Crimson Love

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I'll let you in on a secret: I was planning to do an Itachi-romance anyway, no matter what you people said. I love Neji, don't get me wrong. I ADORE Neji. Neji is my baby. But... I don't really see him as the "romance" type. I see him as the kind of person who could be the third wheel in a love-triangle, if he was out of character (by a lot), but not the kind of person the fic was totally centered on. But don't worry! He most definitely will be in this! (Maybe as a third wheel... you never know...)

I like writing Neji as a shy kind of person, though... Like the kind of guy who sits by himself and blushes when a girl looks at him. I think it's cute! I especially like fics where he and Hinata bond and become friends. Like, this one fic called Basemates, I really liked that! It was cute! I read it over and over and over and never get tired of it! Kyah!

This is an Itachi fic, but at the same time, a Neji fic! (Glomps them both) I love them so much, I just don't know what to do with them!

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There's something I want to make sort of clear before I wrap up this unearthly long authoress note: When I write stories with O.C.'s in them as main character and in pairings, I tend to think "When I write another romance for this person, so and so has to be their partner!" because it just seems right. For example, I can't write pairings that have Kankurou with anyone but Kyu. It's just right! And I can't write Gaara with anyone but Rynn! (Those four are so perfect together... see what I mean?)

So anyway, getting back to the point, I now can't write Itachi with anyone but Shizuka. I sorry! If you haven't read my fic, Apprentice, and have no idea who Shizuka is, that's ok. Her character is the same (like, attitude, looks, general profiles, etc.) but she lives a completely different life. Don't worry. You won't be confused! But if you did read Apprentice and like Shizuka's character, I'm sure you'll love this story to death!

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Right. Ok! What was I gonna say? ....OH YEAH. The Five are in this (if you don't know who they are, poor you), they didn't die! YAY! But who knows.... they might.... (shifty eyes) I can be bitchy like that. Ok! On with this piece of crap!

P.S.: I'm working with a new kind of word document thingy, so excuse me if the stuff gets messed up a little... It kind of hates me, but it has a spell check so I have to use it so you'll know what I'm saying...

Chapter One: Welcome to Freaks and Geeks High!


"Slow down, dobe, it's not going to make a difference."

"Yeah, you're always late anyway, right, Sasuke-kun?"


"Ano sa, ano sa, Iruka-sensei said he would give me detention if I was late on the first day!"

"How would that be any different from any other day? You always have detention!"


The three friends ran/walked-very-quickly toward the tall building that would be serving as their high school for the next four years of their lives. Well, actually... Naruto ran, and Sakura tried her hardest to stay at Sasuke's pace without being late herself. She was a little nervous about what her reputation would be if she were late to school on the first day, but she wanted to be seen taking her first steps into high school life with Sasuke by her side. Her love-life reputation came first! (Take that, Ino-pig! Inner-Sakura shouted) Sasuke, however, didn't care if he was late or not, and walked at a decaying snail's pace.

"Sasuke-kun, can I see your schedule?" Sakura asked in her sweetest voice. "I want to know if there's anyone I know in my classes."

He gave her a sideways glance and gave her the piece of yellow paper that had been sent to each student individually in the mail two weeks prior to that day.

Sakura smiled sweetly. "Thank you, Sasuke-kun." She opened the piece of paper and looked through. "Geometry... Social Studies... Biology... English... Language Arts... Gym... You're taking Guitar, Sasuke-kun?" She squealed. "That's so cool!"

(A/N: The schedules used in this fic are based off the ones used at my high school before I left to be home schooled. It was a seven-period (class) day, with six different lunches spread throughout the day, and homeroom was part of the first class. Normally, it came after first period, but in my middle school, it came before, so in this fic, it'll come before. Except for the lunches, it's pretty easy to understand.)

"Ah." Sasuke didn't seem to care.

"We have Geometry, English, Language Arts and Gym together, isn't that great? I have someone I know in almost all my classes!" (A/N: Also, when I say that have "English" class, it's sort of like you would have French or Spanish. Japanese students learn English as a filler-course. "Language Arts" is like what an English class would be for us, they learn grammar and stuff in that) "We have homeroom together, too! Let's go!" Sakura handed him back his schedule.


Naruto was now far ahead of them, running for his life to get past the school doors as quickly as possible, so the two walked by themselves onto the high school grounds. The school was very large, a possible three floors, with large glass double-front doors, several windows, and a stone-carved sign above the doors saying Welcome to Konoha High. Because it was a private school, the entire grounds and buildings were fenced off with a huge stone wall, with black ivory gates. The school even had its own drive way, going from the gate, around a small garden fixture, past the front doors, and back to the gates (Kind of like the cul-de-sac drive ways rich people have). The driveway also branched off to a student parking lot, for upper-class men with cars, as well as a separate faculty parking lot for teachers and staff. Already, there were cars parked in the lots, as well as a few hundred students milling around in groups.

"Someone died," Sasuke said bluntly.

"Huh?" Sakura turned to look at him.

