Love Does Cost Some Things

By: Crystal Crest

Rating: R

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha or any characters from the Magna/Anime for the exception of those I happen to create. Inuyasha and co. were created and lovingly brought to life by Rumiko Takahashi.

Summary: Kagome's a freshmen college student in need of a job for a program at school. She ends up being an assistant to a day care teacher. She soon grows to like the job, as well as a little girl who goes there. To bad the same thing doesn't apply to the girl's father. Inu/Kag & Mir/San.

A/N: Hey everybody! This is my first fic to ever put on , but not my first one to write. I happen to recently come up with a couple of fics which have not been posted. So when they are, I hope you all enjoy and approve of them. Also while reading, the 'friends' Kagome refers to are no other than her three friends in present time Tokyo, that go to her high school. If anyone happens to know there names (because I forgot), please tell me in a review for I may need them for future reverence. Thanks! Well I hope you enjoy and read till your hearts content. But before you go any further I'd like to point out a few things of importance as to not confuse anyone and for those who don't know (if any).

When some thing is written like "........", it shows what the character is saying.

When written like '..........', it shows what the character is pondering or in other words thinking. It may also be used to stress out a word. For example, "You baka, I 'do' want to go to the party!".

When words are written in italic as shown, it shows a flashback. In other words a thought of the past. It may be before hand noted with a ::Flash Back:: but furthermore may not.


Chapter 1: Finding a Job

Kagome sighed as she walked through the halls of Nagasaki University, which was named after its founder. Today had been an exhausting yet uneventful day, as usual; it wasn't anything new to her. She just got out of her calculus class, which was more than 120 minutes long. She wasn't used to nor did she like being in a class for such a long period of time. Especially one that had anything to do with numbers. Which she noticed strangely included almost every coarse she was taking.

"I know they said we'd have to use math for every day life but this is ridiculous." she muttered, as she stepped outside.

It was a beautiful day, the birds were singing, the air was cleansed which was surprising since the University was located in the city, and couples were there to savor it. Showingthat love was truly in the air...............she hated it. Love. What was love? Well, she knew that she couldn't answer that question since she hadn't fully experienced it herself. Sure she knew the love you share with your family but not the kind you experienced with a spouse of some kind, like a boyfriend. It's like boys just didn't like her.

She sighed again after seeing the untrue ness of her words. She didn't have any trouble with boys as a matter of fact. It's just that for some weird bizarre reason she always attracted the weird ones. Her cousin used to always say, 'Cuz, to catch the good fish, you need the right bait.' She frowned at the thought. She couldn't really decipher her cousin's words. Did she mean she had to change her personality, or change the way she dressed? She shook the thought out only to replace new ones.

'Well if them fish don't like the bait I'm giving, then they can just keep looking for ones more of their taste.' she thought, as she entered the library.

"Kagome! What a surprise seeing you here." a voice said, which she regretfully recognized.

"Oh hi Hojo," she muttered, as she turned around to see none to her surprise Hojo standing behind her. 'Example number one.' she thought. Confirming her point on attracting weird boys.

"Fancy meeting you here!" he cheerfully said with a smile. Kagome arched a brow at the comment.

"Hojo, I always come to the library everyday after my classes." she said dryly. 'And on my lunch break, but what he doesn't know won't kill him.'He rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment.

"Oh yeah, you do don't you? Sorry, it sort of slipped my mind." he nervously laughed while Kagome forced a smile which he indeed bought.

"Well, I was just wondering if you would like to go on-" he began before being cut off by a girl who instantly stood before him. Kagome blinked after seeing the back of the head of a blond, when just a second ago it was Hojo's face she was looking at.

"Hi Hojo!" the blond whispered into his ear as she stood on her toes to do so.

"Oh, hi there." Hojo smiled which made the girl blush. Kagome merely rolled her eyes.

'If she gets all worked up over a smile, just imagine what would happen if he shook her hand' Kagome thought reverting her attention to the two.

