Chapter 12: And They All Live Happily Ever After

Saturday night Hermione got all her friends together in the Head's common room to announce the news of her engagement to Luke.

"All of you know that Luke and I have been together for about a year now and being at Hogwarts I haven't had a lot of time with him," Hermione said. She and Luke were standing next to each other and he was holding her hand as she spoke.

"Yeah, and we all know that hasn't stopped him from coming up to the castle" joked Ginny, gaining a chuckle from everyone.

"But anyway, what we brought you here to tell you is… that… me and Luke are getting married!"

Ginny's mouth gaped open, along with Ron's and Harry's. "Are you serious?" she asked rushing up to give Hermione a huge hug. Luke stepped back a little to give them some room.

"Yes, I'm serious," Hermione said almost choking because of Ginny's arm around her neck, "Would you like to see the ring?"

"Yeah," Ginny let her go and the boys, after hearing the word ring, crowded round as well. Ginny grabbed Hermione's hand for a closer look. "Aww, it is beautiful. You're so lucky Hermione, and you're so thoughtful and sweet" she added to Luke.

"Okay Ginny, I think you have had a long enough look," Ron side as he pushed his sister out of the way. When he saw the ring his eyes bulged, nearly coming out of their sockets. "How the hell did he afford a ring like that? It must have cost you a fortune!" He turned to Luke and then around to Blaise. "I hope you don't want a ring like that if we ever get engaged!"

"Oh, I don't know Ron. It doesn't look that expensive. Though it is beautiful," Blaise said while admiring the ring.

"I agree," chimed in Draco. "Did you think of the inscription yourself, Luke?"

"Yeah," answered Luke. "I had it especially made and it took them three times to get it right."

"I hope they didn't charge you for it," said Draco.

"Nah, thank goodness" replied Luke. "It was one of those top wizard jewelers though. I wouldn't have trusted anyone else."

"Hmmm…" said Draco thoughtfully. "Interesting, can I have a word with you later?"

"Sure," replied Luke. Harry looked at Draco suspiciously. He is up to something.

"Well, congratulations Hermione!" Harry piped up. "I'm really happy for you."

"Thanks Harry," Hermione gave Harry a hug. "You know you're like a brother to me."

Luke had a huge grin on his face. "Harry, I'm sure Hermione would agree with me in saying that we would be honor if you were my Best Man."

"Are you serious? I would be happy to."

"And you Draco, if you were one of my groomsmen." Luke added

"I don't know…?"

"Oh, go on." encouraged Harry.

"Okay, fine. I will."

"Great!" said Hermione gleefully.

"I shall go ask Ron now." said Luke and then walked to where he was standing.

"And I should go talk to Ginny too." Hermione walked off and left Harry and Draco standing together.

Harry put his arm around Draco's waist and pulled him close. "Hermione seems really happy."

"And so do you," said Draco looking at Harry's arm around his waist. He wasn't complaining though. It felt comfortable and right.

The rest of the night was spent celebrating the couple's engagement.


The week leading up to the N.E.W.T.s was a very hectic one indeed. Each Professor was giving their students things to study as well as homework that needed to be completed. Hermione, of course, was on top of everything. Draco was coping well, but not as well as Hermione. Harry and Ron were not coping at all. Both Hermione and Draco suggested they make a timetable and stick to it, but neither boy listened. Blaise hadn't been able to cope at the beginning, but once he took Draco and Hermione's advice he was fine.

The weekend before the first N.E.W.T exams Hermione had locked herself in her dorm, not letting anyone disturb her after 10 o'clock in the morning or before 9 at night. She only came out for lunch at 1pm each day.

Draco and Blaise finally convinced their partners to make a study timetable; even if it was only for the last 2 days they had to study. They all worked together in the Head's common room giving each other quizzes and making up ways to remember the information that they had to know, while keeping to the topics and times on the timetable. They all had fun and what was more important; they all learned a few things.

They had been given the dates and times each N.E.W.T would be the week before, so when they didn't have a N.E.W.T they were studying for the ones to come. By the time they had all finished everyone just wanted to sleep. They weren't called Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests for nothing.

