A grudge too far

Chapter 1.

Not is all as it seems.

"Hey Johnson come over here". a voice that broke an eerie silence.


"Yes but he has been beaten to death and his face it has been torn off".

"He gave this bloke special treatment".

"Hey Bill did you hear that?". whispered Johnson.


They both looked around at the elevator as they pulled out the forty fives and pointed them at the door.

Bill looked at Johnson they both jumped behind the doors that had been flung open by people in terror. The13th floor 14th floor 15th it stopped and the lift opened slowly revealing in the middle of the lift a young lad was hanging by his hands with no feet. Bill shouted out

"What sick person would do such a thing!".

Johnson walked over and then froze.

Bill was stunned

"There is something bad behind me".

Johnson nodded Bill turned around to find a tall buffed body and a man with half a face starring in to his soul.

Then in the time it took you to blink Bill had his head snapped off and a ninja star found itself in the bridge of Johnson nose and dropped dead.

"Too close to the truth it not you I want".

In a high school down town a young teen was finishing her cheer leading practise as she somersaulted in to the air and her red hair glistened from the lights in the gym. A teen boy admired his best friend and thought she was so perfect in every way.

"Ok brill". she said with a satisfactory look on her face.

"Go K.P. your definitely going to win the regional next month".

"Thanks Ron".

She walked off, as she did so Ron was admiring her figure swinging from side to side. He sat back and smiled.

In the Middleton police station

"What dead!". Bellowed the police chief

"Yes sir".

"Your telling me that the two greatest detectives in the world are dead and they were the only people who could find this sicko".

The chief sat down in a big leather seat and thought.



"What about Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable in respect sir they were better than Bill and Johnson anyway".

"They may be but their too young for such a thing. Even I am disturbed by this case". As he said this he thought maybe that will be the only way to catch him.

"Ok I'll get them but first I will explain the case to them and it will be their decision to accept it or not".

From a darkness in the middle of the English countryside a bright light filled a valley and then disappeared behind two huge steel doors. Behind was the most advance training course a ninja star suddenly hit a perfect bulls eye on a target 300ft away. A man turned around and started to speak to himself

"That is what you get when you mess with Thor".

"I would not even be in the situation if the Possible's hadn't killed my family 20 years a go revenge will soon be mine".