The Story of Two Lovers United, in the most sadistic of ways...

She calls, she yearns, I watch, I thirst… Bleed With Me

WARNING: I am planning to make this story as angst, blood, and violent filled as I can (Romance as well but that's nothing to be warning people about unless I can overkill people with fluff which I am sure I can lol) So if you do not like to read about warm blood being sucked out of hopeless victims by most likely your favourite characters then I suggest you go click on that happy bunnies story three links down from here and feast your eyes on the wonders that are happy bunnies.

Recommendation: If you like a love so strong between two people that nothing can bend it's will, or if you like exploring your dark side and the world of the unknown then I recommend that you dive down into the dark realm with me and enjoy this story.

Summary: Yuna will do absolutely anything it takes to be with Tidus, she yearns to be by his side. But when they re-unite Tidus warns her that they can never be together again, that he is no longer human, a creature he doesn't want Yuna to know. But Yuna will not stop, and finally she understands that not only does Tidus yearn to be by her side, he also yearns for the taste of something else… and his thirst will never leave.

Disclaimer: I will only say this once since this following comment applies to the whole of this story. I do not own anything in final fantasy, but it owns me (yes it does) and all the following vampire influences I use in the story to give it my overall flavour are not mine either. Blade, Queen of the Damned, Underworld, Vampire the Masquerade, Interview with the Vampire, and all those other vampire things we have come to know and love.

Saturn Stars Note: Okay I am back, with another story. I am aware that I have two others… but this idea has been in my mind for quite some time now and having my little obsession that I have with Vampires I thought I would go ahead and do it. This story is Rated R for Blood, violence, twisted pleasure e.g. (Getting off on drinking blood) and sexual scenes and references. I am aware that "Real Vampires" Are nothing like the stereo-typed ones in books and movies, but stereo-typed ones are much more interesting to write about and develop a story with. I wanted to incorporate many different things into my story to create my own world and own vampire clans and so on, and I am quite happy with the turn-out. If your looking for one of those stupid Vampire stories where their teeth are 10 meters long,or they hiss unbearably, or die when they smell garlic or see a cross, or change into some kind of monster while they are feeding, then you have come to the wrong place. My kindred try to hold on to as much humanity as they can. Hope you all enjoy.

Chapter One: The Truth behind it all

Do you know what it feels like? To have your heart literally ripped out of you almost every second of the day. Do you know what it feels like to have the constant memory of your first and last kiss with your lover haunt you as you try to go on living your life.

I wonder what it means exactly to fall in love. If it means having to feel this unbearable pain for the rest of my life then I had wished that he never looked my way. Why did he choose me? Why did he bless me with his charming smile? Why did he let me taste his un-explainable lips? Why did he cause me so much pain?

I stumbled over a small stone in the sand and laughed madly. Everyone was right, I was absolutely useless when I was off in one of my 'Thinking moods' I stumbled, tripped, fell, bumped did many wondrous clumsy things, due to the fact I was in another world, a world that lately I was trying desperately to leave behind.

Sphere hunting was now over, I'd had enough of prancing around Spira and finding nothing but more evidence that he wasn't going to come back to me. I'd had it with fiends, I'd had it with saving the world, and I'd had it with action. All I wanted now was a little love of my own.

"Hello my child."

I shivered with fear and wrapped my shawl around my bare shoulders tighter, blocking the wind from my chest. "Who are you…?" I said looking into his eyes with fear and taking an edgy step back as he easily came towards me.

"There is nothing to fear my child, I'm going to give you everything you want, everything you dream of." He replied grabbing onto my arms fiercely. I gasped with surprise and jumped back as his cold flesh took hold of my body.

"I doubt you could possibly know what I dream of, now release me." I demanded struggling to be released from his grip. There was a very noticeable characteristic about this man that I just couldn't put my finger on. Something about him was different, although I was struggling to free myself from his grip I found myself swooning as I looked into his dark eyes, he was drawing me in, like a predator attracting it's prey, and I just couldn't resist.