With their N.E.W.T.s completed there were only three more days until they graduated. Of course, the first of those days was used, by most, for catching up on sleep. The second consisted of small parties in each house's common room and then a huge inter house rave, with only seventh years invited. The third day was spent quietly, catching up with friends and lovers. Draco and Harry spent time outside on the Quidditch pitch, flying around on their brooms and just enjoying each other's company. Blaise and Ron went down to the lake and to the Greenhouse where they had first met. Blaise seemed to enjoy the plants more than Ron, who kept eyeing the Quidditch pitch where Draco and Harry were.

Hermione spent her free time with the Gryffindor girls and a few of their friends. There was lots of gossip, wedding talk, hair and make-up being done etc. All that girlie stuff, but surprisingly Hermione quite enjoyed it. She even asked Lavender whether she would be one of her Bridesmaids, which Lavender happily said 'yes' to.


The morning of their Graduation all the seventh years ate breakfast in the Great Hall as usual.

"Can you believe this is going to be our last breakfast at Hogwarts?" Hermione asked Ron and Harry.

"It does feel kind of weird, doesn't it?" said Harry

"Yeah," agreed Ron. "After I leave there will only be one Weasley at Hogwarts. When there has been at least two for so many years."

"Snape will be overjoyed, I'm sure, and Ginny doesn't mind," declared Hermione. "Although, she might miss Seamus a fair bit, but she will cope. She is one tough cookie, your sister."

"Yeah, I guess having so many brothers does that to you." As Ron finished his sentence the owls delivering the mail came flying it. Only one came in the trio's direction though. The brown tawny was carrying a brightly coloured orange envelope.

When it landed it front of them, they say it was addressed to 'Mr. Ronald Weasley'. Ron took the envelope from the owl's beak and then it flew off. "I wonder who would send a letter in a bright orange envelope?" exclaimed Ron

"I don't know. Why don't you open it and find out?" suggested Hermione.

Ron's eyes widened as he read:

Dear Mr. Weasley,

As a response to your application to try-out for the Chudley Cannons, we are pleased to announce that you are one of the few selected to try-out for the position of Keeper.

Blah blah blah…

We look forward to seeing you on the 1st of August

Your Sincerely

Blah blah blah…

"Oh my God, I'm going to try-out for the Chudley Cannons!" he squealed

"Wow, that's great Ron!" expressed Harry

"Since when did you apply to try-out for them?" asked Hermione in surprise

"Well, ages ago, near the start of the year. I didn't want to tell you guys in case I didn't get to, then it wouldn't be that disappointing."

"Oh Ron, you're such a dag." (AN: Shout out to Emily, you dag...jks) Harry said slapping his friend on the back. "We would have supported you no matter what happened."

"But that's what I mean. You guys all would have said, 'your going to get in for sure', 'don't worry about it man', 'you're the best keeper we know', etc etc," explained Ron. "And then I would have gotten my hopes up and if I didn't get in I would have been devastated."

"Okay, maybe you have a point," conceded Harry, "but you still should have told us."

"Does it really matter now?" asked Hermione. "I think the only thing that matters now is that he gets to try-out," she turned to Ron. "Congratulations Ron! I'm proud of you."

"I'm proud of you too man," said Harry. Just then Dumbledore stood up at the teachers table. He attracted everyone's attention by tapping his wand against his goblet. It made a sharp high-pitched sound and everyone looked up from his or her breakfast or conversation to listen to his announcement (some even covered their ears until the noise stopped).

"Good morning everyone! Today marks the last of the seventh year's time at Hogwarts, as you all know, and I would like to wish them good luck in their lives after today. I hope that you will visit sometime in the future and that you will always remember the time you spent here. Cherish your memories and your friends because the world out there is cruel and harsh. If you make a mistake, you could regret it for the rest of your life. But I'm sure all of you will not have to face that. You are all bright young witches and wizards and on that note I would like you to go and enjoy your last day here as students. And I say to you on your last day as I said on your first: Nitwit, blubber, oddment, tweak!"

As he sat back down a huge applause sounded around the hall, mostly from the seventh years happy to take his advice and enjoy their last day at Hogwarts as a student, or maybe at all. Harry, Ron and Hermione got up from the table and headed outside.

"So, what do you want to do to preserve our memory here at Hogwarts?" Hermione asked her two best friends. They had decided to spend their last day together instead of Harry with Draco and Ron with Blaise leaving Hermione by herself.

