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Epilogue -


Tom held Ginny by the balcony doors, smelling her hair, while Ginny silently cried. He let her cry without reprimanding her, but he knew why she was crying, he knew… but he did not want to tell himself that it was so. "Here you are," he murmured, "and here is where you will stay… no one to take you away from me again, especially not Potter…."

"Dumbledore," Ginny whispered almost inaudibly.

"That old fool is dead, Ginny," Tom said sharply, "by my own hand, the hand that touches you."

"Y-You're a monster," she whispered again, but this time with contempt in her voice. She lifted her face to look at him with a venomous look in her teary eyes. "It's no wonder that no one has ever loved you."

Tom felt angry at her softly-spoken words, a terrible rage mixed with infuriating pain. "You will love me, Ginny!" he said viciously as he spun her around to face him. He placed his hands on her shoulders, and her tightly. "You will love me."

"I will never love you, Tom!" she cried out, wrenching out of his grasp. "And, I have never loved you," she said in a finishing tone. "How could anyone love you? You inflict pain, you murder, and you've taken my freedom!"

"Because I want the world, Ginny," he said simply, "and I want you by my side when I have it." He touched her cheek, causing her to look away from him. "You will learn to love me, little Ginny, over time," he trailed his hand down to her neck, and kissed her lips lightly.

"Learn?" she muttered against his lips, waiting for him to draw away. "Learn?" she repeated. "You can't learn to love, Tom," she said in a snide voice.

"Then you shall fall in love with me, Ginny, whatever it is, you will come to love me, and when the day comes, you will tell me," he said triumphantly. "I know you are upset, because you want your brothers, and I shall give you your brothers, and all you have to do is mother my children."

Her head snapped up at his words, her eyes wide. "Ch-children?" she said in a faint voice.

Tom placed his hand on her stomach, rubbing her there gently. "Yes, Ginny," he replied, "I want to see you pregnant again, I want more children."

Then Ginny did what she thought she would not do; she begged. "Please, no, don't, Tom, please, I can't take this anymore," she said desperately. "I'm not that strong…." She trailed off, and turned away from him, her body shaking even more as he pulled her to him, his arms around her waist.

"You don't have to be strong anymore, Ginny," he muttered simply, "I'm strong enough for you."

Ginny stayed silent for a while, ignoring Tom's touches and kisses. "Dumbledore said that you loved me… is that true?" she mumbled.

Tom stood away from her then, his arms folded as she turned to face him once again. "You needn't listen to him, Ginny," he said coldly, "he's dead."

"Was he right?" she persisted, her head raised to look him in the eye. "I think he was."

"Don't talk of things that you know nothing of, Ginny," he said irritably.

"That's the problem, Tom, I do know about love," she said clearly, determined to get the answer out of him. "Why did you want to marry me? Why did you want another baby? Why did you go through all of that trouble just to find me?"

"I'll tell you why I did all those things," Tom hissed, gripping her arm violently, "because I knew I could do them!" She was beginning to be disobedient; he would have to threaten her to get her to shut her mouth.

"I don't believe you, Tom," she said bluntly.

"Don't flatter yourself, Ginny, with notions that I would ever love you." Of, course, he knew he loved her, but he was not about to admit it to her right there and then.

"Flatter myself?" she said laughingly. "I've never desired your love."

"But, you shall!" he hissed angrily, and he pulled her to him, kissing her roughly, and clutching her breasts hard. "You are mine, Ginny, and that is all…" he muttered before biting her neck fiercely.

But, that very night, as Ginny lay asleep, Tom leant over her, kissing her bare shoulder, and whispering in her ear that he did, in fact, love her, and that would be the last time he would say it to her.


Over the next few years, Tom took Ginny to various different countries, showing her ancient architecture, paintings, and famous landmarks. He wanted to make her happy, and so he made sure that everyone treated her like a Princess. He liked showing her the world, and he liked everyone treating her like a Princess, because it would make her smile. But, Ginny wanted her family, all together again, something Tom could not give her, or want to give her, since he would say to her that she had a new family now.

Tom also allowed Ginny, like he promised, to visit her brother and her friend once every month. Although, whenever she came back, she would either be sad, or very tiresome. In exchange for what he gave her and let her do, Tom took Ginny almost every night. It came as no surprise when Ginny became pregnant again, and Tom treated her like a fragile doll on the verge of breaking.

Tom named the child this time, although it was a girl, and he named her Elizabeth for no reason at all, since he was still angry with Ginny naming his son 'Leo'.

As time went on, Ginny looked after her children as best she could, and tried to keep her hold on them before Tom corrupted them with his evil. And she always waited, forever waiting for the rescue that would never come.



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