The Song of the Sparrowhawk

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Note: This is essentially a summary of the story in the form of a lay. It's the one she's always talking about people singing about him, The Song of the Sparrowhawk

He grew up on the mountainside

And used his powers first to hide

To hide from hungry, scything blades

He summoned mist and fog as aides

The man who calmed the trembling ground

Taught him of power'n balance bound

But Sparrowhawk the proud and reckless

Bowed unto the guiséd temptress

Called a shadow from darkness' realm

From 'hind the door of planks of elm

An echo of what was to come

Ere Sparrowhawk's small life was done

The great mage who did name the boy saw might yet also restlessness

Gave him a choice, and thus he chose the quickest way he might impress

He went to learn among the wise and study from their books of lore

So he might learn of sorcery and ancient things from days of yore

And so he learned of things named true

Later sleeping among the dew

A follower fell'n by his side

True heart, but little glorified

Temptation came midst party lights

For the drive of rival ambition bites

Sorcerer foe whom he did hate

Dared him to open forbidden gates

And so he called the Dead by name

And thus she came

But a shadow glimpséd long ago

Darkened the light of the sorcerous glow

And on the other world's threshold

The students watched the battle unfold

It seemed the Sparrowhawk would lose

Until a light came to defy

The shadow, but in doing so

The mage himself began to die

With faithful crow flying ahead

By morning the wizard was dead

Still Sparrowhawk struggled to heal

Because of guilt that he did feel

Yet he grew strong

And the years grew long

His student life came to an end

When he sailed for to defend

The people of the Western Sea

From dragons: three by three

With its true name he bound the beast

And so it never journeyed east

To trouble the unhappy world

With sails furled

The Sparrowhawk, he fled him too

Rowing with an unfriendly crew

In a barren landscape of snow

And shadow pursued blow by blow

He came to a place he soon called home

But the tempting of night-black stone

Forced him and a lady to flee the place

A desperate race

She lost, and he went home

In falcon form winged over foam

Until the hunted became hunter

And misty world became a blur

Defeated by his very own trick

Crawled across shores, weary and sick

He found refuge with two castaways

Who feared him e'en in his fevered days

A weathered woman once a girl

A princess with a dress of pearl

Then he left a spring running clear

To sail onwards towards his fear

One day he came unto that place

Stayed with a friend who gave him grace

To stay a while

With a Minnows smile

And then he and his loyal friend

Sailed on to journeys end

Until the Seas turned into dust

The Sparrowhawk did what he must

Until upon the shadow gained

Found it was his own and truly named

With his own name and the other part

Close to his heart

He and his Death were one

And now it was done

His staff turned black

And they sailed back

Leaving a story and his fame

Left to the wind on that foreign shore

He asked no more

But his name

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