Harry Potter The Black King

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Chapter Four -

Daily Prophet

Sometime this month the Boy-Who-Live Harry Potter was reported missing. When the authorities when to investigate his Muggle relatives were very un-helpful but once giving a mild truth serum it appeared that Harry Potter, the saviour of out world, has taken it upon himself to leave us!

It is this reporters personal opinion that Harry Potter left the wizarding world so that he could train further to vanquish He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named as everyone knows he did at the age of one.

One Albus Dumbledore has been pulling out all the stops in trying to find that boy and when he was asked about what was so important that he MUST be found he simply replied "For the sake of the war". Does this mean that Albus Dumbledore, Order OF Merlin First Class and Mugwump, thinks that this whole war balances on Harry Potter…..


Black eyes stared down at the paper in disgust before said paper burst into flames on his palm and left nothing left but ashes. This person was about six foot 4 inches tall and very widely built. His long sleek jet black hair was tied back loosely at the back of his head and his face resembled that of someone of royalty. Except his eyes, no human being could have eyes like that. In all purposes they were exactly like human eyes except that they were completely black. Not just the iris but the entire eyeball was as black as midnight. Light seemed to get sucked into them and to stare into them would leave one shivering down to there very soul. A demented looked like a newborn puppy compared to this being of darkness. This being was Lucifer Guerra, Harry Potter was only a dark shadow of his past.

(I will probably call him Harry through the story unless someone is talking to him, 'sept Dumbledore :P)

Harry had indeed changed a lot over this past month. He had gained complete control over his magic, and it no longer slipped out of his control like it did when he was in that dirty shop. Harry scowled in remembering that, he was so weak back then. Now his power was like a finely tuned weapon. True, he was no where near training to be able to stand up to Voldemort or even Dumbledore, but he was quite confident he could take down any Death Eater or Auror. He had been training solidly day and night for almost a month to the outside world.

Things were different inside Potter Mansion. Time went slightly slower, for one day outside, it was two days inside. So Harry had been training continually for almost two months. He had nearly finished all his books on healing as he saw this as priority, so that if he ever got hurt he'd be able to heal himself and not need to rely on others, although once he had finished doing all the rituals he planned on doing this would become useless, but just help when torturing people and making sure they didn't die on him.

Harry had also found out he was very adept in both Dark Arts which he guessed came from the connection to Voldemort and Transfiguration. He hadn't bothered learning an Animagus for yet as he didn't see the point in it, firing a deadly spell was always going to be more effective that say a cat bite.

Harry had only left the Mansion twice since he had moved in, both times to get more potion supplies for the rituals he had preformed. So far he had done a ritual that had corrected his body and that was why he was so tall now and well built, all though this was aided by his magic so the ritual was even more effective and a ritual to triple his magical power which was what caused his eyes to go Black. It was the same ritual Voldemort had done years ago which caused his eyes to go blood red.

This had also caused him to have eyes similar to 'Mad-Eye' Moody, but on a lot grander scale, there was no spell or illusion he could not see through. There was no material that could block his vision, he could no long be ambushed around corners or anything else along those lines.

Harry Potter had indeed become a force to be reckoned with.

He was planning another ritual today to give him better control of his mind, giving him both a master level in Legilimens and Occlumency. This way Harry could get back at Voldemort all those times he had woken him up in the middle of the night with head aches and causing his scar to bleed. Harry smirked at the thought, where would Voldemort bleed if he made the pain bad enough.

Harry waved his hand and a chalk drawn pentagram appeared on the floor in front of him. He went around all five points and placed a black candle at each of them then stripped down and sat in the centre of it topless holding a small Athame. He waved his hand and all five black candles lit and thus the ritual begun. Harry started chanting the words he had been memorizing for the past five days whilst carving obscure rituals into his chest. He slowly began to chant faster and faster as the runes in his chest slowly began to glow a vibrant red.

This went on for a good half our before he was finished. Then with a quick black flare all the candles went out and Harry was left there panting with a splitting head ache. All Harry could think before he past out was 'Ouch'.