"I don't know what I want to do, but I want it to be up in Gryffindor Tower," said Ron.

"Yeah, so Gryffindors-to-come can be proud to be in such a great house," Harry said

"Well, how about leaving our memories, things that have helped us to become the people we are today and give the ones to come advice on what not to do or how to get out of a sticky situation," suggested Hermione.

"Yeah, great idea," said Ron, "but one question…where the hell did you pull that from? Like, I don't think your ass is big enough!" he ducked as Hermione made an attempt to whack him over the head and then he stuck his tongue out. Harry meanwhile was laughing his head off but stopped when Hermione gave him a death glare.

"Come on Hermione, you got to admit, that was funny," when Hermione wasn't laughing Harry added, "Ok, will it is a great idea. Shall we go outside, find a nice spot and start reminiscing and writing?"

"Yeah, you and Ron go find a nice spot and I'll go get us some equipment."

Hermione found the boys sitting in a nice garden area with a few benches set around the plants. She walked up the path to the bench Harry and Ron were sitting on with three boxes and a heap of parchment in her arms. She set the boxes down on the bench opposite them and then handed the boys each a pile of parchment.

"Choose a box," she commanded. One of the boxes was blue and was slightly rectangular in shape. Another was circular and its colour green. The last was purple and a perfect cube.

"I'll have the green one," stated Ron

"And I'll have the blue one" declared Harry

"Good, I wanted the purple one anyway," said Hermione.

They then set to work, writing down different things they thought would be useful or interesting or even entertaining to the generations that would follow them. Harry's box was named 'Practical Advice' and had things about how he had survived the many adventures and many close calls. He had a few things about how to treat your friends well and that sometimes you have to take risks.

Hermione's named her box 'Smart Thinking' and she had things about how to prepare for a test and helping hints to essay writing and a few interesting facts she had learned and thought would be good for others to know, like 'what is a boggart'.

Ron had a bit of trouble naming his box but decided on 'Life Lessons' in the end. He included things like 'how to become a champion at wizard chess' and that advice to never follow the spiders. He also put a few things about appreciating your family and friends and funny anecdotes about situations at Hogwarts (like the time when Professor Moody turned Draco into a ferret)

When they were finished and their boxes were full, even with shirking the parchment, Hermione put a special spell on them. They would stick them in the Gryffindor common room, on the mantle piece, and when anyone had something they wanted to know or whatever all they had to do was ask the boxes a question. Or in some cases, state they are bored, and a story of their adventures would appear from one of the boxes.


After breakfast, Draco went down to the Slytherin common room for his last visit. He knew he needed to leave sometime of a memory there, like so many before him had. He first thought of marking one of the couches in some way but then decided against it. He had to do something unique, something that would reflect him and then he saw himself in the mirror. His hair was a bit messy so he pulled out his wand to fix it when the idea hit him.

What if I left a portrait of myself here? Maybe of my old self before I was with Harry and after, to show people how I changed. Nah, just leave one of me, a happy but still sly and cunning to watch over the next generation of Slytherins, make sure they do a good job of keeping up appearances.

So that is what he did. With a small potion he brewed and a quick spell he produced a portrait of himself in his Slytherin robes with his slicked back white blonde hair, his brilliant grey eyes and his cute little smirk. The background had the Malfoy family crest and down in the right hand corner of the portrait sat Draco's Jon Hancock. He pinned it up beside the fireplace and then stood back to admire his handy work.

"Wonderful" he said to himself and spent the rest of the time with his fellow Slytherins reminiscing about the things they used to do in their early years.


Blaise decided that he would spend his last day exploring the castle and remembering all the things that had happen inside and outside its walls. He started in the dungeons where they had Potions and worked his way up to the towers where others studied Divinations or Astronomy. From there he went to the Owlery and sent his parents a note telling them that he would be looking forward to seeing them at the train station the next morning.

Then he went down to the grounds outside. He walked down past Hagrid's hut and along the Forbidden Forest, then around the lake. It was a beautiful day outside, a small breeze was blowing and only a few clouds could be seen in the sky. Blaise made his way back to the castle but not before going through the different greenhouses. When he got to his favourite, Greenhouse 7, he found Professor Sprout watering some of the rare pot-stem piranha plants.

