Best Kept Secrets

By Philosophical Sphinx
This is a college Fic Alternate Reality Style TxY pairing


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Best Kept Secrets
Chapter 10
Decisions and Plans

The Queen was not in the best mood as of late; yet she stood in her quarters eagerly listening to the young woman's questions. " Go ahead, I'm listening."

" Have we cleared out Mt. Gagazet?"

"Umm possibly"

" If I were to get more Ronzo to help?"

" There's an idea."

The Brown haired woman chose to ignore the statement.

" Don't expect my help." A voice called from the doorway.

" Who asked you?"

" Well according to father, I have a say as to what I do around here."

" And I care about this why?"

" Cause you can't do anything unless I am okay with it."

" Look you, I have not needed your help yet, and last I checked I was more successful than you." The young woman snapped.

" So."

" This is just a portion of the project that I have already been doing."

" So."

" Why are you interfering?" The blue haired women gave him a questioning look. " Is there something you need to discuss in private that you can't say in front of both of us?"

A tall blond who had been standing in the doorway looked up.
" Nothing mother"

" Highly unlikely." The Brown haired women who had been speaking to the other, snapped.

" Lenne, this does not concern you."

"Humph" She turned back to the queen.

" Can I have a minute with my mother?"

" Let me think about it." Lenne snarled back.

" I would really…"

" If you don't mind we are strategizing here." Yunalesca sighed, giving the boy a very annoyed look.

" Why are you here?" The brown haired women asked when she noticed he was not moving.

" Why, am I not supposed to be?"

" What is it you need?"

" Well other than help from my former girlfriend, I need some spells so I can get to work on the Zanarkand mission." He gave Lenne a pleading look. " Come on think about it."

" Do I have to do everything myself?"

" I have everything all planned out."

Yunalesca looked between the two generals standing in the room. " Well, a few spells couldn't hurt."

Starring out the window of his own quarters the elder thought about how the last few days have played out.

" Something bothering you?"

" As always, Auron."

The guardian, who was taking a break from his duties, nodded and joined his friend at the window. " I think the enemy was anticipating you."

" It will be a few days before another attack happens."

" Unfortunately, that is exactly what I expect."

" So you think it could be them?"

" It is quite possible." Auron answered, thinking about the enemy as well.

" I wish things were not so hard."

" We have our work cut out for us."

" That's what I am afraid of." Braska sighed.

" The numbers may have fallen in the organization, but that does not mean we can't fight them."

" True." He said while still deep in thought. " Nooj had informed me he was going to go to the Besaid base to do some extra research."

" Maybe some time out of town could help us all gather thoughts as well."

" You know, that's not a bad idea." The Emperor said as his expression brightened. ' Some time at another base might be good for everyone, even if for a day or two.' He told himself.

" Would you like me to call for a meeting?"

" That would be very helpful."

Auron responded by walking across the room to the Emperor's desk to activate the commsphere.

In his room across the hall, one young man was busy scanning his textbooks. 'There must be something in here.' He groaned in annoyance as he threw still another book across the room after scanning it.

He had been searching through the books ever since he finished helping Yuna with her own homework. He knew that his own research related to her assignment, to identify the fiend classes, one had to be responsible for the current outbreaks.

He could not decide if it was one class, or a group effort that was causing total problems. ' It is not any spell casters.' He eliminated the class for lack of involvement.

' How… why are some of these groups joining forces?' He continued to ponder the question for several moments, unaware of the amount of time that had begun to pass.

When he thought that his mind was going to burst from excess thinking, Tidus again tossed another book to the side and turned to face the sphere screen. In the fit of uncertainty he decided to turn it on to see what other groups have been spotted attacking.

The news was the same as the last few days, nothing really was happening since the Bevelle University incident. ' Figures.' He sighed and turned back to face his desk. ' What clans have the multiple groups of fiends all working under them?' The blonde was still questioning himself.

The boy did not even want to bother listening to the rest; he just switched off the sphere screen and continued to stare down his latest book.

He had heard stories of various ancient fiends that have defied time and return to attempt to conquer every so many hundred years but there were so many that did that it was hard to determine if even those fiends were involved.

' There has got to be a book somewhere with the information I need.' He was still unhappy not knowing the answers.

Though the boy had checked up on his charge earlier, there was no thought to bother her for the rest of the day. He was not aware of anything that she was doing within the next room.

When he had left her, Yuna had been working on the same assignments that he had helped her with the evening prior. Since she had been so preoccupied he just let her finish the assignment.

His thoughts were interrupted as the commsphere on his desk began to beep. Hitting the respond switch, Tidus was quick to answer.

" Need Something Sir?"

Sitting at her own desk, Yuna was reviewing everything she was told the day before. Lost in thought she was not even aware when a familiar figure entered the room.

" Yuna?"

The young girl was really not expecting to hear his voice. " Shuyin?"

" Yeah, I just had to check up on you."

" I'm fine."

"That's good to hear."

Shuyin approached Yuna trying not to break her concentration.

" If you did not want to bother me its too late." Yuna sighed. " I can't concentrate on anything right now."

" I'm sorry."

" Its not you," she continued. " I just have too much on my mind."

" Like the attacks?"

" Kind of."

" You know you can trust me." The dirty blonde said in a comforting voice; he continued to approach her and leaned forward so that he could wrap his arms around her shoulders.

Yuna leaned into his embrace; glad that he had come back again after all the problems she had gone through. " It's Lenne."

" The last time the fiends were this active?"

" Yes, that's when they took her from me."

" I see." Shuyin said as he continued to comfort her. " Nothing will happen to you."

" How can you be sure?"

" You have a new guardian don't you?"

" Yeah."

" As long as you have a guardian you will be fine." The boy said as he began to move his arms back away from her. " Are you going to be okay?"

" What will we do about him meeting you?"

" I would not worry about it, if he is anything like the others he will let us be."

Yuna nodded. "your right I should not get worked up."

"You sure that your okay?" Shuyin said, a worried tone present.

" Well... I still feel a little sore from the other day."

" That can be expected." The dirty blonde moved so that he had both of his hands on her shoulders.

" This is becoming far to stressful." Yuna sighed as she felt his hands begin a familiar routine on her shoulders.

" Try to loosen a little." Shuyin soothed as he began to work on massaging her shoulders.

The sound of the commsphere pierced the room.

Shuyin looked over at it and shrugged. " I overstayed my time, but I will be back to visit." He bent forward to hug Yuna before she could get up to touch the commsphere receiver.

" And that was beginning to help too" The princess whimpered. Yuna let him go and watched him take his usual escape route before answering the commsphere." Later Shuyin."

" Later Yuna." The boy called back as he maneuvered through the window as he always did.

Once he was gone, Yuna turned to the commsphere and pressed the talk button. " Yuna, here."


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