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Proto Zoa just couldn't wait to finally get back to Nova Linda Cove. It seemed like forever since he had had a break from his latest tour, and he just hadn't been himself lately. He wasn't having any fun anymore. He couldn't write any noteworthy songs, something always seemed missing from them, and he just couldn't seem to sleep. When he did, he always had the same dream of searching through the fog for something, but never knowing what. He was always a number one, absolutely adorable major rock star, but even he was tiring of this tour. His thoughts couldn't help but wander on his journey back home. He felt like he was missing something, but he couldn't quite put his finger on what it exactly was. At first, he thought it was not going on tour in awhile, but that clearly wasn't it. He had just ended a summer tour, and yet, he still seemed to be missing that it. Now he just wasn't sure what it could possibly be. The one thing he knew for certain was that he definitely needed to figure out what was missing soon, or otherwise, he just wouldn't get back his life or and semblance of sleep for that matter.

Proto Zoa was interrupted from his thoughts by a loud crash of thunder over head. The weather had seemed so terrible since earlier that morning. It almost appeared as though it was mourning a great loss; almost like in it was enraged by that loss. Proto Zoa couldn't wait to get out of this awful weather and back to his piece of Providence, Nova Linda. He thought he would try to get his mind off the weather, and pass his time until he arrived home, by viewing a slide show of his zap pad photos. He set his zap pad on an automatic slide show of the image gallery he had marked "important people." It started to filter through the images in no particular order.

The first was an image of his mother when he was still a young child, no more than six or seven. He couldn't really remember too much about her, he was very young was she died, but he could remember how she always smelt so wonderful; she always smelt of cookie dough. He use to love helping her bake cookies the early twentieth century way. It always seemed so satisfying to eat them after they were baked that way; almost as if they somehow magically tasted better when he cooked them by hand.

The second was an image of his father teaching him how to play the guitar. His mother had taken the shot. He remembered the very first time his father tried to teach him to play. When his father placed that guitar in his hands, it seemed almost kismet, like everything was the way it was suppose to be. He was a born natural and progressed at a light speed. His father had told him that the greatest secret to good music was to play for the ones you love. Proto Zoa had taken that advice to heart, and over the years, he always played for those he cared about. He made a promise the day his parents died to always play for them, and to someday play for his family as well.

Proto Zoa stopped the slide show for a few moments. It was just too much for him to be reminded of his parents at this point. He was so young when they died, but he would never forget what happened. The weather was bad like it was today, and they were returning from a retreat they went to. It was a retreat where you get to live like you were back in the twentieth century. His parents always seemed to enjoy that sort of stuff, so they decided to leave Porto Zoa with his only other relative, his grandmother, although he always called her Gamma. He remembered coming to the door with his Gamma when the police officers broke the news. On the way back from the retreat, there was an accident. The officer said that his parents' antique car just couldn't handle the roads during that type of weather and that it was too slick for them. The car lost control and slammed into a tree. Both of his parents died on impact. He remembered the look in his Gamma's eyes; it was as if her whole world was destroyed, but they she looked to him, and it almost seemed as though it would be okay. Proto Zoa hadn't realized it then, but he did now. The look in his Gamma's eyes was a look of understanding. She knew that she would always have him, and that somehow, a part of his parents would live on through him.

After taking a few more moments to calm his nerves, he decided to try this slide show thing again to pass the time. The very next slide was a picture of when Microbe was first signed. He was so proud that day. It seemed as if finally everything was looking up for him. Gamma was proud of him too. She had boasted to the entire neighborhood that her grandson was going to be the best musician for years, and now her prophecy was coming to pass. The guys in that band were some of his best friends growing up, and he couldn't imagine doing the whole macro thing without them.

Then he saw the first picture taken of him and Zenon. It was when they had first met after she won the contest to dance on stage with him on the Space Stay, her Space Stay. He could tell from the start that she was such a free spirit, a lively girl…someone like him in many ways. No matter how many blows life had to offer her, she just got right back up without question; she was like him in that aspect.

The next image was a similar one, but instead of being at the docking bay, this picture was taken at Nova Linda Cove. He and Zee were standing in front of a waterfall on his property. It had always seemed breathtaking there, but somehow, where her standing next to him, it just seemed suddenly so much better. Like everything was the way it was meant to be.

Proto Zoa continued going through the images, filtering through many like the previous two of he and Zenon and some of just Zenon. He would have kept going threw the images, but to his great surprise, he was home; he was back to Nova Linda. He decided that he would continue looking at the photos once he got inside because for some reason, one that he could not determine, he felt like his old self again while viewing them.

He entered his house and put up his field to ward of intruders because he didn't want to be disturbed. He put away some of his things before he resumed looking through the images that were on his zap pad. He was yet again interrupted by a sound from his thoughts, but this time, instead of thunder, it almost sounded like a girl laughing. It took him a moment before he figured out that the noise in question was coming from outside and that that noise must be coming from a fan who somehow found where he was. Very few managed to do that, but they insisted on using the knowledge once they knew it. That was the very reason why he put the field up to begin with. Deciding that he should take care of the problem immediately, he temporarily abandoned his photos and went outside.

Proto Zoa couldn't quite tell where the laughter was coming from, but he was sure it wouldn't take too long to identify the source and dispel of the fan. He was developing quite a scowl from having to get drenched in search of this person. His endeavor soon paid off when he saw a figure up ahead. Once he was within three feet of that girl, he put the barrier down.

"Now what do we have here? What have I caught in my little web?" asked Proto Zoa cockily. She failed to respond to his questioning, and that only aided to further annoy him. "I quite tired of people like you intruding on my privacy. Why can't you just leave me alone?" he all but yelled at the girl. It wasn't until the girl collapsed to the ground sobbing that he regretted his tone. He couldn't be blamed though, he was after all frustrated by constant intrusion of his privacy and soaking wet, but so was this poor girl.

"Now, now, don't cry. I'm not upset with you." Proto Zoa said as he worked his way toward this poor creature. He was now within an arms length of her when he froze. This girl looked familiar to him…too familiar. "It can't possibly be her. She wouldn't come here. The trip is too far, and why would she not ring me first. There's just too much wrong with this." After his momentary paralysis, he leaned forward and brushed the hair out of her eyes. "But it is her. I can't believe it, but it's true; she's here, and not only is she here, but she's crying. What have I done? I didn't have to be so mean to her when I found her. I'm such a fool. She'll hate me now. Why do I always mess things up so much with her?" She looked up at him with her sad eyes, and that finally prompted him to speak. "Love, I'm sorry. I didn't know it was you, and I didn't mean to act that way. I never would have if I had known it was you. You have to believe me. It was too dark, and, and…I just didn't know. I'm so sorry. Please just say something. Come on, it's me. It's Zoa." "You're Zoa." "Please just say something…anything. Please Zenon, talk to me."

"Proto Zoa…" she managed to squeak out. She launched herself into his arms and let the sobs wrack her tiny frame. She just cried and cried, and he couldn't take seeing her in this much pain.

"This can't just be because of the way I acted. Something must have happened to her. But what could have? Who could have done this to her? Why is she this upset? I've never seen her so upset in all of the years that I have known her. She's always been so strong, and she always seemed to be able to overcome all of the odds. What happened now to destroy her this way?"

As though in response to his unasked questions, she looked up at him and spoke in such a tone that it made his heart break even more if that was possible. "My parents…and, and…the lab…it…they…they never…they died. Proto Zoa…my parents… they're dead!"

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