" Oh I'm fine thank you. But enough about me. I was wondering if I could get your autograph on this thing here." she answered. Holding out a foot ball which she pulled out of a bag to Hojo.

Kagome yawned and smirked at the upcoming thought. "That's funny, I don't remember hearing Hojo ask whether you were fine or not." she said casually, as she looked at her nails. The blond turned her head around to only glare at her.

"Why don't you mind your own damn business Higurashi." she snarled behind a whisper. As she turned her attention back to Hojo with a smile. It was just so typical. Kagome sighed as she glared at the back of the blonds head.

Nabiki Nagasaki, daughter to the owner of Nagasaki University. She had known Nabiki longer than she had known Hojo. And that was saying something since she knew Hojo since Jr. High, and boy did she hate her. Nabiki made her life a living hell since the day she found out that Hojo had an interest in her. Heck, they used to be friends during middle school and Jr. High, but that all changed in the seventh grade.

Everyone knew that most girls in the school had a crush on Hojo for one reason or another. Some others knew right from the start, while others kept in secrecy. But from what she could observe, nobody had a bigger crush on Hojo than Nabiki, which was visible to every-one but Hojo. Most people know what a crush means, but for Nabiki it literally meant 'crush'. She'd 'crush' the girls who even tried to talk to Hojo and in the process 'crushed' the hopes of others getting a chance with him. Nabiki made it clear to every girl in that school including the ninth graders that he was hers. Threatening them one way or another. With power, popularity, money, and a respect-ed as well as feared father, little miss princess could get or have anything she wanted.

'Anything but Hojo.' she thought with a sigh. Remembering the day quite well. It was lunch at Titsuya High and Nabiki had slipped a love letter into Hojo's locker which held a poem and clues to finding out who his secret admire was. Which unfortunately at the end, didn't turn out as planned. For both her and Nabiki.


Kagome sighed as she took a bite out of her sub she had bought from home. Today was the day that Hojo was finally going to meet his 'soul mate' as Nabiki had put it. Looking to her left, she saw her crazed love friend apply some lip gloss on herself while looking through a compact mirror. Nabiki had fully ex-plained to her and the other girls that once he followed the clues it would lead him right to the cafeteria, and that she would be sitting in the second table in the third row.

Not only was it Nabiki's special day, but the day of the anni-versary that all five of them became friends which they always celebrated every year. But it seemed that now that all of them had boyfriends and in a couple of minutes including Nabiki, life just wouldn't be the same. They all seemed to forget about some of the things that used to mean something to them.

'Like our friendship,' she thought, as she looked around a couple of tables to see her three friends sitting on different ones with their boyfriend's.

She didn't really get a chance to hang out with them lately since each one of them always had plans with their boyfriend. So lunch time used to be the only time she got a chance to do so. That is, until they started eating lunch with their boyfriends leaving her to eat lunch by herself. At times with Nabiki if she wasn't eating with anyone else. She guessed the reason she felt depressed was because if things went as planned, she'd be eating lunch by her little lonesome.

There was always Sango, but since she was in seventh grade and Sango was two years older, the kids she often sat with didn't seem to want a seventh grader around. So she decided it was best that she didn't sit with them.

Sighing once more, she took a bite out of her sub to only catch the attention of Nabiki.

"Kagome what's wrong. You seem tense." Nabiki asked, looking back and forth between her and the entrance to the cafeteria.

"Depressed is more like it." she sighed.

"Oh Ka-gi-wa-gi there's nothing to be depressed about." she reassured her, smiling as she did so.

Kagome frowned at the little nick name that Nabiki had given her since day one but brightened at the thought of Nabiki remembering what today was.

" There isn't?" Kagome asked smiling.

Nabiki merely nodded her head. "Yeah! I mean in a while Hojo will come in here and whisk me away in his arms and declare me as his woman."

Kagome glared at her friend and reverted her attention back to her sub. Shrugging, Nabiki looked at her self in her compact mirror once more before shutting it close.

