Chapter 17: Honey Bunny

It was like a dream. Well, it was a dream, a dream that had at last been granted.

However despite the kiss that Kenshin didn't want to end, he was running out of breath, which with a delicate lung wasn't a very bright thing to do. So, reluctantly pushing Sano away from him, he looked up at the one who loved him, and smiled through the tears.

Sano matched his smile, and softly wiped away the tears, "So this is finally a yes to staying together yeah?"

Kenshin smiled brightly in answer, and Sano's heart lifted.

Sitting there listening to Kenshin telling his story, Sano didn't know what to think. There was so much to take in, so much pain that Kenshin went through, sheesh no wonder Soujirou said that Sano had only known the basics, even Soujirou didn't know all this.

Sano felt so terribly guilty for running away before. He hadn't known the circumstances, he hadn't known that Kenshin's parents had sold him, Kenshin had told him he was adopted after all. He didn't know the torment Kenshin's soul had been through, didn't know the emotional and physical pain he'd had to endure both that night and the years to come, and…

… and Saito.

Sano didn't think it was possible to hate that man even more, but to make it even worse, he had touched Kenshin. He had….raped him. Even thinking that disgusting word made Sano cringe. If it wasn't for the overwhelming happiness at this moment from finally having everything out in the open from Kenshin and knowing he loved him, Sano would have had a very dark expression on his face.

He'd talk with Kenshin later on, some other time about what had happened with Saito, but now wasn't the time.

"Hey Kenshin?" Sano said, suddenly remembering something.


"When we were in the mansion, when I was tied up… how come you didn't take that tape off my mouth first? Surely that would have been the easiest bit right?"

Kenshin looked down, suddenly feeling ashamed, "Umm….at the time I thought you still hated me… I didn't want to hear you say it again, that's all." He looked up sheepishly before glancing away again, "I'm sorry…it was silly."

But Sano simply smiled at him. There was so much to smile about right now, it was like no other thought could enter his brain. Never in his life had he ever felt so… happy, romantic, heck even just plain sappy, but then that's what Kenshin did to him. He loved him with all his heart, and now he finally knew who he was in love with. All his previous boyfriends couldn't hold a candle to Kenshin, and unlike them, he wasn't going to lose him to his mother!


The room suddenly went silent, Sano seeming to freeze to his chair, where as Kenshin just sat there, his smile suddenly turning into a rather nervous one.

"Oh…h-hello Miss Yoko." He smiled at Sano's mother, now adorning a bright red, skin tight short dress, very high stilettos, and not much else.

Sano, who finally found he could move again, shot up from his chair and spun around to face his mother who'd just come walking through the door.

"Wha…what the hell are you doing here?" he gasped, the nice romantic happy feeling he'd had a second ago completely ruined.

"Out of my way," she said calmly, pushing Sano to one side and walking around the other side of Kenshin's bed, "Oh you poor poor thing you!" she cooed at Kenshin, stroking down his cheek with her fingers, Kenshin laughing rather nervously.

"MUM! STOP IT!" Sano yelled.

"Pay no attention to him Kenshin sweetheart," she said, running her hand through his hair as he sat there with an expression that could only be described as 'help' on his face, "What have you done to him Sano?" she said sternly towards her son.

"ME?" Sano exclaimed.

"Come home with me Kenshin, you'd be far better off with me than that irresponsible idiot." She cooed again.

Sano, who was pretty much fuming at this point with his mother's advances towards Kenshin, stormed round to her and grabbed her, "Get off him!" he demanded, beginning to pull her away only for her to pull him straight back.

"You're completely impossible you know that?" she said loudly straight to his face, "You are so ungrateful, and after all the things I've done for you."


"All the times I drove you everywhere as a child, all the Christmas and birthday presents I bought you, looking after you when you were ill—"

"Ok, 1) the first place I remember you ever driving me to was one of your Sex Conventions! 2) The first present I remember getting from you was a safe sex guide! And 3) the last time I was ill I woke up with one of your play boys lying next to me patting my head with a cloth saying how cute I looked!" he screamed at her.

His mother however just stared at his outburst "….. I don't see anything wrong with any of that, what's your problem?"

