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Note - This is the second part of the Hells Trilogy Series. This story will not make sense if you have yet to read 'The General's Hell', which you can find by clicking on my profile!

SPOILER ALERT - Will contain season eight spoilers.

Synopsis - a month after the train hijacking and the dissappearance of Pete Shanahan, things are slowly returning to normal. Siobhan O'Neill's off on a new tour on the Prometheus and Jack and Sam are settling into their new relationship with ease. But everyone's in danger, and it's only a matter of time before the past comes back to haunt SG1...

Genre - Action/Adventure/Mystery/Angst/Suspense

Pairings - established relationships J/S and Other/Other

Rating - PG for now

Set - season eight

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The Hells Trilogy Part 2

The Doctors' Hell

Chapter 1

Jacob…please let me drive




Jacob felt a sense of relief as Selmak fell silent…or so he thought.

Stupid Tauri

Selmak…I can't have any more points deducted from my license

Fine Selmak huffed.

Jacob was back in Colorado Springs after his brush with death months earlier. Captain Harper had seen him when he arrived at the SGC, the young officer telling him rather vaguely that 'things had changed'.

Darn right!

Sam had logged in some holiday time, along with Jack, SG1, a few unnamed new recruits and Walter Harriman. It was unusual for the Air Force to have so many officers off at the one time. The civilians were entitled to take their leave whenever they wanted as they were, after all, doing the United States military a favour. Officers and enlisted personnel were a different matter…They were doing their duty.

Jacob turned into Sam's street and smiled at the kids playing baseball in the park. His curiosity piqued when he saw the man playing with them…Walter Harriman? He didn't have kids.

Ooh…gossip! Selmak chided him

"Shut up." Jacob muttered out loud.

He pulled into Sam's driveway, and was surprised at the noise emanating from within. Sam was a rather private person, never once throwing a party in her teenage years. For her to have a house full of people seemed frankly…odd.

He got out of the car, and the hullabaloo of a noise increased. He could clearly hear Jack O'Neill, and several others. A roaring laugh that sounded like Teal'c was an indication that something was indeed happening.

He rounded the corner to Sam's back yard, and was quite taken aback by what he saw.

Sam, Daniel Teal'c a woman, Jack and three Jack look-a-likes were standing in Sam's backyard having a barbecue.


The hubbub died down.

"Dad!!!" Sam near shrieked as she ran up, embracing her father in a hug.

"Jacob!" Daniel smiled, walking up and shaking the former General's hand.

"Jacob Carter…Selmak." Teal'c inclined his head.

"…Hi…." Jack quivered, a nervous smile playing on his features.

"Hi guys…Jack?"

"Ehm dad…let me introduce you to everyone." Sam smiled, trying to move away from Jack's obvious unease of being near his girlfriend's father.

"This is Dr Siobhan O'Neill…chief researcher onboard Prometheus…"

"…And Jack's long-suffering sister."

"Jack O'Neill's sister? Pleased to meet you!" Jacob greeted her warmly.

"This is Dr Jim O'Neill…a former researcher and founder at SETI…He's working at Cheyenne in an …unofficial capacity"

"Please to meet you too." Said Jacob, extending a hand to Jim.

I get the feeling there's something going on here Selmak voiced her intuition

I know

Jim nodded and smiled at Jacob.

"This is Angus 'MacGyver' O'Neill…he' s a private investigator."

"Please…just call me Mac…It's nice to meet you sir." Mac smiled, extending a firm handshake.

Jacob smiled at the man, noting that he was significantly younger than his siblings. He had a good aura around him, and Jacob internally groaned when Selmak let out a sigh.

The answer's no!

C'mon! He's nice!

"And finally, this is Nurse Bob O'Neill."

"Pleased to meet you!" The rather nervous man said smiling.

"Pleased to meet you too!"

"Hey Campers!" Came a shout from around the corner, as Walter appeared with two small kids.

"Unca Jack! I hit a run!" One of the boys squealed.

"That's great!" Jack smiled, running up to the boys.

"Mom…I got you sumthin'!" the other said, holding up an earthworm.

Siobhan stepped forward, veiling a look of disgust. "Oh sweetie…that's lovely…why don't you put it next to the plant for it to play with it's friends."

"Okeedokee!" The kid said, wandering over to the Chinese Money plant's container.

What have I told Sam about keeping them outdoors?

"Hello Sir." Walter said, as he noticed Jacob.

"General Carter." Began Siobhan. "This is Jimmy," she said pointing to the boy who had now clambered his way to Jack shoulders, "…and this…" she said, running over to the other who now had his hands entrenched deep in compost "…is Jon."