He pointed to the driveway. Parked before the school were three long, black limos, all in a row like a funeral procession. "Who died?" he asked Sakura, as if she had all the answers for once.

Sakura shrugged. "Beats me. Look, someone's getting out." She pointed, as well.

Sure enough, someone was getting out of the limo in the front. Quite a few someones, to be exact. The first two to come out of the car looked exactly alike; twins, Sakura presumed. Both had long, lavender-colored hair, tired black eyes, and, to her amusement, green lipstick. They even dressed alike, in black suits, except that one wore a red beaded necklace. They both looked around suspiciously, catching everyone's eyes, before moving to stand by the car.

The third person to come out was slightly taller and much tanner then the other two; in fact, he was about as different from them as he could get. His skin was dark, as aforementioned, and he had dark brown hair pulled into a pony tail much like Sakura and Sasuke's friend Shikamaru's. He wore a suit, just like the twins, except that he wore a bulky black trench coat over top of it. He, also, looked around once before going to stand by the twins.

The fourth person to come out of the car was, quite obviously, a girl, except that she wore a suit and tie just like her fellows. Her hair was long, and a bright red color, and her eyes were dark brown. She wore a beanie-hat, the first sign of casual dress among the four of them, and her bangs hung in her face. She didn't even bother looking around; instead, she jumped up to sit on the edge of the car.

The fifth person to come out seemed to have quite some trouble doing so, though none of his companions seemed ready to help him. When he finally did get out, Sakura and Sasuke saw that he was very tall, at least six feet, and had bright orange hair shaved rather interestingly. Despite his huge size and obvious weight, however, he seemed the most unsure of the five, and had his hands in his pockets, starring at his shoes.

"They look like mobsters," Sakura voiced to Sasuke, who didn't reply.

That appeared to be "it" for the car in front, as the red-haired girl slammed the door shut and hopped down. The twins went to the limo in the middle, and the red-beaded necklace one opened the door while the other reached in. His hand was declined, however, as possibly one of the strangest people yet came out of the car.

Sakura couldn't help but stare. It was a boy, obviously. His hair was longer then the twins', reaching past his shoulders, and looked almost white, with a silver hue. He wore black sunglasses, however, so Sakura couldn't see his eyes, and he wore a plain, white, button-up shirt with the first three buttons undone, and plain black slacks. He looked at the twin who had offered to help him out of the car, and the lavender-head backed off at once. Apparently, the white-haired boy was running things. He then reached in, helping yet another person out of the car.

The last person to get out of the car was a girl. She was shorter then her companions by about a head, and wore the same kind of clothing as the white-haired boy, although her build and curves made it look much more feminine; she had a coat thrown over one arm that she promptly gave to one of the twins. She, also, wore sun glasses, so Sakura couldn't see her eyes, but the girl's hair made Sakura's jaw drop. The girl's hair was long, dark, shiny black, falling at least a foot away from her waist. It was so long, silky-looking and lustered; everything Sakura had hoped her hair could have looked like, before she cut it off in a wave of furious passion against her mom. Her hair's better then Ino's was before she cut hers off, too!

Sakura glanced at Sasuke to see if he'd noticed the girl's hair.


"Ino-chan, I heard Sasuke-kun likes girls with long hair."

End flashback

Sasuke, however, hadn't noticed.

In fact, Sasuke wasn't even there anymore.

He'd started walking away toward the school while Sakura had been starring at the six new kids.

"Sasuke-kun!" she cried, hurrying to catch up with him, all thoughts of the new kids forgotten for the time-being.

(Homeroom, Geometry)


The students all leaned backwards a few inches, eyebrows raised.


They leaned back even farther.

"BECAUSE TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS, WE SHALL TAKE THIS TIME TO GET TO KNOW ONE ANOTHER! PLEASE TAKE THIS TIME TO CONGREGATE AMONGST YOURSELVES!" Gai stood back, hands on his hips, grinning hugely. Oh, yeah. He was an awesome teacher. First day of class, and he had every student's attention! Heck yeah, it was good to be alive! Gai went to sit behind his teacher's desk. And he had post-it notes! Beat that, Kakashi!

Naruto was the first to recover from the initial shock that was Maito Gai. Turning around in his seat, he gave Sakura his confused-fox face. "Oi... Sakura-chan... Are we really gonna have to put up with him every morning?"

Sakura sighed and shrugged, holding her hands up helplessly. "Seems like it."

"Da-a-amn, Naruto whined. "This is gonna be harder then I thought." He sighed unhappily and went to talk to Kiba and Shino, across the room with the other guys.

He's got a point... This teacher is scary... Sakura shivered, looking away from Gai's uber-eyebrows.

"Why, Sakura, I didn't see you there," said a taunting voice beside her. "Now, how could I have missed that forehead?"

Sakura turned and glared. "Ino."

Ino smirked, then leaned over and whispered, in a different tone, "Did you see those limos outside?"

