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Written: 25.o1.o6

This whole story is in DEDICATION to: Jasper M. Without you, I wouldn't be writing stories in the first place. I still love you…and you'll never know it ;D Do You Still Think of Me? I wonder… (how ironic xX) I'm not sure if I'll ever get over you…but it's hard not thinking about you everyday when it's been years since I've last seen you.

To those who wanted to know the non-fiction of the story – most of the memories in the first part of this story were true (excluding Sora & Matt joining same high schools and becoming friends). From the whole, childhood tag to the 'You're not my Valentine' thing…they were all true happenings so I urge you to PLEASE not steal.

To the people who may know my true identity and blab this out, please don't. I prefer this to be kept a secret…this story is me…

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Do You Still Think of Me?


By Flipstahhz

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" It has been a wonderful year," the man spoke into the microphone as his eyes dashed over all the senior students seated in allocated rows before him. " A year full of grief, stress, happiness, thrills, experiences, learning, failures and accomplishments. Summing it all up, we all managed to stay and fight till the very end. And now that it's over…it's been a fast year."

In the audience, various heads nodded up and down agreeing with the Principal of Tamachi Grammar School. The Principal was tired and overwhelmed practically saying the same speech over and over again to the students, but it had to be done. They needed his words of guidance. He was the principal, and he held a strong, firm position. His eyes glanced at the list of notes he had to mention to the school.

" To all you, I hope you have a great holiday and enjoy your summer vacation. To the year elevens – study hard! You've got a big year ahead of you, your final one to be precise! Sure, go have fun, party and whatever you teenagers do these days…just remember that you have to come back all settled when you begin school next year. Your teachers have given you holiday homework," he paused when he heard many pupils groan, " to keep you in tack."

His gray eyes stumbled onto the graduation class, sitting right in front of him. He grinned with pride. " To the year twelve's. I hope you have a great future! Remember what school you are from and remember your memories you have shared with us. Your exams are over, your school life is over…follow your dreams, and I know they will work out as you want!"

The principal wasn't a fool to notice that half of the student population was falling asleep considering that he wasn't referring to them. He gave one last glance at the bottom of the list he was about to talk about. He frowned. He knew that this would grab everyone's attention…

" And lastly, but not least, to Mr. Y. Ishida. Mr. Ishida has been teaching here for almost two full years," he could feel eyes leering up at him in wonder. " Mr. Ishida…or Mr. I, as some of you like to refer him as, will be on leave for two years."

Chatter sparked as the principal watched many of his students turn and talk amongst themselves, engaged in private conversations. He coughed into the microphone, hoping to direct the surveillance back at him. " I would like Mr. Ishida to come up to the stage."

Yamato Ishida rose from his seat, stumbling up the steps as he finally reached his destination. The principal paced away from the microphone, taking a seat on one of the chairs on the stage. Yamato's azure blue eyes swallowed in the whole school's senior population staring up at him. He caught his guest's – Sora Takenouchi's – gaze. She gave him an encouraging smile. It was enough for him to begin to address the school.

" Hey guys! How's it going? How are you all? Betcha you're all happy and ecstatic since it's your last day before holidays," Yamato smirked. He stuffed his paper with his speech into his pocket. He didn't need to be a formal lecturer talking to his students. His students were like his own friends. There was no need for formalities.

" We're cool, Mr. I! What's up with you?" one of his students yelled out from the crowd. Yamato's lips twitched.

" I am well, Mr. Ashton," he winked. He began to continue speaking, " As your principal has said, it's been a hell of a year. I've taught almost three quarters of you guys, and now you're all growing up! I remember when I was your age…actually stuff that, I won't talk about my life at school, 'cause I'll probably bore you all."

" Why are you leaving?" some random person shot up the remark from the crowd.

Many people peered at him, curiously waiting the reason why the music teacher was leaving.

" The reason?" he chuckled into the microphone, his gaze shifting back to Sora who was still beaming up at him. " Let's just say I need to catch up on something…or I should say someone…"

He remembered he was talking to a live audience. He chortled once again. " Well…I'm only on leave for two years. I'll come visit you all once in a while; I'm not going to completely abandon my favourite students! When I come back, I may even be teaching your younger brothers or sisters, so you'll know where to find me. I've left you all a meditation disc for each one of you guys so that you will all remember to have time to relax and not get stressed over everyday life."

