Love Does Cost Some Things

By: Crystal Crest

Rating: M

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha or any characters from the Magna/Anime for the exception of those I happen to create. Inuyasha and co. were created and lovingly brought to life by Rumiko Takahashi.

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Chapter 5: Giving In

Kagome moaned as she reached out from under her covers and turned off her the alarm of her clock. She sighed as she realized it was Saturday and was twelve noon. She had to wake up so that they could make it to her uncle's house by three since it was a two-hour drive. He was actually an old friend of her grandfathers who she had known since she was very little, and had grown up calling old Uncle Hitoshi.

She yawned as she got out of bed, stretching as she did so. She was a little surprised that she slept this late in the day. Then again, she usually did. But yesterday as she got home, her mom yelled at her some more about how she was irresponsible and what not, and her grandfather lectured her about not acting more like an adult.

'I'm just lucky Souta was asleep, who knows what would have came out of that mouth of his.' Kagome thought.

"So, where were you yesterday?" A mocking voice questioned.

Kagome frowned, 'Damn, I spoke too soon.' Kagome thought, as she turned towards her bedroom door to see her younger brother Souta inside her room.

Kagome rolled her eyes, "Ever heard of something called knocking."

Her thirteen-year-old brother arched a brow, "Who the hell knocks on a door if it's already open." Souta said, as he placed himself on her unmade bed.

'I do,' Kagome sighed, deciding not to voice that. "I see your already dressed." she said, as she looked at her brother's clothes.

Souta shrugged, "Yeah well, I decided to just get dressed and get it over with. That, and I woke up early."

Kagome frowned, "You could have woken me up you know." she said, annoyed.

Souta quirked a brow, "I tried to, but you didn't hear the knock on the door." he said sarcastically, getting hit by a pillow in the process. "Hey!"

"That's what you get for trying to act smart with me."

Souta smirked, "Sis that's no acting, I 'am' smart."

Kagome rolled her eyes, "What ever Souta." she then sighed. "What happened to you last night anyway?"

"Well when you got home, since mom and grandpa were lecturing you, I got tired of waiting for you to come up stairs so I went to bed." he said. "Mom was really worried about you. She said you called and told her you'd be home at least in a half an hour, and when it got late, she called your cell phone but you didn't answer."

Kagome frowned, she remembered that while at work she had put her phone on silent and didn't put it back till she was in the bathroom at the restaurant with Yuni. She also remembered that she got quite a few missing calls, but didn't bother to check them.

"Speaking of which," her brother smirked. "Where were you last night?"

Kagome blushed, "Um…what do you mean?"

Souta rolled his eyes, "I mean, where did you go after work because as we all know it wasn't back home."

Kagome sighed, "Yuni's dad, the little girl I've been telling you about. Well her dad came late and he offered me dinner after I said he was the reason I missed a home cooked meal at home."

"That's it." Souta frowned.

Kagome looked down at her brother nervously, "Yeah, what did you expect."

"I don't know, I thought that maybe you went on date with some guy. Then again this is you we're talking about." he said, as he got up from her bed and headed towards the door.

Kagome frowned angrily, "What's that supposed to mean?"

Souta looked over his shoulder smirking, "C'mon sis, even the squirrels get more action then you do."

Kagome glared at him and threw a bottle of lotion at him, he quickly closed the door before it could reach him and it hit the door and landed non-too gracefully on the floor. Kagome's eyes narrowed as she heard her brother's laughter from the other side of the door. If only he knew about yesterday, then he wouldn't be so quick to judge. She blushed as she remembered the kiss she almost had. She didn't at all feel like remembering yesterday's events. When her mom interrupted the kiss, she was confused as to how she felt. A part of her was relieved that her mother in her own way intervened before things got out of hand. Then the other half wanted nothing more than to just melt into his arms and give in to the kiss.

She sighed; it was best not to think of it. Besides, it wasn't like it was ever going to happen again. "That and what would a guy like him want with a girl like me."

But that was exactly the problem; she was probably just some girl in his eyes.

Inuyasha groaned as he looked at his watch and realized it was almost twelve-thirty and he was still at home. He was supposed to had dropped Yuni at the Day Care Center by now and was expected to have been at work already. Then again, he was the owner of half of Tama Corporation which was a multi-billion world wide company.

"They can fucking wait," he muttered with a shrug, as he took a sip of his coffee.

He had woken up much later than he usually did. Last night when they had gotten home, Yuni had fallen right back to sleep. But yesterday he had a hard time falling asleep. He knew it was because of either what he ate or a young dark-haired girl that he couldn't get out of his mind.

"Damn her." he muttered angrily. He didn't want to think of Kagome but he couldn't help it. He wanted nothing more than to erase her from his memory, but at the same time he didn't. He frowned when he remembered last night; he knew he couldn't deny the attraction he felt between them. And as though his body acted on it's own accord, he made his move. And just as it turned out she was seventeen, too young for him.