Sakura nodded. "Sasuke-kun and I were just coming when the people got out."

"Who do you think they are?" Ino asked, looking almost worried. "They looked like members of a gang or something."

Sakura shrugged. "Probably just some rich kids who had to arrive in style, like Hinata." She turned and winked at her friend, who was seated behind Ino.

Hinata instantly blushed, twiddling her fingers. "M-My father likes to drop me off on the first day of school..."

"In a Cadillac?" Ino gave her an optimistic look.

Hinata blushed even deeper, and didn't respond, looking at her fingers.

"Anyway, Sakura." Ino turned back to her friend. "I heard that girl's dad when to talk to the head mistress about 'security purposes' or something. They gotta be important, or there wouldn't be any need for security."

Sakura shrugged. "Who knows? Maybe she's a princess," she suggested, to show she honestly wasn't taking Ino seriously. Turning back to Hinata, she asked, "Hinata, you still like Naruto, right?"

"Shh, please, Sakura," Hinata said in a pleading voice, casting a nervous glance to where the blond-haired boy in question was talking loudly with Kiba, who was talking back, just as loudly.

"I'll take that as a 'yes.'" Sakura gave her shy friend a smile. "Will you at least try and drop him some bigger hints this year? He's so dense, he wouldn't pick up on it even if you hit him over the head with a book entitled All About Hyuuga Hinata's Crush!"

"What about you, Sakura?" Ino asked, smirking again. "Are you still going after Sasuke-kun?"

"Hell yeah," Sakura said, as if Ino were stupid.

"Well, tough luck, girl, because this year, Sasuke-kun's gonna be mine!"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah... That's what you said last year, and the year before, and every year before that since first grade." Sakura shook her head.

"I'm serious this time!"


"No, really!"

"I believe you."



Dead silence.

E-Eye brows.... Ino shivered.


(Yes, I skipped a class... I hate Social Studies)

Sakura sighed, looking around the new class room. She wasn't sure if she would know anyone in this class. The teacher, a pretty woman named Kurenai, had already assigned them to seats, so Sakura had no control over who she sat next to, unlike her past two classes. Looking around again, she noticed someone sitting down next to her.

It was the black-haired girl from that morning, as well as the white-hair boy and the twin with the beaded necklace, all sitting in a row beside Sakura.

"Hi! I'm Haruno Sakura!" Sakura said before she could think, offering her hand to the black-haired girl.

In one movement, all three of the newcomers turned to look at Sakura. The boys wore expressionless faces, looking hard at Sakura, while the young girl smiled and took Sakura's hand. "I'm Hakai-teki no Shizuka."

She doesn't seem so bad... Sakura thought as the girl called Shizuka smiled at her while taking out a rubber band and tying her long, black hair with it.


"I heard that girl's dad talked to the head mistress about 'security purpose.' They gotta be important, or there wouldn't be any need for security."

End flashback

Screw you, Ino, this girl seems nice, Sakura thought haughtily. "You know your name means 'destruction'?"

Shizuka nodded, finishing with her hair and smiled. "Yep. Apparently, I was a very destructive little kiddie, so these people," she nodded to the boys sitting next to her, "just started calling me 'Miss Destruction,' and eventually, it caught on." She grinned again.

"Shizuka-sama," the lavender-haired boy said in a warning voice.

"Shut up," she said angrily to him, then turned back to Sakura. "This is Sakkon. He's almost too gay to function." (Copied from Mean Girls.)

"No, I'm not!" the boy named Sakkon snapped as Sakura giggled.

"And this is Kimi-kun–Er, Kimimaru," Shizuka finished, gesturing to the white-haired boy sitting next to her. "He's kind of my brother."

"'Kind of'?" Sakura repeated, grinning as well. This girl was interesting.

"Yeah. I've known him for about as long as I can remember, and my dad is his legal guardian, so I just call him my brother." Shizuka shrugged.

"Oh." Sakura leaned over to say to Sakkon, "You know, you look really old. Are you in the right grade?"

He glared at her and looked away.

"He got held back," Shizuka supplied, grinning as well. "Four years. He's just stupid like that."

Sakura giggled again; Sakkon scoffed and said out of the corner of his mouth, "Che."

"Stop it, Shizuka," Kimimaru said, speaking for the first time.

"You stop it," she countered, giving him a little shove.

He shoved her back.







By now, it had turned into an all-out war of little baby-slaps while they held their faces away from each other (you know, like, how preps fight? Yeah.). Sakkon covered his eyes with his hand and emitted a groan.

Finally, the two seemed to have run out of breath (although Kimimaru's face didn't change during the whole thing) and they stopped.

Shizuka and Sakura continued talking about random stuff (i.e.: how much the school sucked (which high school does, by the way)) until they started talking about music. While Sakura didn't really have a preference, and listened to all kinds of music, Shizuka was a die-hard Metal fan, and found it appalling when Sakura said she'd never really listened to a song by a metal-music band before.