"Ka-gi?" Nabiki questioned, receiving a muffled answer in return, "What's the antonym for yes?"

Kagome raised a brow. "Why do you want to know?" Kagome asked curiously.

"Well," she sighed, "Yes is too original and so out there. I want to find another word I can use when he ask me to be his."

Kagome frowned but decided not to comment. "Um, how about no." Kagome suggest casually, watching Nabiki frown in return.

"No?! Kagome why would I say no if I 'want' to be his girlfriend?!" Nabiki questioned, arching a brow as she did so.

Kagome frowned. "Then Nabiki if that's the case, you want to know the synonym."

"That's what I said."

"No, you said you wanted the antonym, not the synonym."

"Their not the same thing?" Nabiki questioned, putting her finger on her chin in thought.

Kagome rolled her eyes, deciding not to comment. They had just learned the difference between the two words last class. She looked towards Nabiki to see her attention all of a sudden locked on something else. Following her gaze she saw Hojo near the entrance looking at a piece of paper then towards their table. As he made his way towards them.

Kagome sighed. 'Good bye social lunch times. Hello lonely ones.' she thought, as she took a sip of her soda. And soon to everyone present surprise including hers and Nabiki, Hojo wrapped his arms around Kagome.

She looked up to see Hojo smiling down at her. "Hello my little secret admire," he smiled, stunning Kagome, "I should have known from the start. But then again I had my suspicions." he said through chuckles, taking a seat next to her.

"Hojo you got the wrong-" Kagome began as she looked to her left to see a just as equally stunned Nabiki.

"Table? No that couldn't be. I followed all the clues and they led me straight to you," he smiled, putting a stray hair behind Kagome's ear. Kagome blushed at the act but shook her head deciding to stick to the matter at hand until she almost doubled over at his next comment.

"Hey Higurashi, I didn't know you were a natural blond."

She almost fell out of her seat as well as everyone else at his statement. Looking at Nabiki, she found the blond surprised too. Nabiki was the only blond seated at this table.

Heck from what she knew she was the only Japanese born blond in the whole entire school, for the exception of the European or American transfer students who were female. As she remem-bered Nabiki saying she put in that fact including a myraid of others like her personality, what she liked to do for fun, and so on. She grimaced as she looked at the still stunned Nabiki and then at herself. How the hell did he miss that?!

"Hojo I'm not-" she began, until he grasped both of her hands in his.

"Higurashi it's okay, I understand," Hojo sighed.

"You do?" she asked relieved.

"Yes of course, I understand why you waited this long to tell me how you feel, but what I don't understand is why you couldn't tell me your feelings instead of writing them in a letter. Am I that intimidating?" he asked concerned.

"I didn't-"

"My mother did always say I was a very intimidating child, still does." he sighed, cursing his intimidating ways.

Kagome sighed, just when you thought he'd see the light, he'd just dig himself into a deeper hole of denseness. Kagome frowned at his last few statements. Hojo, intimidating?

She looked back towards the boy with a doubtful look. If there was a word to describe the boy, intimidating would surely not be one of them. He was only cheerful, helpful, carefree, dense... .....dense. Hojo was one of those people who would, if in a plane that was about to crash and they were one parachute short, would gladly give up his parachute. Not that that's a bad thing but, that's the kind of person he was.

'Hojo's mother is either blind or hasn't seen him since birth' she thought, growing nervous as more people tuned in to their little episode.

"You-" Kagome again began, until Hojo interrupted.

"Thanks for reminding me, I almost forgot about Yuugo." he smiled.

"Who?" Kagome asked, forgetting the matter at hand.

"You'll see. Just wait right here and I'll be right back." he smiled, giving her a kiss on the cheek before he got up from his seat.

"Hojo wait..." she said, as she watched him head towards the exit.

Kagome frowned as she heard the many awes coming from all present. Whether they meant them or were merely teasing her, she found the utter thought of being Hojo's anything repulsing.

"Can you believe him, thinking I'm the one who wrote the...le....ter." she stopped as she saw the glare Nabiki was giving her.

