Between the pink and the blue


Warnings/notes: Ken/Tot, slightly weird, ooc, failed drabble.

Disclaimer: I don't own Weiss Kreuz. Hiroto and Shizuka are character-names taken from Yu-Gi-Oh. And I happily disclaim the concept of this pairing; it's all Gangstavidel's idea. -winks-

written at 27th december 2004, by Misura, for Gangstavidel, as a small non-birthday-present.


She approaches him in the park, as easily as if her being there is the most normal thing in the world.

In a way, it is. The park belongs to everyone after all, both innocents and guilty ones, and she has as much of a right to be there as he.

"Me and Rabbi-chan want to learn how to play soccer," she informs him, imperiously. Some of the boys stare at her, like they think she doesn't belong there.

Tot answers their glares with a bright smile, knowing they're just doing it because she's a Girl, and they are Boys. And boys are stupid; both Schoen and Hell have told her this. It would be unfair to blame them for being what they are.

"But ... but you're ... " he stammers, turning red.

She silently dares him to say the word, to call her an assassin in front of these children. In spite of their not knowing her, and in spite of her gender, they see her as one of them. Unlike him.

He's just a nice grown-up. Just another assassin.

"You're too late; we've already made teams," he declares finally, looking relieved. "Maybe next week ... "

"No." She considers stamping her foot -left or right? is there a rule for that?- but decides the gesture is too brattish. "Rabbi-chan can play too."

Someone giggles. Tot lifts her chin.

"Why don't you go and play somewhere else? We don't want a baby like you around here." One of the boys steps forwards, trying to make himself look imposing and much taller than she is.

What he actually looks like is puffed-up. Like he'd explode if Tot were to prick him with a needle, since he's full of hot air. She ignores him as unimportant, instead keeping her gaze on the one whom she's here for today.

"Hiroto ... " he begins. His tone resembles that of Hell, when Schoen tries to get away from work, to make her go to bed before she's ready to do so herself. Hell never wins arguments that are waged in such a voice, but she thinks that Ken might.

"The toy-rabbit can be on our team, as a mascot," one of the few girls offers, earning a grateful glance. She beams and blushes at that. Tot sourly thinks that maybe some girls are pretty stupid too.

"Thank you, Shizuka." He nods, causing her to beam and blush some more. Tot solemnly places Rabbi-chan on a pillow, instructing him not to move.

"Right, let's get this game underway then."

She grins at his choice of words; he has no idea what kind of game he's about to get drawn into. Nor what its rules will be. But that's all right; she's not quite sure either.


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