Sano gaped at her.

As the two of them stared at each other though, Kenshin began to laugh. It was just a small laugh, still too painful on his lung, but Sano's eyes turned towards him, and on seeing the bright smile on his lips, everything else just didn't seem to matter.

Seeing this and taking advantage of it, Yoko suddenly grabbed him by the arm and dragged him over to the door, opening it, and shoving Sano though it before he could even realise he was outside the room.

"Now stay here and be a good little boy, I have something to give Kenshin." She said, shutting the door in his face and locking it.

Sano stood there for a moment, blinked, then quickly knocked hard on the door, "What the hell are you doing? Let me back in there! What are you doing to him?"

On receiving no answer, and having no luck pulling the door handle, he ran over to the connecting window to see her giving a large flat black box to Kenshin, the sort of box an expensive evening shirt would come in.

"MOTHER!" he shouted as loudly as he could as she whispered something to Kenshin, and she obviously heard him because she stood up and glared at him, smiled sweetly down at Kenshin again, and walked back towards the door.

Hearing the door unlock, Sano stood rigid with annoyance as his mother walked through, glaring at him, "I was just giving a present to Kenshin, there's no need to act like the idiot you are." She said, before nodding at the others, and walking out of the waiting room to head back home.

Sano glared after her for a moment, before he suddenly wondered who she had nodded to, and turned around to see Soujirou, Aoshi, Megumi, and…


The other's he could understand, sitting here waiting to see Kenshin, but what the heck was Kamatari doing here?

"Oh thank goodness you're alright!" Kamatari suddenly explained, leaping up off his chair and rushing into Sano's (unwelcome) arms, "I thought it had been you who had been hurt! Oh thank goodness you're ok ooOOooOOOooo!" he squeezed Sano tightly, Sano desperately pushing at his shoulders.

"K-Kamatari get off me!" he shouted, as Aoshi rose from his chair.

"If you don't mind Sanosuke, Megumi and I need to have a talk with Kenshin."

Sano turned to look at him, pushing now at Kamatari's head to get the guy to detach himself from him, and saw the serious look on Aoshi's face, and the tearful one on Megumi's. He'd almost forgot Aoshi was going to tell Megumi about Kenshin's past, but Aoshi seemed to read his look, because he smiled gently.

"There's nothing to worry about." he reassured, and Megumi too smiled up at him softly through her tears.

She'd forgiven him, of course she had, and Sano smiled back all too relived. Kenshin was going to get more love than he'd bargained for.

Aoshi and Megumi had been in with Kenshin for a long time, giving Sano a chance to go and grab something to eat, managing to leave Kamatari with Soujirou saying he just needed some time alone. He didn't really, he just didn't want Kamatari hanging off him like a limpet.

In the visitors mess hall, a place he'd frequently been to over Kenshin's coma period, Sano grabbed a couple of slices of toast and three of the tiny take away pots of honey, and made his way back to the waiting room. By the time he got back, Aoshi and Megumi were sitting back in the waiting room, tears down Megumi's face, but smiling brightly.

"Everything ok?" Sano asked, "How'd it go?"

Megumi sobbed slightly, but still smiled, "You have no idea how happy I am to finally know all this. I would never have guessed what Kenshin had been through, never in my whole life would I have imagined it," she suddenly got up, Sano luckily having put his toast down on the small table because she suddenly grabbed him into a tight hug, "I cannot thank you enough Sanosuke. If it wasn't for you, I don't know what would have happened to Kenshin. You've brought him a new life; you've brought him the happiness no one else could give him." Sano felt her tears through the fabric of his shirt, and she looked up at him, kissing him on each cheek, "You're just what the doctor ordered." She smiled, before laughing softly through her tears, sitting back down and clinging onto Aoshi.

Sano smiled at her, an overwhelming happiness radiating through him at the thought of how happy Kenshin must be right know. But as he looked around, he suddenly noticed something.

"Hey where's Soujirou?" he asked, and Aoshi pointed to the window, Soujirou sitting next to Kenshin's bed, talking.