Harry slowly woke up lying in a really awkward position in the middle of a pentagram. The throbbing pain in his head was all but gone but the burning pain in his chest where he had carved the ruins was causing him the most discomfort.

He stood up stiffly and walked towards his potion cabinet and pulled out a vial of Healing Potion. Pretty basic stuff but enough to heal the shallow cuts on his chest. He dabbed it on and watched as the cuts slowly healed up leaving nothing but a very thin white line where the ruins were.

Harry really needed to do a basic self healing ritual so his body would heal itself naturally and a lot faster after receiving such wounds. But this kind of knowledge was out of his league at the moment and he would need help. There was one draw back. Only one person could give him the help in furthering his body. That one person was Tom Riddle.

Harry had been planning this move for a long time. Working with Riddle would give him some training practice and in the process wipe out a lot of his enemies and exact revenge on the people that had tried to control his life since he was born.

Harry walked to his study and sat behind his magnificent oak desk on a high back chair and began to draft a letter to the Dark Lord.

To the Dark Lord Voldemort,

I, Harry Potter, would like to take you up on your long time offered position of joining you as your second in command. No doubt you wish to know the reason for this, and I am shall try to explain it as best as possible in this letter.

To be perfectly honest (you have no idea how odd that is to say in a letter to the supposed Dark Lord) I am sick of my life being meddled with and controlled by the bumbling old fool, Dumbledore. With you I would have freedom to further my knowledge in magic and have freedom over my life…to an extent.

In my thinking I came to the belief that Dumbledore was worse than you in the way he treats his followers. At least your minions know they are your followers and know that you are commanding them. The old fool merely twists with there lives till they are slaves to him without even realising it.

You may also be thinking why would I, Harry Potter, be willing to join the murderer of my parents and Godfather. Again it leads back to Dumbledore. I am almost positive he made sure one of your spies herd the first piece of that prophesy so that you would go after both mine and Neville's family, and the only reason Sirius died was because Dumbledore locked him inside of his own home.

That is my reasoning for wishing to joining you. Please send back a letter with the time and date of where you wish to meet for a discussion of the terms of me joining you, and should you wish to engage in fowl play I will be coming prepaid for such an occasion so I warn you not to.


Harry James Potter

Harry rolled the letter up and put his family seal and the Black's family seal on the edge then grabbed his wand and cast a complex charm that sent the letter to whom ever he wished instantly rather than threw an owl. It was an obscure charm and very rarely used due to the difficulty of it and the power it needed to find then teleport the object, but a lot safer than owl post that could be tampered with.


Voldemort sat in his private chambers thinking. With that Potter boy out of the way he was free to move and attack where ever he wished. He only preyed that Dumbledore hadn't sent him off somewhere to be trained to fight him. That would be devastating to his plans.

Voldemort was snapped out of his musing when a letter appeared on his desk bearing the Black's family seal and another that he didn't recognise. He waved his wand casually over the letter and checked it for any hidden traps such as embedded spells or a portkey before he carefully opened it. After all it wasn't everyday a letter appeared on your desk like that. True, he knew the charm, which just made him all the more careful.

As he read threw the letter he got more and more delighted. Harry Potter, the bane of his existence, was asking if he could join Voldemort's ranks, and as his second in command no less! This was like a dream come true, he needed some kind of hair to lead on the Slytherin line and he was to old to produce one. Potter would be perfect for the rule. He was powerful and intelligent. He could meld his mind into the way of Lord Voldemort!

This really was perfect news. He hadn't expected such a thing to ever to come into passing. He quickly grabbed a piece of black parchment and a bottle of red ink before drafting out his own reply to Harry.

Harry Potter

Kudos on you success of such a complex charm in sending this letter to me. It gave me quite a start but when I found the origins of the letter I was pleasantly surprised.

Now onto the matter at hand. I am greatly pleased at your change of heart, and for the better may I say, as if you hadn't it would of only slowed down the inevitable. Enclosed in this letter I have left a portkey for you. It will take you to one of my safe houses where we can discuss things more in-depth freely and safely.

