Digimon: Digital Monsters
The Second Movie
Two Become One

Behind the Screen

Hi, everybody (waves): I'm Stephen Frey, but a lot of you know me as Phantom1, the author of
Digimon: Digital Monsters: The Second Movie: Two Become One. Now, I'm here to take you behind
the pages into my head and show you what brought about this creative work. But first

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

I confess that I did not do this entire thing on my own. This is where I'm putting the

Thanks goes to:

Saban for bringing such a kick @$$ show over to us.

Fox Kids for showing such a kick @$$ show.

Megchan's Digimon Web Site (http://www.megchan.com/digimon)
and Pojo's DigiDex (http://www.pojo.com/digimon/digidex.shtml)
for providing information on some of the Digimon shown in the movie.

fanfiction.net (http://www.fanfiction.net)
for providing the space for me to share my story with you all.

Bartlett's Famous Quotations book for providing the quotes shown at the beginning of each

The Roguemon Gang (with the exception of Roachmon) and Geddonmon are my own creations (despite
Meg's Digimon Encyclopedia showing a Digimon named Armagemon. It's an entirely different

I also like to dedicate this story to the following people:

Silver, your Crystal Digimon saga has been an inspiration to my work. I
hope you write more stories in the years to come.

Howard "True Blue" Chu. I can't wait to read your next episode.

The group at the Digimon RPG. This was the most fun I've ever had in an RPG.

TeamRocket251 for the hours of fun I had RPing. It gave me some great insights into the world of

Stephen W. Frey. Despite what some of you might believe, this is not me.
True, we have the same first and last name, but we're completely different.
He writes financial thrillers ("The Vulture Fund," "The Takeover.")


I first had the idea of "Two Become One" after seeing "Digimon: The Movie" for the second time
in the theater. I noticed that the movie left a lot of loose ends, such as they never show the
rift between Tai and Sora being healed. Towards the end of the second segment, Sora reads Tai's
email and says "Stupid Tai" (The original Japanese version probably had her saying something like
"Taichi no baka". Just thought I show you all that I know some Japanese). That isn't really
exact evidence that they've made up.

I therefor decided to elaborate that as well as the fact that, at the time, she didn't know about
Diaboromon (anybody who saw the movie could see the scenes when Sora's walking by the televisions
just before Infermon appears.)

As an added note, I noticed that in most of the 02 episodes, they don't talk to one another.
Only when they are with the others (e.g. the "meeting" between the original DD in "The Digi-Team
Complete," or when Gennai appears in "Dramon Power.") The only time I've seen those two talk
directly to one another is in "A Very Digi Christmas" where Sora goes to give Matt the cookies.
So perhaps there still is a little hostility remaining there.

Another loose end the movie created was who exactly sent that virus onto the Internet. (At the
beginning of the second segment, Izzy says "Prodigious: A computer virus on the Internet.") Now
I may not be a genious, but I do know that computer viruses don't just upload themselves onto the
Internet, they need some help. So I created the character of Benjamin (who, just to clear things
up, is NOT the same Benjamin that helps out Davis, Mimi, and Michael during "Digimon: The World
Tour (Pt. 1)").

I also wanted to tie the three segments of the movie with the two series together. According to
Pojo's information on "Digimon: The Movie," The last two segments (with Diaboromon and Kokomon)
are actually from the OVA version and not the TV series. That might explain why we never see
Patamon and Gatomon warp-digivolve in the TV series. A shame, really.

"T.P. for my..." (you can fill in the rest)

We all know how Davis constantly gets T.K.'s name wrong (Yolei: "It's just two letters and you
get that wrong!") But some of you might be wondering why I picked the combination "T.P."
(Davis: "here I've been trying long and hard to get Kari to be my girlfriend and here comes T.P.
and all he does is flex his muscles and she's all over him like a cheap suit." and
"You know, I wonder why T.P. ever became a Digidestined to begin with if he was so weak.) Well
for those of you who don't know, T.P. is short for Toilet Paper so basically, Davis is calling
T.K. "Toilet Paper." That's why Gennai was trying to do his best not to laugh during his
little talk with Davis in Chapter 3 (Gennai coughed to cover up the laugh.).

"Oh My God, you killed Kari! You B*st**d!"

Some of you (all right, try 95% of you) might've been a little upset that I killed Kari for the
majority of the series (Davis: "You jackass!"). Let me just say that I do NOT hate
Kari. I think she is a great character (and not bad lookign either, for an animated character
that is). However, those of you who read my "The True Power" story realizes that I did the same
thing to another character and I bought that character back to life.

Of course, some of you might be upset that I DID bring her back to life. Well let me explain
that now. I don't write dark fics. Depressing stories means depressed readers and I don't want
depressed readers reading my work (try saying that five times fast with a spoon full of spinach).
If there are people who don't like a certain character, then they have a right not to like that
character, but don't try to convince me "kill this character..." Killing's wrong, m'kay (Sorry,
still in South Park mode). But seriously, I won't ever fully kill a character and when I do, I
always have some ulterior motive.