Sano, for a moment, wondered if he should go in there. He didn't like the idea of Kenshin lying there with his ex-boyfriend next to him. But he decided not to, Soujirou had been the one after all to help them get this far in their relationship in the first place. Without him, Sano may never have gone back to Kenshin, doing what Soujirou had done and finding it too late to go back by the time he realised he still loved Kenshin.

Averting his eyes from the window, he decided to give them some time, sitting down on one of the chairs and grabbing his toast and honey, glowering at Kamatari as he grabbed his arm sitting next to him.


Soujirou looked at Kenshin softly, "I… I didn't want him making the same mistake I did."

Soujirou had told Kenshin what had happened between the time Sano had left him at the apartment, to when Kenshin saw him again at the mansion. Told him how he and Aoshi had said everything they could, but in the end, it was Sano's choice whether or not to go back, and he did. Soujirou had just wanted to help so much, making up for his own mistake.

"You think you made a mistake?"

"I did." Soujirou said quietly, "I left you, at the one point in time I shouldn't have. By the time I realised it, it was too late, I couldn't bring myself to go back to you." Soujirou couldn't look at him, just stared at the bed sheets, not quiet believingly he was having this conversation with Kenshin. "I was a coward," he said, disgusted at himself, "and I don't know if it's going to mean anything to you now but….I forgive you too." Kenshin looked at him softly. "I know its seven years too late but—"

"Souji, do you….do you still love me?"

Soujirou blinked, and immediately blushed, looking away again, "I guess…yes." He said very quietly, giving in, "But, even so, it was you I wanted to be happy, and I could see you were happiest most with Sanosuke around, so I couldn't let him leave you. I knew there was no way we could be together again, so I did all I could to make you happy with him instead. I guess it's my way of… saying sorry." He bowed his head lower, feeling the guilt weighing him down.


Soujirou looked up when he felt Kenshin's hand on his cheek, "Seven years after or not, hearing you say that you forgive does still mean a lot to me, it really does," he said softly, "and…" he leant forward a little, and kissed Soujirou on the cheek very gently, Soujirou's eye's going wide, before Kenshin pulled away, "…thank you for bringing Sano back to me."

Heh, it was funny, but seeing the smile on Kenshin's face, even when thinking of someone other than him, Soujirou couldn't help but smile back. It was really was Kenshin's happiness he cared for, and it might have taken seven years, but it looked as though his own guilt had been repaid, and Kenshin had forgiven him too.

By the time Soujirou came out, and Aoshi and Megumi had gone in to see Kenshin one last time before they went home, Sano had gone back to the mess hall, grabbed a further 6 slices of toast, and another 8 tiny jar's of honey. Kenshin watched rather amused as Sano poured two pots on one slice of toast as he sat next to him, spreading it over with a knife before taking a bite.

"What?" Sano said, swallowing, "I haven't really eaten anything since you went into that coma, I'm hungry."

Kenshin chuckled as Sano took another rather large bite, spreading the honey on his next slice of toast before he'd even finished the first. He watched as Sano licked the honey of his fingers, and Kenshin couldn't help but smile rather mischievously at something Yoko had mentioned to him when she had chucked Sano out the room earlier.

"You like honey a lot don't you?" he asked innocently, Sano nodding in reply.

"Mmm, used to live on the stuff as a kid, for some reason my mum always had honey, loads of it."

Oh yes, and Kenshin (unfortunately) had been indulged in the reasoning behind that.

"Oh hey, what did my mum give you by the way?"

Kenshin blinked, amused they'd been having similar thoughts, before he closed his eyes and smiled, looking away, "Oh nothing, she just said it was a gift for when I got better, that she did." He said, trying very hard to hide his grin.

Sano chewed his toast thoughtfully at the secretive look on Kenshin's face, "What is it?"

Kenshin turned back to him, smiling, "It's a secret."

Sano swallowed his toast, eying Kenshin suspiciously, "Hmph, knowing her I'd hate to think, she'd better not be giving my honey bunny anything weird."

Both Sano and Kenshin stopped moving at that, eyes wide, before Kenshin slowly turned to face him again, laughter rising in his chest, "My…honey bunny?" he inquired slowly.

Sano tried to ignore the beetroot red face he now had, not believing he'd actually said that out loud, "And don't tell anyone I ever called you that."

