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But if you ask me, if you wanted to keep the characters all to yourselves you should have kept the show going!

Serves your asses right!

Updated: I read this the other day and felt it needed some things done to it. Nothing storyline wise has changed, some areas are just a little more drawn out now and explained in better detail, still working on chapter 2, for those that are actually interested, new version will be up soon. Nina.

Like silver rain that fell upon me

Run down...

I think on a whole, Lawrence Wolenczak got all too bad of a wrap, sure the guy was a parental idiot, but we're only human. I wanted to write a story that didnt portray him as any of the following:

1. An abusive parent

2. One of those horrible characters that did more then just hit lucas (we've all seen THOSE stories) and

3. An angry, angry, angry man for no reason or without explanation... and purposefully neglectful of Lucas.

My apologies to anyone who has written those kinds of angsty stories, I dont want to offend anyone (I know some of them out there are very good). I just figure there is alot more to the Lawrence character then any of us want to let on. Like I said, he can't help if he is an idiot.

A/N: This story throws complete disregard to "in fathers footsteps", an unaired episode of seaQuest (which would have been a really really great epidsode if they produced it... damn them!) we are, for this story's sake, pretending it doesnt exsist because, for all of you who aren't familar, Lawrence dies. (but Lucas pulls a side arm on Hudson!) I guess that makes this AU.
So read on and enjoy, and let me know what you think.