"If only she was eighteen." he sighed, as he went and put his plate into the dishwasher and walked over to his answering machine, seeing if he missed any messages since he didn't check last night. He frowned as he heard the first message.

"Hey girl, it's me Li Li. It's about my Jinta. He just got out of my car like he owned the place, saying that he was leaving me, can you believe him?" a female said on the message.

Inuyasha arched a brow, who the fuck was Li Li? He didn't recognize the voice.

"But I managed to get him back in the car with a little persuasion." the female voice said seductively. He then faintly heard someone in the back round laugh.

Yep, that was definitely a wrong number.

"Girl, me and him went at it like it was mating season."

Inuyasha frowned, "Just what I needed, some horny bitch leaving a message on my answering machine."

"And let's just say, things got a little…well how can I say this in the cleanest way, oh yes messy-"

Inuyasha deleted the message, before he could hear anymore of it. By the way she was talking he could tell she was a demon. Inuyasha sighed; well it couldn't get any worse.

"Hello Inuyasha," a male voice said on the next message.

Inuyasha groaned, it just did.

"Well I'm just calling to tell you about my date last night, and may I say it was just magnificent."

Inuyasha arched a brow as he took a sip of his coffee.

"We went to my place and, well, let's just say I left her wanting more." Miroku chuckled.

Inuyasha rolled his eyes as he leaned over the kitchen counter.

"Well I called to talk about business but you're obviously not at home. One would think you were out with a woman, but then again it's 'you' we're talking about."

Inuyasha's eyes narrowed at the comment.

"That and I'm going to be at your office tomorrow so we can go over those papers, so please be on time. On the other hand, knowing you your listening to this message the day after and are already late." Miroku sighed.

Inuyasha frowned; Miroku at times acted more like his caretaker rather than his lawyer.

"So I'll see you in an hour or so late today, since I assume that is when you'll be at work. Bye, and tell Yuni I said to 'not' bring any gum with her if I am to drop her off at Kaede's this evening. It is something I'd rather not have on the interior of my car, especially on my seats."

"Or on your ass." Inuyasha muttered, as he remembered when Yuni thought it would be funny to but her chewed gum on the seats of one of his cars.

"Neither do I appreciate them on my ass either." Miroku muttered before hanging up.

Inuyasha smirked as he deleted the message; he then waited for his last one.

"Hello Inuyasha, this is Ms. Tomeda. Don't plan on going anywhere too soon when you drop Yuni off. I'll need to have a word with you about yesterday. Good night." she said heatedly.

"Shit," Inuyasha groaned, he knew that she'd be mad about him coming late yesterday, but not this much.


Inuyasha looked towards the kitchen entrance to see his daughter wearing a long sleeved purple turtleneck shirt with a purple skirt. If that wasn't enough, she was also wearing a matching purple scarf with sunglasses, many purple colored bracelets of different shades on both arms, and lilac colored socks that went up to her knees. That and makeup…

Inuyasha arched a brow, 'Where the hell did she get all that purple from, and the make up.'

"Do you like it Daddy, I got all dressed by my self." she smiled, as she ran towards him.

"Um Yun, don't you think that's a little too much."

Yuni blinked before smiling, "No, I like what I picked to wear."

Inuyasha sighed, "Come here Yuni, you can't wear all that to school, especially the makeup."

"But Daddy!" Yuni pouted.

Inuyasha shook his head as he grabbed a wet paper towel, "You can't wear the make up," he said, as he wiped it off her face. "Now I want you to change that turtle neck shirt and take off the scarf, it's going to be a little warm today. And while your at it some of those bracelets too."

Yuni frowned but did as she was told as she left the kitchen. Inuyasha scowled, of all the times Kaede had to have a family emergency it had to be today. Kaede was Yuni's nanny. When Yuni's mom had died, it was as though his whole world came crashing down. But he knew he couldn't dwell on the past, but focus on the future…Yuni. He didn't have the slightest clue how to take care of a baby. That was when Kaede came in and helped him raise Yuni.

He sighed as he looked at his watch and saw that it was almost one.

"Okay Daddy, I'm done." Yuni said, as she skipped back in grabbing her backpack, she was changed into purple pants and a purple short-sleeved shirt and had one bracelet on.

"Fine, let's go." he said as he grabbed his briefcase. "I have hell to pay when I see that teacher of yours."

Yuni opened the back door and looked up curiously, "What do have to pay daddy?"

"Uh nothing, lets' go." he said as they headed towards the garage.

Kagome smiled as she walked towards the kitchen, she felt fresh and rejuvenated after her shower. Her smile widened as she saw her family preparing to leave.

