The thesis I wanted to make was "love isn't a good thing". I'm not saying it isn't. I'm saying I wanted to make that statement in this story. That's why there were sub-couples. Jinx and Cyborg having come to grips with their own duplicity. Beastboy in constant mourning. Robin and Starfire inevitably breaking up by being themselves.

Plus, the existance of evil was fun to play around with. I, personally, am convinced of the horrible people of the world that makes the statement "The problem with the death penalty is the justice system, not the death penalty." valid in my mind. I had to come up with a crime that topped September 11, where a collection of syndicate cells of 100 or so are responsible for the death of 5000 and $100 billion in economy damage. I think "releasing demon prophesized to destroy allworlds" might have been potentially bigger if the Teen Titans had not stopped Raven, and she didn't stop herself.

Blonde Shadowcat: Thank you. With it now finished, hopefully you found out what happenned next.

Voltor: I did not erase your reviews.

Mermaid Ninja: I agree that Jinx is a fighter. After all, she's what amounts to the senior member of a supervillain terrorist group that has the collective self-control of teen agers. She endured Brother Blood's mind control and 'tests'. However, that also means (at least to me) that she would fight to endure the Red X's tortures if she thought it would get her something. And with what Jinx has in her life, a stronger team and a higher ability to use her powers is about all she could wish for. A semi-stable relationship with a complete nut job is just 'icing'.

That's why Jinx didn't fight the Red X. It was (somewhat) on her terms and (very much) on terms she was accostummed to.

Krupted: T'anks.

Tamaran:The Red X and Raven perposterous? Of course.

Raven and Goth? Highly likely. The comic book based on the show is heading this way, and I look forward to what they do with it.

Raven and Goth (who is the Red X)? From Malchior, we see that Raven WILL fall for a quiet, magic friendly, darkness accepting, pale and slender young man that is really just manipulating her to be more evil to serve his own interests.

goth-in-purple:Thank you.

sweetnsexy2688:Thank you.

thedarkoneissaccwierdo:I don't quite see how my personal tastes make the story better or lesser if it's the same words that appear on your screen either way.

The Red X is an entity born from all the darkness of Robin. Which means obsessive, controlling, hormonal...all the things Robin tries to expunge from himself with his rediculous training and epic heroism. The Red X would neccessarily have to be someone who was the worst of the deception Robin uses in his stealthier pursuits, not to mention the lies told in the creation of the Red X. The Red X would have to be brutally dominating in every relationship. How could the Red X not be?

spastic dragon tamer:The end is now up.

beautiful-kamiya:Thank you.

XPheonixX:I never erased any reviews.

I didn't think the revelation of Goth was a 'twist', but inevitable. Who else could have gotten in the Titan's tower to steal the suit and not crossed the Titan's minds to check? The Titan's East wouldn't have stolen it. Terra defected to Slade and was wearing his suit he made for her. Slade (being Robin's nemesis on the show) is fully capable of making a better suit than Robin is, so if he needed a Red X for psych-warfare he would have made his own suit, so I doubt he would have Terra steal it.

On top of that, if you notice Chapter 8-the Talk Goth tells Robin he is the Red X. "With my black clothing and inpenetrable mask of emotionlessness, I'm obviously a supervillain." and "In fact, I'm your exact counterpart and your worst...what's the term? 'Rogue' from your own personal 'rogue's gallery'."

I tried to show that the Red X wasn't evil, but arguing against its existance. Evil is culturally defined (our use of oil would have shamed the indigenous people of the "new world", technology is against Aboriginal doctrine, showing a woman's face in public was a crime under the Taliban, and we are unhesitant to topple a government in the most subversive ways if we find them evil). "I'm evil" is also a self-perception cast aside a lot faster than "I'm hungry" or "I'm hurt" or even "I'm happy."

Hence his plan of finding the person most dedicated to not being evil, then manipulating her into basically saying "sour grapes" after failing to be not evil.

I could see the forces that would make a quiet, sullen, moody teen that would use a pick up line on a superheroine that actually worked into a person that would be psychotic enough to attempt this in a comic-book-esque world.

By the way, the line I'm referring to is-Raven:"This party is pointless." Goth:"Everything's pointless. Wanna go somewhere and talk about it?" Since, then "Wanna go somewhere and talk about it?" is a majority of his lines from his one and two shot appearances. Hence, the title of this fan-fic.

s:Yay. Fan-fics. Yay! If you like fan-fics like me, then you'd yell like me. "Yay!"

Mrs Raven Black:Now it is over.

While I realized the 'grand debate' scene would be confusing, I felt is somewhat neccessary to the piece. The different sides of Raven wouldn't think of themselves as "My name is (insert emotion), nice to meet you?". You don't feel like your name is "Mad" when you're angry, right? Besides, in the ep nevermore, they don't identify themselves as such. Hence, I referred to each individual emotion as Raven and color coded them as accurately as I could.

thiswolflovesnoone:The toughness of the resolving decision is what I wanted to create with the story. I didn't want this to be a "she could give into temptation or be honorable" because of course she has to be the one and not the other. I wanted this to be a "both decisions are half lies and not all that bad". I didn't want it to be wrong to choose Goth, but I didn't want it to be blameless to choose the Red X.

As for chapter size, it just happenned that way. Chapters in an actual novel are much much bigger though.

nightgoddess10:So it seems it is not my pacing, but my grammar that is the problem. Actually, you're right. I have a bad habit of super-long run on sentences because my thoughts are large and I want to get them out in one sentence which is supposed to represent one complete thought but becomes a story in itself and that reminds me of this one time (at band camp) when...


IrisBlue:Thanks for the compliments.

Another clue to the Red X being Goth is that the story is listed under Raven and Red-X.

The fact that you found the Red-X hot (despite his thievery, his torture of Jinx, his chastisement of the immobile Terra, etc.) until he was revealed to be a liar...disturbs me a little, honestly.

I thought about a team confrontal ending-Goth walks in and the Titans jump him. But that would mean resolving the Red-X with Robin, something I'm not going to do. It would also turn into a long fight to justify the Red-X' previously winning. Raven's imprisonment of Goth however gave the irony of the Red X/Goth being absolutely correct, Raven is a demon soul, and suffering nonetheless.