"Oh, my god, you have to listen to this song!" Shizuka, still starring in disbelief at Sakura, held out her hand blindly to Sakkon, waiting for him to give her something.

Sakkon looked at the back of Shizuka's head, then at the hand, then back at the head, and gave the hand a low-five.

"My CD player, dip shit!" Shizuka snapped, turning to glare at him.

"Language, Hakai-teki," Kurenai said from behind her desk where she was doing all that teacher stuff.

"Sorry, sensei," Shizuka said in a sweet voice as Sakkon rolled his eyes and took a portable CD player out of one of the pockets of his jacket and put it in her hand. "Here." She gave the head phones to Sakura and turned on the CD player.

Sakura put the ear pieces in her ear in time to have a cruel, loud, angry voice shout, "CUT MY LIFE INTO PIECES, THIS IS MY LAST RESORT, SUFFOCATION, NO BREATHING, DON'T GIVE A FUCK IF I CUT MY ARM BLEEDING!" and a hard drum and guitar solo. "Ack!" Sakura ripped the ear pieces out of her ear, startled by the sudden noise.

"Oh... Oops." Shizuka grinned sheepishly."Sorry. I normally have the volume really loud, and–"

"Hakai-teki, is that a CD player I see?" Kurenai asked, looking up.

"Yep." Shizuka turned down the volume for Sakura.

"Do I have to confiscate it?"


"Why not?" Kurenai raised an eyebrow at Shizuka.

"Because to be honest, I don't think you want this CD." Shizuka gave Kurenai a smirk.

A vein popped out in Kurenai's forehead, and she jumped up at once, going to Shizuka and snatching up the CD player. "You can have a parent pick this up after school."

Shizuka's jaw dropped. Then she scowled. "Oh, they'll pick it up, alright," she said haughtily.

(After class)

"That bitch!" Shizuka shouted for the fourteenth time, storming out of the class room with Sakkon and Kimimaru on her tail and Sakura by her side. Stopping in the middle of the hall amongst the huge crowds of people, she took out her schedule and examined it. "Ok... English, room 221..." She looked around for directional signs.

Sakkon looked at his schedule. "I don't have that," he informed them. "I have Calc. Do you guys want me to walk you or...?"

"No, that's ok." Shizuka was now examining Kimimaru's schedule. "Kimi and I have all the same classes, so we can walk ourselves."

Sakkon shrugged. "Ok. One of the others will probably be in your class. I'll see you guys in Gym." He gave them a wave over his shoulder as he headed down the hall in search of his Calculus class.

"Hey, I have English 221 next!" Sakura cried out, looking at her schedule. "With Sasuke-kun," she added with an excited squeak, clasping her hands together. "We can all go together!"

Shizuka shrugged. "Ok, that's cool. Who's Sasuke-kun?"

"Ohh...." Sakura got a dreamy look on her face as they waded through the crowds of people. "He's the most perfect guy! He's tall... dark... silent... so cute! I've had a crush on him since first grade!"

"...That's scary." Shizuka shivered slightly. "Damn, where is this freakin' class?" she cried out, stopping in the middle of the hallway. On one side, there was room 300. On the other, there was room 315. "This is too confusing!" she shouted angrily, pulling at her hair and running around in circles.


Shizuka fell back on her butt on the floor, wincing in pain. "Hey, watch where you're going!" she shouted at the person she'd run into.

"I should be saying the same thing to you.."

Sakura's eyes widened. She knew that voice... sort of... Well, she knew the younger version of that voice. Looking up at the tall boy standing in front of Shizuka, she stifled a gasp. He looks just like Sasuke-kun!

It was true. Except for a rather large height difference and hair-length, the boy did look exactly like Sasuke, with longer, dark hair, mean onyx eyes framed with thick eyelashes, and a way of carrying himself that made you think you really shouldn't mess with him. Shizuka, however, did not get that message, and jumped up, glaring at him. "You got something to say to me?!"

"...Are you lost?" he asked by way of answer, giving her a condescending look.

"No!" Shizuka shouted, a temper-vein popping out in her forehead, not unlike Kurenai's temper vein.

"Fine. I was going to offer assistance, but I guess I'll just be on my way..." The boy turned on his heel.

"WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, WAIT!" Shizuka pulled him back, turning on her sweet smile which Sakura had learned (in a rather short amount of time) was her "suck up" face. "Could you please help us find our class, dear, delightful Mr Upperclassman?

The boy gave her an emotionless stare before taking her schedule. "Where are you going?"

"Room 221," Sakura answered. "Language Arts."

"That's in the New wing," the boy said. He had a low, quiet voice, but it was easy to hear him at close rang, especially since most of the student body was gone from the halls by now.

"..." Shizuka waited for him to continue.

"It's downstairs." He gave her the schedule back.

"Where downstairs, jerk-off?!" Shizuka shouted, waving her arms angrily.

"Oh." He turned to the stairwell behind them, pointing. "Take these stairs down one flight and you'll see another hallway branching off. Take that hallway until you get to the first and only turn, room's third one on your left."

