"Ryan?" Monica asked the man.
"Oh my gosh, It is you Monica! You are so beautiful!"
"What's going on with you?"
"Nothing much, this new job is hectic."
"Being a celeb is hectic?"
Then, the waiter asked Ryan for his autograph.
"Sure, I'll sign your napkin for you." Ryan said to the waiter.
"Thanks so much!"
"No problem."
Ryan turned back to Monica.
"So, Monica what has been going on with you?" he asked her.
"I became an English teacher."
"Oh, I thought you were going to be a librarian."
"I wasn't interested in that, so I turned to teaching, and I loved it. That's how I met my boyfriend." Monica put a panicked look on her face.
"He's a teacher too?"
"So, how did you meet your girlfriend?"
"It was pure luck, I ran into her at premiere of 'Meet The Fuckers' and we instanly fell in love."
"There's actually a movie called that?"
"Yes, Monica, but I know you don't really go and see those kinds of movies."
"Yup, I don't really like comedies. I like romantic movies better."
"You were always a die-hard romantic."
"And I am and will always be. When I fall in love, I fall in love deeply."
"Yea, I definely know that."
"When did you become a celebrity?"
"I went to Hollywood and while sipping my delicious coffee at an awesome cafe, some dude walked up to me and asked me if I wanted to host a TV show. I said yes."
"Oh, I thought you were gonna be a fking science fiction writer."
"Me too."
"I would never had read any of you books anyways. To be truely honest, your dn writing sucked."
"Yea, it did. Good thing I didn't persue that career."
"Yea, if you tried that, you would of died - of embrassment."
"Yea, you are right."
"So, how is it like being a celebrity?"
"It's good, I just hate being in the tabliods and followed 24/7."
Monica looked out the window and saw the cameras. She got of her seat, walked out the door, and stopped where the cameras were.
"Me and Ryan are just friends. He has a girlfriend. Deal with it. Me and Ryan are just having a little reunion." She flipped them off and walked back in the cafe.
"Ok, Ryan, I am sorry if you are the tablioids again because of me."
"It's ok. I've learned to deal."
"I'm glad. Sorry again though."
"Monica. It's fine."

Monica gently paused. "Ok Ryan."
"So, what are you doing for the rest of your life?" Ryan asked.
"What the hell are you doing? Trying to pick me up?" She screamed so loudly, China probably heard her.
"Yes. Monica, i love you."
"No, you LOVED me once!"
"I still love you. Our love is a red rose."
"Hell no it's not! That's so lame! I thought this was a reunion because we were friends!"
"Monica, please reconsider."
"Hell no! Shut the fk up!"
"Why are you being a pain in the ass?! You are always a dumbass!"
"No Ryan, that's you."
A reporter walked over and tapped Monica on the shoulder.
"Excuse me, Ma'am, are you Ryan's girlfriend?" the reporter asked.
"No, I am his ex-girlfriend. I can tell all for you if you want."
"Sure! This will be a great cover story and will get me paid lots of money."
"Ok, but I get 50."
"Of all sales of the magazine."
"So, what's your name?"
"Monica Young."
Ryan was ferious. "Monica, please don't."
"You deserve this. A bad rep."
"You are trying to cheat on your girlfriend you bitch!"
Ryan slapped Monica on the face. The paparazzi had a field day.
The reporter was still interviewing Monica.
"Miss Young, -"
"Ms. Young."
"Ok, Ms. Young, how long did you date Ryan for?"
"I dated him for 2 years."
"Were you in a serious relationship with him?"
"What do you call serious?"
"Always together."
"No, not that really. He was a dumbass."
"Were you ever - planning on marriage together?"
"No, not really."
"Where did you meet?"
"We met in English class."
"In college?"
"What was your major?"
"What was his major?"
"I dunno, but he wanted to become a science fiction writer."
"What is your career today?"
"I am an English teacher."
"Did he ever hit you?"
Monica didn't say anything. She took a breath. She was finally letting out the secret past.
"Yes, Ryan did hit me. He abused me. I thought when we broke up, it would be the end of it. But,apparently it's not. Maybe you should talk to his current girlfriend also."
"What is her name?"
"I don't know, but I know the phone number. 233-9234."
"Thanks for you information."
"No problem."

Monica left the cafe without saying any last words to Ryan. Ryan ruined her life. As Ryan was running after her to catch her, Monica thought about the past - it was litterally hell.
"Monica! Let me catch up with you!" Ryan screamed. Monica ducked into a alley and hid. As Ryan went by that alley, without seeing her, Monica was relieved. She wanted to get Ryan out of her life once and for all and she thought he changed. She knew she was wrong to go out for coffee with him. She should have known better, but she was - alone.
Ben was always with Sue now. Monica and Ben were still together, but Ben was trying to conceal his feelings. He was really sentisive, and he didn't want Monica to go through hell if they were discovered. But, Monica still really wanted him. She felt alone still sitting in that dark alley.
She looked all around and made sure Ryan was around. He was probably running from the paparazzi. Monica saw that Ryan wasn't around and she immediately ran to her car parked near by. As she got in her car, she dropped the charm bracelet Ryan had gave her in a muddy puddle. As it fell, she pictured all those moments she and Ryan had together and she saw the future. She hoped for the better and as the bracelet fell, she saw the most amazing creature ever walk over to her and say: "Monica, are you ok?"
It was Ben. Monica was amazed that Ben was there - but she did leave a note on her door at home telling where she would be. Ben had the most wonderful look on his face.
"Ben I am ok now that you are here."
"I am so happy I made it here. I wanted to talk."
"Is this good or bad?"
"It's great!"
"What is it honey?"
"As I was with Sue, I relaized no one could take your place. I truely love you. I want to be with you. Do you love me too?"
"I love you like crazy Ben." She paused for a moment and kissed Ben on the lips. It was intense and beautiful. Monica now knew she wasn't alone anymore.