Last time on the Uzumaki Naruto Ninja Chronicles: Naruto learned some of the secrets of his new powers, including the power of the scalpel blades. He also discovered that Laharl ni-san was actually half overlord, a very powerful type of demon. While practicing with scalpels, the mysterious "friend" of Laharl, Aaron, appears. He challenges Naruto and dares him to fight.

The Uzumaki Naruto Ninja Chronicles: Dark Trickster's Test! The lessons begin!

"Before we start… stop right there!" Aaron orders, pointing his finger at Naruto, who was charging towards him. Naruto stopped automatically.

"What is it! I'm kicking you're ass, so don't you try running away!" he replies.

Aaron looks at Naruto, and puts his hand on his chin. "You know, I feel that I have forgotten something." He snaps his fingers. "Oh yes, now I remember." He then raises his hand and snaps his fingers three times. An odd techno beat starts playing. "Dark Samus Battle 1. Buds may not have told you this, but I enjoy fighting to music a lot. Now then, shall we continue with this lesson?" Naruto blinks.

"Lesson. What do you mean lesson?" Naruto asks, looking towards Aaron as man throws back his head and laughs.

"A lesson in abject humility, shorty. I'd rather not have someone who could give me a challenge bite the dust 'cause they were too stupid and picked fights with those who are their betters," he gives a quite painful reply. Naruto blinks again.


He means you're too weak to be fighting him and that he's going to beat you up easily, baka!

Naruto winced at what Kyubi had just old him. "HE WHAT!"

Aaron sighs, watching Naruto's antics. "And this is what I'm reduced to dealing with? If it weren't for the tails and fox ears, I'd have second thoughts of you inheriting Laharl's power."

Naruto pales... It was natural of course; after all, his brother himself said that nobody would be able to see through the cloak the Demon Eyes made. And, there was even a greater problem… if Aaron could see them, would it mean the others could see it too?

His face gives it all away, and Aaron smirks at that. "Let me guess. You don't know how I saw through it. Well, I'll tell you." He walks over a bit, not noticing the way Naruto suddenly went rigid, and ready to battle it out, and whispers in Naruto's ear. "That's a secret. And even if it wasn't, you're not smart enough to understand the why of how I did it, midget."

Naruto clenches his fist at the statement. "I'm gonna beat you up for making fun of me!" He takes a wild swing at Aaron, who ducks under it and rams an elbow into Naruto's chest. "Damnit! Ow… You bastard!" he growls, and going down to a knee.

Aaron sighs. "Get up, I really don't want to be disappointed. And I'm being disappointed already."

"Shut up!" Naruto shouts, and pulls some scalpels out of his hands again, and forms them into a kunai. Standing up once again, he readies himself. "You're going down!"

"Well, you might not be worthless after all," Aaron replies, pulling his sash off and holds it between his two hands. Naruto dashes towards him, and does an overhead strike, only to have Aaron block with the cloth and kick him away. "A mere blade can't pass through the iron cloth."

Naruto didn't comment, and with his other hand, throws a few more scalpels at Aaron. Aaron spins the cloth and leaps into the air. Most of the scalpels are dodged, the rest are deflected.

"Not even close. Buds could ensure they made it through the shield." He chuckles, still in the air. "Well then, here's one of my specials. Messatsu." He rears back his arm, and then shoots a fireball from it at Naruto.

Naruto's eyes widen and he jumps out of the way. Aaron responds by shooting multiple fireballs at Naruto. Naruto dodges like crazy, bending over to dodge one, only to roll out of the way of another. A stray shot nails him and knocks him down, smoking slightly.

Aaron finally lands on the ground, looking at the boy. "Come on, that wasn't even full power." He slowly watches the boy stand up, grimacing, and his eyes still glaring at him. With a quick combination of seals, Naruto was finally able to call out one of his key techniques.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" he shouts, and three Narutos appeared around the original Naruto. They wasted no time, as they suddenly surround Aaron.

"Nice," he said, as he got ready, looking at the clones surrounding him. The first one tries to punch him in the face, only to have Aaron use his cloth and grabs it's arm and throw it at another copy. They both exploded to smoke. Two more Narutos attacks from the air. "Go shoryu ken!" Aaron leans down, and then does a rising uppercut with flames surrounding him.