"Thank you!" Shizuka gave him another "suck up" smile and pulled Kimimaru and Sakura towards the stairs.

"Where were you?" called the other lavender-haired twin (Sakura could tell because he didn't wear a necklace) when Kimimaru, Shizuka and Sakura finally got to the class room.

"We couldn't find the damn room, ok, get off my back," Shizuka snapped, sitting down next to him with Kimimaru on her other side. Sakura glanced around for Sasuke and found, to her immediate delight, that he was sitting three seats down from the lavender-
haired twin, making it so she could sit next to him, but also be next to her new friends.

Giving Kimimaru a friendly little smile, she sat down between the two boys; his eyes, still out of sight behind sun glasses, as were Shizuka's, flicked over to her briefly before looking away.

Man... Another guy who doesn't talk... She groaned and turned to Sasuke, smiling. "Ohayo, Sasuke-kun!"


(SNG: Oh crap! Speaking of school work, I have to do mine! Cra-a-a-ap... The only bad thing about home-school is no one is there to tell you when to do your work... I'll go do mine while I try to get more inspiration, okies? Ok, be back in about twenty minutes (I don't have that much work))

(Five minutes later, SNG finishes her work (pre-tests rock!))

(Nevermind! Ok, back to the fic! I have inspiration now!)

"Hello, welcome to grade nine English!" said the teacher with a smile. He was moderately tall, with a high black ponytail and a thin scar across his nose. "My name is Iruka–"

"IRUKA-SENSEI!" called a loud voice from the front of the room. Instantly, there was cheering; Iruka was a very popular teacher.

Sakura groaned, recognizing the loud voice.

"Iruka-sensei, I was on time today! No detention for me, no sirree bob!" Naruto grinned hugely at his favorite teacher and mentor.

Iruka feigned disappointment as the lavender-haired boy suddenly called, "Hey! I'm not in 9th grade! I'm a senior!"

"I'm in 10th grade," said a dark-haired, long-haired boy with pale blue eyes, sitting towards the middle of the classroom.

"Really?" Iruka looked down at his attendance book. "Oh... So you're Otaki Ukon, 12th grade, and Hyuuga Neji, 10th? My mistake." He smiled at the lavender-haired boy. "Correction, students, this is a multi-grade English class. There's no work for today, but I'd like you all to fill out these information sheets so I can know more about you." He began passing out stacks of blue paper to each row of desks.

"How did you find the class? It wasn't that hard," the senior named Ukon asked, giving Shizuka the blue papers in turn.

"Oh. This ugly jerk-off gave us directions," Shizuka answered, taking one of the papers and passing the rest to Kimimaru.

"He wasn't ugly," Sakura said in defense, thinking of how much the boy looked like her precious Sasuke-kun.

"Oh? You like him?" Shizuka turned to look at Sakura.

Sakura flushed. "No, I thought he was really rude."

"Because he was, Sakura, where were you?" Shizuka leaned over so she could see who Sakura was sitting next to. "Oh, is that Sasuke? Hi, Sasuke!" She waved.


Shizuka scowled, looking for something to throw at him; the something turned out to be the desk. "Hey! I said 'hi' now you say 'hi' back!" she shouted, pulling the desk off the nearly-unconscious Sasuke.

"Hakai-teki, go stand in the hall like that," Iruka instructed.

"Huh?" Shizuka looked at him.

(A minute or so later)

Damn him, Shizuka thought angrily, standing with the desk over her head, like she had been standing when he instructed her to go out into the hall.

Shizuka looked up when she heard quiet foot steps. The tall, dark-haired boy who had given her directions walked past, one hand in the pocket of his baggy black pants, the other holding a pass. He didn't say anything as he walked past, and didn't even give her a glance, although her eyes followed him under her sunglasses until he went around the corner.

"JERK-OFF!" she shouted, once he was out of sight.

"At least I'm not dense," he called around the corner.

Grr... I hate people like him! she thought angrily, going back to concentrating on not letting the desk fall on her face.

(Ten minutes later)

"Are you ready to behave?" Iruka asked, leaning his head out the door of the classroom.

"Yes..." Shizuka mumbled, owing to the fact that she couldn't feel her arms anymore.

"Alright. Come on in and eat lunch." Iruka smiled at her and opened the door so she could carry her desk back in.

Shizuka groaned, plopping down in her chair and rubbing her arms. "Jesus what a cruel fuckin' teacher.."

"What was that, Hakai-teki?"

"Nothing, nothing!" She gave Iruka a grin, then turned back to Ukon, who gave her a bento box and a pair of chopsticks.

(After class)

"Hmm..." Sakura examined her schedule, standing in the usual huddle with Shizuka; Ukon, Kimimaru and Sasuke stood behind their respective female leaders, examining their own schedules. Well... Ukon examined his. Sasuke knew where he was going and just had to wait for Sakura, since they were going to the same class. Kimimaru knew he just had to follow Shizuka. "Language Arts, room 105 for us."