"Hello Mr. Zabini,' she said in her usual bright tone "what can I do for you?"

"Oh, just here to say goodbye really. One last look before I go, that sort of thing."

"That's lovely dear. Would you mind picking up the watering can down there and helping me water the rest of these?"

"Not at all Professor" said Blaise enthusiastically "I have always enjoyed my time in these greenhouses as well as in potions class. That's why I have decided to open a nursery slash apothecary business when I leave here. So that I can continue my passion and pass on my knowledge to others."

"Well that is good to hear," declared Professor Sprout, "If you ever need any help getting plants or are stuck on how to care for any rare plant you might come across, just send me and owl and ill be glad to help."

"Oh, than—ouch! Thank you Professor." One of the piranha plants had bit him as he was watering it, as it obviously didn't want to be watered anymore.

"Not a problem. You have been a great student, as has Longbottom. Two of the best I've taught since I began here. I was going to announce it later at dinner but there is no harm in telling you now, is there?"

"Tell me what professor?" asked Blaise confused.

"Dumbledore has agreed to name one of the greenhouses after you and one after Neville. You get the choice as to which one of course and it will have your name."

"Serious? That's awesome Professor! Ouch!" Blaise said excitedly as another piranha plant, for not concentrating this time, bit him. "I think I should go now professor," he added not wanting to get bitten again.

"Okay, but I would appreciate it if you didn't tell Neville. Let it be a surprise for him tonight"

"Sure thing Professor," Blaise agreed and left Greenhouse 7 to return to the Slytherin common room.


The gang departed from Hogwarts in high spirits. On the train the five of them shared a cabin and talked happily about their plans for the holidays and the future. Hermione's wedding came into the conversation a few times, always brought up by Draco asking questions such as 'So when is the date?' 'Where are you going to have the ceremony?' and 'Where are you going on you're honeymoon?'

When they arrived at King's Cross Station they all went their separate ways and promised to all meet up a week from then. Of course Ron and Blaise were also meeting up the next day and Harry and Draco had made a date in Diagon Alley mid-week. Hermione went home that night and Luke was at her house to greet her and her parent's. Hermione hadn't told her parents yet about their engagement because Luke had wanted to be there when she did. Of course that night they broke the news to they, her father first asking whether Luke had knocked Hermione up (Luke had looked at Hermione and asked whether she was pregnant before he answered her fathers question with a 'no'), but after that their were congratulations and talk of the wedding over dinner.


The weeks went by fast and before they knew it, it was already Harry's birthday. Draco had planned a surprise party for him at their home, 12 Grimmauld Place. He had invited all the gang, all his Gryffindor buddies, the Weasley's and a few others Hermione had suggested like people from the Order and other Hogwarts mates.

That morning, Draco had shoved Harry out of the house with a good-bye kiss and some money telling him to go buy himself a gift or just have fun shopping and not to come back until at least 3pm. Harry had been a bit stunned by this and turned to ask Draco "What about my birthday present from you?" with a fake glum look on his face.

"Oh, you will get it later tonight, but for now scoot," said Draco shooing him from the doorway, closing the door behind him. Harry was still very suspicious of Draco but did as he was told, apparating to the Leaky Cauldron. He ordered himself a butterbeer from Tom at the bar and sat drinking and thinking about how he would spend his time in Diagon Alley.

Maybe I'll buy myself a few casual robes, maybe some sweets. Oh, I could go to Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour and get myself a nice sundae. Maybe get a book from Flourish and Blotts and have a good old sit down and read session.

And when he finished his butterbeer that is exactly what he did. He found a good book about the history of Quidditch, brought a banana, mango and peanut-butter ice-cream sundae from Florean and found a nice step at the front of Gringott's to sit and bake in the sun's gorgeous light. The time flew by and when it was 3 o'clock Harry didn't notice.


Meanwhile, at Grimmauld Place, Hermione was helping Draco set up the decorations and cook the food for the party. The guests started to arrive at 1 o'clock all eager to help out where they could (especially Dobby). When 3pm came all the guests were there and ready to surprise Harry. The only problem, there was no Harry.

"Well, it's not like he is going to be here right on three," said Draco, "Let's give him sometime. He has probably been going through every shop trying to decide whether to buy something for his broom or some robes that bring out his eyes."