"Okay mom I'm ready." she said.

Mrs. Higurashi arched a brow, "And where do you think your going all dressed up like that."

Kagome frowned as she looked down at her green sundress. "Aren't we still going to uncle Hitoshi's place?"

"By 'we' I hope you mean your grandfather, Souta, and I." Mrs. Higurashi said, as he ushered her father-in-law and son out of the house.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, your staying here."

"Why?" Kagome asked, confused.

"Did you forget you're grounded?"

Kagome's eyes widened, "B-But Mom!"

"No buts. Now I don't want you letting anyone into the house, don't answer the phone unless it's us-"

"What about San-"

"Not even Sango. I also left a list of things for you to do so you wouldn't be bored." her mom said, as she handed her the list.

Kagome's eyes widened, "I have to wash Mr. Hakusho's truck!" Kagome asked in disbelief.

"Yes, I believe it would be a perfect thing to keep you occupied. Now you should go up stairs and change out of that dress alright, don't want you dirtying it while your cleaning?" she smiled, as she gave her daughter a kiss on the cheek.

"But-" Kagome stopped as she heard the phone ring.

"Don't worry I'll get it, now go on and change and don't try to have too much fun." Mrs. Higurashi smiled.

Kagome frowned as she headed out of the kitchen, she loved her mother but in all honesty, sometimes she could be really strict.

"Too strict." she muttered, as she looked at all the things her mother wanted her to do. "Well better get started, there's no way in hell those chores are gonna do them selves."

She sighed, "Great, now I'm started to sound like Souta." She then went upstairs to change hoping to get her chores over with.

Mrs. Higurashi sighed as she watched her daughter go up stairs, "Hello." she said, as she answered the phone.

"Kasumi, hi. It's me Shintara."

Mrs. Higurashi smiled, "Hello Shinta, how are you doing?"

Ms. Tomeda smiled, "I'm doing fine, did Kagome get home safely?"

"Yes she did, later than I expected though."

Ms Tomeda smiled, "Yes I'm so sorry about that Kasumi. May I please speak to her?" she questioned.

"She's grounded actually. But if it's something important I could get her for you." Mrs. Higurashi said, she then frowned when she heard no answer. "Shintara, are you still there?"

Ms. Tomeda scowled as she saw a certain male sneaking inside the Center, "Actually never mind, just tell Kagome I'll be seeing her on Tuesday and thanks." she said, before hanging up after her friend had said goodbye.

Inuyasha frowned as he stood outside of the Day Care Center with his daughter. He knew that Shintara wanted to talk to him but he was afraid of what she may say. Yes, the Inuyasha Taisho was a bit afraid, but when that woman was angry, she was someone you didn't want to be near.


Inuyasha looked down at his daughter, "Yeah."

"Are we gonna go in now? My feet hurt."

Inuyasha sighed, "Yeah, but as soon as we get inside and I sign you in, I'm leaving okay. I have to hurry before Ms. Tomeda sees me."

"Okay daddy!" Yuni smiled, as she walked in through the door he had opened for her.

Inuyasha sneaked in as he sneaked over to the signing sheet and signed his name before heading towards the door.

"Going somewhere Mr. Tashio."

Inuyasha froze as he reached for the handle of the door. He turned around to see none other than Ms. Tomeda standing behind him, arms crossed. "Hey Shintara, I was just…um…checking out the quality of this door and-"

"Stop it with the act Mr. Tashio," she said heatedly.

"Uh…okay." he said somewhat nervously. He didn't think she'd be 'this' mad.

"Let's head into my office, shall we?" she said coldly, as she motioned towards the back room.

Inuyasha arched a brow, "Isn't that just the employees lounge?"

Ms. Tomeda flushed in anger, "Just go in already!"

"Okay okay!" he said, as he walked into the room.

"Bye daddy!" Yuni yelled, as she watched them go in.

"Don't worry Yuni," Ms. Tomeda smiled, as she glared over to Inuyasha. "If your daddy answers all my questions with no trouble at all, he'll be out soon enough." she said as she followed him inside.

"Shintara I'm sorry about yesterday and-"

"Please, that's hardly the reason why I want to talk to you." she laughed uncaringly, as she sat on one of the chairs.

Inuyasha arched a brow, "It isn't."

She sighed, "No."

Inuyasha took a seat, "So then what's the problem?" he questioned, as he looked through the open door hoping to spot a certain someone.

"Looking for someone?"

Inuyasha stopped as he looked over to her, "Yeah, where's Kagome?"

Ms. Tomeda frowned, "Funny you should mention her, that's what I wanted to talk to you about."

Inuyasha arched a brow intrigued, "Really?"

"Yes, what happened when you finally came to pick up Yuni?"


Ms. Tomeda's eyes narrowed, "Just answer the question!"

