came for. I came for Harry."

"And you shall have him. However…do you trust me, Mr. Malfoy?"

"What?" asked Draco, his tone not that of confusion, but of disbelief. How the hell can that old bat be asking me that question? Draco thought to himself.

Trust him, urged Harry in his mind.

What! howled Draco. He almost got us killed! I wouldn't trust him with a bloody goldfish!

He didn't know!

Draco shook his head, realizing that Dumbledore was speaking to him. "What was that again now?"

"I said, do you trust me?"

Draco curled his lip back in disgust. "Does my godfather trust you?"


Inspecting his fingernails, Draco stalled for time, not wanting to make this hard decision so fast. His instincts screamed at him to tell the old man just where he could go shove it, but then there was his Harry, his lovely Harry, who needed him to trust the old fool. Draco looked on the headmaster, trying to keep his eyes unclouded by bias and judgment. What he saw was a tired man, but not old by any means. He didn't look like the fool his father had always made him out to be. Was it possible, Draco mused, that all these years he only hated Dumbledore because his father did? Although the idea wasn't pleasant, Draco had to admit the truth of it. Dumbledore didn't look like an evil, horrible person…he just looked like he wanted an end to this war, and the end of Harry's suffering.

"All right," Draco sighed, running a hand through his blonde locks. "I trust you right now, but I swear to God, if you betray it, or if you hurt Harry again, I will make you suffer."

Dumbledore nodded, standing up. "Your point is well taken, Mr. Malfoy."

"Do you trust me?" Draco asked out loud, before he even thought about the question.

His eyes sparkling, Dumbledore titled his head to the side, examining the young wizard in front of him. "What I think and feel right now is of no consequence. Come, let us go Harry," he said, gesturing to the fireplace.

"You mean to tell me we're going to floo all the way to North America?"

"Of course not," the headmaster answered. "We're going to floo to a safe location, where we can begin the series of Apparations to our location. It's a tiring journey, but I think you can handle it. Ready?"

"I was ready 3 weeks ago," Draco retorted, insulted at Dumbledore implying he might be weak.

"Then let's go," the headmaster answered.


Harry sat at the kitchen table with Arthur Weasley, impatiently awaiting the arrival of his love. He kept playing their reunion over and over in his mind, seeing the two of them crush each other close, melting away the cursed distance between them. They would kiss, touch, revel in the wonder of just being able to feel one another again. Harry closed his eyes, oblivious to his companion at the table. He could almost feel Draco's warm breath on his neck now, stirring sensations inside of him that had been dormant too long. He couldn't feel his love's mental presence right now, but he knew that was because he was absorbed in his magic, working on the Apparations toward his location.

"Harry? Harry?" Arthur's voice brought him back to reality.

"Hm? What? Sorry," Harry replied.

"I said, who is your visitor that's coming?"

"Oh, Dumbledore didn't tell you?"

"No, he thought it best that the words remained unsaid, for safety reasons. He said you knew though, and they would be here shortly."

Harry smiled to himself. "I think I'll wait for him to get here. You might be surprised."

"I see," Arthur said hesitantly, not really understanding at all. "I'm, uh, going to speak with Remus for awhile, about your magic lessons for this week," he told Harry before leaving the room.

"Okay," said Harry, not really listening at all. He was instead imagining he could hear Draco's silky, tenor voice. Closing his eyes, Harry could see his lover's milky skin moving across his throat as he spoke. Gods, even visions of Draco were intoxicating to Harry. Blood was thundering in regions it really shouldn't be right now, he still had some time before Draco got here. "I need some fresh air," he said to no one at all.

Standing up, Harry had to shake his legs and think unsexy thoughts to walk outside not looking like an idiot. Grabbing his coat, he sat down on a bench outside the kitchen door. Harry relaxed back against the back of the chair. He was allowed to leave the house for short excursions outside, provided he always stayed close to house, and always had his wand with him. Harry found the forest surrounding the house beautiful and captivating, always warm and welcoming. Inhaling deeply, he breathed in the scents of the woods, relishing in feeling happy for the first time in weeks. Soon, so very soon, he would have his Draco back with him. He would run his hands over every inch of that perfect skin, kiss it all, let his tongue roam freely and…Harry blinked, shaking his head to clear his mind of those ravishing thoughts. He had to wait, just wait, Draco would be here soon enough.

