Switched!A Terrible Case of Identity Crisis.

Man I write a lot of stories. I'm glad I get a lot of positive comment though! Sa! I'll keep it coming. This one is another funny one. I'm good at those! So ...yeah, , and don't do drugs!

Chapter 1

The three sand siblings stood before the cornered Mist ninja. They had already cut down two of her comrades and now only she remained. Sweat poured from her temples and she was short of breath. Her eyes flitted from the boy with the puppet to the girl with the fan and finally to the boy with blackened eyes. His sand was slowly snaking towards her. Time was running out.

"Don't come any closer!" she screamed. She heard the sounds of wood against wood. The puppet, Karasu, twitched as its master laughed at her.

The next noise was metal against metal. Temari closed her fan and fluffed her bangs with her fingers. "This is the end for you. Just go quietly."

The woman stared at the sand as it moved closer. "Wait... There is something you should no...It is true that I cannot kill you but I can make it impossible for you to kill me."

"Empty threats," Gaara stated flatly. "My sand will eliminate your life in seconds. You cannot escape death. It's inevitable."

"Listen to him. When he sounds like that, he means it. Not many people have survived our Gaara," Kankurou said with a chuckle.

The mist ninja's body was shaking visibly. The sand was already up to her hips. "This is my final warning." The three children merely smiled knowingly. "All right. Ninpou! Koukan no justu!" The woman shoved her hand inside of Gaara's creeping sand. The boy doubled over in pain, holding his head, yelling. The sand began to retreat. Gaara fell to his knees.

Temari rushed over and put her hands on his shoulder. "Gaara!" Her hands began to tingle and soon her whole body was in pain. She stumbled away from her younger brother, shaking. Her eyes rolled back into her head and soon she was falling backwards. Kankurou caught her before she fell. He looked at the woman.

"What the hell did you do them!"

The mist ninja dashed forward but Kankurou was quicker and Karasu stabbed her through the chest with the blade hidden in his wrist. She coughed up some blood but grabbed the puppet's arm. "Ninpou...Koukan no Justu." Kankurou felt the same tingling that Temari experienced. "I told you...." Karasu fell in a heap, the strings of chakra interrupted. "I'll will keep you from killing me." Kankurou watched her disappear just before he too blacked out.

The darkness engulfed him. He felt as if something was pulling him around like a doll on a string. The woman's face was laughing at him. He couldn't escape. The voice grew louder and soon it sounded like him. It was his face and it laughed at hm. He turned to a mirror and found that his face had been gone and there was nothing but a featureless mask.

"TEMARI!" his voice yelled. He snapped his eyes open. He was staring down at himself. He screamed but the voice was not his own. "Temari, it's me....Gaara."

"Shut up! I am not Temari! You are not Gaara! This is a nightmare!" Kankurou cried. He hurried to his feet and backed away from himself.

"It's true, Kankurou,"said Gaara from behind him... He turned and saw his little brother staring at him with worried eyes. "I'm Temari. You're in my body." Kankurou fell to his knees... He couldn't understand what was going on.

His body approached him and crossed his arms. The expression on his face was one of cool regard. It was how Gaara always looked. Gaara looked at him with concern and stood liks Temari stood. He looked down at himself. It was Temari's body but.... he felt like himself.

"The jutsu switched our bodies. When Temari touched me our minds exchanged."

"And when you caught me," Temari in Gaara's body continued. "She performed the Jutsu again and we switched minds too."

Kankurou stood again. He reached out and touched his face. He could only feel the cool skin beneath his fingertips not the fingertips on his face. Something inside him told him he should cry... "What...I don't understand..."

"I obviously cannot use your jutsu....Temari cannot use mine and you cannot use Temari's... She was right. We couldn't kill her because we can't fight like this." Gaara in Kankurou's body answered.

Temari approached Kankurou. "Look, little brother, we have to go back to Sand and get this fixed. Our mission is over."

"WHAT?! We can't go back home looking like this!! We're freaks... Besides...how do we know they can fix this? It'll be a perfect opportunity for them to oust us. We're defenseless." Kankurou exclaimed.

Temari considered this. "We don't really have much of a choice unless... We go to Konoha... Tsunade could analyze this jutsu and fix it, I'm sure..."

Kankurou sighed deeply. "As if those guys would help us...."

Gaara turned and walked over to Karasu, beginning to wrap it in its bindings again. "They'll help us. It's the kind of people they are. We're allies now."

Kankurou rushed over and watched his little brother carefully dress his puppet. "No, no, under the arms first....Look, just let me do it. You'll screw it up." He tried to shove Gaara out of the way with his shoulder but found that he couldn't. "God, being a girl sucks!"

"HEY!" Temari yelled. "I like being a girl better than being a stinky boy!"

"I don't stink," Gaara retorted. "Well, I didn't before I got into this body."

"Shut up!"Kankurou grabbed him by the collar of his shirt.

"Going to punch me, Kankurou?" Gaara threatened icily. The older boy....now a girl, knew he wouldn't punch himself even if he couldn't feel it. He let go of Gaara and angrily rapped his puppet.

Temari sighed and knelt beside her two brothers. "Look, I know we're all unhappy with the changes that have been made but we can't lose sight of what's important. Until Tsunade can fix us, we have to get along and learn to use these bodies. " She stood up. "You two shouldn't count yourselves lucky. I got Gaara's body. You two can at least sleep."

Gaara blinked and looked at her. "You're right..." He stood up as Kankurou finished with Karasu. He took the puppet from his brother and put it on his back.

Kankurou looked miserable. Even though he knew it wasn't Temari, seeing that expression on her face still upset him. "Kankurou, don't forget Temari's fan. You'll have to teach me to use Karasu sometime. Until then, I'll take good care of him."

The older boy smiled a little and sighed. "All right but don't think it'll be easy. Nothing is automatic here. So it might be harder for you." Gaara nodded.