The two Narutos both try to give Aaron a flying kick as Aaron ascends towards them with a flaming punch. Naruto wanted to curse, and stopped his attack midway by using his clone as a pedestal to control his movement in the air. He was given only a slight scratch by Aaron's attack. His clone wasn't too lucky, as it was hit directly, and disappeared in a pile of smoke.

Due to gravity, Aaron descended after the attack, and Naruto gets a good idea. While descending, he uses Kage Bushin no Jutsu again, he calls forth a clone under him, and uses It as a support, and jumps back up towards Aaron with a closed fist ready, and knocks him down. The man tumbles down, but recovers at once, landing on his feet. He gets up, and starts laughing.

"Hahahahaha. Well, that was much better. Show me more," he said, smiling. Naruto needn't need to be told on twice, and dashes towards Aaron, once again using hand seals to call forth 3 more clones, and attack with series of punches. Aaron weaves through the range of blows, and delivers a spinning kick to all 3 of them. They kip up and then explode into clouds of dust again. Naruto calls more clones, and this time, the clones charged with scalpels in their hands.

"Tatsumaki Zanku Kyaku," Aaron declares his attack, hovers in the air, just above the ground, and does a spinning kick with lightning trailing his leg, kicking away all Naruto's clones away from him, once again, turning to clouds of dust. Aaron stands there, waiting for the clouds to clear a bit, and when it does, he stares at Naruto. "If this is all you are capable off, then you're not worth fighting."

"Nani?" Naruto clenches his fist. "I'll show you my true power then!" and with that, he calls upon 6 clones. "I'll show you what happens to people who underestimate me!"

His five clones suddenly dash towards Aaron, who didn't seem to look impressed, and with a quick spin kick and a punch, he took out five clones out. He suddenly felt a concentration of energy from where Naruto was positioned. Using his sash to completely blow away the smoke, he saw Naruto and a clone, a ball of blue spinning chakra two clones to his side. "The Rasengan!" Aaron smiles, and also raises an eyebrow. "So this is the legendary move… I'm surprised that someone as young as you have learned it! But…" he moves to a defensive position, "Do you believe that you can hit me with that?"

"Heh! Watch me!" Naruto declares, and suddenly, his clone charges towards Aaron, with intent to attack again. Aaron was about to defeat the clone when he felt the wind shift behind him slightly behind him. He turned his head only for a second, and his eyes widened a bit as he saw the scalpel which Naruto had first thrown, which has been stuck in the tree the whole time, suddenly moving behind him.

He was about to take it out when the scalpel just flew towards another target. To Aaron's surprise, the target is actually the clone which was charging towards him, and hit the clone squarely in the chest, making it disappear in a puff of smoke again, blocking Aaron's view. That's where Naruto charges Aaron with the Rasengan on his hand.

"Ha! Take this! RASENGAN!" Naruto shouts his attack loud, pushing his hand towards Aaron's surprised form. The man In question just blinks as he sees Naruto charge towards him, with a blue ball of spinning chakra in his hand, going towards his abdomen. He grimaces when he sees how the ball of energy seem to move.

"Oh, it spins like a drill. Fuck, This is gonna hurt..."

The shot slams into his stomach and starts hitting him. He falls down, with a hole in his abdomen. Naruto gapes in shock. "Oh my god! Kyubi-nechan! I killed him! I didn't mean to...!"

Umm, Naruto, behind you...

He turns and sees a smirking Aaron with a hole in his side rapidly closing itself, with strange energy flashes and no blood. He gapes and his jaw drops. "Oh my God… wha…?"

"Good shot kid, but not quite enough. You really need to see, that, you and I, are in a whole other league compared with most people." He grabs Naruto's face. "Oh, and payback's a bitch. God press." He rushes with Naruto in his hand and slams him into a tree.

Naruto groans as he gets up. "Ouuuu what the hell...?" Kyubi starts shouting about towards him, her voice echoing around his head.

Wake up Baka! Aaron's still there!

"Ow ow ow ow! Cut it out ne-chan! You're voice is just bouncing…"

Aaron looks on with a sweatdrop. "Family argument?" He sighs. "Whenever you're ready, weakling." Naruto turns with an angry expression.

"Okay, so you survived the Rasengan… don't know how… I'll still kick your ass, cause I'm Uzumaki Naruto, the future Hokage!"