Some of the people in his class laughed. The mediation music was a sort of a personal joke between the year eleven classes and him.

" Since many of you are graduating today, or next year….I just wanted to distinctively wish you all the best in the future career-wisely. Follow your heart in what you really want to do. Don't be an accountant, a doctor, a nurse or anything else if you don't want to really be one. Aim high. Do what you want to be doing," he said. At that moment, he felt like an inspirational talker. " But…don't be an idiot."

Yamato could feel the principal giving him a warning glare. Yamato nodded, silently apologizing for saying a profane 'word' in front of the uniform clad pupils.

" As in idiot what I really meant is that you know what your talents are," he said. " So use them at the best of your abilities. For instance, if your dream is to be a singer but you know you have a voice that sounds like nails on blackboards…I suggest you don't follow up that insane career. But then again…you may be famous if you give it a go…but please, students, be practical in what you want to do. If you know what you are good at and are willing to give it your all, then go for it!"

He pointed at a specific woman with long auburn locks, causing everyone to stare at whom he was pointing at.

" She…Ms. Takenouchi is an example of that. She was talented in designing…and she got there after a whole lot of hard work. The road may be bumpy, but the wait is really worth it," he smiled. The last sentence he spoke seemed to have two meanings.

Yes…it was worth it…it was worth waiting for her…waiting for him to finally pluck up the courage. All in all, it was worth it.

Sora sunk in her seat, cheeks flaming red. He decided it was time to change the route of the attention to her cousin.

" Before I leave, with my final words of goodbye," Yamato turned to Grace. " I just wanted to inform my year eleven music class, as well as all the year elevens…and thought that you'd like to know that Ms. Grace will be also leaving Tamachi Grammar."

He made sure to look over Grace's friends' reactions, but couldn't help but look at Jeremy as well. The boy seemed really distraught. Yamato chuckled to himself.

" Ah … I see," he spoke into the microphone yet again, " I see Grace hasn't told you…I think she didn't want to see all of you worried and distressed about her leaving."

Grace was glaring daggers at her teacher angrily. It was her turn for her face to turn into a tomato.

" I don't think she wants me to tell you this, but I'm going to say it anyway," the blond headed man gave a mischievous simper. " Grace got a music scholarship into one of the best universities and has also been offered a position in Tamachi's Orchestra. Congratulations to her!"

People cheered and whooped. Her friends sitting besides her gave her hard pats on the back as Grace's eyes began to well in tears. She was going to miss her friends, Yamato thought.

Minutes later, the audience cheered again, clapping goodbye and farewell to their much loved music teacher after he left them with his last words.

" And I hope you all get through the new phases in your life. Good luck for the future, and take care!"

He strutted down the stairs carefully, as he watched the students file from the hall. He expected Grace to be there, to see him off, but he was wrong. Other teachers gave him safe blessings and farewells and the principal gave him a bottle of red wine as a token of his service for the school.

Someone tapped him on the shoulder. He spun around to see one of his students standing nervously before him.

" Sir?"

" Yes Jeremy," he responded.

" Is Grace really leaving?"

He arched an eyebrow.

Now Yamato wanted to shake the boy, but then again, he was scared that he would be sued abuse for harassing the young adolescent.

" Boy, go after her! What are you still doing standing around when she could be long gone? If you care for her, you should be running to her like there's no tomorrow!"

" Mr. I, you knew?"

" Hell!" he exclaimed, " It was darn obvious! Two opposite sex rivals are usually lovers, anyway!"

" Okay then," Jeremy stared at his teacher weirdly.

" What are you still doing standing here," he barked. Yamato pushed him, " GO!"

The hall was empty now. Sora stood there, waiting for him. He gave one of his grins, which he only supplied for her, and placed an arm around her shoulder as they walked out of the building.

" You embarrassed Grace and I, you know?"

" As intended," he remarked.

" Your speech was something, really inspirational for the kids. I never knew that many students looked up to you," she laughed.

