TITLE: Nightmare

AUTHOR: Erin Giles


SUMMARY: Angel can't shake the nightmares or reveal his true feelings.

There was the distance ring of a gunshot in the air and Wesley convulsed forward. Angel's smile waned from his pale features, "Wes?" There was no reply as the ex-watcher looked down to his gut where his hand rested, pulling it away red from what had once been a crisp, freshly ironed blue shirt. He spluttered blood as his knees gave out, falling forward into Angel's waiting arms, "Wesley?" Angel called more desperately, as Wesley sunk further into Angel's arms, his face clammy now as he started to shake violently, Angel pressing his large bear paws to Wesley stomach in a desperate attempt to slow the bleeding, but it was useless.

Wesley frowned up at him, "So cold." He whispered, barely audible to anyone else but Angel, as tears slipped down the vampire's cheeks.

"I know Wes, I know." The vampire's voice wavered desperately, his mind too numb to think clearly or rationally enough to try and save Wesley's life, "Wes, just hold on, okay. Just…" He trailed off as Wesley went limp in his arms, his lifeless startlingly cold blue eyes staring back up at him with an intensity that scared even Angel, "Wesley?" the vampire questioned, somehow expecting a reply as he shook the rogue demon hunters shoulders, "Wesley?" There was no reply. Wesley was dead. He was gone. Angel's lover had been murdered…

Angel awoke with a start, Wesley's name still on his lips, his limbs tangled in white sheets that he had wrestled with in the night, the taste of salt in his mouth and tear tracks still fresh on his cheeks. That was the third time he had had that dream - this week. He pulled himself from the covers to go take a shower. He couldn't stand having the dream again.

"Good Morning, Angel." The same cheery voice greeted him. He wasn't dead; a little worse for wear this morning, but not dead. Angel decided today, just like every other day, would be the day he told Wesley his true feelings. But the sun set that night just the same, and they fought their demons both inside and out, while Wesley continued to be oblivious, as Angel continued to have the same nightmare. Again, and again…