Kenshin laughed sweetly, leaning over and kissing him, tasting the honey on his lips, "Silly."

Unknown to the two of them however, both Soujirou and Kamatari were staring rather dejectedly at them through the window, watching them smiling and kissing each other, and in union, both sighed;

"He really is never going to be mine is he?" they said in union.

Both blinked, and slowly turned to look at each other, a small shy smile slowly appearing on both their faces.

Saito was mad, Saito was pissed, Saito was….. sad?

No, no, he wasn't sad, he couldn't be, he was mad and pissed!

Kenshin was dead. His Kenshin, the Kenshin he owned, was gone. What did he have to play with now? He felt like hitting something! Just as he'd gotten Kenshin where he wanted, just as he could have that body whenever he wanted it, he'd gone and killed him!

Tokio watched with sad silent eyes as her husband threw another vase across the hallway, smashing as it hit the wall. He'd been like this ever since he'd seen Kenshin's funeral, but he hadn't said a word, not one word. He was angry he'd lost his little puppet though, that was easy to tell. Tokio had hoped, perhaps with Kenshin gone, that he would revert back to his old self, how he was before he had this controlling power, and would return to the man she had once loved. But he hadn't. He hadn't changed. He still treated her like she was nothing but a slave, nothing but an insignificant waste of space. She was hoping his meeting with Kenshin at the mansion would change him, hoped that Kenshin had told Saito that it was her who had been ignoring him, to make him see sense, but it obviously hadn't worked. Tokio had given her husband a chance, and now…

…now it was too late.

Tokio's eyes darkened.

She followed Saito as he stormed into their bedroom, picking something up off a shelf behind a book in the hallway, standing in the doorway to the room.

Hearing her, Saito turned, "Get out." He said quietly, turning back to staring out the window. The last thing he needed was his waste of space of a wife talking to him now. If she tried anything he may have to kill her too just so she'd stop bugging him, because with the mood he was in right now it was feeling like a good idea.

"You know dear, you are no longer the man I had married all those years ago." She said, her voice flat and emotionless, and Saito turned around again as she slowly walked across the room to him. "Your Boss, my father, had made a good choice for me back then, but now I've waited, waited for so long, but the man I loved never returned, and I don't love the man who stands before me now."

Saito narrowed his eyes, "I couldn't care less what you think Tokio, now get out." He glared at her sternly, the nice little urge of seeing blood again rising within him.

Tokio took another step towards him and stopped, standing a few feet in front of him. "My dear, you forget," she said softly, "you may work for the Yakuza, but I…" and she raised her right arm that had been hidden behind her back, and all of a sudden, Saito's eyes went wide.

He stared at her, his breathing shallow, and he stumbled back a few steps.

He slowly looked down to see the gun she held in her right hand, the silencer attached to the end as to not wake the neighbours, and the red stain on his shirt that was slowly growing bigger.

"…I am the Yakuza." She finished.

Saito could do nothing but stare at her, no words able to form as the pain in his chest grew, and his hand clutched at his shirt as he slowly slipped to the floor.

"T-Tokio?" he managed to choke out.

This wasn't happening, he couldn't die like this, not by the hands of his own wife, this wasn't an assassin's death, this was pathetic! He tried to move, to stand up, but no matter what he told himself that this was a death he could not accept, he could feel the life slipping away from him, and he collapsed to the floor.

Tokio placed the gun on the bed and knelt down in front of him, Saito now rasping for breath, his eyes getting duller by the second, as she gently rested his head on her lap. "Perhaps when we meet again, you shall be the man I loved…and not this devil you have become." She added darkly.

Saito tried to raise one hand, grasping at the edges of her clothes, staring up into her eyes, before the light around him began to fade. He struggled for one last breath, and to the image of Kenshin smiling at Sano through his cameras his hand slipped away from her, eye lids closing, and he lay there, still and unmoving, in the lap of the woman he had once said the words "I love you.".

One week later…

"Kenshin what are you doing?" Sano exclaimed worryingly, grabbing the heavy suitcase out of Kenshin's arm as he tried to drag it out the apartment door, "The doctor said no heavy lifting!"

