Title: Darres says

Rating: G

Pairing: Ishtar/Darres

Series: Vampire Game

Words: 100

Darres says Ishtar's bratty, unable -unwilling- to care about anyone but herself.

Darres knows she mourns those who cared too much for her.

Darres says Ishtar runs from her manipulative caretakers.

Darres knows she understands precisely how to manipulate them back.

Darres says Ishtar's reckless, counting on variables that pop out like Russian Roulette.

Darres knows Ishtar can predict exactly which will come up- and use it.

Darres says Ishtar was cuter as a kid.

Darres knows Ishtar is beautiful as a teen.

Darres says when she was small, he liked Ishtar.

Darres knows now she's grown, he loves her.