Author's Note: Before all my fave reviewers think this is an addition to this story, hold your horses people. I wanted to repost this story so more people could enjoy this story will all of us. Also its given me a chance to give all my reviewers one last big hug.


:grins: So to all that have loved this story and been with me since it started, don't worry. :winks: I'll be back soon with the sequel. We can't leave Jeremy and Darius's wedding out right? Who wants to see Erik get dragged back to the Opera House with his wife and little girl? Oops………did I say little girl:;grins: But its really up to you guys. Sequel…….no sequel?

Because I love you all I thought I'd ask you all first. You know how to answer. Send your review and if I get ten yeahs then its green light on the sequel. Hope to hear from you all soon. Besides, I have to get Erik out of the apartment upstairs, he's starting to drive me nuts.

Love Phantom Ange