Inuyasha sighed, "Well when I came I sneaked through the back and-"

"Why would you sneak through the back." she asked, as she gave him a wary look.

"Why the hell do you think?" he said angrily.

"I don't know, that's why I asking you!"

"The front door was locked!"

"Why would the front door be locked?"

"Because she went out with arrgh never mind that." he said frustrated. "After I got in I offered her dinner and-"

"Why would you offer her dinner?" she questioned, cutting him off.

"Because she fucking blamed me for missing dinner at her place, is that all?" he questioned, mad at the fact that he was being asked all these questions.

Ms. Tomeda frowned, "Far from it, did anything happen?"

Inuyasha quirked a single silver brow, "What the hell do you mean 'did anything happen?'"

"I mean what did you guys do?"

"Nothing much besides argue, eat, and then afterwards I dropped her home." Inuyasha said.

"That's it?" she asked.

"Yes, that's it." he said. 'Besides almost kissing her.' he thought with a frown.

"Well then, I'm guessing you have quite a lot of things to do today, so I'll let you go." she said, as she stood from her seat and headed towards the door.

Inuyasha frowned, "Wait up," Inuyasha said, as he got up and followed her out. "What was with all the ques-"

"Where's mommy?" Yuni questioned, as she tugged on Ms. Tomeda pant leg.

Valery walked up to them shrugging, "She's been asking me the same question."

Yuni pouted, "Where my mommy?"

Inuyasha eyes widened as he knelt down and covered Yuni's mouth.

Ms. Tomeda arched a brow, "Is something wrong?"

Inuyasha smiled tensely, "Um nothing, nothing at all."

Yuni wiggled out of her dad's grasp, "But daddy, mommy not here."

Inuyasha laughed nervously, "Um of course she's not here Yun, she's up in heaven watching us."

Both Valery and Ms. Tomeda quirked a brow.

"No, I mean Go-"

"Go, yes would you look at the time. It's time for us to go." he said, as he grabbed Yuni's hand.

"But wait, I thought you were leaving Yuni." Valery said, putting her hands on her hips.

"Not that it's any of your business but I've got important things to do and I may not be able to pick her up on time. Not that you'd know anything about that." he smirked, as he picked up Yuni's backpack.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean!" Valery said angrily, as she advanced towards him.

"Now wait," Ms. Tomeda said as she put up a hand to stop Valery. "So your taking Yuni with you?"

Yuni frowned, not liking the thought of being ignored, "Where Gome?"

Valery arched a brow, "She's off today, she won't be in until Tuesday."

"Oh," Yuni pouted.

"Well now that we got that settled let's go, see you two on Monday." he said over his shoulder, as he led Yuni by the hand out the door.

Ms. Tomeda frowned as she walked over to the window to see Inuyasha and Yuni get into his car. "That was weird."

Valery rolled her eyes, "Everything about that man is weird." She then frowned angrily when she remembered what he said. "If it weren't for Yuni I would have kneed him in the groin a long time ago and in the process ruin any chances of him ever reproducing."

Ms. Tomeda smirked over at Valery, "I'm sure any woman who has ever met him has had that thought run through her mind."

They both laughed as they walked back over to the children.

"Where we going Daddy?" Yuni asked from the back seat, as they drove down the street.

"Yuni, we need to talk." he sighed, as he drove them towards his work.

Yuni smiled, "What about Daddy?"

"I don't think you should be calling Kagome mommy." he sighed, as he watched Yuni through the rear view mirror.

"Why not?" Yuni pouted.

"Because," Inuyasha sighed. "You already have one."

"But daddy, you let me call her mommy yesterday."

Inuyasha frowned, "That was different, I shouldn't have even suggested that."

"But daddy, Nina told me her mommy and daddy don't live together no more, and her daddy got married and now she have two mommies." she said.

Inuyasha arched a brow, "Are you suggesting that I marry Kagome?"

"Would you do that Daddy!" she grinned.

Inuyasha sighed, "Yun, I just met Kagome, so I don't think we'll be getting married anytime soon."

Yuni smiled, "I can wait daddy."

"You're a little 'too' optimistic, don't you think?"

Yuni frowned not understanding the word 'optimistic', "No I'm not, I'm just being hopeful like Grandma Kaede say I am." she said matter-of-factly.

Inuyasha smirked knowing she didn't know the two words meant the same thing. "Whatever you say Yuni."

She smiled as she pulled out her coloring book and began to color.

'So she's off today.' he thought with a sigh. As much as he didn't want to admit it, he was actually looking forward to seeing Kagome today at the Day Care Center. He hated the fact that he couldn't get this one girl off his mind when he was so easily able to do so to any other girl he'd dated or shown the slightest interest to.