I give you my word as Lord Slytherin that no harm will befall you during our meeting from either me or my followers.

The portkey will activate two days from now at 3:00p.m. sharp. I look foreword to meeting you.

Lord Voldemort

(Lord of the Slytherin Line)

Voldemort took his family signet ring and tapped it with his wand once and it glowed blue for a second before fading back to normal. He tied it to the letter then folded it up and sealed it. He cast the same charm on the letter as Harry had cast to send his letter and in a flash of light the letter was gone.


Harry sat at his desk waiting for the reply. He knew Voldemort would reply straight away, you could call it a hunch. He wasn't let down. Not twenty minuets after he send the letter to Voldemort he received a reply.

Harry read the letter over and gave a grim smile. This was going all to easy for him. Tom really was easy to twist if you knew how to do it. Harry placed the ring around his finger (after checking it as thoroughly as possible against any charms that shouldn't be there except the portkey charm) then stood up and went back to training.

This time he studied nothing but battle magic and duelling. If he was going to be having a meeting with the Dark Lord he had no intention but being at anything but his best.


It was a gruelling two days for Harry. He had done nothing but train for almost the whole of it. He still needed to do a few more rituals but needed good old Voldemort's help in doing them safely. One of which was to get rid of the need to sleep. Sleeping was a waste of time to Harry but alas he had to do it.

At ten to three Harry put on his battle robes and another jet black, loose fitting, dragon hide battle robe. It always paid off to be over prepared than under.

He had just finished strapping on all his daggers and securing his wand within the fold of his robes when the portkey went off taking Harry away in a swirl of light and colour.


Harry arrived in a rundown room. Completely bare except for two comfortable blood red leather armchairs and a roaring fire. Sitting in one of the armchairs was the murderer of his parents, Lord Voldemort.

"Hello there Harry, its good to see you on the right side after all this time" Voldemort said almost pleasantly.

"Indeed" Harry replied shortly then crossed the room and sat in the other chair facing Voldemort.

"If you don't mind" said Voldemort "But could I have that ring back please, as its an old family heirloom" Voldemort indicated to the ring perched on Harry's finger. Harry slipped it off and threw it to the Dark Lord who caught it easily. "I couldn't help but notice you were wearing it?" he asked.

"Yes, what of it?" Harry asked.

"Oh nothing. Its just that only one of Slytherin blood may wear said ring" Voldemort asked bemused "so I come to the question on how it came to be on your finger" Harry sat in thought a moment before replying slowly.

"It may be off when the killing curse rebounded, I did gain some of your gifts and magic. it's the only thing I can think of that could explain it" Harry said off handily.

"Interesting, but, we have more important things to discus today. In your letter I noticed that you said you wanted conditions met before you would join my force, and at second of command no less" He asked.

"Yes, and I wont bother beating round the bush and get down to it shall I?" Harry asked then started before Voldemort could reply. "I do not wish to take the mark for I find it repulsive to look at and have no intention in getting such a brand on my arm" Voldemort interrupted him before he could continue.

"Ala Harry everyone in my force must have the mark, for it is the way I call them and it gives them the directions for in which to find my when the apperate"

"Surely someone of great magical knowledge such as you could think of another way to summon me" Harry asked sarcastically. He knew he was pushing his luck but he wanted to know how far Voldemort would go to recruiting him.

"Indeed I could, I acknowledge this request and will think about it with the others, please carry on."

"I want you to personally tutor me in the Dark Arts and duelling and anything else you deem necessary for me to learn" Harry stated. Voldemort looked at him intently and Harry felt a brush against his impressively guarded min, but to be safe he upped the power in them anyways.

"You have learnt to block your mind well in these past few weeks, there isn't many alive that could of detected me trying to enter so quickly, but I'm sure should I try, id be able to break in" Voldemort replied smugly although secretly he wasn't sure if he could. Everything Harry had just said sparked an interest in his mind and he was looking foreword to taking him into his fold. He had been looking for an heir, and if Harry was as promising as he seemed, he would be perfect. "I will think about this condition with the other, is there anymore?"

