A faint "Teen Titans, go." was heard in the bank lobby. Jinx, Gizmo and Mammoth spun their attentions to the large windows of the building's entrance. After a shard scattering crash, five bodies slammed into the floor. A large green tiger smacked into the tile paws first, claws extended. Thousands of black died, glass splinters hoverred in mid-air parting only for the cloaked girl with glowing white eyes. The tiny quills bounced around the smaller boy and off his black, yellow lined cape. Floating happily beside him was an orange skinned, fiery haired, futuristically clad girl with hands and eyes that glew an unearthly green. The last to enter, a metal coated behemoth crunched his way in.br

"Rassle, frasslin', snot buggin', Teen Titans!", Gizmo cursed, his short stocky body hanging from arachnid metal legs along with enough gold to out weigh him. "Follow me, boys.", Jinx called to her two accomplices while starting her, literally improbable, flips further into the building. Mammoth and Gizmo's exoskeleton took a single superhuman leap after her. Before the Teen Titans could make it half way into the lobby, the three were already out of sight through a single door to a single office. And before their five puruers could squeeze into the room, the juvenille delinquints and their ill gotten goods had completely dissappeared.

"Cyborg.", the caped boy said tersely.

"On it.", Cyborg called out. His mechanical eye glew red. His human eye stared intensely at the screen in his right arm. "You aren't going to like this, Robin."

"Just tell me.", Robin commanded. Cyborg grabbed the carpet and whipped it completely into his arms spilling furniture, plants, and Beast boy. On the floor was a, still glowing red slightly at its serrated edges, 'x' shaped hole in the floor. The hole was large enough to fit even Mammoth down into the sewers for an uncontested get away.


Across the street, on the roof of a building large enough to have two floors of store fronts and many apartments, stood a single black enclothed, caped figure. If the skull-like marking allowed facial expressions through, he would have smiled in satisfaction.

"Now", a voice identical to Robin's declared. "They're approachable."