" Neither did I," he lied. He handed her the bottle of red wine. " You can have it, since you're lacking red wine in your apartment."

She laughed again, accepting it in gratitude. " Thanks."

They walked around the prestigious school, observing their peaceful surroundings. It was like walking in their own memories. After all, both Sora and Matt had met at school. They owed school a lot…even though it did sound quite strange.

" Just years ago, we were in this situation too…graduating and all," she said reminiscently. " It's peculiar how everyone and everything is drifting by so quickly. It's like everything is in transit."

" Everything is in transit," he corrected. He let her carry on her talk. He had been tired from conducting the 'inspirational' speech, anyway.

" Time goes by really fast. Mimi and Tai are still on their honeymoon. Grace is leaving Tamachi Grammar …"

She began listing many changes, causing him to wander into his own train of thoughts. He began thinking of the phone call he had gotten from Kent, a few days back. Kent's story was interesting. As soon as Kent went back to America, he had found his 'woman' and they dated for a couple of weeks; then he proposed to her. Surprisingly, Yamato would become a best man for yet another wedding. Yamato wasn't sure whether Kent was insane to propose straight away, or whether they were madly in love with each other. He was pretty sure it was the latter of the options.

" You're in your own world again, Yamato."

He smiled. " My world wouldn't exist if you weren't in it."

She chortled. These days, Sora was brighter than she ever was. She was now laughing on a daily basis. " You want to leave now? You promised you'd shout me dinner, you know?"

" Women were created just as an excuse to empty a man's wallet."

" No," she stuck her tongue out childishly. " Women were created in order for more humans to be bred. Without women there would be no people…including men."

" Being scientific now?" Yamato played along. " Well…without men, there would be no sperm. So women need men in order to survive."

" So what? Women are the cooks. Without women, men would die from starvation."

" Okay, fine…fine!" Yamato laughed at her stubbornness. " It's a draw. Without men, there would be no women. Without women, there would be no men."

" It's settled then. So, are we leaving?" she pulled his arm, prepared to walk to the car park.

" Wait," he said, staring at the building. " Just one more look around."

Sora strode next to them as they strolled around Tamachi Grammar School. He felt like he was on yard duty, only the place was almost empty now because the majority of the students had excitedly left for home because their summer break had finally arrived.

" Matt!" Sora nudged her head towards a bush. " There…there's something there!"

Yamato chuckled. Out of all the places in the school, this specific 'bush' was well known as the top making out spot. Numerous times had Yamato accidentally found many couples there. He smirked. Maybe it was the last time he'd do so.

He pushed Sora besides him as they walked behind the bush. There behind it was a girl with auburn coloured hair and another boy, their lips fully ruptured with each other. The pair broke when they saw the two adults towering over them.

" Oh my…this is really humiliating," the younger girl spoke up, hitting herself on her head. " Can you please go away before all my pride shatters away? Cuz and Mr. I?"

Sora gaped. Yamato grinned. He crouched down next to the appalled boy and shook Jeremy's hand, " Congratulations. I see you finally confessed."

Sora hit Yamato on the back of his head.

" This is so embarrassing," Grace yelped.

" We're going," Sora said, dragging Yamato with her. " Give them their own space, Yamato. That was rude to intrude."

He shrugged, " I guess I'm used to it. During patrol on yard duty, I usually checked there to fork out detentions. It's an old habit."

" It's an old humiliating habit. Just imagine all those kids not being able to look you in the eye again."

" I was doing my job," Yamato snickered.

" You're evil."

" Perhaps I am."

" Young love," Sora sighed. " Grace could of at least told me that she was with some one."

" Trust me, she wasn't until today."

" And what are you, Cupid?"

" Whatever you want me to be, baby," Yamato winked flirtatiously. He held her hand as they encircled the school's well-known fountain. Water streamed down the water feature as both Yamato and Sora stared at it.

" So…when was your first kiss?" Sora questioned, the memory of her cousin and her cousin's lover was still afresh in her memory.

" Second year high school. I was drunk," he said simply. " You?"

" You."

" Pardon?"

" With you," she said.