"You bitch!" Nabiki yelled, surprising Kagome.

"What?" Kagome asked in disbelief.

"You heard me. You couldn't stand the thought of me being happy so you went and stole him from under my nose!" she yelled, standing suddenly to improvise her point.

"Listen Nabiki I didn't-" Kagome began.

"Didn't mean to? I can't believe you copied my idea and wrote Hojo a letter you slut!" Nabiki yelled.

"Me? A slut? Guess you haven't been looking in the mirror lately!" Kagome said angrily. She couldn't believe it, Nabiki was choosing Hojo over her!

"How dare you!" Nabiki yelled, pushing Kagome as she did so. Kagome stumbled back before glaring at Nabiki.

"I don't believe you'd choose Hojo over me. I thought we were friends!" Kagome yelled, to in turn receive a smirk from Nabiki.

"Exactly Higurashi, we 'were' friends." she said, crossing her arms.

Kagome bit her bottom lip, holding back tears she knew were to fall. She wasn't going to give Nabiki the satisfaction of seeing her cry.

"You know what," Kagome said, gathering her stuff, "I don't need to take this shit. If you don't believe me then that's your problem." she said as she turned around heading for the exit.

"Well this doesn't surprise me at all. Guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree." Nabiki smirked, as she watched Kagome come to a halt.

Kagome narrowed her eyes. "What did you say?"

"Don't try to act like you didn't her me. Your just like your mom, always running away from your problems, except your mom ran away from your father."

Kagome's eyes watered as she tried to keep calm and not let her words effect her.

"Like I said, that apple didn't fall far from the tree now di-" Nabiki was cut off as she felt a hand collide with her face, stumbling behind a chair in pain in the process. Nabiki's eyes watered as she put her hand on her stinging cheek. She looked up to see Kagome standing over her with her hand raised as though she were to slap her again.

"Don't you ever talk about my mom like that again!" she yelled, watching as people crowded around them.

"Y..y.. you bi-"

"Nabiki if you say one more thing, I swear you'll walk out of here with more than what I gave." Kagome threatened, balling her fist to her side.

"Uh Higurashi?"

Kagome looked up to see Hojo with what seemed to be a puppy in his arms, looking from her to Nabiki.

Kagome gave Nabiki one last glare before picking up her lunch bag and headed towards the exit, going through the crowd of people who moved out of her way seeing how pissed she was.

Hojo then looked at Nabiki who was trying to get up then at Kagome whowas nearing the exit. "Did I miss something?"

::End of Flashback::

Kagome sighed, after that Nabiki snitched on her and they both had detention for a week.Nabiki for starting it, and Kagome for finishing. Nabiki and her didn't speak so much as aword to each other after-wards besides insults. And from that day Nabiki started calling her from her last name. Naot that she didn't mind, the lesser the familiarity the better. And to make matters worst, two of her friends except one took Nabiki's side instead of hers, stating that Kagome was jealous and whatnot.

Kagome looked up, as she saw Nabikipressed up against Hojo from the side, as she watched Hojo sign her name on the football.

"Write, to you my-" Nabiki began, as Hojo cut her off.

"Fellow Titsuya, from Hojo" Hojo said, finishing her sentence as he handed her back herball.

"Hojo, take this......this um thing back. That's not what I wanted you to write." she whined, as she handed him back her football.

Kagome shook her head in shame. It was funny how Nabiki knew that Hojo was a'football player', but didn't know what a 'football' was.

'Wait a minute, what am I doing just standing here. This is my chance to leave.' Kagome thought to herself, as she quietly turned around and headed for the library stairs.

Hojo frowned slightly at Nabiki and looked up noticing Kagome was gone.

"Hey, where did Higurashi go?" Hojo questioned, looking around as he did so.

Nabiki's eyes narrowed at hearing Kagome's name. She then smiled sweetly at Hojo.

"You know Higurashi, probably had to run off some place like always. So, where were we." she said seductively. She frowned when realizing he wasn't listening to her but looking around the place for......


