Best Kept Secrets

By Philosophical Sphinx

This is a college Fic Alternate Reality Style TxY pairing


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Best Kept Secrets

Chapter 1

When Fiends Attack

He had just excused the department for the day, but Nooj was still feeling very uneasy about what was expected. Sitting at his desk and scanning the clock across the room, he knew there was plenty of time before the next class.

Bevelle University was one of two universities in Spira that covered Fiend Investigation. Nooj was the department head of both schools. The position was assigned by Emperor Braska himself, in hopes of training those that could help bring an end to the war. It was not a difficult task, for the most part, but now his Zanarkand classes were almost obsolete. Nooj looked back down at his paperwork. 'Maybe I should just waive the assignment.' Looking at the clock again he decided it was time to make the trek to the other campus.

" Are you going to be okay getting back?" twenty year old Rikku called to her cousin.

" Yeah Rikku don't worry, the limo will be here shortly."

" So your not going with us than today?" Baralai sounded disappointed.

" Until that fiend problem gets back under control I need to stay with my father's staff." Yuna sighed pulling her sunglasses back down to hide her mismatched eyes.

" Okay well, I guess we will see you at the next class.. Later Princess." Gippal said in his usual humorous tone as he walked the rest of the group over to his waiting camero.

Moments after saying goodbye to her classmates Yuna watched the camero drive away and carefully scanned the path outside the school before leaving her position. In Spira so much could happen; there were vampiric fiends and werewolves that wandered around everywhere. Yuna had to be on her guard since her protector was murdered by fiends only days prior.

Two days prior:

It all was happening fast again. Yuna and her father were standing just outside the Bevelle Court house and were attacked. Yuna knew that Spira would never be safe; she grew up under the keeping of the secret service when even her father could not be there. Though even he could not protect her as he needed his guards just as much.

" As soon as you graduate from the University it will be easier."

" But I only will be able to differentiate between the fiends and ways to ward them off."

" That will be all you need when the time comes for you to take over my job..." Braska began. "You know everything else about how Spira works."

Yuna could only nod as she did not want her father discussing anything involving life without him. She had already lost both her mother and her sister and did not want to be saddened by anything else anymore.

In front of them a werewolf was attempting to get past her guard, Chappu. The guard had pulled out his gun but the werewolf had it knocked out of his hand just as fast.

The werewolf seeing victory in his grasp immediately lunged forward and took a chunk out of Chappu's leg and deciding to finish him off knocked him down on his hands and knees.

Yuna watched in terror from her father's side as her body guard collapsed to the ground losing his battle with the werewolf that tried to attack his boss. His partner, a senior officer who was her Father's guard immediately began shooting at the fiend until it too collapsed from the bullet wounds that had immediately killed it on impact.

" Good job Auron," Emperor Braska sighed as his Guard replaced the guns back in their holsters.

" No problem sir," Auron nodded while looking at the remains of his partner, sighing. "I think we need another new replacement."

" Yeah," Yuna sighed back. "These fiends are increasing their numbers."

" You will be safer when you finish those fiend hunting classes." Her Father reminded her. "Come on, who knows how many more fiends are waiting for us right now. ."

'Poor Chappu..' Yuna nodded.

end Flashback

Seeing that the coast was clear, Yuna dashed across the lawn towards the limo that had just then pulled up.

The door was unlocked and Yuna quickly opened the door and jumped inside. She closed her door and placed her backpack at her feet before buckling her seat belt.

" Are you ready Miss Yuna?" the driver Clasko asked as he saw her shut her door, he locked it and began driving towards the palace.

" Yes," Yuna sighed as she scanned her scenery. It was going to be another long evening since her father has not been able to get anyone new to join the secret service.

Yuna watched the scenery as the vehicle passed; she knew this enemy was getting harder to control. She sighed than turned to face the front of the vehicle. This fiend problem was recent. There have been cases in the last several years, however this was different. The vampires have grouped and are attacking with full force. What had troubled the princess was that it all happened just after her father sent Lenne to classes of self defense.

'Lenne' Yuna sighed, trying hard not to cry. Her sister lost the battle and would never return. Without Lenne, Yuna was alone. She was no longer as secure as before. She had a heavy weight of pressure on her shoulders.

As soon as the limo pulled onto the property Yuna jumped out and followed Clasko swiftly to the house. She may be a Senior at Bevelle University with a major in Fiend Hunting, but being that she was the Emperor's daughter she still could not be too careful. As such, she was vulnerable to attacks even with the training she was being given. It would be a sad day if she were to fall prey to a vampire or werewolf as she was the crown heir of Spira. Yuna ran into the house to be greeted by her father.

" I'm glad your safe," Emperor Braska sighed, "we had another bout of fiends in the area and I just notified the volunteer forces and the rest of the police to be on their guard."

" What will we do about my bodyguard?" Yuna asked her father, referring to the secret service position that just opened up for the twentieth time last night.

" I am still negotiating with the forces trying to find someone who is capable of the job." Braska said knowing it was not safe for her to be without one. "We have to wait and be careful until someone takes the job."

"That could take forever.." Yuna sighed in resignation. "Since we have been losing them left and right, people don't want to take the job." She just shook her head. "They know that to protect me means an early death."

Braska just nodded and hugged his only daughter. "Even with my training, back when there was no threat of these particular fiends, I needed a guard."

"At least your guardian is still alive." She nodded to Auron who was standing across the hall.

"Experience is the key, Yuna." Auron reminded her.

Yuna nodded and continued to walk past her father and toward the stairs so she could put her books down in her room. There were a lot of assignments that she had to get a head start on.

She dashed up the stairs and straight towards her quarters already planning how she was going to write her essay on "How to ward away Vampires."

Later On that afternoon:

" Hey Princess how is everything?" a familiar voice called to her from her window.

Yuna looked over to see Shuyin attempt to squeeze through the bars that surrounded her window. "What are you doing here?" she asked her friend. "Dad does not want anyone else in the house remember?"

" I had to see you." Shuyin protested.

" But the fiends...?"

" I can fend for myself." Shuyin walked forward and hugged her.

" I know, but the numbers have increased. ." Yuna sighed in his embrace. "Shuyin. . I. . I. . have a lot of schoolwork that I really need to work on. ." She started.

" Darling?"

" Once again I do not have a guard, and due to this I can't do anything or see anyone. At least not until another can prove they can handle protecting me without being vampire bait." Yuna continued.

" I know, but he should be able to trust me."

"I have a lot of paperwork Shuyin," She reminded him. "Unlike people like you who are no longer in school, I need to concentrate on my schooling."

"You got me there," Shuyin sighed, defeated. "All you had to say was you had a lot of homework."

" You need to go Shuyin," Yuna said in a soft tone. "If dad catches you..."

" I will be fine," Shuyin nodded breaking their embrace.

" Daddy is still upset over the loss of my sister... we need to keep things low until the fiend problem goes back to its normal control."

" Its only temporary, it is always only temporary..." Shuyin sighed, pulling off her sunglasses he was gazing deep into her mismatched eyes.

" I can't help my father's beliefs." Yuna sighed. "After all he is torn over the loss of both my mother and Lenne."

" I know," Shuyin sighed continuing to stare at her, "I just want to be with you."

" I'm sorry Shuyin," Yuna said in a depressed tone. "I have a lot I must do."

Yuna walked Shuyin back to the window and watched him attempt to get past the bars again. Shuyin patted her shoulder one last time. " I will talk with you at school than."

As soon as Yuna was sure that Shuyin was safe she closed her window and locked it knowing that if he could get through the bars than so can a werewolf or any other fiend. She than went back to her assignments.

To Be Continued

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