"Social Studies, 137." Shizuka folded up her schedule and looking around.

"Tayuya and Kidoumaru are probably in that class," Ukon said, looking at his schedule. He sighed. "I have Physics with Sakkon upstairs. I'll see you guys in Gym, ok? Don't get in trouble."

"Ah, shut up," Shizuka snapped, rolling her eyes. "See you guys later," she said to Sasuke and Sakura before leaving with Kimimaru.

(Language Arts)

"...And she seems totally normal, I don't think it's really anything to think about." Sakura finished explaining what she had found out about Shizuka and her friends to Ino.

Ino, however, was still frowning. "It just doesn't make sense. Why would her dad have to talk to the head mistress?"

"She's probably a foreign exchange student, they did look a little weird." Sakura shrugged it off, thinking of Kimimaru's white hair.

"It doesn't make sense."

"Huh?" Sakura and Ino turned to Sasuke, who had finally spoken, after listening to their conversation. "What doesn't make sense, Sasuke-kun?" Sakura asked.

"That Ukon guy was in 12th grade, right?"


"And he and that Sakkon guy are probably twins?"


"Then what were both of them doing in freshmen classes?" Sasuke turned to look at her.

"Shizuka said that Sakkon was held back..."

"What about Ukon? He said before he left that he had to go to Physics with Sakkon. What kind of person who was held back a few years, has a Physics class?"

Sakura frowned, thinking. He was right, of course. It didn't make all that much sense. "I'm sure they have their reasons," she said in her new friends' defenses. But, deep down, she was starting to get slightly confused and even a little suspicious, as well...


"Hey, Shizuka," Sakura said when the black-haired girl came down the locker aisles with the red-haired girl in tow. "How old are your friends?"

"My friends?" Shizuka raised an eyebrow. "Oh, you mean, like, Sakkon and Kimimaru?"

Sakura nodded, getting ready to change into her gym uniform. Gym was the only class they had to do anything in on the first day, for some reason, so they had to get dressed.

"Um..." Shizuka frowned, opening her locker, which was a few lockers down from Sakura's, and started unbuttoning her white shirt. "Sakkon and Ukon are both eighteen, Kidoumaru is almost eighteen, Jiroubou is seventeen, and so is Tayuya." She nodded towards the red-haired girl, whose locker was across the aisle from Sakura's and Shizuka's. The girl named Tayuya just scoffed a little and looked away. "Yeah. And Kimimaru's my age. Why?"

Sakura shrugged, pulling on her gym shirt, which was a white tank-top with the school's crest in the upper-right hand corner. "Just wondering." She glanced down at her skirt while Shizuka changed. 9th grade gym, she read off her schedule.

After everyone was dressed for gym, they all went out to the gymnasium, waiting for the teacher, the boys on one side of the huge room, the girls on the other, except for Shizuka and her five friends, who sat on the bleachers and talked amongst themselves. Sakura noticed that, while all the other boys were dressed for gym, the boy with the high ponytail still wore his trench coat, with his uniform on underneath. Shizuka still wore her sunglasses.

When the teacher finally did come, the girls saw at once why they had to get dressed on the first day.

"Go-o-o-o-o-o-od morning, ladies!" Jiraiya called, grinning hugely and eyeballing the girls.

The girls all winced. "G-Good morning... sensei..."

The boys all groaned and sat down. They knew they wouldn't have to do anything for today.

"Alright, kiddies, rugby time!"

The boys all jumped up, cheering.

"Come on, guys, get off the bleachers!" Jiraiya called to the six kids on the bleachers. They rolled their eyes and went to stand in the crowd. "Hey, you!" He pointed at Shizuka.

She looked slightly surprised, although it was hard to tell, with her sunglasses. "Me?" She pointed to herself.

"Yeah! You be team-captain of team Sugar-lips, ok?" Jiraiya leered at her for a few minutes in her gym shorts and tank top.

"Um... Ok..." Team Sugar-lips? The fuck?

"And you!" He pointed at Ino. "You be the captain of team Kick-My-Butt, ok?"

"What?! Are you tryin' to say something, old man?!" Ino shouted angrily.

"Alright, now, chose your teams! Sugar-lips goes first!"

"Sasuke," Shizuka said at once, giving Ino an evil glare. Sakura had told Shizuka about Ino, so she'd picked Sasuke first, just to spite her.

Ino glared back. "Purple-haired-guy-with-beaded-necklace," she countered.

Sakkon rolled his eyes and went to stand a fair distance away from Ino, but close enough that his team could be determined. He had a name, and he knew it, but she didn't, and it would be fun watching her try to say "purple-haired-guy-with-beaded-necklace" fifty-million times during the game.

"Sakura," Shizuka said, pulling her friend to her.

"Shikamaru," Ino countered, taking the other intellectual mind.

"Kidoumaru!" Shizuka snapped. The guy with the ponytail and trench coat went to stand next to her.


"Neji!" Sakura hissed in Shizuka's ear.