Kenshin smiled at him as Sano placed the suitcase with the others outside the door, "I know but, I just wanted to help."

"Well don't." Sano said, wrapping his arms around Kenshin's waist and kissing him softly.

Kenshin smiled into the kiss, and as they pulled apart looked up at him lovingly, sliding his arms around his neck, "Ready to run away together?" he asked smiling,

Sano smiled back, leaning down to kiss him once again, "I'd run anywhere with you." He whispered after breaking the kiss, Kenshin smiling and kissing him again softly before Sano broke away, grinning at him.

As Sano picked up part of the luggage, coming back up in a moment to grab the rest, Kenshin turned to his apartment door, closed it, and placed the key in the lock.

But his hand stayed on the key, pausing before he locked it, staring at the door thoughtfully.

Kenshin had been let out the hospital the previous day, and both he and Sano had agreed to move from Japan after all, especially with Soujirou's advice about the Yakuza, Kenshin just wasn't safe here anymore. They were going to move to England, where Kenshin could continue his work as a history teacher, and Sano could continue his education. Admittedly neither of them knew how to speak English, but Soujirou knew of a contact out there who would teach them the basics to last them for now, and was even supplying them with their own little cottage, living arrangements all sorted for them (Sano had asked Kenshin on the way home after being told this plan if he knew why Kamatari had been sitting next to Soujirou in his car when they'd left, and why they were driving back to Soujirou's home together, to which Kenshin just shrugged, having no idea).

Sano and Kenshin had spent most of the day packing as their plane left later this evening, but now with the key in the lock of the door, it felt strange.

He was closing a chapter in his life now, literally locking it away, never to return to this place. It was a strange feeling, he thought he'd be glad to leave, to get away from the nightmare living here had caused, but he felt almost…sad. It may have been a nightmare, but this had been where he and Sano had lived too.

"You okay?"

Kenshin looked over at Sano, a concerned look on his face as Kenshin realised he had probably just been staring at the door. Seeing the love in his eyes though, Kenshin knew he was doing the right thing.

"I'm fine." He said, and turned the key, locking that nightmare away.

"You know, out of all the things invented, out of all the technological advances in this world…why the HELL can't they make a peanut bag that doesn't take five hours to open?"

Kenshin laughed as Sano sat struggling with a miniature bag of airline peanuts, the woman across from them asking him to stop swearing in front of her very curious child.

Giggling quietly to himself, Kenshin glanced out his window on his right, staring down onto the dark concrete that had just started to blur beneath him as the plane took to the runway, gaining speed as it took them on their one way flight out of Japan.

He was leaving his life behind here. His life…his murders…sadness and depression…he never thought he'd escape from it, but he had. His life had been a living hell from as far back as he could remember, but somehow, even in hell, heaven reached out to people.

Aoshi and Megumi had been at the airport to say goodbye, Megumi in tears again, but such happy ones this time. She promised them both there was no way they were going to escape her so easily and would be sure to come and visit them. Even Aoshi looked sad, or at least as sad as a man with no expressions could be, and hugged Kenshin dearly, shaking Sano's hand, a small smile coming to his lips.

Kenshin smiled at the memory. He would miss them dearly.

Turning back to look at Sano, that mother's child bursting out laughing as Sano finally managed to get the peanut bag undone only for the thing to burst and the peanuts fly everywhere, Kenshin smiled warmly, leaning his head on Sano's shoulder.

"I love you." He whispered.

"Huh?" Sano blinked down at the red hair not hearing what he'd said, before glaring across at the kid who still hadn't stopped laughing.

"Nothing." Kenshin replied, eyes happily closed, linking arms with him as the plane took to the air, leaving behind everything that had gone wrong, and heading out to a life where everything was going to go right.

Two weeks later…

Sano and Kenshin were now happily organised in their new home. They met up with Soujirou's contact, a very pleasant man who had already started them on the basics of English, and both were relaxed and happy.

Sano had just finished moving the last few boxes up into the loft they now had out the way, and had just made two nice cups of hot chocolate. With the two cups in his hands, he backed up against the ajar bedroom door where Kenshin was waiting and pushed it open, "Kenshin what time do we have to be at that college tomorrow? Cos I think that—"

Sano paused. In fact, he didn't just pause, he gaped, eyes wide at what he saw on the bed.