"Jimmy, Jon…this is Auntie Sam's dad Jacob." Jack said.

"Hiya!" Jimmy said.

There was no response from Jon, who just stood staring intently at Jacob's head.

"Hair…sumwuns got your hair!" he called.

Sam couldn't help it, and in an attempt to contain her giggles, snorted rather loudly.

"Sam!" came a chorus from SG1.

"Sorry guys!"

"So Sammie…how are you? How's the wedding plans coming along."

Silence consumed the group, and Jacob realised he may have said the wrong thing. A few glares were sent Jim's way while looks of sympathy towards Sam and Jack.

"Ehm…I'm not getting married…Pete and I…well…It's complicated…I'm with the man I truly love now."

The mood improved slightly, and Sam walked slowly over to Jack, taking his hand in hers.

Jack turned crimson, before he began babbling.

"I ehm…I…um…I've quit the air force…Sam and I were planning on contacting you."

Jacob was shocked. He was not prepared for this.

Yay! Selmac shouted Selly one Jake nil!

What makes you think I'm unhappy about it

It's not that…You're in shock whereas I knew what was coming!

"I uh…I don't know what to say…I wasn't expecting this…"

"Dad…please don't be mad…We love each other."

"Oh I've known that for a while…I just wasn't expecting…this…It'll take me a while to get used to it."

Everyone stood silent for a second, until a baby's cry interrupted them. It was only at that moment that Jacob looked over to where Siobhan was standing, and saw a baby.

"Gus…I just got you to sleep." Siobhan sighed, picking up the little boy. "Oh…I was hoping he'd be asleep before I left."


"Siobhan's starting a new tour on Prometheus today…she'll be away for three months." Walter said.

"I hate leaving the kids."

"Well they've got an assortment of Uncles and…Aunt…to look after them."

Siobhan smiled ruefully. "Thanks…I think."

Jack walked over to the grill, removing several burgers and hot dogs from the grill.

"Right kids…what are we having?" Jack said as he made up a hot dog. He smothered it in red ketchup and mustard, before handing it to Sam.

"A hot dog with everything you've got." Jim said.

"Me too." Came a call from Mac.

"Ditto." Said Siobhan.

"A burger and bun for me." Teal'c said.

"A hot dog and mustard." Said Daniel.

"A burger with nothing." Said Bob.

"Jacob? What about you?"

"Fast food doesn't…agree with me anymore."

"Selmak's got you giving up caffeine and hot dogs?"

Jacob was silent.

"It's okay dad…they all know about the program."


"Walter…still not taking anything?"

"Nah…still getting over that flu bug."

"We'd better be going anyway…I've got to be at Cheyenne by three so that I can gate to P3V 845 and rendezvous with Prometheus." Said Siobhan. "It was nice to finally meet you sir."

"Nice to meet you too Siobhan…good luck on your tour."

Siobhan smiled, before she picked up Jon, and Jack handed Jimmy to Walter.

"Have fun!"

"Right kids…let's get you two to your playgroup before mommy goes to work!" Walter told the boys.

"We'll look after Gus." Sam called.

"Bye Siobhan!" Daniel called.

"See ya sis!" Mac shouted.

"Bye guys!" Siobhan said, before she and Walter disappeared round the corner.

"Oh it's gonna be quiet with Siobhan away." Jim remarked.

"Yeah." Bob said.

"C'mon Dad…tells us what you've been up to!" Sam said.

As Walter and Siobhan drove away from Sam's house in 'Springs, they were unaware of a car following them.

"Sir…vehicle is en-route to the day care centre…Do you want me to continue tracking them after that? Yes sir…will do…They're stopping."

The Jag stopped outside the day-care, and the tall woman got out, taking the little boys with her.

"Secondary subject has left the vehicle…she's taken her children with her…Would you like me to move in? Understood sir."

Five minutes later, the curly haired woman returned to the car. Tear trails visible on her beautiful face. She entered the vehicle, and the man watched as primary subject gave her a hug, before they drove off.

"Sir…Vehicle is on the move again…Yes sir…I'll let him know."

The black unmarked vehicle once again took off after Walter and Siobhan. Little did they know how much danger they were in…

"Sam." Jack called to his girlfriend.


"I'm heading to the chemists for my prescription…you need anything??"

Sam tilted her head to one side, obviously thinking about what they needed.

"Ehm…could you pick up some aspirin…we've got none left, and could you pick up something chocolatey?"

"No probs…anyone else?"

"I think we're all fine," said Mac.

"Right…I'll be back soon!"

"See ya!" called Bob.

Jack got into his SUV, unaware the surprise that waited for him at the other end…


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