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Chapter Two - Stalkers and Surprises



"That Black SUV's following us."

Walter glanced briefly at his wing mirror, and saw the four-wheel drive lagging some twenty metres behind.

"Are you sure?"

"Positive." Siobhan stated firmly.

Walter slowed the car, as they neared the stoplights. As they stopped, Walter looked back, trying to see the license plate.

"Crap." He muttered, seeing the blank space where the plate should have been.


"No number."

Siobhan exhaled a ragged breath, as the car once again began to move. She reached into the glove compartment and retrieved her cell phone. She speed-dialled the SGC.

"Hello Captain Harper…It's Dr O'Neill. A Ford F-250 is trailing us. No license plates. Please advise."

"Head to Petersen." Harper responded in his familiar nasal tone. "Major Davis is currently holding a briefing there. I'll contact him."

"Thank you Captain." Siobhan snapped the phone shut.

"Where to?" Walter said.

"Air Force Academy…Major Davis is there."


Walter quickly changed lanes, heading out of the city.

"I'll try and lose him."

Jack sniffed a bouquet of flowers from the florist's stall adjacent to the Chemists.

"Can I help you?" a small, balding man asked.

"Do you do orders?"

"Certainly! What would you like??"

Good question

"Ehm…Give me a minute."

"What's the occasion?"

"Months anniversary…to the love of my life." Jack grinned.

"Congratulations…May a suggest a dozen red roses?"

Cliché…No thanks

"Actually I think a peace rose may be more appropriate."

"Why's that sir?"

"My girlfriend knows I'm no fan of clichés."

The florist smiled. "I know the feeling…When will you be collecting?"

"Ehm…later today…her Dad's visiting just now."

"I see…and the name?"

"O'Neill…Jack O'Neill."

"Okay..." The florist pulled a notepad out of his apron pocket. "O'Neill…a single peace rose."

Jack reached into his pocket, pulling out his wallet.

"You can pay on collection."

"Oh…right…thanks!" Jack said, before putting his wallet away. "Bye."


Jack smiled as he left the street trader to go back to his business. He turned to go into the chemists, when he noticed something.

Half of the 'Bruce Preston…the Family Chemists' sign was missing, and there was a notice on the door saying.

Under New Management

"Crap." Jack growled.

His chemists changed ownership as often as the Stargate got the SGC in trouble. Not only that, but every time a new chemist appeared, all of Jack's files got muddled up.

"Here's goes nothing."

Jack strode into the chemists to see the place in an organised state of disarray. Several builders were running around, hammering nails into shelves, tacking cabinets to the walls. Jack though he saw what looked like the pharmacy counter, and edged forward, minding the workers. A tall man with thinning red hair and familiar blue eyes busied himself behind the counter. He was cataloguing cough medicines, and didn't notice Jack.

"Excuse me." Jack said politely.

The man looked up, seemingly startled to see him standing there.

"Hello! Sorry I didn't notice you, it's just I've got so much work to do."

"That's perfectly alright Dr…"

"Carter. I've just bought over this place…It was short notice, otherwise I'm sure Mr Preston would have informed you."

Jack shrugged off his new pharmacist's name. After all, Carter was common enough.

"I'm sure."

"What can I help you with?" Carter asked.

"I'd like to pick up a prescription that I phoned in yesterday."

"Right…Name and address?"

"Dr Jonathan O'Neill. 175 Pineview Avenue."

"And what did you order?"

Jack rolled his eyes. He could never remember his prescription.

"Ehm…Simvastatin, thirty milligrams."

Carter scurried off, and a moment later appeared with the prescription.


"Dr O'Neill?"

"It's the first time my order's actually been right!"

Carter smiled. "Well…getting prescriptions right is the key to being a good chemist!"

Jack smiled in return.

"Is there anything else?"

"Uh yeah…I need contact lens solution and some aspirin."

Again, Carter disappeared, before coming back with exactly what Jack had ordered.

"That comes to $9.40."

Jack handed over a twenty, and waited on his change.

"So why did you move to the Springs?"

"A variety of reasons actually…San Diego was far too competitive, and I didn't like the area much…I only lived there as it's my wife's hometown…I told her I was unhappy, and we decided to move here…It's really great that this is where we picked to live. My father and my sister both live here…They work in Cheyenne Mountain."

Jack's heart skipped a beat. "Holy Hannah."


"Ehm…does your sister know you're here yet?"

"No…I don't know how to contact her or my father…Since my best friend disappeared, I've had no contact with Sam."

Jack blushed guiltily at the vague reference to Pete.

"Is your name by any chance…Mark?"

Carter blinked. "…Yeah…How did you know that?"

Jack smiled. "I'm former Brigadier General Jack O'Neill…US Air Force…Sam's my second in command, and I'm friends with your father."


"Small world."


Jack shifted on his feet. "Want Sam's number?"


Jack smiled once more, before getting Sam's number from his phone. The chemist eagerly noted his sister's number, and as he did, Jack felt a pang of guilt…Mark would never find out the truth about Pete, a man Mark still considered a friend.

"So..How long have you and Jack been an item?" Jacob asked, the second the O'Neills, Daniel and Teal'c had left.

"About a month…I'm sorry we didn't tell you sooner."

Jack grinned. "No problem kiddo…I am a little…surprised…but it's been painfully obvious that you two care for each other for a long time. Selmak's very happy for you."

Sam smiled, before seemingly letting out a sigh of relief. "Jack was a nervous wreck about telling you."

Jacob chuckled. "He's too sensitive…Or so Selmak tells me."

Sam openly giggled at that comment, but regained her composure as she heard the front door click open.

"Hey campers! I'm…back." He paused on seeing just Jacob and Sam sitting on his leather couch. "Where'd everybody go?"

"They just left a moment ago."

"Ah…Got your aspirin."


Jack headed up to the kitchen, unceremoniously dumping his carrier bag under the table.

"I've got some news for you." Jack announced.

"Let me guess…your chemist's changed again?"

Jacob shot Sam and Jack strange looks.

"Yeah…but it's not any old chemist I've got now."

"Has Danny Jenkin's come back?" Sam smiled enthusiastically.

"No…It's one Dr. Mark Carter."

Jacob's eyes fell out of his head. "What?"

"You're kidding!"

"Nope…got his number to prove it!" Jack grinned, holding up his cell phone.

Sam got up from the couch, grabbing the phone from Jack. She flipped it open, before clicking on the address book. The phone began to ring, and Sam let out a small yelp, earning a chuckle from Jacob. A glare rapidly silenced him. Jack seized the moment, and reclaimed his phone.

"O'Neill…Harper? What's wrong? Right…We'll be there ASAP." Jack ended the call, before putting it away. His expression was grim.

"Jack?" Sam said.

"It's Siobhan and Walter…They got followed by a black SUV…They're at Petersen with Paul Davis."

"What?" Jacob exclaimed.

"We'd better get down there." Sam said, following Jack to the door.

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