Kagome gave a relieved sigh, happy that she was out of that predicament. She smiled when she saw Sango.

"Hey Sango, sorry I'm late." Kagome sighed, taking a seat in front of Sango at the desk, seeing that Sango was too absorbed in a book she was reading.

"Hello? Anyone in there." Kagome grabbed the text book and pulled it down to see a magazine take it's place. Kagome arched a brow.

Sango smiled sheepishly, "Now how did that get there." she cried, as though outraged, seeing Kagome looking skeptical.

"Sango don't you have an exam tomorrow?" Kagome sighed, seeing Sango sigh in return.

"Kagome I've been studying all week and I've crammed in more than necessary." Sango said, going back to reading her magazine.

Kagome sighed, "Guess who I ran into on my way here."

"Hojo" Sango replied, not lifting her gaze from her magazine.

"No not Hojo.....wait how did you know" Kagome asked, surprised Sango got it.

"Kagome, you've been asking me that same question for the past few days." Sango replied, rolling her eyes.

"Oh yeah, and don't I do a good job at it." she smiled, watching her friend frown in return.

"That reminds me, did you find a job yet?" Sango asked, putting down her magazine.

"For what?" Kagome questioned confused.

Sango sighed, "For the program at school. You know, the one when your supposed to get a job and get a taste of how it would be like in the 'real world'."

"Speak for yourself. I've had a job before and it wasn't that life experiencing." Kagome replied, grabbing Sango's magazine from the table.

"Kagome, I doubt opening a lemonade stand on your front lawn counts." Sango said, snatching back the magazine from Kagome.

Kagome frowned. "Oh yes it does, do you know how long it took me to squash those lemons?" Kagome frowned, crossing her arms.

Sango rolled her eyes deciding not to comment at how much she looked like a child, until a girl she recognized from one of her classes with two other girls tapped her shoulder.

"Hey, your Sango right?" the girl asked, while two of her friends giggled.

"Yes, what do you want?" Sango questioned, watching them with a wary eye.

"Are you ready for the exam tomorrow?" the girl questioned, smirking as she did so.

Sango smiled as she realized she was in the class she had an exam for. "Yeah, studied and everything." Sango said, her suspicions lowering.

"That's good," the girl said slyly, as her friends laughed, "because I know you'll do an 'exterminating' job." she smiled, before walking away to only soon join the others in laughter.

Sango frowned, knowing beforehand they were up to no good.

Kagome's eyes softened as she watched Sango watch their retreating backs.

"Sango?" Kagome asked worriedly, to only see her friend face her with a smile.

"It's okay Kagome, I'm not six anymore. That stuff doesn't bother me." Sango sighed, reassuring her.

Kagome arched an eyebrow, "Who was that any way?"

Sango shrugged, "Don't know, she's in my class though." Sango said, putting down her magazine on the table.

"She looks nauseatingly familiar" Kagome said, putting her finger on her chin in thought.

"Well either way Kagome, you need to find a job and quick because you may end up getting a lousy one." Sango cautioned, knowing Kagome wasn't taking any of this into account.

Kagome grabbed the magazine to look at the front cover to see that months issue topic to be hot bachelors of Japan. To catch a glimpse of the picture shot of number 1 on the list on the front cover.

"C'mon Sango, this is Tokyo we're talking about. How hard can it be to find a job?"

"How hard can it be to find a job?!" Kagome yelled agitated, rescanning the newspaper. She had been at it for the last two hours looking for a job.

'Maybe I should've listened to Sango.' Kagome thought, sighing as she did. Every time she found an ad for help needed for a job she would be given the 'we already have enough people helping from colleges', or just a plain 'no'.

Kagome fell on her bed with a sigh, wondering how she was gonna pull herself out of this one. Until she felt something on her leg. She looked down to see her dog laying on top of her legs.

"Yuugo." Kagome warned, sitting up.

Her dog just opened up one eye and none to soon closed it ignoring her completely.