"But I know your dreams so well, so well in fact that I know they consist of one word." He let me go forcefully causing me to fall back into the sand which he took as an opportunity to dominate over me. He took a step closer with a broad grin forming on his face. His skin glowed a deathly white in the moonlight and it seemed as the night and him were suited perfectly. I flinched a little rubbing the sand off my elbows in an attempt to ignore his charming ways. What was so wonderful about him? Was it the fact he seemed so wise beyond his years? Was it the fact that his pale skin just added to his beautiful looks? Was it the way his eyes delved deep into my soul and knew me from their first glance? Or was it because he scared me to death? Who was this man? " That one word is Tidus."

At the sudden mention of my lost lover's name I perked up, stumbling as I clumsily attempted to get up from the sand. I stepped closer to him a new power running through me, and I was going to get what I wanted. I lowered my eyes and squinted a little. "What do you want? And how do you know about Tidus." I said my voice tone lower and more dangerous than I had ever heard it go. His name struck pain and pleasure in my body, anger being the cherry that decorated the cake that had been my emotions over the past few years.

"Now now, I can take you to him, but the truth behind it all may send you mad."

That was the last sentence I heard before his cold hands sent my body to sleep. I shut my eyes wearily as I watched his playful smile turn into a serious frown, and I gave into the desire to sleep… to sleep away the pain.

Bleed with me: The Truth Behind it all

It took awhile for meto gain my composure as my mind finally awoke and willed my eyes to open. I immediately shut them and gasped, I could see absolutely nothing, the room was pitch black it didn't seem to have any window at all, and to top it all off I seemed to be lying on a wet stone floor. I lifted my torso from the ground and tried my best to make something out of the darkness but it was no use. I dared not move one inch, I didn't want to warn anything that may be hiding in the dark that I was indeed awake. I was so completely afraid I felt like my insides where going to completely twist and turn together. I tried desperately to contain my quick and heavy breaths from my place but my complete fright took over and paralysed me.

"Yuna… you're awake."

For some reason that voice seemed to calm me down completely but my defences were still running on high security and I scuttled away from the voice and crashed into the wall behind me. "Ouch…" I pouted rubbing the back of my head with my palm to try and subdue any pain I could.

"You don't need to be scared Yuna but you should be damn pissed off." The man's voice said in an angry tone. A sound rang through the small space we were in and I presumed it was him bashing his fist against some kind of surface. I felt so drawn to the man's voice, it sounded so familiar so soothing, but I had no idea who it reminded me of.

"What do you want with me?" I asked backing into the corner.

"I want you Yuna." There was a slight silence as he said that, as I pondered the meaning, what exactly did he mean when he said he wanted me? Because I highly doubted he meant that in a loving and caring way when I was trapped in some room with him. "It's me Tidus."

Again as he said that there was another silence as I sat in the corner completely paralysed. I didn't know what to say, what to think, and I decided the possibilities of this being a dream where very high since I had been knocked unconcious from what I remembered. But before I could control it the franticness started to kick in, and I started crawling around the room at a high speed feeling absolutely everywhere with my hands in the anticipation to touch him, feel him, and be near him once again. "Where are you?!" I sulked falling to my knees.

"Right here Yuna, but you can't come any closer." Tidus said with a dangerous warning tone in his very matured voice. I looked right beside me and saw the faintest outline of his body, or more his face since he was most definitely wearing black. Why couldn't I come any closer? Why couldn't I touch him? Why was he being so cold to me? Didn't he know I had just woken up in some damp room and the last thing I wanted was for the man I loved to treat me like this.

"Why can't I come closer…? I have searched for you for two years; I think deserve a hug at the least." I said softly inching the tiniest bit closer to him hoping he wouldn't notice.

"And I have tried to get back to you for two years, but the only way I found to leave the farplane was not a good choice… I am here now, but I don't want you to be a part of my world Yuna." Tidus said softly. His words touched me and I was curious as to what he meant.

"Then why did you bring me here?" I said angrily once again inching closer, we were about thirty centimetres apart now, and I was going to close that distance soon enough.

"I didn't Yuna they did! They wanted me, now they want you! And I wont let them get you." Tidus said confidently but some-what strained.

"What do you mean Tidus?" I said with fear in my voice. Who were these people, what do they want from me? Where the hell am I? Why is Tidus so Yevon damned hard to resist? Okay so I haven't seen him in a while, we never really got that far, and he never did tell me he felt the same way, and I thought that I would at least be able to control myself a little better than this if I ever saw him again. I moved closer again taking in his scent greedily.