"Why can't I get her out of my mind!" he said angrily.

"Get who out daddy," she asked curiously.

"For get it," he said as he parked the car at his spot in the garage. He then got of the car with Yuni following suite.

"Now what perfect timing," a male voice said.

Inuyasha frowned as he looked up to see Miroku walking towards them, briefcase in hand.

"Roku!" Yuni yelled, as she ran towards Miroku.

Miroku smiled as he looked down at the girl, "Hello Yuni, and how have you been doing?"

Yuni beamed as she stood in front of him, "I'm okay, how's Suki?"

Miroku arched a brow, "Who?"

Yuni scowled, "That pretty lady."

Inuyasha rolled his eyes at Miroku's still puzzled face, "That woman you're dating."

Miroku frowned in confusion; "I don't recall anyone by that name."

Inuyasha growled in frustration, "You know, that woman your dating who has dark brown hair, green eyes, and big you-know-whats."

Miroku frown turned upside down as he remembered the woman Inuyasha spoke of, "Oh yes I remember her now, they were a size D I believe." he smiled, as he reminisced thoughts on the Japanese gymnasts that he was more than happy to recall.

Inuyasha frowned as he covered Yuni ears, a look of disgust evident on his face "Mind not talking about breast sizes in front of my daughter."

Miroku sighed, "Oh yes, my apologizes."

Yuni smiled as her father removed his hands from her ears, "Do you remember her now." she asked impatiently.

Miroku nodded, "Oh yes I remember her, but I don't think we'll be seeing her anytime soon. She went on a trip far, far away."

"Awww, she was so nice and flexi…um what's the word daddy?"

Inuyasha arched a brow, "Flexible?"

Yuni nodded, "Yeah she was really flex-e-ble." she said, as she remembered all the different moves the gymnast had shown her.

"Oh, you have 'no' idea." Miroku smirked, as he remembered all the moves Suki had shown him that weren't done on a mat.

Inuyasha rolled his eyes at the pervert, he knew he was somewhat of a lady's man, but Miroku took the cup.

"Oh well," Yuni said with a shrug, as she skipped towards the elevator.

Inuyasha sighed, "You dumped her didn't you?"

Miroku nodded, "Oh yes of course. She was getting a little bit too clingy. It was cute at first, but then she started talking about meeting her parents." he said, as he shuddered at the thought.

"Then what's this I hear you saying about her coming back." Inuyasha asked, somewhat intrigued.

"Oh, it is only if I consider taking her back." he sighed.

Inuyasha arched a brow as they walked towards the elevator, "Really? Then I'm guessing that woman you had a date with yesterday was a different woman." he said, as they arrived at the elevator.

"Well I see you got my message and yes she is." he said, before smirking. "You know me, I'm not a one woman man."

Inuyasha shook his head in shame, "Your pathetic Miroku." he sighed.

Miroku frowned, "Now Inuyasha, it is not right to be jealous. Is it my fault that the only kiss you've received in the last five years was from your daughter?"

Yuni blinked in confusion as she looked behind her to see an unconscious Miroku stretched out on the floor. "Daddy, why you hit Roku?"

Inuyasha snorted, "Because of his big mouth." He looked up to see the elevator door open. "Let's go," he said, as he walked into the elevator.

Yuni frowned as she followed her dad in, "What about Roku?"

Inuyasha pushed the elevator button to the top floor before smirking at the unconscious figure through the closing elevator doors. "Oh, he'll wake up soon enough."

Inuyasha sighed as he went through some documents that needed filing while Yuni was with his secretary. He had been in his office for the past three hours going through papers that needed to be gone over, and some that needed to be signed. He looked up towards Miroku who was sitting on the opposite side of his desk going through papers while rubbing the back of his head, wincing every now and then.

'Damn, I must have hit him harder than I thought.' he reflected. He smirked as he saw Miroku frown up at him.

"Does it hurt?" Inuyasha questioned.

"If you must know, yes."


Miroku sighed, "Inuyasha, my very temperamental friend, I at times wonder when you will learn to control your anger."

Inuyasha arched a brow, "And Miroku, my very perverted yet sly friend, I sometimes wonder why I have you as my lawyer."

Miroku put his finger on his chin in thought, "Let's see, it could be because we're such good friends."

Inuyasha looked up at him and frowned, "No, don't think so."

"Maybe because of my intellect and knowledge."

"I highly doubt that."

"Perhaps because of my dashing good looks."

"Hell no."

Miroku frowned, "Then why may I ask."

Inuyasha put down his papers; he then looked over at Miroku, his face taking that of a serious one. "I don't know, I think it's because you're the only lawyer I can trust…"

Miroku smiled, "Really Inuyasha? I appreciate i-"

"Who won't make that much of a stupid mistake as the other lawyers of the company do." Inuyasha finished, going back to his paper work.