Kagome frowned at her dog. At times she'd think her dog was an actual person the way he always acted. She never really found out what kind of dog Yuugo was, him being the only kind she's ever seen. With his white fur and oddly colored golden eyes he was one of a kind. Also of how he was rather big for a normal dog.

'Then again, he isn't exactly 'normal' to begin with.' Kagome thought, sighing as she remembered the day she got him. Hojo gave her Yuugo as a present after the whole incident between her and Nabiki, handing it to her after their last period. How he managed to get it into school was beyond her but when she tried to give him back the puppy, she couldn't. It wasn't that Hojo wouldn't take the puppy, it's just that the puppy didn't want to go back to Hojo. So having no other choice she kept him, adding another member to her already crazy family.

She sighed in relief when she managed to pull her legs from under him to only soon glare down at the dog.

"Yuu, you know I'm mad at you right?" Kagome said, only to watch the dog yawn in return. Kagome twitched in anger, hating the thought of being ignored by a dog.

"Hey, you answer me when I'm talking to you" Kagome warned, poking him with her finger. Yuugo turned his head ignoring her yet again.

"The way you talk to him, you'd think you expected him to answer you back."

Kagome turned towards her door to see her younger brother leaning against it, arms crossed against his chest. Kagome rolled her eyes. Since her thirteen-year-old brother started changing, he started to act all conceited in a way. Thinking he could tell her what to do. And it wasn't just her noticing his changes but also many girls at his school.

'I'm beginning to miss the old scared of everything always running to mama Souta.' Kagome thought with a sigh, as she watched him approach her.

"What did he do this time, ignore you." Souta laughed, not knowing how true his words were.

Kagome glared at him, "Oh just shut up Souta, I'll have you know that I'm looking for a job and don't need your constant nagging. So do me a favor and leave" Kagome warned, pointing to the door.

Souta just snorted and headed towards her bed, taking a seat. Kagome frowned.

"Your not gonna do that lemonade thing again are you? Cause I know from experience that your lemonade tasted like kit." Souta said, leaning against the head board with his arms behind his head, before closing his eyes.

Kagome lowered her brows in confusion, "Kit?"

Souta opened up a lazy eye. "What? You'd rather have me say the actual word?" Souta jokingly smirked, before closing his eyes much like Yuugo had previously done to her.

Kagome frowned, figuring he used kit as a substitution of shit. She looked between her dog and Souta. Both doing exactly what Kagome thought they did best, ignore her. She really couldn't figure out who rubbed off on who. Sighing, she grabbed the newspaper, to only soon cry out in frustration.

"I'm never going to be able to find a job, I'm screwed." Kagome whined, falling face first onto her bed beside Souta.

"Too bad" Souta remarked sighing, unknowingly intriguing Kagome.

"Too bad what?" Kagome asked, curiously.

"Too bad you can't get a job at Wacdonalds, because then it would be easy sailing from there." He said, before being snagged in a bear crushing hug.

"Oh Souta your a genius!" Kagome cried, hugging him before releasing him soon after.

Souta glared at Kagome before dusting and rearranging his transfigured clothes.

"Took you long enough to realize it." he replied angrily, but in spite of himself smirked before heading out of Kagome's room.

Kagome smiled as she reached for the phone and dialed the number to Wacdonalds, knowing it by heart. Souta was right, if she managed to get a job there it would be easy sailing from there. She practically lived there during her junior high years. Even though she guessed it wasn't the type of job she suspected her college wanted them to get.

"Hello.....Hello?" a voice from the other end said.

"Oh sorry about that. I was wondering if there was a way for me to get a job there?" Kagome asked, hearing a pause on the other line.

"Kagome!?" the voice on the other end said which Kagome guessed was male, "It's me Hojo!"

"Hojo you work there?" Kagome asked disbelievingly.

"Yeah I do, for the whole job thing at the University. So what up." he asked, trying to start a conversation.

"Nothing, just wanted to know if I could get a job there or not." Kagome said, hoping he'd just answer her question.