"K-k-k-kenshin?" he stuttered, almost falling forwards before catching himself on his elbows at the table by the door and quickly putting the two cups there before he dropped them, hot chocolate spilling slightly over the edge.

Sano couldn't take his eyes off of Kenshin, and at once thought that this had to a dream.

Kenshin was currently kneeling on the bed, hair loose around his shoulders, wearing absolutely nothing except for a pair of white bunny ears and a see through belt around his waist, that had a white fluffy bunny tail attached to it. Not only that, but he was currently dripping honey from his fingers that he'd just dipped in the jar beside him, letting it drip into his mouth, and deliberately missing some drops so they trickled achingly slowly down his chin, one rather large drop having trickled all the way down his neck to his collarbone. Kenshin opened his large violet eyes and looked across at Sano all too innocently, but with a small sparkle of mischief hidden beneath them.

Sano by this point seemed to have lost all control of his legs, as he clung to the table to stop them from collapsing underneath him as he stared at this seductive innocence sitting barely eight feet away from him.

"K…k-k-" Sano tried again, but like his legs, his brain had turned to mush, and he stopped trying to speak and instead just swallowed loudly.

"Sano," Kenshin whispered, tracing a honey soaked finger over his lips, before slowly trailing it down his neck, "your honey bunny is getting cold, that he is…"

Sano released a breath he didn't realise he was holding, and slowly let go of the table, collapsing to his hands and knees. Without taking his eyes of Kenshin, he crawled over to the bed and knelt up, staring with still wide eyes up at the beauty that had to shame every other human being on the planet.

Kenshin leant over so his face was in line with Sano's peering up over the bed, and gently licked a honey tasted tongue over Sano's lips, before slipping it between them, closing his eyes as he kissed Sano deeply. He sucked gently on Sano's tongue, softly cupping his face as he moved backwards on the bed, slowly bringing Sano with him as he crawled up onto the bed, never once leaving his lips.

Sano felt like his whole body was on fire! He didn't know what Kenshin was doing, he didn't know why Kenshin was doing it, but to hell with reason! Sano suddenly felt like he'd become the not so dominant one as Kenshin knelt up and put one leg either side of Sano's waist, wrapping his legs around him as he sat in his lap, his mouth still hot on his own, and his hands buried in Sano's hair. He could feel Kenshin moving against him, pressing himself up against Sano as their tongues still battled with each other fiercely.

The room was definitely becoming hotter, and he suddenly felt very clothed, compared to the bunny eared Kenshin currently attached to his waist and mouth. Sano could feel his own heart beat racing inside his chest, flushes of heat radiating off both of them as this incredible turn on continued its onslaught on Sano's hormones.

For what seemed like an eternity Kenshin finally pulled away, but he hadn't stopped. "I want you Sano," he breathed heavily against his lips, before diving in once again before Sano really had a proper change to breathe, this passionately heated kiss driving Sano slowly mad with lust.

Sano very reluctantly had to pull away again, for no matter how much he wanted Kenshin, lack of oxygen was suddenly becoming a problem. He panted catching his breath as Kenshin slipped his arms around Sano's shoulders, cheeks flushed and lips rosy from the fiery kiss, and he stared at Sano lustfully, waiting for his younger love to catch his breath.

"What…" Sano started, before having to take another few breaths again, "What are you doing?" he managed to ask, the question he'd been trying to ask since he opened the door to find him kneeling there like this.

"Do you remember when we first made love?" Kenshin asked, tracing Sano's jaw line, "I admit I was a little out of it when it happened, but you said what I was doing was really hot…just not at the right time? Remember?" Sano nodded, his breath still uneven as he wrapped his arms around Kenshin's waist, "Well, I think now's the right time don't you?" he asked teasingly, planting a quick kiss on Sano's lips again as Sano looked at him slightly stunned.

He could get used to this Kenshin.

He blinked as Kenshin hugged him, wrapping his arms around his neck more securely as he closed his eyes, "I love you Sano." Kenshin whispered softly, "I'm starting everything a new with you. I want to give you everything you could possible want."