Miroku frowned knowing it was too unlike Inuyasha for him to admit he trusted him. "Well thank you Inuyasha, it is good to know you chose me for the job because I wouldn't make that much of a 'stupid' mistake." he said sarcastically.

Inuyasha smirked, missing the unmistakable sarcasm in Miroku's statement, "Any time."

"Daddy." Yuni said, as she walked in towards them.

"I thought I left you with-"

"But she's so mean to me." Yuni whined, as she climbed into her father's lap.

Inuyasha sighed, "Fine then, just sit there quietly and don't make any noise okay."

Yuni smiled, "Okay daddy."

"I'm bored."

Inuyasha groaned, "Yuni."

"I miss mommy." she whispered.

Inuyasha sighed as he looked down at her, "I miss her t-I mean, I thought we already talked about this." he quietly said back.

"But daddy, I have to give her back her sweater."

"What are you talking about?"

Yuni jumped off his lap and ran towards her backpack and pulled out what seemed to be a white sweater. "See daddy, it's mommy's"

Inuyasha's eyes widened as he remembered that Kagome had put her sweater on top of Yuni last night when she was sleeping and didn't take it back.

"Mommy?" Miroku muttered in confusion.

"No, it belongs to Gome." Inuyasha mumbled.

"And who may I ask is this Gome?" Miroku asked, clearly seeing the sweater belonged to that of a female.

Inuyasha sighed as he realized he called Kagome Gome. He then smirked at an idea as he stood from his seat.

"Um…is something wrong Inuyasha?"

Inuyasha put on his suit jacket on and then took the sweater from Yuni. "Miroku, I'm going out for a while so if I'm not back in the next hour or so, do me a favor and take Yuni over to Kaede's house." he said.

"Daddy, where you going?" she asked.

"I'm going to go give her a little visit." Inuyasha smirked, as he went through the door.

Yuni sighed, and then stuck her hand into her pocket to pull out a ball of some sort of candy and put it into her mouth.

Miroku frowned at seeing her chew something in her mouth, "Let me guess, gum?"

Yuni grinned, "Roku, you so smart."

Miroku sighed, gathering all the papers in one pile. "Well your not chewing gum while you're in my car, not after what happened last time."

"That was funny." Yuni giggled.

Miroku smirked, "But there maybe a way that I might let you do it in the car…"

Yuni cocked her head to the side, "How?"

"Well, all you need to do is tell me all there is to know about this Gome you speak of, and we have ourselves a deal young lady." he said, as he offered a hand to shake.

Yuni put her finger on her chin in thought before smiling, "Okay Roku, you got a deal." she said, as she shook his hand.

Meanwhile Kagome was on her last chore…

"I don't believe my mom wants me to do this. This is going to take forever." Kagome groaned, as she looked at the dirty car. It was now almost five o'clock and she hadn't even started. She put down her bucket down and reached in for the sponge.

"Well, better get started or I'll never be done."

Here he was…

In his car…

Driving towards Kagome's house…

What the hell was he thinking?

He couldn't just drive up to her house just to see her, especially after what happened yesterday. He was enthralled and attracted to her and also he couldn't get her of his mind, that much he could admit, but just driving up there just to see her was something Inuyasha Tashio couldn't do. He then made a U turn and headed straight back towards his work.

"What the hell am I thinking, I want to see her." he muttered, as he turned his car back around towards the shrine.

"Then again, I'd probably seem desperate if I try seeing her now. Besides, I could wait till Tuesday." He then maneuvered his vehicle back around.

"But I can't fucking wait till then." he muttered, as he steered his car back in the direction of her home. Inuyasha sighed as he looked through his window to see an old woman sitting on a bench while waiting for the bus, staring at him.

'She probably thinks I'm a fucking lunatic.' he thought with a frown.

He scowled as he tried to wipe out all previous thoughts of his desire for Kagome. "I'm only going there just to give her the damn sweater. That's the only reason and nothing else." he muttered, as he drove off towards the Higurashi shrine.

Who the hell does he think he's fooling?

The old woman sitting on the bench frowned as she watched the driver (Inuyasha) drive around in circles, wondering whether they'd decide already which way to go. She saw as the individual finally decided to drive north.

She rolled her eyes as she began to scratch her thigh, "Fucking lunatic."

Here he was…

At the top of the shrine steps…

A nervous wreck…

For a guy whose just returning a sweater, he was really on edge.

Inuyasha sighed, as he decided to give in on these strange feelings he had for her. He smirked when he caught an alluring scent that he knew belonged to none other than Kagome. Fuck it, he wanted Kagome and he'd be damned if he let his pride get in the way. He stopped as he caught sight of her washing a car in what he thought was a very nice outfit.