"Oh, well as much as I'd like to give you the job, it's not my decision so let me go get the manager." he said before, what Kagome guessed, doing what he proposed. She sighed, just picturing Hojo looking around franticly for the manager so she could get the job and work along side him. Kagome frowned, beginning to have second thoughts about working there.

"Hello?!" someone said rudely on the other end. Kagome frowned until her eyes widened when recognizing the voice.

"Nabiki?!" Kagome asked surprise.

"Higurashi?!" Nabiki answered, surprised as well.

"What areyou doing there?!" Kagome questioned.

"I work here, what the hell are you doing calling here?!" Nabiki asked angrily on the other line.

Kagome frowned, "I just wanted to know whether I could get a job there."

"Well let me make this clear, no." Nabiki stated simply, to soon laugh.

Kagome frowned, "Well like Hojo said, only the manager can decide so can you go get him or her?" Kagome stated rather than requested.

"Well your talking to her, Nabiki Nagasaki manager of Wacdonalds how may I help you. Oh wait I already did." Nabiki again repeated, surprising Kagome.

'Nabiki? Manager? What the hell where they thinking?' Kagome thought stunned, until coming up with a plausible answer, 'Money.' How else did Nabiki score the job that usually took a person months or more to get.

"But there may be a way for you to get the job." Nabiki bargained, gaining Kagome's attention.

"Oh, and how is that?" Kagome replied, skeptical.


Kagome hung up the phone angrily before glaring down at it as though it were Nabiki. The nerve! She would never beg Nabiki for anything no matter how desperate she was. She got up from her bed and headed toward the door to go downstairs where her family was.

She sighed when she saw her grandfather sitting on the arm chair which no one else was permitted to sit on but himself and Souta sitting on the couch watching the tv which was on commercial.

"Now what's the matter Kagome?" her grandfather asked, seeing her sit next to Souta on the couch in a pissed mood.

"Oh, she's just bummed because she can't find a job for a school thingy and school....thingy." Souta said without removing his eyes from the screen.

Kagome arched a brow at her brothers incorrect use of words before realizing that he was too indulged in the television to notice. No matter how much Souta changed, she knew that tv and video games would be his number one hobby.

'If you could call it one' she thought skeptical, putting her attention to the tv.

"Well Kagome," Grandpa sighed,"I'm sorry to say this but I don't know how your going to find a job this late in the program. Your, how do you kids say it, oh yes screwed."

Kagome and Souta both unglued their eyes from the screen at the same time to stare at their grandfather in shock.

"What!?" they both stated in unison.

"What? Is it not the way you kids today talk?" he questioned confused, "Is there something wrong with the way I said it?"

Souta and Kagome blinked figuring that talking like them would be the last thing their grandfather would do.

"No nothings wrong just don't say that in public........please." Souta pleaded, suddenly remembering that tomorrow was his turn to take grandpa to the market.

Grandpa frowned at his grandson before realizing that Kagome changed the channel from the news.

"Kagome Higurashi, change the channel back this instant. Your almost an adult. It's about time you learned to watch the news instead of all this nonsense you view every night."

Kagome frowned before changing the channel back. At times she wondered why her grandfather treated her differently than the way he treated Souta and she doubt her being older had anything to do with it. He treated Souta, heck even Yuu and Buyo with more respect. Remembering the time her grandfather was sweeping the steps and since Buyo was in his way he used the broom and 'accidentally' hit Buyo to the bottom of the steps.

Kagome winced. 'Okay, maybe Buyo wasn't sucha good example.' She sighed, reverting her attention back to the tv.

"Well thank you Tomeda for the update. But in other news Tokyo has been bombarded with young people from colleges looking for jobs for the EIB Program which many colleges participate in hoping their freshman students will get a better understanding of the real world." the lady on tv announced.

Kagome groaned, "Great, even the news is reminding me of my predicament." Kagome whined before receiving a glare from her gramps and brother.

