Hey, everybody! It's me again! I've decided to make a sequel to my first story, "Ichigo and Ryou Under the Mistletoe" and this is it! This story will answer questions you may have had after the previous one such as: "What ever happened to that stupid Masaya?" or "What will Ichigo's friends think about her and Ryou kissing?" or the most important one, "When will Ryou and Ichigo ever actually TELL each other how they feel?!" Enough of this and on with the disclaimer!

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You're My Strawberry

Chapter 1- Tell us!

It was almost two weeks since that fateful Christmas night, the one that caught everyone completely off guard. Luckily, Ichigo had been able to fairly easily avoid all the questions the other Mews threw at her. Then again, her luck was bound to run out sometime. And so it did one day after work at the café. Mint locked her special "Ichigo" collar around her neck and said, "You won't get away this time! You're going to tell us exactly what's going on between you and Ryou! C'mon!"

"But nothing's going on!" Ichigo pleaded, "Honestly!" Despite the redhead's protests, Mint dragged her back to her mansion, followed by the other three in their group. Once inside, the collar was removed, but all four girls held Ichigo down, as they demanded an explanation. The young teen was showered with questions like, "Oh my god, are you and Ryou dating?" and, "What about Masaya?"

Ichigo sighed, "Look, Ryou and I aren't dating and there is nothing going on between us. About Masaya, well, he likes someone else, but that's okay with me. Really."

Mint gasped, "Masaya dumped you?!"

"No, we were never really boyfriend and girlfriend anyway."

Lettuce asked with concern, "Are you sure you'll be okay? We're here for you."

Pudding voiced her opinion, "Yeah, we're here for ya, all da way!"

Zakuro, instead of telling Ichigo that she'd be there too, chose silence to ensure her of her intentions.

"Thanks but I'm fine, really I am. You don't have to worry so much," Ichigo gratefully stated. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go home so my parents don't worry. I'll see you guys at work tomorrow. Bye."

Momomiya slowly sauntered home while thinking to herself. 'It's strange. I really AM fine. I'm not sad that Masaya wants to be with someone else at all. If this had happened a couple months ago, I'd be bawling my eyes out. But now… I can't even think of him as anything other than a simple friend. However, I can't stop thinking about Ryou… But why? Why am I all of a sudden so stuck on him? He's a jerk! …Well, he's not always a jerk… Sometimes he can be really sweet… And I know he really cares about me… Ugh!'

A drop of water that splashed down upon her nose interrupted her thoughts. She watched as more water descended from the clouds. 'Oh no! It's raining! I'll get soaked before I can reach my house! Oh wait… the rain isn't hitting me anymore… a barrier? No, an umbrella! I'm saved! But who-?' "Ryou?!" Ichigo cried.

"Jeez, Strawberry, are you trying to catch a cold?! Are you that stupid?!" the blonde scolded.

Ichigo was about to comment on his rude remark, but decided against it. "Thanks for sharing your umbrella with me…" she almost whispered, "Um… I really appreciate it…"

Ryou's eyes softened, not that Ichigo was able to see it, and he replied, "Don't mention it. It's no biggie… You're on your way home right? I suppose I could walk you the whole trip."

"Thank you. By the way, what were you doing out here anyhow?"

"Nothing much."

The rest of the trip was spent in silence until they reached Ichigo's house, where she called, "Thanks for walking me home again. See you tomorrow!"

"You better be on time for once!" he teased.

"I'll try!"

She shut her door behind her, leaving Ryou to his own thoughts. He said to no one at all, "To be honest, I was out here looking for you, my little strawberry…"

End Chapter

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