By three thirty there was no sign of Harry and some of the guests were starting to get restless and Hermione was getting worried. Draco told her to wait a little longer but 4 o'clock came and went with Harry still a no show. Draco started to become worried himself.

"Where could he be? You think he wouldn't want to spend his birthday alone. Maybe I should go look for him?" suggested Draco.

"No, I think Ron should go look for him," stated Hermione. "He could say that he was in the area getting Harry's present and was about to come here to see him."

"Yeah, alright" Draco agreed and so Hermione sent Ron out to find Harry.

It didn't take Ron long to find him still sitting at the front of Gringott's reading his new book with his 3rd banana, mango and peanut-butter ice cream sundae. "What the hell do you think you're doing here?" Ron said to attract Harry's attention.

"Ron, I could ask you the same thing," said Harry "and I'm reading and eating ice cream, what does it look like?"

"I just thought you would be at home with Draco or something, seeing it is your birthday. I'm down here, umm… getting your birthday present,"

"Really?" asked Harry

"Yeah, I was going back to your house now as a matter of fact," stated Ron. "But it would be no use going there now seeing as I was only going to see you."

"Well, I should be going home anyway," said Harry and then looked at his watch. 'Four thirty? Is it really that late? Ah well, Draco told me not to come home until after 3 anyway,' he thought while getting up. He disapparated with Ron and appeared again in front of 12 Grimmauld Place.

Harry opened the door and walked into the dark hallway. "Lumos."

"Surprise!" shouted everyone; some throwing hands in the air while others shot streamers, sparks and other things from their wands. Harry was definitely in a state of shock to see so many people in his house and almost couldn't believe that they were all there for his birthday.

"Happy birthday Harry!" said Hermione and Draco together as they walked out from the front of the crowd to greet Harry and bring him back down to earth. "Do you like your surprise darling?"

"Umm, yeah…Draco this is awesome. When you told me to go out and spend some money on myself I thought you were up to something but I didn't think it would be anything like this." Harry looked around at who was there waiting to greet him on his 18th birthday. Many of the people from the Order he hadn't seen in at least a year and he hadn't spent much time with any of his old Hogwarts buddies that year either.

"Well, shall we have some fun then?" asked Draco

"Sure!" Draco led Harry toward all the different people to collect hugs and kisses. After Harry was sure he had meet and talked to everyone and that they were all happily talk to others he slipped away up to his room. Draco saw him and followed.

"Party too much for ya?" he asked standing in the door way to Harry's bathroom as Harry washed his face with cold water. Harry started and twisted around.

"Oh, it's only you. No, I just felt I needed to make sure I was wake and looking my best."

"Sure, whatever you say honey" Draco walked forward and leaned his body against Harry's back, resting his chin on Harry's shoulder. He looked at Harry in the mirror. "I think you look great and if it is waking up you need, I would be more than happy to help out." he started to kiss Harry's neck making Harry cringe.

"Draco, as much as I would love to do whatever you have on your mind, I think we should get back down to the party. I'm sure someone has noticed our absence by now."

"Let them notice, it's not like they will dare come up and look for us," Draco turned Harry so that their torsos were touching and started to slither his hand up the back of Harry's shirt. Harry just wanted to give into Draco's touch when he heard a knock from outside. "Sorry Draco," Harry said as he pushed his boyfriend away. "How about you keep those urges locked away for a while and after the party, I promise, I will let you have your way with me."

He walked out of the bathroom and back to the door of his room, opening it. But no body was there, strange Harry thought to himself. I swear I heard someone knock on the door. Tap, tap, tap… there it is again. He looked around his room to try and find what was making the noise but couldn't see anything. Draco, however, came out of the bathroom and spotted what was making the noise straight away. He walked over to the window and let the owl carrying three letters fly in.

"Who the hell send letters this late at night?" exclaimed Draco (it was about 9 o'clock by this time and it was dark outside)

"Who knows?" said Harry. "Who are they addressed to?"

Draco took the letters from the owl and shooed it back out the window. The first one was for Harry, the second for himself and the last for Hermione. He threw the one for Hermione behind Harry, on to the bed and then chucked Harry the letter that was addressed to him. Draco started to tear open the letter, not looking at whom it was from, but stopped when he noticed that Harry hadn't begun to open his yet.

