A.N Hey, I write poetry, too! Cool!! Anywhoo it's about Inuyasha's demon side. This came into my head when I was trying to get to sleep last night. Of course when I started to write it down 10:30 at night, I forgot a whole lot of what I came up with. Oh, well here's what I did get. I haven't proofread or anything, this is my rough draft but I wanted to put it up anyway. So it might have a lot of mistakes, whatever, I like it. Tell me what you think, when you review!!

The Demon


I kill.

I maim.

I slaughter.

I relish the feel of warm blood on my claws and the sweet taste of flesh in my mouth.

My ears twitch for the melodious sound of screams.

My nose itches for the drugging smell of fear.

I am the evil one.

I am hated.

I am feared.

I am filthy.

I am dirty.

I am trapped.

I inflict hurt to ease my own.

I carry the burden.

I carry the taunts.

I carry the harsh words.

I hold the pain within my black heart.

I am crying.

I am the disease.

I am not wanted, but I come when I am needed.

I am the destroyer.

I am the savior.

I am not thanked.

I am cold.

I am heartless.

I don't feel.

I don't think.

I am lifeless.

I am soulless.

I am dead.

No one can change me.

No one can help me.

No one can save me.

I steal.

I choke.

I rip.

I tear.

I torture.

I render things lifeless to seem more alive.

My heart beats for the sake of killing.

My mink thinks on how to do just that.

I am the hunter.

I am the murderer.

I am the executioner.

I pass through life hidden, waiting.

When let loose I will make myself known.

I do not hear pleas.

I do not make promises.

I do not know pity, hope, happiness, fear, or sadness.

Only anger and loneliness.

Alone in darkness.

I am the devil.

I am the reaper.

I am the demon.