Harry decided he needed some brief exercise to help steer his mind clear of such absorbing images and ideas. Walking amongst the trees, Harry enjoyed listening to the chatter of the winter birds. A slight dust of snow covered the ground, shining amongst the trees, giving the whole land a natural shimmer that took the breath away. Stopping in a small clearing, Harry stood with his head angled up toward the sky, his arms stretched out to his sides.

Suddenly he felt warm hands pressed up against his sides, a hot breath on his neck. He wasn't scared, he knew who it was. "My love," Draco whispered hotly in Harry's ear, his hands traveling down Harry's sides, around his front and heading towards his thighs. Harry titled his head back into Draco's shoulder, snaking his hands up and around Draco's neck. His position allowed his lover easy access to his neck, which Draco greedily took advantage of.

"Oh Gods, Draco, I missed you so badly!" uttered Harry, turning himself to face his mate.

"Shh," Draco whispered, smoothing Harry's wild hair back. "We're together again now, and we won't ever be apart. I love you so much, Harry."

"I love you," Harry replied, before capturing Draco's lips in a kiss so intense, so passionate, so full of undying love that their lives seemed to stop for an instant, holding them suspended in each other, heedless of the surrounding world. Babies were born, people were dying, time was passing all around the two, but for now, they belonged to only each other and none other. Harry was no longer the Boy-Who-Lived, doomed to die at the hands of the Dark Lord, and Draco wasn't the adopted son of Lucius Malfoy, risking his life for this pure love he sought. Nothing mattered to either of them but the other boy he held in his arms, whispering words of love and passion, easing the fears and worries and pain of the separation they had endured. They belonged only to each other now, complete, faithful, undying love held the two young men together. Apart, they were nothing, lost without each other, but together they were so much more.

"Never…" uttered Harry, holding Draco close.

"…again," finished Draco, trailing kisses along Harry's jawline. Hands roamed freely over each other's body, touching, exploring regions they had only slowly begin to become acquainted with before they were so unduly ripped apart. Steering Harry towards a fallen log, Draco found he couldn't reach his wand in their rather entwined position. For some reason, he didn't feel that he needed it, though. Breaking his lips away from Harry's, he mumbled the spell to transfigure the log into a bed, not very comfy and squishy, but what can you expect from a log? Pushing Harry back against the bed, he smirked down on his lover's awestruck face.

"You just…without your wand."

"I know. Look inside yourself, too. Do you even feel like you need it?"

Blinking, Harry cocked his head up at Draco. "Actually, no. I didn't feel like this a little bit ago."

"It seems, my dear," Draco said, climbing on top of Harry and slowly pushing him back down on the bed, teasing his exposed skin with his lips, "that the more we are together, the more powerful we become."

As Draco nipped at a particularly sensitive spot along his side, Harry hummed in pleasure. "Mm…I could get used to that."

"What?" Draco asked. "The power, or this?" he questioned, nipping the same spot again.

"Both. Gods Draco, I love you." Reaching down, Harry pulled Draco close to him, once again claiming his lips with his own.

"And I love you," Draco replied, allowing himself to sink into the pleasure and warmth his love offered him.


"How long will they be safe here, Albus?" Arthur asked the Headmaster.

"Will we have to move to a new location soon?" Remus added.

"I am hoping, that for some time at least they can remain here. My magic can keep them hidden for awhile, at least until we plan the next course of action."

"I still don't like it," Moody grumbled to himself, shaking his head.

"Like what, precisely, Mad-Eye?" Remus questioned. "The fact that Harry is now happy, healthy and safe? Or perhaps the fact that he's even stronger now? Or is it the fact that he didn't suffer long enough?"

"The fact that his life rides on the life of blood-thirsty Malfoy, who is probably planning this very second to—"

"Enough," Dumbledore stated quietly, but his voice ceased all other words.