He growled in need, he wanted her, and he wanted her now…

Kagome hummed as she started to lather up the car with the soapy water by using the oversized sponge. After this, she'd only have to worry about somehow cleaning the top of the truck, then get the hose and water down the car. She looked down and noticed she knocked over the bucket of water and spilled half of it.

"Shit," she cursed, as she bent down to pick it back up.

"Didn't think you were one to curse Ms. Higurashi." A male voice said.

Kagome froze as she recognized the voice she couldn't stop thinking about, and to whom it belonged. She stood up and turned around to see Inuyasha standing behind her wearing a black suit with a silver tie that in her opinion matched him perfectly. He was holding a sweater over his shoulder with an ever so cocky smirk creasing those lips she came so close to kissing.

"M-Mr. Taisho?"

"So I went from Inu, to Inuyasha, now it's Mr. Taisho?" he said, as he lifted her chin with his hand to stare deep into her eyes. "Did I do something wrong?"

Kagome blushed, "Um, I don't…what are you doing here?"

Inuyasha pulled his hand away from her face and smirked, "Well, I came to give you back your sweater." he said, as he handed it back to her.

"I forgot about it, thanks." she smiled, as she placed the sweater on the branch of the nearest tree.

"So, what are you doing washing this truck for?" he questioned in interest.

Kagome sighed, "Well, I got grounded for yesterday so this is just one of my many punishments."

Inuyasha arched a brow, "Did your mom see us?"

Kagome shook her head, "Oh Kami no, if she did…" Kagome didn't even want to finish that.

Inuyasha smirked, "You sound disappointed."

Kagome glared over at him, "If your talking about the kiss, I'm actually glad we didn't thank you very much."

"Who the hell said anything about a kiss." he questioned, as he took off his suit jacket and placed it on one of the tree branches.

Kagome frowned, "Well then what were you…hey what are you doing!"

Inuyasha frowned as he started to unbutton the cuffs of his sleeve, rolling them up soon after. "What the hell does it look like?"

'Like your about to take off your shirt.' she thought, as she saw him take off his tie and then unbutton about three of his shirt buttons revealing to her his well-defined chest. She blushed as he looked up at her smiling.

"I'm going to help you with the car."

Kagome frowned in confusion, "Why?"

Inuyasha scowled in annoyance, "Do you want my help or not."

Kagome bit her bottom lip as she tried to avoid eye contact, "Um sure." she handed him a sponge.

Inuyasha took it from her and dunked it into the bucket, "So," he smirked, as he watched Kagome go back to washing the vehicle. "I guess that explains the outfit." he said, as he looked her up and down. She was wearing jean shorts that went up to her mid thigh and a tight sleeveless shirt, his smirk widened when he saw the color.

Kagome glared over at him, "You perv, it was the only thing I could find that was clean, everything else is dirty and needs to be washed."

Inuyasha shrugged, "It's not like I don't mind it, you look good in it."

She wasn't sure whether she should have taken that as a compliment or not, "Um thanks." she blushed.

"So, when were you planning on telling me you were seventeen?"

Kagome looked up at him in surprise, "What do you mean?"

Inuyasha growled, "Don't try to play dumb with me."

Kagome put her chin up defiantly, "Well, you never asked."

"You know what, don't know why I didn't even notice before. You act like a damn high school brat."

Kagome glared at him, "I'll have you know that I'm in college thank you very much."

Inuyasha raised a single silver brow, "College?"

Kagome sighed; relieved the tension between them had somewhat calmed. "Yeah, I skipped a grade."

Inuyasha smirked, "Then let me guess, your working for Ms. Tomeda because of that college program."

"Yeah, but it's not that bad. I actually love working there and adore the kids."

"You remind me of someone I know," he smirked.


"Yeah, a friend of mine. He's my lawyer and he's only twenty three."

"Wow," Kagome said amazed, as she continued to soap up the car.

"Unfortunately, he uses his 'skills' as he likes to call them for things I'd rather not mention." he sighed.

Kagome smirked as an idea ran through her mind. "Um Inu." she said, with the most innocent look she could muster.

"Yeah." he answered, frowning at her sudden change of attitude.

"You have something on your shirt." she said, pointing over at his chest.

"Where?" he said, as he looked down. He blinked in surprise when he realized he was soaking wet. He looked up to see Kagome laughing uncontrollably with a hose in her hand.

"Oh Kami," she said through laughter, "You should have seen your face!"

Inuyasha growled as he picked up a bucket full of water, "Thought that was funny huh?"

Kagome looked up at Inuyasha shocked as she backed away from him, dropping the hose in the process. "Inuyasha, you better not do what I think your going to aaaahhhh!" she yelled, as she was drenched from head to toe.

Inuyasha smirked when he looked down at her shirt. His smirk was soon replaced with a frown.