Sano let out a quick short breath, "God, you are everything I could possibly want." He said, the growing tension in his pants making it painfully obvious too, and Kenshin couldn't help but grin cutely.

He turned back to him, brushing a few stray strands of hair out of Sano's eyes, before slowly hooking one finger under his red bandana and pulling it away.

"You've got too many clothes on." Kenshin said, his head cocked to one side smiling mischievously.

Sano stared at him for a moment, before matching his playful grin, "Since when do I take orders from bunnies?" he said, cocking his eyebrows to the two white ears protruding from the top of Kenshin's head.

Kenshin just grinned back, closing the already very small gap between them, their noses touching, "Since this bunny has put honey on..." and then he leant towards Sano's ear, whispering a body part that made Sano's eyes almost pop out.

"W-what?" Sano whispered, quickly glancing down to Kenshin's nakedness before looking back up at him.

Kenshin just smiled at him, suddenly looking a little shyer, "I'm waiting for you." He whispered against Sano's lips, before kissing him so softly, "That I am." He whispered again as he pulled away.

Sano stared at him lovingly, and his eyes fell to the honey trail on Kenshin's neck. He leant forward, burying his head against Kenshin's shoulder as he licked at the end of one trail on Kenshin's collarbone, slowly licking all the way up his neck as Kenshin arched slightly against him, sighing softly. He licked over his chin until his tongue came in contact with Kenshin lips once again, and he opened his eyes, looking back into Kenshin's shining violet ones.

"Tasty." He grinned, Kenshin giggling softly.

As he looked into those eyes, the eyes he'd grown to love so much, Sano couldn't help but smile lovingly, "I love you." he said softly, Kenshin smiling shyly back at him, before he kissed him sweetly, gently pushing forwards so Kenshin fell backwards onto the bed, Kenshin's legs still wrapped tightly around him….

…then the next thing Sano knew was bright sunlight in his eyes and an alarm clock wailing away somewhere to his right.

He lay there on his back, blinking stupidly as he awoke, and as the heavy images of his very realistic dream still lay on his mind, his eyes widened in shock, "No way…." He whispered, before suddenly sitting up quickly in bed, "… way was that a dream?" he whined, not wanting to believe that such a magnificently sexy thing as Kenshin covered in honey was all just a dream!

"Sano? Are you okay?" Kenshin yawned, sitting up next to him rubbing his eyes, Sano turning to look at him, entirely un-honey covered and un-bunny eared.

"Wha…" Sano gaped, staring unbelievingly at Kenshin's now confused look:


Kenshin hadn't been able to stop laughing after Sano had told him what he had dreamt, and after they came back from their English lesson in the afternoon, Kenshin was still having trouble keeping a straight face whenever Sano looked at him so desperately.

"It's not funny," Sano would whine, "That was a seriously hot dream!"

"I bet it was." Kenshin would giggle, finding Sano's forlorn look very cute.

Home now, Kenshin took off his jacket and wandered into their bedroom, plans of changing clothes for the remainder of the day.

"Do want a coffee or anything Kenshin?" he heard Sano's voice from the kitchen, and as Kenshin took out a small black box from underneath the bed, shouted back.

"Yes please."

As he heard the running water from the kitchen as Sano filled up the kettle, Kenshin sat at the edge of the bed and looked at the black box Yoko had given him, before a rather secretive grin spread across his lips.

Sano meanwhile stood leaning on the counter idly watching the steam rise from the kettle. He guessed that dream really was something too good to come true. Even when he'd told Kenshin a part of him was hoping he'd get the hint that it would be a totally sexy thing to do, but Kenshin hadn't suggested it, so it looked like he'd just have to hope he would dream it again tonight, and hopefully get a little further than when the alarm had interrupted it.

Pouring the now boiling water into two cups and giving them a stir, he picked them up and walked towards the bedroom. "Hey Kenshin," he said, just remembering something he had been meaning to ask, "What exactly was in that present my mum gave you?"

"Actually," Kenshin said, as Sano backed against the bedroom door to open it, "It's funny you should mention that…" he trailed off, adjusting the bunny ears on his head, and dipping two fingers into the jar of honey next to him.

The End.