Disclaimer: As appealing as owning some of the World Wrestling Entertainment Superstars is, I really have to take a step back and admit that no, I do not own them, they in fact own themselves and this story is fictional in nature and any similarity to anything happening in real life is purely my way of being a psychic.

Summary: Stacy is diagnosed with a life threatening injury causing her to take time away from the ring. Will the love of the most unlikely man bring her back to perfect health or is she destined to have loved and lost in the game of love?

Characters Appearing: Instead of giving away who the man is right away, I will just say it includes only WWE pairings and no original characters, although I am the queen of those.

Genre: Romantic and Dramatic.

Additional Info: 3rd in the Love United Series.

A/N: Contrary to popular belief and the reflection of the story before it, this story will not be like the Amy and Chris one in any way shape or form, other then two people finding real love. It will be like the Shawn and Trish one with the focus being love conquers even coma. Thank you to everyone that has come to love this series as much as I do, and you will never be forgotten.

She stared at the wall, her blood pumping through her veins at a rate even a machine could catch, her heart beating right along with it. She was nervous but she didn't want to admit it. A routine test of her breast a few days ago had warranted a call to her doctor. When she had gotten there and they had done tests themselves, the doctor had asked her to take some more tests because it did seem there was a lump there now.

'How could there be a lump when there is so little breast for it to hide in?' she had asked herself over and over on the way to the hospital that morning. Her doctor had called her and said they had the results back and wanted her there when she read them. Something better left not handled over the phone.

So here she sat now, waiting, her foot tapping the linoleum floor for about the hundredth time since she had arrived a little over twenty minutes ago. She had been ushered right in to see the doctor, the first time in her life that she was more important then the woman with the cleft lip.

'Something must be seriously wrong with the tests. That's why she called me in; they found something that they couldn't correct.'

Again she let her thoughts run away with her. There was really nothing else she could do sitting there in the office that hadn't felt cold until now when she sat waiting in it. Could it be that she was going to need surgery and the doctor was going to prepare her for it now?

She had been fighting back the tears since she had gotten there but now, with all the worries surrounding her as she took herself through the last three days; they seemed like a blessing as they fell down around her.

Cheeks damp, eyes tight and stinging, she noticed the door open around her. Turning in her chair, she placed a look at her doctor, the one that sent to tell her the bad news. Stacy scanned her face for some sort of good news, but found nothing. Whatever the news was, it was something the doctor had filed away like every other patient now.

Never get personally involved in a patients case.

Yes that was what they had always told her when she wanted to just talk to someone about what she was feeling. From the common head cold, to the pain in her back when she had landed through the table so many years ago, they had all pulled away when she needed closure and to get close.

"Thank you for coming on such short notice Stacy. I called you as soon as the tests were dropped onto my desk. I thought you would want to be here as soon as possible to hear what they have found."

She lifted her head then, wanting to look like none of this was killing her inside. All of this waiting, pain and fear, eating its way right down into her heart. She just wanted answers and then to get back to work.

"Well you made it seem kind of important over the phone. I thought it best that I take you up now instead of waiting and wasting more of your time later."

Her doctor coughed then, something they did when they had bad news to deliver but didn't know exactly how to do it.

'Yeah here it comes now. She is going to lay a really big one on me. I must be dying.'

The last thing in the world that Stacy wanted was to know she was dying and that the rest of her life would have to feel like her death sentence. People killed people everyday and they didn't end up getting killed themselves until about fifty years later. Why was this happening to her now?

"I have gone over the results about three times since I received them and I have to admit to you Stacy, they aren't good. They aren't bad, we can treat you and try to prolong something happening, but it looks like we need to have surgery."

She took a moment to breathe in and out before she could even ask the doctor what that meant. She had known in her heart that it was bad, but she hadn't really thought they would have to take her breasts. Not at only 25 years of age. Wasn't there some sort of law against doing that so early into your twenties?

"You are going to have to take—my breasts?" she choked out then, not believing for a second that what she was saying was indeed coming from her mouth. "Can't there be some mistake with the lab?"

The doctor had taken a place then, one of concern as she bent her hand over her desk to where Stacy's hand sat frozen but shaking on the desk.