"X-Over Marks The Spot"

This isn't the only story where this plot will be used. This is also the basis for my
"Pokemon/Digimon Crossover" entitled "Netscape" (yes, it is the same title as Chapter 4.) It
will have some of the same elements but with one major difference: The Pokemon Crew will help
out. (A note to all T.K. fans. The guy is going to kick some serious butt in this fic.)

Here's a piece of dialogue that I'm going to use in the story:

Davis (to Ash): "We've been doing this longer than you have. We can handle it.
We don't need your help."
Ash (sarcastically): "Yeah, I've seen how you 'handle it'." (Normal tone)
"If there's one thing I've learned is that you can never
have too much help. And believe me, you're going to
need all the help you can get."

Intense, huh? Well, I like doing drama work (but don't confuse "drama" with "dark")

"The Hills are Alive With the Sound of Music"

All right, let's talk about soundtrack. Every great and not-so-great movie
has a soundtrack and this is no exception. Here are the artists I'm planning
on using for the soundtrack.

Alabama (inspirational group, probably gospel)
Song: Angels Among Us (touchy inspirational song used in honor of everybody's two
favorite Angel Digimon, Angemon and Angewomon.)

Stan Bush (80's rock star who worked on the soundtracks to "Rocky" and
"Transformers: The Movie.")
Songs: "Never Surrender"- Kick Butt song in the same fashion as "The Touch"
and "Dare" used as the DD battle the grappling claws in Benjamin's
mainframe. Also used as War Greymon and Metal Garurumon goes into battle.

"The Touch (1997 ed.)"- a more snappy upbeat version of the popular
song used in "Transformers: The Movie." Used when Omnimon battles Geddonmon and
as Gatomon warps and helps Omnimon and Paildramon defeat Geddonmon.

Digimon Theme Song- Extended version of the theme song used in both series
and the movie. Can be found as one of the bonus tracks
on the "Digimon: The Movie" Soundtrack. Used at the
beginning of the movie and every time a digivolution
takes place.

Celine Dion (Pop Diva well-known for songs such as "My Heart Will Go On"
from "Titanic" "Because You Loved Me" from "Up Close and
Song: "The Power of Love"- romantic song. I'm just throwing it in there to
get a variety of songs. Actually, I'm doing it to
reflect the romantic aspect of the movie.
"I'm Your Angel" (with R. Kelley)- another inspirational romantic song, used in reference
to any Digimon couple you want.

"I Want To Tell You" (artist unknown)- another emotional piece. I'm using
this to reflect what I think about
the current relationship between two
of the 02 Digidestined (look in the
review column underneath it and
you'll find out who I'm talking

Indiana Jones' Theme- I don't need to explain this much except to say
that it's used when the original Digimon come to the rescue.

Araki Kae (Japanese pop singer.)
Song: "Holy Light"- known as "Yagami Hikari's theme," used
because she is also one of the focus characters (despite having
her only appear in half of the story).

"Kick It Up" (artist unknown)- a.k.a. Davis' theme, Hard-beat rock song
used because this series has him as one of the
focus characters.

LeAnn Rimes (country music star turned pop star, worked on soundtrack to
"Coyote Ugly" and "Quest for Camelot")
Song: "How Do I Live?"- emotional song used to reflect T.K.'s attitude about
Kari being lost. (I made a short story around this but never got the
the chance to put it up before I finished the series. It still is
on a hard disk.)


When I first started writing this, I've only heard rumors about Exveemon and Stingmon combining
into something. The Japanese identified it as "Jogress" digivolution. I was planning on
including that and calling it "combine-digivolving." A few weeks after I finished chapter 5, I
recently saw the episode where they did it (combine that is) and they called it "DNA-digivolving"
well I thought that was kind of stupid-sounding (at the time) so I stuck with the "combine-
digivolving" name.

Warp Zone

In the TV series, only Agumon and Gabumon are given the ability to warp-digivolve. In the
movie, we see that Patamon and Gatomon were also given that ability (although it is unknown as
to how.) But they did it from their champion and ultimate forms respectively. I wasn't sure as
to have them digivolve from those versions like they did in the movie or from their basic levels
like Agumon and Gabumon. I decided to do both with Patamon. Gatomon, as most of you well know,
couldn't do it at the time. When she did, she did it from a champion, much like Angemon did in
the movie.


All right, guys, I love it when you review my stories. But to tell you the truth, I'm stuck in
a rut. I've come down with a bad case of writer's block. I need ideas and I need you guys to
help me. If you guys have any ideas on a new story or an episode of one of my other stories, I
would really appreciate if you'd email me and tell me. I promise to give you credit unless you
desire to remain anonymous.


Well, that's about it for "Digimon: The Second Movie: Two Become One: Behind the Screen." I hope
I haven't forgotten anything important. If I do, I'll probably find someway to relay it to you.
Until then, good luck with everything.

Stephen "Phantom1" Frey