Kagome scowled as she squeezed the water out of her hair but frowned when she saw Inuyasha staring at her shirt. She blushed when she followed his gaze. "You pervert! Thought I wasn't going to be wearing a bra didn't you!" she yelled angrily.

Inuyasha shrugged, "You can say that."

Kagome frowned, "I can't believe you'd do something like that!"

"Well you shouldn't have worn a white shirt."

"It's not like I planned on getting soaked and-hey stop it!" Kagome yelled, as she was sprayed with water from the hose Inuyasha now had in his hands.

Inuyasha smirked, "Oops sorry." he said, as he tried to act as innocently as she did.

Kagome turned around as though to run but was cut short when Inuyasha grabbed her by the waist dropping the hose and trapped her against the car. Kagome laughed as she tried to wiggle lose from his grasp.

"I suggest you don't do that." Inuyasha whispered huskily into her ear. He leaned in and smelled her enticing scent as he pressed himself against her.

"Inuyasha," Kagome huffed, trying to avoid the fact that he was pressed of against her. "Get off me!"

Inuyasha smirked, "I lied when I said I just came her to give you back that damn sweater."

Kagome blushed, not ever having a guy this close to her before. Especially one she was fairly attracted to. "Y-You didn't?"

"No," he whispered enticingly, as he kissed the side of her neck. "I came to see you."

Kagome blushed, "I-Inuyasha I-" she was cut off as his lips captured hers. She tensed but soon relaxed as she sighed delightfully when his lips brushed against her. She moaned, giving into the kiss that she longed to share with him. She slowly brought her arms around his neck as his grip around her waist tightened. He kissed her with such tenderness that surprised her. Things were running through her mind telling her to stop but there was just one problem, she didn't want to.

Kagome gasped as they both pulled away, breathing for air.

"So," Kagome smiled shyly. "Does this mean that we're together?" Kagome questioned breathlessly.

"What do you think?" Inuyasha replied, nipping playfully at the highly sensitive skin beneath her ear.

Kagome smiled, "Then I guess that makes me your woman." Kagome giggled, as she suppressed the urge to shudder at the feel of his lips against her skin.

"Damn straight," he replied, smirking.

Kagome sighed as she then realized the consequences of their actions. "Um Inuyasha, what about my…" she frowned when Inuyasha wasn't listening, but looking towards the steps. "What's wrong."

Inuyasha frowned as he smelled a scent far of in the distance, "Shit, your mom's here."

Kagome's eyes widened as she looked around hastily, "Oh my goodness where!"

"Listening Kag, I'll call you later. I don't want to get you into anymore trouble than you already are."

"You can't, my mom practically banned me from the phone." Kagome sighed.

Inuyasha smirked, "Then I'll see you on Tuesday." he said, as he gave her a gentle kiss on the lips.

"Bye," she smiled, as she pulled away from the kiss. She watched Inuyasha grab his suit jacket and head the other way giving her one of his handsome smiles before leaving.

Kagome frowned, "He could've just told me the actual reason why he had to leave instead of making up an excuse."

"Well Kagome, I see you're almost done."

Kagome blinked in surprise when she turned around to see her mother walking towards her.

"M-Mom! What are you doing here?" Kagome questioned surprise at seeing her mother here so early.

Mrs. Higurashi sighed, "Well there was so much traffic and then there was an accident on a main highway. So we decided to turn back. Your grandfather and Souta are waiting in the car. I just came up to get you, we decided to eat out."

"Oh," Kagome sighed. "So we're leaving now."

"Yes," she the older woman answered. She then frowned, as she looked her daughter up and down. "What happened to you, your soaking wet."

Kagome blushed, realizing she was wet and her shirt was practically now see through. "Uh…well you see that darn hose back fired." She lied, laughing nervously.

Mrs. Higurashi sighed, "Well now hurry up and change, I don't want anyone else seeing you like this now do you?"

Kagome blushed, "Too late." Kagome muttered, as she started to feel the evening chill.

"Go up and get dressed and we'll meet you in the car." she said, as she walked back towards the shrine steps. "Don't forget to lock the doors." she yelled, before going down the steps.

Kagome frowned as she stared to put back all the buckets and stuff at the side of the house. She was wondering how Inuyasha knew her mom was coming. 'It was probably just a coincidence.'

She sighed as she remembered the kiss she had gave into. She had shared a few kisses with boys before, some down right embarrassing, and some somewhat romantic, but none had left her as breathless as Inuyasha's. She couldn't stop thinking about how warm she felt all over with the simplest touch he gave. She wasn't even sure what she was getting her self into.

She smiled as she headed back inside the house, of all the things that were going through her mind she was sure of one thing, she just couldn't wait till Tuesday.

That… and the fact that giving in never felt so good.

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