"If there was another way I would have found it in the time that you took to come over here this morning. Believe me, I called, I triple checked all of these tests myself. The cancer is in both of them and if we don't do this surgery there is a chance it could spread."

So there was some relief. She hadn't gotten it down into her internal organs yet which meant that although she might lose her breasts, the part that made her most a woman, she could still live for a long time without them.

"It hasn't spread yet which is why I want to start with the surgery as soon as we can. I know that you have a heavy work schedule but is there any way that we can get a break in that for this?"

She didn't even wait a moment to reply. "Of course not, Vince knows where I am today and he told me to take as much time off as I need. Is there anyway that I can be back to work soon?"

"If the surgery goes as planned then you should be back as early as six weeks. We want to run some tests six weeks after the surgery to make sure that we got it all."

There was a thought then, if they wanted her back at six weeks then it meant she would need to take chemo and that was something she didn't want to imagine.

'How can a woman lose her breasts and then lose her hair as well? What is left to her but to die?'

The thought of losing her hair as well as her womanhood made her shake with fear. Something that the doctor didn't miss out on.

"Don't start thinking about chemotherapy just yet. We are in the stage of getting the cancer out of your breast. Anything other then that shouldn't be looked at unless we have no other choice. You aren't going to die Stacy. The longer you wait though, you have to realize we may have to deal with more surgery, chemo and even in an unlikely situation, death."

All she could do then was nod. Well she had gotten the information she wanted and now it was time to get the hell out of the hospital and back to her hotel where she could sit and relax and plan what to do next.

"Stacy, I have dealt with women worse off then you and they are now living cancer free. I vow to you that I will do my best to take care of you as well. Your health is most important to me. If you need me for anything until the surgery, please feel free to call. I will see you without an appointment."

Touching her hand once more, she walked to the door, watching her patient deal with the fact that she was about to lose her breasts in a surgery that might fail. With one more lingering look, the doctor made her way out and down the hall. There had to be some way to make this easier on the young woman, but if there was a way, she damn sure didn't have it yet.

He had finished his blood test; the one all of the male superstars took to make sure they weren't taking any steroids that would help them be monsters in the ring. He was frustrated as he had his arm bandaged up, knowing for a fact that Vince was only doing this because of all the pain he had gone through because of Stephanie.

"We will call you in a few days with the results sir. Thank you for coming in on such short notice for the test."

He nodded his acceptance to the male nurse and walked out of the nurse's station. Keeping his eyes locked on the floor as not to start frenzy on the hospital wing, he started walking not realizing he was about to come face to face with a tear stained woman.

As they came together there was a bang and then he looked up to see just who it was that he had run into. Imagine his shock when the person standing in front of him was none other then Stacy Keibler, a woman he worked with on Raw.

"Jesus Stacy, I didn't even think to look for someone walking around me. I didn't hurt you did I?"

The look of concern on his face was endearing, something she hadn't known that he had. When she worked with him he was always the same, work on the mind, anything else pushed away. It made it hard for someone like her to get close too, not that she cared anyway. Now though, standing in front of her, he thought he had hurt her and caused her to cry in pain. It warmed her heart to know at least someone was being caring considering her run of bad luck.

"You didn't hurt me believe me. I should have been paying attention to what I was doing myself. I guess my mind was a little taken over at the time. Sorry for the bother."

He couldn't figure this one out. Here she was, crying in front of him, the tears staining her face along with the makeup that was running and she was saying sorry to him. There just seemed to be no end to her niceness, even when he had almost taken her off her feet.

"No bother. You look like you need to talk? You want to take a ride, maybe get something to eat?"

Stacy pondered what he was asking of her. The more that she thought about it, the more she realized that in a little over two days she was going to be without breasts, small ones though they were. She might as well take the guy up on his offer. He hadn't been getting a good time of things lately it seemed either.

"I brought my car, but if you wouldn't mind swinging back after then I wouldn't mind going to get something to eat. I feel like I haven't eaten in days."

"I just had blood taken, how do you think I feel. Let's get the hell out of here and then you can tell me what all the tears are about."