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Written: 13.o1.o5

Last Edited: 12.12.o5

Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon, but by now…you should know that I do own this story. Please don't steal these ideas because they are precious to me, for I have put my own saying and feeling to every word I write in this chapter…and some of the events in these stories are based on my life. © Flipstahhz


I'm back with a new story! This is a drama, and will be written the "Officially Missing You" style. But it won't contain all the twists and surprises, as in that story. It is a story and deals with the concepts of Love from the points of view of both Sora Takenouchi and Yamato Ishida. Yes, it's a sorato…and it's about time I wrote one, since I haven't written one for 1 year. But it isn't your typical sorato…and it takes a "long" while before they even get together. I hope you like it so far…

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Do You Still Think of Me?


By Flipstahhz

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What is Love?

Since everyone asks the same clichéd question, you're probably sick of hearing it by now as it tumbles repeatedly in that head of yours. But the truth is…that this question is in everyone's mind no matter how much they try to deny it. Many people describe Love and Belonging as the best feeling. Many people define Love as being with that special someone. Many people explain Love as their family, friends, girlfriend and even their life…And some foolish people play with the word "Love" as the definition to bed someone.

All these meanings to love are linked together…because everyone always describes the ups and great characteristics of this tremendous emotion. There are faults and flaws to everything. And there is definitely a fault to the whole perspective of 'Love.'

People always mention the positive feeling…but never the lows and downs of this 'so-called' Love. In reality, love is misunderstood. They never bother to explain the irony, the pain of being heart broken and the bitterness of sadness. They say children look up to their parents. Unfortunately, my parents divorced. That is one example that woke me up from the whole perception of this idiotic artificial thing called love.

To me, I used to be one of those dreamers that grasped on every sign and aspect of love… or what I thought before this very day…

But to me now… Love does not exist in my world.

All the negativities are blended into one, showing nothing but fear, hatred, corruptness and anguish. There is nothing worth living for, nothing worth believing. I feel as if my life has turned dramatically into a lost soul, traveling and distancing itself from everything it can touch.

Though, to the eye, you may not see it. The reason is because I hide my feelings, and I place a pseudo mask showing none of my emotions. I am almost certain that my true self, or of what used to be me, is slowly fading away. I – I am fading away…

But I'd be lying to myself to say that I never believed in Love.

From this day, I am sure that my Love for her is now an obsession. It brings tears for me even to admit that she is the person whom I lust for the most …so much…Someone who I can't stop thinking about…someone who has captured my head and has it twined in her fingers, mocking me. The quote, " It is not Love when that person does not love you back." And that should clearly explain what I am going through…

She is the girl that has been haunting my dreams, my life and my past. Reminiscing of her everyday is slowly killing me. It's like I'm in a nightmare that I can never wake up from. Her hair, her eyes, our arguments…seeing her smiles… everything about her…

What I liked the most about her… was she. Not how she looked, not because she was my childhood friend since I was young, not because of any of that

But she has changed… and everyone changes, either in a good way or a bad. That's what I loath about life. Changes. Changes have been constantly occurring to me…and most of them are bad. And not having her by my side makes it even worse…it makes me wish I were dead. Even if I were dead, her face will haunt my spirit and will never leave me alone at peace. With this, I hope for my final breath of air to come as soon as possible. Hope. I've hoped for nearly sixteen years of my life for her…to care for me, as I care for her. After everything I've been through, I still manage to leave one drop of hope just for her, in my torn heart.

I had waited for her, all those years, and I will never know the answer to the many questions and thoughts playing continuously in my mind. And by waiting and lusting over her all of these years…I have gotten nowhere, and I am absolutely certain that she doesn't even think of me…

With this, I swear that I will never forget her nor move on, and never will lust for anyone else besides her.

I, Yamato Ishida, will quit rambling…and will me tell you the 'heart of the story…' starting from the beginning…right back to our childhood years...

Fin. of Prologue

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So…what did you think about the start! Hmm...If you're wondering, it won't be all diary entries throughout the whole story…nor will it be written in this manner. In the next chapter, it will be the start of the story, since this was only a taste of the prologue and the extreme angst. Enough of this…I really gotta go..hehe… lots of love & take care…

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