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The door slammed shut behind him and the lights flickered, crediting more to the ominous mood. Things were not good. In fact, the word 'good' couldn't even be used in the sentence it was that bad. Finally the worst of the worst was beginning.

Lily slouched in her chair, head in her hands. She was exhausted and had a good reason to be. Lily was Head Unspeakable. She and four other highly trained individuals were given information that auror spies collected for them. Then through those bits of information and much calculation, they found the site or a close proximity of the next Death Eater attack or meeting. Cheerful business, eh? Basically narrowing Lily's job down, she had the whole of the ministry's auruor department on her back. She also held peoples' lives in her hands. Leaking information would be so drastic a risk, she'd slit her wrists then go to all the funerals that would occur.

When Gallagher, the Head auror, had slammed a newspaper on top of her paper-ladened desk she had turned her pale face up at him, frowning deeply, before reaching for the paper.

"Listen Lily," He had said, sighing deeply and rubbing his eyes. "I know you've been here since eleven last night and haven't had a chance to see this, so…" She glanced back at the paper, her tired eyes finally focusing on the bold, black letters. She comprehended the headline. A gasp echoed through the room. Lily looked back at Gallagher in shock.

"We've got trouble. They know who you are— who all the Unspeakables are."

"How could they possibly? We're under strict security." Her mouth finally forming words. Although, the direness of the situation had not quite set in.

"There was a leak." Gallagher said elusively. Lily's eyebrows shot up even higher, blood draining rapidly from her face. "Morlock." He finished.

Lily swore under her breath, eyes burning in rage. "But he wouldn't—"

"He was attacked." Lily's usually calm face turned sour, rage falling away. Was it his attack she was working on right now? But the clues just didn't add up. "This Afternoon in Chamberbrooks— but we were ready and waiting. They still got to him somehow."

"Bloody hell." He looked back at Lily with worried eyes. His forehead scrunched in several wrinkles.

"If they catch you, we've got no chance here at the ministry." He sighed.

"Gallagher, he knew about the attack at Chamberbrooks." Lily pressed.


"I found that attack site and shared it with everyone, well, us Unspeakables—" He waved it away. " Well, we always share. Then send the paper to you… and I remember him reading it over my shoulder."

"You suppose he's working for Voldemort?" Lily laid the paper down and grabbed her coffee. It was now about eight at night…what a long day.

"He's my friend and co-worker, I'd like to think not but—"

"But It'd be a good combination. He'd have your trust, our trust, and the prized information." Gallagher pulled up a chair and leaned over Lily's desk, hands clasped.

"However, have there been times where our attack sites prove wrong?" Lily asked slowly, piecing things together mentally.

"Now and then."

"So then, Morlock could have posed as a decent Unspeakable, giving us faulty information to clear Voldemort's way to other slaughterings where we couldn't possibly catch him in time..." Lily drifted off. Then gaining a new thought, recited it aloud. "But then, as you say, Morlock could have been a random killing, since there's no way to pin him as an unspeakable. But why would he be in Chamberbrooks?" That one last thought echoed in her brain, hammering at her conscience.

However, it was pushed away.

"We have detectives on it, don't worry yourself out Lily. We need you to figure out the clues for us and stay alive. We'll take care of the rest. Hell, James'll keep you safe." Gallagher slammed his hands onto the table, jolting Lily, and stood up. She could tell he was trying to keep a light atmosphere around for her. Until all the information clicked in her mind and she became paranoid with fear.

"Is Morlock dead?" Lily sought out, wanting just this piece of information. Gallagher's face twisted, almost as if fighting a mental battle.

"He wasn't when we found him, he was beat up real good, but nothing he couldn't come out of." Gallagher scratched his chin.

"He wasn't... do you mean...?" Lily perused, tying not to imagine the horrendous disaster this could cause for the entire Wizarding world.

"He killed himself."

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