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Chapter 1

I know what you're thinking. This is just another stupid predictable story about the next generation of Harry Potter. Well, your wrong. Haha. In your face.

I'm Cassidy Granger, or so my birth certificate tells me. I live with me, and my mum, Hermione Granger. Mum got pregnant with me when she was 16. When my Grandpa found out, he chased my dad, (Ron Weasley), as far away from Mum as he could. Now, mind you, neither mum or I know what Grandpa told dad when he was done chasing him, but mum never saw him again. So, she moved on with her life. Got a job, raised me, put me into school, and paid for my education at Hogwarts when the time came.

Mum never found a husband or even a boyfriend, for that matter, after Ron. But it's kind of nice, just me and her, living together in our 2 floor house in London. There are upsides and downsides to being an only child living with a single parent.

Upsides: I'm the only child, so mum doesn't have to pay for anyone but me. I get her un-divided attention. No whining little brats running around the house all of the time. Since we are so close in age, we are basically best friends, and we barely ever fight.

Downsides: There are only 2 people to clean the house, so I have to clean half. I get lonely sometimes, having no siblings. When I get cranky, she is the only one to listen to me whine, and that makes her cranky too. She has no boyfriend, which makes her lonely too. When I go away to Hogwarts, she gets very lonely, so I have to come home to visit every chance I get.

See, not so bad. Anyways, more about me. I'm 16 and in my 6th year at Hogwarts. I'm the biggest Tomboy you will ever meet. (Well, maybe not the biggest you'll ever meet, but you get the idea.) I'm probably the last person you will see to date. I have shoulder-length wavy brown hair, deep blue eyes, and at least a million freckles. I'm tall with long limbs, with green and purple braces, and contacts. So, I'm not the prettiest fish in the sea. I inherited my dad's personality, or so mum tells me, so if you know my dad, you know me. And, if you don't, too bad, look it up, because I'm not wasting my time telling you. Exept I also inherited mum's smarts. Not all of them, mind you, but enough so that my hand raises for most questions and I get all grades in the "A range." (A-, A, and A)

I have 3 best friends, Lindsay Potter, Shane Ryan, and Austin Smith. They're a good bunch, friendly and stuff. All of us are in Gryffindor. I've known Lindsay since I was 3, since her parents, Harry Potter, and Katie Bell were good friends with mum, even through her "hard time." I met Shane and Austin in Elementary School in 3rd grade, so we've been tight since we were nine. Seven years.

Mum has decided she's bent on finding "that perfect guy" as this year's project while I'm away at school, so I can stay at Hogwarts on breaks. I'm good with her getting a boyfriend finally so I can have a dad, as long as it's not one of my teachers or something. Well, enough talking. On with my story.

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