"Neji!" Shizuka said before she could think. "Wait, why?" she asked as the tall, long-
haired boy went to stand next to them, arms crossed, looking harassed.

"Because he's smart," Sakura answered as Ino claimed Hinata.

"Oh... Ukon!"


"Lee!" (Under Sakura's instruction)

"Chouji!" (Under Shikamaru's grumbling)




The teams went as follows:

Team Sugar-lips:










Team Kick-My-Butt:










"Ok!" Jiraiya, who was playing referee, said, sitting on the bleachers, tossing in the ball. "Sic 'em."

The game lasted for about a half hour. Team Sugar-Lips won, mainly because Shizuka always scored. But it must be said, Shizuka really kind of sucked at the game, and always nearly got tackled by the other team, but never was, since one of her five personal "friends" always got in and protected her, even if it meant tackling someone on the same team as them. More then once, Sakkon had dragged the spitefull, Sasuke-deprived Ino to the floor when she tried to tackle Shizuka.

"That was fun!" Shizuka said cheerfully as the girls headed back into the locker rooms.

"Yeah... fun..." Ino muttered sarcastically, warily tapping a bruise and wincing.

"Hey, where was Kimimaru?" Sakura asked, opening her locker. "He wasn't on the teams."

"He doesn't like gym," Shizuka answered with a shrug. "He signed up, but probably stayed in the boy's locker room."

"Isn't that, like, skipping?"

"I dunno. I never thought about it." Shizuka shrugged, taking off her tank top and slipping on her button-up shirt.

"I'm confused, though," Sakura said with a frown, pulling on her cut-off jeans. "How come Neji and Lee were in gym? They're sophomores, aren't they?"

"People on team sports have to take gym every year," Jiraiya supplied, strutting in the girls' locker room like he owned the place. "Neji's on the J.V. soccer team, and Lee is in gymnastics and lacrosse."

Girls: O.o

Jiraiya: (grin) Yo!

"PERVERT!" the girls screamed, throwing every available solid object at the old man (i.e.: books, binders, bags, lockers, etc.)

"Where's the pervert?!" Sakkon and Ukon shouted, throwing open the door to the girls locker room and coming in with just their gym shorts on, having rushed from changing, themselves.

Girls: O.o

Sakkon&Ukon: O.O .... O,.O (nosebleed)


"NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!" the twins shouted, running from the room, holding their noses and dragging Jiraiya by the ankles while Shizuka threw a bench at their heads.


(After everyone is dressed)

"I'm telling you, it was an accident!" Sakkon shouted, adjusting the tissue he'd stuffed in his nose to stop the blood.

"You saw us naked!" Shizuka shouted, beating him and Ukon across the head with their own jackets.

"We came in because you were screaming 'pervert, pervert'!" Ukon said in a mocking, squeaking voice, flaying his arms in a bad imitation of a girl.

"Don't you know to knock before going in a girls locker room?!" she shouted, continually beating them, although they seemed not to notice.

Finally, after Shizuka was done beating the twins, she and Sakura examined schedules again. "I have Fashion Strategies, 159," Sakura said.

"You need it, forehead-girl," Ino taunted as she walked by.

Sakura just glared. She had gotten to play on the same team as Sasuke. Ino had played on the same team as two fat-asses. Sakura was having a good day.

"We're right next door," Shizuka said, nodding to Kimimaru, who had miraculously appeared as soon as gym was over. "Guitar, 158."

"I have Guitar, 158," Sasuke muttered, looking at his schedule.

"Awesome! We can all walk together!" Sakura said happily.

She and Shizuka looked expectantly at Kidoumaru, Jiroubou, Tayuya and the twins.

"Foods & Nutrition," Jiroubou mumbled before walking away.

"Health," the twins said together, before going to the New Wing.

"Music & Technology," Tayuya grumped, stalking away.

"I have no clue," Kidoumaru answered, looking at his schedule. "Oh. Calc. Later." He waved and went across the gymnasium to the other stairs, as it was closer.

Sasuke spent most of the walk to their next class giving Sakura very pointed looks. Sakura just shrugged and kept walking.


"Look, guys," Kakashi said with a sigh, looking up from his book. "Just make nice, pretty music, ok? If you make a lot of bad music, I'll give you a B." He looked back at what appeared to be a music book. However, Sasuke had never heard of a music book that made grown men giggle and blush.

He shook it off, however, and picked up the guitar the school was lending him (A/N: In my guitar class, each student got their own guitar that they used during class; each of the guitars was used by different classes throughout the day, though, so it wasn't really ours...) and started plucking the strings in a bored sort of way, not really paying attention to the music; instead, he listened in on Kimimaru's and Shizuka's conversation, still rather curious about the two.

"Come ok, Kimi-kun, sing it," Shizuka was pleading, pulling on her "brother's" shirt.