"I will not have the members of the Order fall into dissention over this. May I remind you all that Harry is our chief concern here, and up until precisely 30 minutes ago Harry was closer to death than he ever was before."

"Nonsense," scoffed Moody. "What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger."

"Bloody nonsense," retorted Arthur. "You and your outdated methods of trying to teach."

"He was doing just—"

"Enough!" stated Dumbledore again, this time stronger. "He was wasting away, and you all know it. Not, however, because of Alastor's eccentric teaching methods, but because of how he felt inside. Harry was closer to death than ever before because he wanted to die. No matter how certain members of this household may feel, Draco and Harry must be allowed to do as they wish from now on. I will not, I repeat, will not have those two come to more suffering on my behalf."

"So we just give 'em what they want, then? And suppose that during the battle Draco just strolls over to his father's side? What then? Harry follows to his death? Or dies because his heart is broken?" Sarcasm dripped from Moody's voice at the last words.

"Do you doubt my loyalty?" a voice behind Moody caused him to jump and turn. For the first time in many years, he had been snuck up on, but how? His magical eye was still zooming freely in its socket, but never focused on the young blonde.

Dumbledore smiled to himself behind his hand, glad that Draco was showing Moody where his place was now. He didn't want an argument to ensue, but sometimes thrashing things out was the only available option.

"I have been standing here long enough to see that you harbor some…doubts as to where I stand."

"I'm simply not willing to just throw Harry's life, or mine into the wind over some whim of—"

"No one's life is going anywhere. I have been here long enough that I could have uttered any curse I wished to end your life right there, but I did no such thing. I have also been here long enough that if I so wished, I could have alerted every Death Eater and even the Dark Lord himself to your current whereabouts, but I did no such thing. I have also been alone with Harry long enough that I could have ended his life in a single breath, but I did no such thing.

"Just because you don't understand something does not necessarily mean that it is wrong or unworthy of trust. I do believe that those feelings of animosity to that which is unknown is what caused the Dark Lord and his followers to end up where they are today. Sometimes you have to embrace differences, learn to accept the unknown, and let faith guide you where it will.

"I can swear in front of all of you here that I will do nothing to jeopardize your cause, but my first and foremost allegiance is to Harry himself. I will protect him with the very last breath in my body, and if it meant my death to help him, I would do so without a second thought."

As Draco spoke, Moody found it harder and harder for his magical eye to focus on him. It was almost as if, with every declaration of loyalty and devotion the magical aura of love around him was protecting him from other forms of magic. Watching Harry walk into the room to take his place next to Draco's side, Moody found his eye couldn't focus on Harry either. When Harry extended his hand toward Draco's, the moment their fingers touched a magical spark flared up around the two, momentarily blinding Moody's magical sight. It was like their bond was teasing Moody, taunting him for being wrong and stubborn.

Grumbling, Moody stood up. "Let it be said in my defense I am only trying to do what I think is best for Harry."

"We know, Alastor," Dumbledore said quietly.

"Fine," he stated flatly. Muttering under his breath, he walked out of the room, the last words anyone heard sounding something like "cursed…pure-bloods…too good…love nonsense…" It was the best and only form of an apology and acquiescence any one was liable to get out of him.

Reaching out to pull Draco even closer, Harry discovered that his love had the same idea. Smiling into Draco's eyes, he turned his face toward Dumbledore. "Thank you, Professor," he told him, still holding Draco close.

"No thanks needed, my dear boy. Things are as they should be now, and I will endeavor to make less mistakes in the future. Now, I believe lunch is ready if we would all care to dine together."

"If you would allow it, sir, I would like for Draco and I to take our lunch together in our room."

His eyes twinkling, Dumbledore replied, "Ah, of course, my boy. Head on up, and I'm sure Remus would be delighted to bring your food to you."

Still clutching each other close, the two boys headed up to their room, their hands entwined and their heads close together, murmuring words of endearment to each other.

"I think that everything will work out just fine," Dumbledore said, watching their retreating forms.

"I hope so, Albus. For their sake, and the rest of the world's," commented Remus.

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