So I'm going to start a new story. This part is little rant of mine. It's something that'll tie in the last chapter I do for this story. It's basically a story about friends, relationships and growing up. The movie Moon Child inspired me. L'ArcEnCiel's Hyde and Gackt stars in it. It is such a good tear jerker, funny movie! And the men are fine as hell! This is an alternative universe story. So no cards, dragons or millennium items. Don't knock the story until you read it, okay? I promise it'll be interesting! Here are the actual pairs for the story and not crushes, because there's a couple.

Kaiba/ Anzu (main)

Kaiba/Shizuka (minor)

Jounouchi/Anzu (main)

Jounouchi/Mai (minor)

Their ages change so there's no set age. One part of story their all seventeen, except for Kaiba who is 18 and Mai who will be 20. The second part of the story they will be 27 except for Kaiba who is 28 and Mai is 30. You'll get it as I go along with the story. Now for the ranting! The person who is talking is a surprise! You have to read the end of the story when I'm done with it to see who was talking in the beginning.

Disclaimer: I don't own YuGiOh.

Kill Me Kiss Me


Childhood games. Sometimes we never stop playing them. As time goes on the rules change little by little. But in the end it's the same game. A game that started out fun and joyful, then it turned into a vicious cut throat game. A game that we continued to play even though we knew it was wrong. There are no winners, just losers. We all lost something in our lives. Something important. Something we once loved but forgot about it and buried it deep into our blackened hearts. We all had our own choices though. It wasn't like anyone could blame me. I wouldn't be surprised if someone did. Come to think about it, are you guys mad at me for what happened? We all had our own paths. We all chose our paths. Had I been with you guys I would haven to been satisfied with my choice. It wasn't who I was. It will never be who I am. That is something that will never change about me. But we're all adults here, right? In a way I'm still that bratty kid in the past who would mess around with people just for the hell of it. In a way I never grew up. My principles were the same. The were just modified a little bit as time went on. So was yours. You always said that you never changed. But you did. We all did.

There are so many things that have changed. So many that I can't remember how it once was. I'm sure it was great. That's why I feel so awful, right? Because I knew that the way it once was. That it was probably the only time that I really felt in peace. That there were no other problems surrounding me, even if there were. But when I was around the gang, it all vanished. Now the problems escalate, taking up all my thoughts and little emotions I have left. Had left.

We'll never see each other again in this lifetime. You know that don't you? I wonder. Would you ever take back anything you did or said? Would you start from scratch? Do everything all over again. Have more common sense? I would. If I knew what I know now, I definitely would. I would take back so many things I said and did. I would take those chances I always wanted to take but was too afraid and stupid to. I would hold you in my arms and tell you everything that I felt in my heart. Anzu…I loved you even though I never spoke the words. Last time I saw your beautiful face, you face was dark. Sad. Depressed. Disappointed. Was it towards me? Did you see my face? Did you see the love I had in my eyes for you? The regret? The I wishes running through my mind? It hurt me like crazy to see you like that. All I wanted to do was run towards you and hold you close to me. Like in my dreams. But I couldn't. You couldn't. It was too late. It was all too late. It was my fault. I know it was. Please don't try saying that it wasn't. I pushed you away. I did. No one else. All I could do now is ask for your forgiveness. Next lifetime, I'll dedicate my soul and being to you and you only. I swear it to you.

As for everyone else. Wait a little bit more for me. I'm coming. Asshole, you were always a spitfire, weren't you? So hardheaded and wanting to do things your way. Next time we'll do things your way. But only once, we all know already not to trust you with everything. But hey, you always got what you wanted. At least most of what you wanted. You were successful, powerful and wealthy. And I took it away from you. As did you do to me. But its alright. It was a lesson well learned. A lesson we'll take with us forever. We'll meet again. I promise. It'll be a while before I'll see you guys again.

The good thing is that it's all over. The lies, the deceit, the tears, the rejections. All of it is over with. Thank God. I don't know if I could handle it anymore. It was getting too much for me. It was making me inhuman. It made me hurt inside so much. I would find myself alone in the end of the day. No one around me. Just darkness and what if's. Now I can relax. No worries. No watching my back. It was for the better. All of it was.

I have to go now. Like I said it'll be a while before I could catch up with you guys. But I'll be there. I took care of Sora for you. Our promise. I remembered it and honored it. She's fine now. You'd be proud. I know I am. She's a good girl. She'll visit me. She visits you guys. When she was younger I would tell her about you guys. She says she can't wait until she meets you. But it'll take her a while before she could. Thank you guys. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't know what to do with myself right now. Reminded my of my mistakes. Mistakes I will never repeat and will be damned if I do.


Like I said, don't knock it until you read a bit more. I promise you'll like it! J P.S: REVIEW!