Title: In my mind In the Dark

"Inner thoughts"

"Normal talking"

In my mind in the dark

I don't know how long I have been in this darkness, I don't even know how I got here or where here is. All I remember is a monster… then…a man. I think I know him but I can't seem to recall his name. But then again I can't

even remember my own name. Maybe this man is just a dream and he

doesn't even exist. I'm cold and wet as if I'm in water. My whole-body hurts

and it feels as if my head is splitting open from the banging going on inside.

I yell out into the black nothingness hoping for an answer, but I get none. I

start to realize that I may be stuck in this black void forever, but then, as I

was just about to give in to the world of the unconscious I hear someone

calling out a name. "Tidus!" I hear it call. Who is this Tidus? Am I Tidus?

No, I can't be. I'm just some lost boy without a home.

"Measter Seymour I found him!" Good they found the boy. I wish some one would find me. As my body started to give in to the cold pain some thing warm and gentle started to wrap around my frozen body, then all was dark.

"Tidus!" I hear the humans friends call out his name. So they lost the boy. Well its not my problem, many lost their lives today and one more shouldn't make a difference. But strangely I started to feel as if my chest was

tightening and my heart felt heavy. Guilt? No I haven't felt that since my

mother was taken from me. Yevon! I killed my own father and didn't fell any

kind of guilt about it.

"Measter Seymour!" I turned around face to face with one of my guado guardians.

"What is it now?" Honestly couldn't they take care of things for them selves without my consent for once?!

" Should we help Lady Yuna and the Crusaders find the missing and round up the dead?" There it is again, that feeling. Suddenly I can't help but think

of how those that lived now feel with so many of there own dead. It makes

me think of my mother.


"Wha...Yes. Help them all." And with a second thought added. "And if you find that blonde boy that was traveling with Lady Yuna bring him to me." Yes bring him to me then maybe the answers for these feelings that have come to me may be answered.

"Yes sir!" As he left I turned back towards the blood stained sea and for some strange reason wondered out loud…

"I hope he is alive…."