"Harry, you open yours first."

"No, I can't. It is from the Ministry. I bet it is about our application to attend the Auror training school. You open yours." Harry insisted

"Well, I don't care whether I got in or not. If I don't, I can always go back to Hogwarts and teach or something." He opened the envelope the rest of the way and pulled out the letter. He opened it and read what was on the parchment. He stood there, staring at it eyes wide, almost as if he was about to cry.

"What is it Draco? Did you not get in?" asked Harry worriedly. He got up off the bed and walked over to stand beside Draco. He leaned over and looked at the parchment and read:

Dear Mr. Malfoy,

I, John Smith, Head of Auror Training at the Ministry, am pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into our highly prestige school.

And the rest (which was about another two pages) was unimportant. Harry grabbed Draco and squeezed him in a loving hug. When Harry did this, water leaked from Draco's eyes and Draco was almost glad when Harry released him to retrieve his own letter.

He carefully opened the envelope making Draco want to rip it out of his hands and tear it open as he had done with his. But he didn't, he let Harry continue to slowly open it and then slow remove the letter. He began to unfold the parchment carefully and stopped just before unfolding it again to reveal the writing. Draco couldn't take it anymore, "Will you just open it already?"

"No, you opened it your way, let me do it mine," Harry replied surprisingly controlling himself. He took another few seconds and then pulled down the end of the parchment to reveal what was written beneath. "And?" Draco asked impatiently

"I'm in" Harry said half hoarse, "I can't believe it, I'm in"

"Well you better believe it partner. We're going to be Aurors together!" Draco gave Harry a quick congratulatory snog. They were heading back down to the party when Draco remembered Hermione's letter. "Hey Harry, why don't you go back down to the party, I'll be down in a minute. I left a letter for Hermione on your bed."

"Okay, hurry up or else you will miss telling everyone our great news" and with that Draco ran back up stairs as Harry continued down.

"Hey," shouted Luke when he spotted Harry coming down the stairs. "Everyone's been looking for you; they want to cut the cake"

"Really, well that's great, I can tell everyone about the good news I just got." said Harry and followed Luke into the kitchen. Everyone was crammed together around the kitchen table with the huge birthday cake at the head of the table. They made a place for Harry to stand and were about to turn off the light when Harry interrupted.

"We can't sing Happy Birthday yet, Draco's not here. And how can everyone sing if his or her lungs are all squashed. Hermione, a bit more room to move please?"

"Don't know why I didn't think of it myself," she said as she flicked her wand and the room seemed instantly three times larger.

"Wonderful, thanks Hermione."

"My pleasure," she replied and Draco just happened to be walking in the room to hear her.

"Hope your not doing anything to my Harry, Hermione" Draco looked at her, smirked and then gave her the envelope with her name on it. "This came for you. I think it is from the Ministry," he stated handing it to her and then walking to stop beside Harry.

"Have you told them yet," he whispered in his boyfriend's ear.

"No, I was planning to tell them after they have sung Happy Birthday" Harry whispered back

"Very well," came, the again, whispered return. "Carry on"

"Dobby, if you would light the candles and turn off the lights" ordered Draco. Harry gave him a glare. "What?"

"He isn't your servant anymore Draco" he said as an answer to his question

"Sorry, old habits die hard"

"That's okay Master Malfoy, sir. Dobby would be honoured to light the candles on Harry Potter's birthday cake, if that is alright with Harry Potter, sir?" Dobby had two pairs of socks on each foot and a pair on his ears, along with 3 knitted hats on his head and he looked ecstatic to just be there, in the presence of Harry once again.

After they had sung Happy Birthday, Harry had blown out the candles and made a wish, Dobby turned the lights back on and then Harry started to talk. "Thank-you all for being here tonight. It was a great surprise and I have had a wonderful time seeing you all again. I hope you have all enjoyed yourselves. Just before now I received a letter from the Ministry, as did Draco. It told us that we had been accepted into the Auror Training School." There was a round of applause and a few hugs and congratulations from the people closest to them.

When everyone had become quiet Harry started again, "Well, that's about all I have to say, who wants cake?" there was a sound of many me's and yeah's and Harry picked up the knife to start cutting.