"Yes, only one more. I want your assistance in some rituals. You have unparalleled knowledge in this field, and I need your help in some of them" Harry said coldly. These were the last things he wanted in the world but he swallowed his pride and hoped for the best. Joining Voldemort would be crucial in his future plans to succeed.

"And that's everything?" Voldemort asked as if talking to a small child who had just listed out there Christmas presents..

"Yes" Harry said briskly.

"Hmm, I am perfectly willing to all of your requests except the one about the Dark Mark. You need someway of being Marked mine so that the Death Eaters know not to harm you."

"An easy way around that would for me not to participate in raids until I am ready, and by that point, any Death Eaters that don't believe I am with you, will feel my wrath" Harry said with a cold malice that even Voldemort was proud of. Yes, he would be a good heir indeed.

"Alright" Voldemort said slowly "I agree to all of your terms if you accept to only one of my own."

"And that is?" Harry asked, dreading the answer already.

"That you become my Dark Heir, you will learn all that I know to the best of your abilities and answer to only me. So should I know reach my dream of immortality my legacy will live on in you" he said with almost sadistic glee.

This was better than Harry could of dreamed. He was going to get all of Voldemort's ancient family gold, even if he had enough anyway, and power and control over the Death Eaters after he killed there Master. He thought Voldemort's condition would be worse than that.

"I accept" Harry said after a few minuets of thinking. That was when something no one had seen in many, many years. Voldemort smiled. A true smile. Harry looked at it and thought it more revolting and creepy than him scowling.

"So be it. You will remain here from now on. If there is anything you wish to gather from where ever you've been hiding out please go get it. I don't doubt that you have a portkey on you somewhere, and if that's true, I'm sure you could make another one to come back here. I expect to see you in no more than thirty minuets.

Harry nodded his head, and with a sharp mental command, his portkey took him away back to his home. He started collecting all of his books and any from his library he thought may be of use and all his other bits and bobs.

He grabbed a quill from his desk, tapped it, then vanished back to the room he had just vacated twenty-nine minuets ago. Voldemort was still sitting there and broke into another of his gruesome smiles at the sight of Harry.

"Welcome back my son" he greeted. Harry had to use all of his will power to suppress a shudder from creeping up his back. "if you will take hole of my arm I shall apperate us back to my headquarters."

Harry grabbed his arm then felt a sharp stabbing pain in his forehead in his scar at the touch and quickly let go. He focused his mind slightly and started channelling a hell of a lot more power into his mental shields.

Voldemort who was spying into his mind slightly, just outside Harry's barriers felt the strength in them go up in leaps and bounds even higher than his own. He kept all surprise off his face like a pro.

"Why did you just charge up your mental barriers?" He asked curiously.

"When I touch you it causes my scar pain due to our connection" Harry replied simply. Then grabbed a hold of Voldemort's arm again this time with only a slight itch deep in his scar. "when ever your ready" and with that Voldemort apperated them both back to his personal quarters.

Harry looked around the room he was in now. It was all a dark washed oak and forest green. It was bizarrely beautiful for a Dark Lord to live in. Said Dark Lord just looked at him in barely concealed amusement.

"Perhaps you were expecting a dark and dreary dungeon. But no, I like my comfort just like any other. Stone is very uncomfortable to sit on for extended periods of time"

"Indeed" Harry said neutrally.

"Yes indeed. Now if you will follow me I shall take you to your quarters to unpack" and with that Voldemort walked out of the room briskly with Harry following close behind. Apparently Harry's room was only two doors down from Voldemort's and was decorated in the same colours.

The room was dark stone with a deep dark brown washed oak trim. The furniture was made out of the same wood but with hunter green leather and the bed had the same green sheets made of silk.

"I shall give you an hour to unpack then I shall expect you to be back in my room within the hour for your first lesson." and with that Voldemort strolled back out and left Harry to it. He quickly unpacked but left everything on his body that he had since the meeting with Voldemort. He had made a promise to himself long ago that he would never be off guard.


Almost an hour later he strolled back into the Dark Lord's room. Said Dark Lord was sitting in one of the armchairs reading a book but at the entrance of his new heir he stood up and guided him into an empty stone room with a Death Eater sitting in the corner.

