Digimon: The Second Movie
Two Become One


The computer user slammed his fist down on the tabletop. He cursed his poor luck. The virus he
sent into the Internet; was destroyed by some sort of super anti-virus program. As he watched
the data flash on the screen, he tried to analyze what he was fighting. Most of the time, when
he came up against an anti-virus program, the virus was able to either overcome or corrupt it,
but not this time. This time, it was like the program was receiving help from some outside
source. He tried tracking the amount of energy it was receiving but it was like it was coming
from everywhere.

The user thought about destroying his computer but decided against it. That was
counterproductive. He wanted to get revenge on the organization that destroyed him but something
happened. At first, it was good. The virus seemed to get more powerful. But then, something
began fighting it. It seemed like wherever it went, there was something fighting him. But, just
as it seemed like he was about to succeed, a huge surge took place and began drawing the power
away, weakening it to the point where the anti-virus program that was battling it succeeded.

The hacker decided that it was time to pull out the big guns. If he couldn't get his revenge, he
would make the whole Internet suffer.