Yamato stared at her. She had waited so long…just for him…while at times he had been such a moron. He didn't understand, out of all people, she had chosen him. Not that he was complaining or anything…

" How about lately, you kissed anyone lately?" Sora queried. " You know, I have the right to know. In a successful relationship, being truthful is one of the main elements."

The blond haired man had no idea where she had gotten the 'successful relationship' tips from, but he still decided to answer, nose wrinkling up in disgust. " Tai's bachelor party. We were drunk. I kissed the groom."

" You kissed Tai?" Sora made a shocked face. " Mimi's not going to be happy about that. I'm beginning to again question whether Tai and you are straight or not."

" Hey, I know it's disgusting. I was completely grossed out when TK told me too," Yamato said. " It's not like I enjoyed it. When I found out I was in the toilet vomiting an hour before the wedding."

" No wonder you put more cologne on," Sora recalled.

" Glad you noticed," Yamato said, sitting down on a nearby bench. He pulled her down so she could be sitting next to him.

" I notice everything about you, Matt," she said, her glossed lips curling impishly.

She slid onto his lap. Yamato's posture automatically sat up straight as he felt her hands run down his blond mane. Unable to restrain himself (also since they were on school grounds), Yamato stared into her chocolate brown eyes lovingly. He also then began to let his hands amble through her long fiery locks of hair. Their eyes were still locked upon each other.

" I love you…"

Her whisper chilled him. His throat twisted and his stomach jolted into knots. He couldn't speak…he was utterly speechless. That was the first time she had said it to him, and hell…it took such a toll on him just to hear the words evading her mouth. She had complete control over him, and she knew it. Everything he had ever wanted - was there. There right in front of him.

" So do I."

His lips perched up and down her bare neck as she quietly gasped. She held his head from kissing her neck and let her lips clasp onto his. The long wait was over. They were finally together and nothing was going to conclude them from being together ever again.

" Ewww!"

They stopped.

Not really…

" Mr. I! That's like, extremely retching!" about five of Yamato's students stared at him.

Being a teacher always had its consequences…

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I'm sitting here

Thinking bout

How I'm gon-na do without

You around, In my life,

and how am I

I gon' get by

I ain't got no days

Just lonely nights

You want the truth

Well girl I'm not alright

Feel out of place, and out of time

I think I'm gonna lose my mind

So tell me how you feel (I'm lonely)

Are you for real (so lonely)

Do you still think of me?

(I think of you)

Baby still (You only)

Do you dream of me at night

(seems like I dream you all the time)

Sooo, ooh ooh ooh ooh

oh let me tell you how It feels

(Its like everyday I die)

Wish I was dreaming but Its real

(when I open up my eyes)

oh Let me tell you how It feels

(and don't see your pretty face)

I think that I will never love again

I miss your face

I miss your kiss

I even miss the arguments

That we would have, from time to time

I miss you standing by my side

I'm dying here, It's clear to see

There ain't no you, God knows there ain't no me

Don't wanna live, I wanna die

If I cant have you In my life

So tell me how you feel (I'm lonely)

Are you for real (so lonely)

Do you still think of me?

(I think of you)

Baby still (You only)

Do you dream of me at night

(like I dream of you all the time, so lo-nely)

Oh let me tell you how

It feels (Its like everyday I die)

Wish I was dreaming but

It's real (when I open up my eyes)

oh Let me tell you how It feels

(and I don't see your pretty face)

I think that I will never love again…

¤ - ×- ×- ×- × - × - × - × - ×- ×- × - ¤

OhmyGOLLY! I can't believe this is over oO. That was crazy! Well…THANKS to all of you guys who have read this story. I hope you all enjoyed it to the very end. Some parts, I'm not quite happy with it. Though, overall I'm glad. Again, another reminder to the people who haven't voted for which outcome they want for Yamato in my new Sorato – PLEASE vote on my site! (to get to my site, simply click on my profile for details). Take care!


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Song used: ' The Loneliness' by Babyface (this was the song where I got the title of this story from. It's a beautiful and depressing song that had inspired me to write this story. It's a must to have on your song list)

THANKS TO: Kuroi Black Nightingale my personal editor and twin ;D I heart you like crazy! Haha xX

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