"The first thing we are going to learn today are the Unforgivables." Voldemort stated "as they are some of the most effective spells a Death Eater could ever use you must learn them. Now" Voldemort waved his wand and the Death Eater came zooming in front of them. "I know you are familiar with the Curio Curse. I want you to cast it on Nott here. You may not leave till I am happy that you can cast it" and with another wave of his wand a chair appeared behind the Dark Lord and he sat down.

Harry pointed at the smirking face of Nott in front of him. He clearly thought Harry wouldn't be able to cast the curse first time. I'll show him Harry thought. He levelled his wand at the Death Eater's chest and focused all his power into his arm. Once he was happy enough he had enough power charged that the Death Eater would regret smirking at him he quietly and confidently spoke the dreaded words.

Just the way Harry spoke the words sent a trill of fear up said Death Eater's spine. He knew he was going to be hurting now.

"Curico" Harry spoke deadly calmly. The red beam flew out of his wand and struck Nott in the chest square on. He managed to keep the scream in for nearly two seconds before it was torn from his throat. Harry just stood there with a smile on his face riding the curse out. The power it took to cast the curse at such a level made Harry's magic pump in his veins and made him feel high as a kite. He kept the curse on him for nearly five minuets before Voldemort called a stop to it.

"It seems you've changed a lot since I last saw you. This Death Eater is pretty useless to me. I want you to cast all the Unforgivables on him to prove your knowledge and alliance to me" Voldemort claimed coldly, looking at the trembling pale pathetic excuse of a man at his feet. Harry's armour had been hiding his magical signature from Voldemort so he wasn't sure how much power was in the curse but he felt confidant that it wasn't too much, and for a member of his inner circle to scream like that from a newbie, it was unacceptable.

Harry's face grew a sadistic grin which chilled the Death Eater's heart and warmed Voldemort's greatly. Harry pointed his wand at the Death Eater and muttered quietly

"Imperio" he knew it wouldn't take much to control the Death Eater so he didn't put much strength behind it. It turned out he was right as Nott's face grew blank waiting for his order.

Harry quickly decided what he wanted Nott to do and started watching him do it. Nott started slowly breaking each and every one of his fingers on his left hand, and all of his toes, then remove all the fingernails from all of his fingers. Harry watched on in grim satisfaction. One more death eater out of this world he thought. Voldemort sat back in his chair smiling manically. He had no idea that Harry had grown such a sadistic and down right scary backbone. This really was going to be fun teaching him.

Once Nott had finished on his fingers he started on his toes then bit off all of the fingers on his right hand and his tongue before Harry released him of the curse. Nott instantly began to scream and howl in pain. Harry stood and watched him bleed and scream for a good ten minuets before pointing his wand at him again and cast the killing curse at him casually.

Voldemort sat there in quiet contemplation. The Harry he knew and had been informed about was meant to be a Golden Boy, totally pathetic and full of mercy, yet here was a young man full of power and not afraid to use it. Again Voldemort told himself, it was going to be very interesting.

"Tell my Harry, have you ever cast an Unforgivable before?"

"Erm, I cast the Curico on Bellatrix at the DoM, and a few times in Knockturn Alley" Harry said casually, "Why do you ask?" Voldemort ignored Harry's question and asked another of his own.

"So that if your first time at the other two!" Voldemort asked outraged. He didn't get it right till the third attempt for the killing curse and here was someone much younger than he was when he turned fully Dark and was already out performing him. Once Harry was fully trained up he would be like a walking tank!

"Yes, but whats the problem with it?" Harry asked again impatiently.

"Nothing, nothing, you may leave now, I need to think up some lesson plans for what we can do tomorrow. I shall see you then. The house-elves will wake you for breakfast and you should be in this room no later than an hour after that. You may go" Voldemort stated dismissively.

Harry was tempted to stand his ground but decided against it. He may be more powerful than Voldemort, but no way did he have the experience or the magical knowledge to beat him. Brute strength only took you so far.


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