"Ok." Apparently satisfied with this answer, Shizuka took out her notebook, the only thing she'd carried with her all day, and started doing the homework Iruka had assigned. After a few moments of starring at the paper, pencil poised over it, ready to write, she suddenly shouted, "I have no clue what this crap is!" and started pulling on her hair.

Sasuke chuckled quietly to himself. He knew what it was; it was simply conjugating verbs. But was he going to help Shizuka? Scoff! No. Let her figure it out...

"I can help you..."

...Or not, Sasuke finished, looking back to see Neji giving Shizuka a blank look; however, there was no doubt that he was the one who made the offer.

Shizuka looked relieved. "Really? You will?"

Neji nodded. "I've had Iruka since grade school, and he always gives homework on the first day. It's easy."

"...Oh yeah, you're in my class, aren't you?"

He nodded.

"You're the sophomore, aren't you? What are you doing in a freshman class?"

"I needed it to fill up my schedule."

"Oh." She grinned, scooting her chair closer to his. "Ok, what's this crap mean?"

Sasuke rolled his eyes as the older boy began explaining how to conjugate English verbs like "to have" and "to be." It was a simple process, and Neji made his explanation very clear, but when Shizuka continued to give him a "Duh..." look, her sunglasses slightly lop-sided, he sighed and kept explaining.

(After class)

"I still don't get it," Shizuka said with a sigh as she, Kimimaru, Sasuke and Neji exited the class together.

"I understood it," Kimimaru said quietly, "all fifteen times he tried to explain."

Shizuka glared. Then she sighed as the four waited fo Sakura. "I'm gonna fail that class... I know it..."

"I could tutor you, if you want," Neji offered, shifting so he held his notebook in one hand with his other hand in the pocket of his baggy black shorts (the kind that skater boys wear).

"Really?" Shizuka asked, giving him her "suck up" smile as Sakura finally came out of the classroom.

"Oh, god, now what do you want from someone?" Sakura feigned annoyance. Then, she laughed at the look Shizuka gave her. "I'm kidding."

Shizuka rolled her eyes and turned back to Neji as the five of them walked down the hall. "Will you, really?"

He shrugged. "Sure."

She grinned. "Cool! Can you come over my house today?"

Again, he shrugged. "Sure."

Kimimaru gave her an optimistic look, as if unsure this were a good decision.

"Oh, shut up," she said, then turned and grinned at Sasuke and Sakura. "You can all come over!"

By this time, Sakkon and Ukon had joined them. "Uh, no," Ukon said at once.

Sakura turned and double-deuched him. "Screw off, you fag," she said coldly.

"Ok, one, 'fag' is not a nice word. I can understand 'fuck' and 'shit,' but 'fag' is not nice," Ukon said. "Second, your father is going to murderlize you."

"No, he won't," she snapped, sticking her tongue out.

Sakkon sighed. "She's right," he said with a sigh to his brother.

Ukon groaned. "Jeez... this whole thing fuckin' sucks. Fine, they can come. But if you get chewed out, don't blame us."

"Ok, ok." Shizuka rolled her eyes, stopping in front of a locker. "You all go on ahead, I'm going to get my coat." She gave Sakkon a warning glare. "They better all be in one piece and untraumatized when I get out there."

Sakkon just rolled his eyes and waved his hand. "Yeah, yeah, yeah..." He and his brother led Shizuka's 'company' out to where the black limos were waiting for them.

Shizuka grinned a little and turned back to her locker. Ok... 14... 16... 26. She pulled on the handle.


"Huh?" She entered the combination again.


"Aw, come on!" Getting a little annoyed, she entered the combination and yanked on the handle. "Come on! 14-16-26! Do it!" Bracing her foot against the other lockers, she pulled on the handle. "Come on, work! Work! Arrrgh!"

"Don't talk to lockers."

"Huh?" She turned.

The tall, dark-haired boy who had given her directions and called her 'dense' looked down at her with a long, blank expression that was completely devoid of emotion. "Having trouble again?"

"No!" She snapped, turning back around and entering the combination again.

After a few minutes of trial and failure, the boy rolled his eyes and pushed her out of the way. He then proceeded to rap his knuckles on six different places on the locker-door in a sort of rhythmic pattern.

"What's that? Some kind of upperclassmen trick?" she asked, looking like she thought it was the cheesiest thing she ever saw.

"Yeah. That and the combination." He twisted the little knob, entered her combination, and opened the door.

She raised an eyebrow. "How did you know my combination?"

"Well, it's kind of hard to miss when you scream it at an inanimate object," he said with a shrug, taking out her coat and giving it to her. She put it on without a word and started to walk away, but was stopped by his hand on her shoulder. "And now you say..." he prompted her.

She scoffed, pushing his hand off. "Like hell I'm gonna thank you! You insulted me, you dickhead! You have to apologize to me before I thank you!" And with that, she stalked away out the doors to where two limos were waiting for her.

Itachi smirked, watching hr leave. Interesting... He wiped his face of expression again, however, as a group of Juniors walked by; slamming her locker door shut he stalked outside towards the student parking lock, reaching for his keys.

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