TITLE: Raining Outside

AUTHOR: Erin Giles


PAIRING: Angel/Wes

SUMMARY: Wes goes out on an errand in the pouring rain and Angel has to make it up to him when he forgets to pick Wes up.

A/N: points at Dawnie It's all her fault! The Wes/Angel fairy has influenced me!

Wesley came hurrying in, out of the way of the storm that had swept over Los Angeles since last night, his package clutched tightly to his chest, wrapped up in his jacket out of harms way. He shook his head as the door slammed shut behind him, spraying the marble floor with rain as he removed his steamed up glasses, trying to wipe them on his shirt, before realising it was too wet itself to be of any use to dry his specs. He sighed inwardly and slouched down the steps, into the main lobby, creating puddles on the floor as he went.

It was at that point the door to his office opened casually as Angel wandered into the main lobby, a book in hand. He stopped dead in his tracks as he noticed the soaking ex-watcher, water running from his nose and dripping onto the lobby floor, "Wes?" Angel questioned, as the Englishman squelched his way over to the front desk and pressed the play button on the answering machine.

"You have one new message." Wesley deposited the book and turned to look at Angel as the message played out, the obvious sound of torrential rain in the background, "Angel its Wesley here. I was wondering if you could come and pick me since it's pouring down and the book that I've just purchased is somewhat valuable and will no doubt be unreadable if I take it out in this weather. Give me a call back if you get this, if not I'll try and make my own way back. BEEP." The message cut off as Angel looked guiltily at Wes.

"Sorry Wes, I was… I got engrossed in… you know how I am with books… and… brooding…" Angel trailed off lamely as Wesley continued to glare back, folding his arms in defiance. Angel shrugged. "I'm sorry?" He ventured, but got no reply as Wesley turned to unwrap the book, checking the binding and the pages, "Well the book's ok," Angel stated, before putting his arms around Wesley's waist, "And as for you," Wesley sneezed a couple of times before turning around to face Angel, "Well I'm sure once we get you out of those wet clothes I can make it up to you." Wesley continued to glare back at Angel for a moment before his features softened into a smile before he sneezed again. Angel wrapped strong arms around his lover as he shivered underneath his sodden soft cotton shirt.

"I'm cold." He moaned into Angel's shoulder as Angel pulled out of the hug, taking Wesley's hand and leading him towards the stairs.

"I know. Let's get you into bed before you catch a cold." Angel said as he smiled wickedly.