"Harry, put down the knife for a second honey?" came Draco's voice from next to Harry.

"Why? Do you want to cut the cake?" he asked giving Draco a confused look.

"No Harry. Just put down the knife" Harry did as he was told and watched Draco go down on one knee and pull out a small silver box. Draco opened the box to reveal a gold and silver ring. "Harry, will you be my partner for life?"

Harry could not believe his eyes, was Draco really asking him what he thought he was asking him. He felt tears welling up in his eye but blinked them back and cleared his throat to speak. "Yes Draco, I will."

Everyone around started to clap which startled Harry a bit. He had forgotten where they were with his focus had been totally on Draco. Draco got up off his knee and then placed the ring on Harry's finger. They shared a quick kiss and then Harry got back to cutting the cake.


Hermione and Luke had set their wedding for the 14th of August and instead of making plans for another day Draco and Harry decided that they wanted to make their commitment to each other as soon as possible. So it became two weddings in one.

Harry, of course, asked Ron to be his best man and Draco asked Blaise. Before they had come to that though, there had been the argument about who the girl in their relationship was, with neither really winning nor losing. They had agreed that they were both men and should both have at least one woman at each of their sides on the day.

With the wedding only two weeks after Harry's birthday they had a lot of reorganizing to do. Harry worked with Hermione on the ceremony arrangements and the reception while Draco helped Luke to pick out robes for themselves, Harry and the rest of the groomsmen. Hermione had already gone out shopping with her bridesmaids for their dresses.

Draco found some wonderful dark blue robes that suited Luke superbly and some lovely silver ones for himself. They had trouble finding the right colour for Harry though. They weren't sure on whether to get him red or green. They finally decided on the green to go with his eyes and it also went better with Draco's silver.

The two weeks went quickly indeed and when the 14th of August came it could not have been more prefect a morning, apart from all the rushing around getting ready, picking up the flowers, confirming the reception afterwards and not to mention the pre-wedding photos. Of course the Daily Prophet were all over the story of the double marriage with the famous Harry Potter with the Malfoy boy as his partner and Hermione Granger, Harry's muggle born genius of a friend and the muggle born wizard she was marrying.

The wedding parties for each couple were as follows:

For Hermione and Luke: -

Bridesmaids: Ginny, Lavender, Stephanie (Luke's sister), Luna

Groomsmen: Harry, Ron, Draco, Mark (friend from work, same year at Hogwarts)

For Harry and Draco: -

Harry's side: Ron, Seamus and Hermione

Draco's side: Blaise, Goyle and Pansy

The ceremony was to be held in a field surrounded by a beautiful garden. White chairs were set out in rows on each side of the aisle in which Hermione and Draco were to walk down. At the front was a podium where the celebrant was to stand.

Harry and Luke got there first, along with the rest of the groomsmen. They both looked handsome in their coloured robes with a flower on their collars to match their robes. They all stood at the front and watched as all the guest took their seats. It wasn't until half an hour later that Hermione and Draco arrived with the bridesmaids.

When Hermione and Draco walked down the aisle Harry and Luke both whispered "aren't they just beautiful?" to each other at the same time. They smiled at each other and then looked back to their respective partners.

When is came time for the vows Harry and Draco had prepared there own while Luke and Hermione were happy with the traditional ones.

Harry promised to love and cherish Draco for the rest of his life. He promised to be patient and to be understanding. He said that no one was as special to him as Draco was and that he should know that he loved him dearly and with all his heart.

Draco also promised to love and cherish Harry for the rest of his life, to be patient and understanding. He told Harry that all the time they spent together was nothing like the times he had spent with anyone else close to his heart. He also said that over that year his love for Harry had grown so much that at one point he thought his heart might burst.

By the end they were all in tears of happiness.

It came to the I do's and Hermione and Luke had theirs first with a sweet kiss. When Draco was saying 'I do' you could see that he just wanted Dumbledore to hurry up and get Harry to say it so he could give his new husband a big wet one.

Everyone applauded when the newly married couples walked down the aisle and they even had confetti (small bits of colour paper, traditionally thrown on newly wed muggle couples) to celebrate their backgrounds and on Hermione's parents request.

They had their after wedding photos done at Hogwarts and then went to the reception to party the night away.


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