Dear imagination, what I especially love about you is that you do not forgive.

-André Breton

This is practically my FIRST fanfiction here, and I'm all nervy about it. This oneis meant to clear up some mulch… (And I wish it does)

-This fic is an Alternate Universe of the Crimson Twilight series. This story is based from it. Better read the fic to clear out any confusing whatnots in here. I'm a devout follower of that one. Highly recommended!

-First and foremost: I wrote 'Shards' primarily for fun. I got bored too many times and RO whirled in my head too many times too, and with my trusty ballpen and paper with me...

-Another fun part for me here is that some of the characters are based from real people – and sometimes real RO characters. The thing is, pRO doesn't have the Advanced 2nd Jobs yet, so…

-Suggestions are more than welcome. I get writer's block ALL THE TIME.

-I certainly won't mind comments and opinions. If I suck, go tell me. If I don't, go tell me too. I swear its fine.

-I update BAD. Very BAD. It might take days, weeks, or months (if I don't update for a year, then presumably it's either I've given the story up or I'm already dead) before I post. I'm incredibly busy at times – and lazy too. You've been warned.

-This story is especially dedicated to my good pal Angelica, who is always my constant and trustworthy friend, and at all times there to proofread my stories. Dude, I'm so sorry if I don't get to finish my works most of the time!

-Of course, this is also for my friends in our class, like Eloisa, Ryan, Barbs, etc… (brandishes Alagad ni Juan Matias II badge)

And I hope that get some of the things done now…anyway, roll it…

>> AiZhen