"I mean they know Yuna! How to get to me, this is a test, if I can stay in here with you for four days without giving in, then they will let you go that's what I mean." Tidus lashed out bashing his hand against the wall again.

"Give into what exactly…?" I said seductively. "Give into your desires?" I asked crawling over to him. He had his knees drawn up to his chest and I sat directly in front of him on my knees awaiting his reply. Was this some kind of sick experiment to see how long me and Tidus could last innocently in a room together?

"Yes giving into my desires, but my desires aren't exactly what you think they are… it's been so long since I had a drink and the thirst has almost turned me insane, and you can help by not inching closer please Yuna." Tidus said seriously. What kind of cruel people were they? Letting Tidus go thirsty, if he hadn't drank for a while he could die of dehydration.

"Tidus we have to get you something to drink." I said frantically moving forward towards him. I rested my hands on his knees and blushed furiously when less than innocent thoughts passed through my head but I had to focus on the problem.

"Yevon Yuna I can smell it running through you, Yevon I want your's so bad… just ignore what I said… I need to control myself." Tidus said after freaking the farplane out of me.

"What running through me?" I asked curiously while moving closer finally I was up against him and I clamped his legs together around me. He groaned a little and rolled his head back. "Looks like the only one who can't control herself is me." I giggled. "I missed you so much my friend."

"I missed you too Yuna, but you can't be with me anymore, I have done some terrible things I don't want you to get to know this Tidus, I want the memory of the old me to live on in your memory." Tidus said with some strain in his voice. He tried his hardest to move away from me but I had him backed against a wall.

"Tidus… put your hands on me okay? It's okay… I want to be with you." I waited as Tidus hesitantly raised his hands to my hips, his hands were slightly cold but sent shivers of delight through my body.

"You look quite different." Tidus chuckled before returning to his serious state.

"How can you tell I can't even see you at all." I said with mock horror, and it's not like he had felt any part of my body and explored my new attire.

"I can see you perfectly, and your blush is beautiful, reminds me of all that warm… blood in your body." Tidus sighed, the blood thing had sort of freaked me out but I guess you couldn't blush without blood... still did he have to put it like that? And did he have to seem so damn aroused at the mention of blood? What was going on here?"You really are beautiful Yuna." I blushed even harder at his comment and was so curious as to his heightened sense of sight. "Sorry did I scare you?" Tidus asked and I shook my head furiously. "Your heart is just beating so fast." Tidus said softly.

"Oh Tidus…" I moaned falling into his chest choosing to ignore the heigntened sense of hearing also. I hugged him tightly feeling his leather coat against my cheek. I moved my head up and rested it on his shoulder before sighing again. "It's beating really fast." I told him. "Because I am finally back with you, and your right here, I am not going to let you go this time."

"Yuna…" Tidus said digging this head into the hair that covered my neck. "This is really hard, you have to move away from me." Tidus strained digging his hands into my back. I snuggled into his neck and ignored his comments; I wasn't going to move away, he should just give up already, and it's not like he was making an effort he was squeezing me back, it didn't make his pleas seem convincing. I shivered as he moved the hair from my neck and breathed heavily into it. He ran his lips over my neck softly and I moaned feeling the new pleasures of being with a man. "Yuna I love you."

I sighed into him and tightened my grip around his neck. "Tidus take me." I moaned.

"Yuna I am so sorry." After those words I felt a sharp pain in my neck and cried out with pain. Tidus wrapped his arms around me tightly and started to suck harder.

"Tidus please what are you doing?" I cried weakly. "I meant make love to me." I cried he held me up firmly as he moved his position to above me. My pleas didn't seem to have any effect on him, and soon I found the feeling of pain subside and my body became numb with a new kind of pleasure as Tidus sucked the life out of me. What was he? Just as I began to enjoy his soft and gentle movements I felt myself grow week and my hands slipped from his back and fell to my sides. He broke away from me violently with a anguished filled cry of regret. I closed my eyes with a smile on my face.

"I hope your not thirsty anymore." I saidas the realization came to me, Tidus was a creature of the night, and I didn't care, if I was about to die, I was glad that it could be by Tidus. So I shut my eyes peacefully with content. Tidus' hands wrapping around my waist the last thing I knew before I fell into a deep sleep.

Saturn Stars