Chapter 9

Another one bites the dust.

In the middle of a farm Thors plane landed. There was a drunk farmer asleep in his armchair. Then the door bell rang waking him. He slowly walked up to the old wooden door. He opened it to see Thors face looking straight down at him.

He stepped back and fell over.

"Who are you?"

"The Grim Reaper. Your time has come" He got up and ran for a shot gun but before he got there two ninja stars had found themselves in his back. He stumbled to the floor coughing up blood. Thor walked in and stood next to him. He pulled out a sword and in one blow decapitated him. He picked up the head and put a note in its mouth and nailed it on the door so Kim could find it Thor walked off

"one more stop".

"So who is this person that lived there?" asked Ron as he looked in his bag for something.

"Mr. Mofit a farmer". By this time Ron was not paying attention he was looking through his bag frustrated.

"Found it!".

"What have you found?" Kim said in an unsure voice and moved slightly back, because last time he did that there was a four month old banana in his hand .

"Well er you see it's a, well, a ring".

"A ring?" as she raised an eyebrow.

"Yes I got it for you a few years ago but I was too sacred to give it to you, and, well since well you kissed me and said that you loved me I want to give it to you as a…".

"symbol of our friendship and love" Kim finished off.

"Yes" Ron said quietly and shyly. He looked into Kim's eyes and slipped the ring on.

"Perfect fit Ron" . No answer. They just stared into each others eyes, then the pilot shouted "here you are Miss Possible."

"Thank you" Kim got off the plane. As Ron went off the pilot shouted "you're a very lucky young man to have such a nice girl". Ron smiled at him

"I know" The plane took off. Kim had stopped to have a look at the ring. Ron carried on walking. The ring was twenty-four carat gold with a big diamond in it worth at least two hundred dollars. Then she heard Ron shout

"SICK AND WRONG!". and a thud. She ran to see what had happened. She was confronted with a head on a door and Ron had fainted. By the time Ron came to he was in Kim's bed and Kim was reading another note.

"Both of the people are dead. Good job you did not see the second body and the third passed away last week". Ron walked behind her and read the notes. One day then her family would be dead. Ron was shocked but Kim looked at him and smiled.

"Wade can find him every time he uses his plane. The vapor trail it leaves behind will lead us to him".

Back in Thors lair he had gassed the Possible's and begun to torture them. All that could be heard were screams echoing through the lair.