"We went down town where most of the rush was occurring." the male besides her stated, showing a clip of one of their reporters in downtown Tokyo with what seemed to be a student.

"Can you explain what's occurring here." the reporter questioned putting the mike towards the girl.

"Well I'm about to head down to work since I have a shift this Sunday night." the girl answered.

"Is it always this packed?" the reporter asked.

"Yeah it is. But on weekdays, since most students go to school in the morning than in the evening, it's pretty much packed."

"How about the job availability?" the reporter questioned, to see the girls eyes widened.

"Everywhere is pretty much full, that's why the first time I was told about the program I went to find a job right away."

"Well thank you for your time" the reporter smiled before seeing the girl smile in turn before leaving. The reporter then turned back towards the camera.

"You've heard it from one experiencing the rush here herself. The job availability is small and most either don't want them working at their establishment or have more than needed. Some are even firing because of some businesses having to much help." the reporter said gesturing to a sign that said no more help please written over a help needed sign, "So if there are students, if any, that have not gotten a job, the chances of you getting one now that is at least suitable for the program are slim to none. This is Koji from down town Tokyo, back to you Tomeda."

"Thank you Koji", the man known as Tomeda sighed, "I'd hate to be the dummy who waited till now to find a job." he laughed, while the woman besides him smiled.

Souta and Grandpa looked toward Kagome who sank further into her seat.

"Well this is TokyoNews4U and we'll be right back after this commercial break."

Kagome stared at the screen not believing what she just heard.

"Um sis," Kagome slowly turned her head towards her brother, "Okay, 'now'your screwed."

Kagome sighed as she put away the last of the dishes. After dinner her brother Souta and everyone else headed upstairs for bed leaving her with her mother.

"So I see you haven't found a job yet." Kagome's mom inquired. Kagome sighed.

"Thought as much, so I went off my way to find a suitable job for you." Kagome's mom said, gesturing to a piece of paper on the kitchen counter.

Kagome picked it up to soon arch a brow, "A day care center?" Kagome questioned, to watch her mom raise an eyebrow of her own.

"Yes, is something wrong?"

"You couldn't find a fast food restaurant or something" Kagome sighed, taking a seat at the kitchen table where her mother sat.

"I thought it would be better if you got a job that you would benefit from. Besides you used to love kids, I remember when you where little you always used want to watch over the little kids. Even though you were fairly young yourself." she said, taking a sip of her tea.

Kagome frowned, "Mom I still do, but that was before Souta could walk and talk."

Mrs. Higurashi smiled, "Yes dear, but I don't see any other solution. So I suggest you call there before seven o'clock." Getting up she headed towards the door to what Kagome guessed upstairs.

Sighing, she picked up the phone and dialed the number.

"Hello this is Sunshine Day Care Center, may I help you?" what seemed to be a female questioned from the other line.

"Oh yes, I was wondering if I could get a job there as maybe an assistant for my college program?" Kagome questioned hearing a pause on the other line.

"Is this some prank, because if it is...?" the lady warned, Kagome's eyes widened.

"No, no I'm really looking for a job for the EIB Program."

"Oh so your one of those dummies who waited till now to find a job." the lady sighed.

Kagome frowned, 'Yeah, today just had to be the day everyone decided to watch the news.'

"Well if that's the case then of course you can work here, can you be here Tuesday evening at around three o'clock?"

Kagome smiled, "Yes of course I can, thank you!"

"Good, see you on Tue-" the lady began, before Kagome cut her off.

"Sorry, but may I please know your name?" Kagome asked, twisting the cord around her finger.

"Oh I'm sorry, I'm Ms. Tomeda. So I'll see you on Tuesday Miss Higurashi." Ms. Tomeda said before hanging up.

Kagome hanged up the phone and smiled before frowning at how she knew her name.

Kagome smiled realizing her mother probably had something to do with this.

"Well at least I've got a job" she sighed heading towards the door. The only thing was, she was still deciding on whether to be looking forward to Tuesday or dreading it.

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