Disclaimer: I don't claim any ownership to any character of Resident Evil, however I do claim ownership to this poem. No duplication please.

A Heroine Among The Evil

She dresses to kill and shoots for the same

Undead find it best to stay out of her way

Her aim's as deadly as her feminine curves

No other cops abilities come close to matching hers

With deep determination she displays agility and adaptation

While remaining in control of any situation

With a wiggle in her hip she takes down zombie foes

So sexy and deadly no one else comes even close

The gleam in her eyes warns she's not one to cross

While she's rescuing civilians whatever the cost

She's the perfect combination of being so sexy and so tuff

When it comes to killing evil mutations she just can't get enough

When the evil strikes you'll be glad she's on your side

The always alert, ready, and sexy Valentine.