Author's note: Once I'd written poems for Hephaestion and Olympias, I wondered why I had left out their king, and the person dearest to them. This is planned to be read with Alexander's wedding night in mind. Duty, after all, is the most important thing when trying to conquor an empire.

You weep – eyes red-rimmed;


It isn't the end of everything –

But it may as well be.


If I could, if you said the word,

I'd cast her aside for you –

Never to see my wife again…

And I would not care.


But duty comes first –

And she is duty.

I do love her –

She has the title of my Queen.


And I do love him –

Dancing figure to hold my lust.

But you have my love,

My trust and my very soul.


If I am you sun –

Then you are my star.

I'd be lost without you,

And follow you even unto death.


For you are first in my heart –

Above every other.

You make me strong;

You are Hephaestion,

And you are Alexander.