Title: Gift of the Future

Author: The Watcher

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Dart/Lavitz

Summary: The world is safe, and rebuilding has begun. But has Dart's hope been lost, or are there still some suprises in store?

Legend of Dragoon is owned by Sony Computer Entertainment. Lyrics for "Into the West" are copyright New Line Cinema, Howard Shore, Annie Lennox, and probably a few others. No copyright infringement is intended.

Note: Thanks to everyone who read my previous stories and responded positively. I was afraid they weren't good enough to bother putting up. No one has shared these stories with me, so they're probably loaded with errors. All mistakes are mine. This final story will be in several chapters. I apologize in advance if some posts take a while.

Dart awoke early, and gently streched before getting out of bed. As was his custom, before he left his house, he went to his desk, and spent several minutes looking at the portrait of Lavitz that sat there. He had begged King Albert to let him keep the picture, and Albert had agreed, knowing what Lavitz had meant to him.

The reconstruction of Seles was progresing well. Most of the people's homes had been finished, more or less, and work was starting on the more public structures. Dart supposed he should be happy about that. But somehow, all he could think about now was how he had promised to travel back to Bale with Lavitz. He could picture himself living in that house with Lavitz, and assisting King Albert. At times he still sought solitude, shutting himself up in his room with Lavitz's portrait.

The townspeople did not seem to worry over much about the reason for this. They assumed that his long journey had changed him, as it had changed everyone. After all, hadn't Shana returned different, too? She no longer chased after Dart, and spent more time with other young people. So they reasoned that the adventure of the two must have taught them new things about themselves. They had no idea just what Dart had been taught. Only Shana knew of the real reason for Dart's behavior, and she kept his secret for him.

After staring at Lavitz's picture for several minutes, thinking on the man he had lost, Dark rose and went downstairs. Today was planned the raising of the framework for the town's item and goods shop, and he knew it would be difficult. Sighing to himself, he prepared to once again put on a brave face and help in the rebuilding.

Somewhere in the east, on a vast and barren field, a figure sat up. Where was he? He looked around, but couldn't remember how he had gotten here, or exactly where here was. It appeared that a battle had certainly taken place. The ground was torn apart, and scorched in places. But he didn't seem injured. He... who was he? He realized he couldn't quite remember. Disoriented, he stumbled to his feet and looked around. Something large had definitely been destroyed. What part had he played in it?

Some time later in the afternoon the man discovered a pool of water. He stepped toward it eagerly, for he was not only thirsty, but here was a chance to see his features and try to remember himself. Slowly he looked down into the water. A strong, square face stared back. Short, blond hair. Suddenly memories came rushing back. The kingdom of Basil. Serving King Albert. Being promoted to the head of the knighthood. And his name... Lavitz. He was Lavitz Slambert, first knight of King Albert, and... there was more... he was... dragoon! Now more memories came rushing back. Hellena prison, the dragoon spirit... Dart. How could he have forgotten Dart? It was thanks to Dart that he was still here.

The creature that had tried to posess his spirit had told Dart the truth. It was his desire to protect Dart, and his love for him, that had tied his spirit to this world. The shock of seeing Dart again, in the dead city, and the horror of being forced to fight him had been enough to help him destroy the creature before it could harm Dart. But his reasons for being tied to this world had not changed. So when Dart and company had left for the Divine Tree, he had followed them, since he was no longer trapped in the Dead city.

Dart and his friends had raced up the center of the tree, intent on reaching Melbu Frahma and finishing their mission. But Lavitz had been drawn aside. His eye had been caught by what looked like a massive seedpod. In his spirit form, it seemed to glow with a soft light. He had no way of knowing it at the time, but that pod would be his salvation. This was the same pod that Dart had noticed, and Rose had pronounced that it had been "full of life". At this point, all Lavitz knew was that it drew him. And so he followed his instincts, and crawled inside.

Somehow, that seedpod had given him new life. How he got out, he wasn't exactly sure. He seemed to recall a figure -tall, dressed in black, with a thin face and platinum hair. If he strained he could even remember words. They had been faint, but he had managed to make out "he left me alive, even after my deeds. I owe him a life, but I cannot pay mine. But this one he will value even more." He wasn't sure what had happened after that, but he had a vague sensation of rapid, smooth movement.

At any rate, he was here now. How would Dart respond to him? Would he even still feel the same for him? Lavitz did not know. First he would have to find him. To do that, he would ask his king for help. He was close to the borders of Serdio, he could tell that now. As best he could, he began making his way toward Bale. Surely Albert would be able to help guide him.