Stupid Is As Stupid Does

If it's stupid but it works, it isn't stupid.

Like me.

Duo hmmphed. "Why does everyone keep calling me stupid?" he asked.

The question was rhetorical, but Heero being Heero, he answered it anyway. "Because you never bothered to turn in your schoolwork when we went undercover during the war, and because you always leave your report writing until the last minute now that we're Preventers," he supplied as an answer.

Duo sighed, flopping back on the bed, the T-shirt in his hands falling to the floor. "That's because all that schoolwork was so boooring," he whined, before becoming serious. "Why would I want to know about the Tax Riots of AC 104, or the Famine Fights of AC 99? It's not like anything had changed since then, not when there was a war on. No one had enough money or enough food except the rich and powerful." He fumed. "And they never gave the right accounting of how the war between the Alliance and OZ got started, anyway, and I got sick of having to write down propaganda as answers."

Heero blinked. He hadn't, actually, ever gotten a reason beyond the 'boooring' excuse before. "Well, perhaps if you demonstrated your lack of interest in inconsequential information in a less…erratic manner, you might convince people of your intelligence."

"What, like make smart aleck remarks that are actually smart?" Duo joked.

Nodding, Heero said, "Exactly." Well, not exactly, but he had meant for Duo to use his intelligence to better insult people who insulted him; a dual blow, as it were.

Duo's answering grin promised lots of pain and suffering – of the practical joke and/or prank variety. "Ah, well in that case, I'll show the Ozzies–"

"Ex-Ozzies," Heero corrected reflexively.

Duo snorted and acquiesced. "–the ex-Ozzies stupid." His grin grew sharper, filling with glee. "And they'll never know what hit them."

Heero made a note to himself to stock up on popcorn; he had a feeling it would be more fun to sit back and watch the carnage than to actually take part in it.

This time, anyway.