Aaron turns with a serious expression. "That's your reason for fighting? Pathetic." He begins charging energy. "You've impressed me that you have potential and guts, two things I like. However, you must train a lot longer, because you're not ready yet." The energy blossoms around him. "Now, Uzumaki Naruto, successor of Laharl, and wielder of the Kyubi chakra, allow me to show you the chasm of our power difference..." As he is speaking, Aaron begins to float, until he is 3 feet off the ground. "Psycho Crusher!"

He hurls himself encased in blue flame like ki spinning like a drill. Naruto tries to block directly. Kyubi's voice seems to ring out in Naruto's head.

No! Naruto! GET OUT OF THE WAY! The energy concentration he's using is… lethal! If you get hit…!

It was too late, as Naruto grits his teeth, as he takes it head on with a defensive block.. Aaron's energy continues to collide against him. "Super Psycho Crusher!" The energy doubles and Naruto's only defense collapses.

"AHHHHHHH!" he shouts, falling down, the energy burning him.

Naruto! Speak to me! Kyubi's voice cries out.

"Impressive. To be able to block the Psycho Crusher and have that kind of will power. Lucky for you, I decided not to exhaust your energy and instead used the Super Psycho Crusher to simply overwhelm you," Aaron walked towards Naruto's fallen form. The boy groans.

"What hit me?"

"I did, and you, midget, impressed me." Naruto looks and sees Aaron smiling while leaning back on a tree stump.

"Bastard..." he mutters, as he attempts to unsteadily rise to his feet. A snap of Aaron's sash knocks his legs out from under him.

"Sit down, I have a few things to say, and I'd like to get them out before the Anbu show up and ask questions. First off, Uzumaki, for what reason do you fight?" Aaron asks, serious, and smile aside. "Think about it. Don't give me some answer without thought."

Naruto thinks for a minute. "To be stronger! I'll be the strongest ninja alive, and become Hokage! With that, people will acknowledge my existence!"

Aaron snorts. "Pathetic. That alone is not enough. It is a flawed reason and thus you cannot win." Aaron gets up and starts twirling his sash around him. "Before I leave you Naruto, I'll give you some advice." He gave Naruto another serious look. "One, seek a pure reason for fighting, even if it is fighting for its own sake." He points at Naruto's head. "Two, do not hide the traits of the fox. I don't know why, but even Laharl seemed ashamed of it, hiding it behind his Demon Eyes. I don't think anything is wrong with fox features… and three, don't try to copy my style or moves. There are reasons that buds will explain why you can't." He then raises a finger. "And last but not least, get a better outfit."

Naruto facefaults. "Wha…?"

"Seriously. That orange one is lousy. It offends my eyes. Even Principal Kuno and Azusa Shiratori wouldn't wear something that ugly."

"Who the hell are they?" Naruto asks.

Aaron reaches into his shirt and pulls out two pictures, one of a man in a bad Hawaiian shirt with a pineapple tree on his head, and the other of a girl dressed in sickeningly cute pink. "The principle I should hurt on general principle for wearing a Hawaiian shirt that bad."

"Ewwww! What the hell…. Did they have their mommies dress them!" Naruto asked, in the edge between disgust and laughter.

Aaron grimaces. "I can tell you now that a gay man would have a heart attack seeing that kind of garbage. Then again, I don't like it either, but I'm not your average person." He shifts to a female form with a c-cup chest and about 2 inches shorter in height. "For instance, this form, I happen to like it."

Naruto looks at her for a minute… gapes… and jumps away. "W-What are you! You were a guy… and now…!"

Aaron sighs. "There is a place, it is called Jusenkyo, and it contains pools that hold spirits. Fall into a pool, and you are cursed with that body, and occasionally a different mindset. The curse is normally triggered by cold water and reverses by hot. I fell into the Nyannichuan, spring of drowned girl, and learned to control the curse."

Naruto looks at her from head to toe... "Uh…. so… do you like guys or girls?"

Aaron coughs. "I should not say, at least most of the time. You are somewhat cute, but too young and you piss me off like Budsy does."

"… Eh… forget it… don't tell me! I don't want to know! Especially if you like guys… ugh… I mean… you're a guy!" Naruto scratched his tongue.

"Actually gender-wise, I prefer the term aqua-transsexual. Then again, if you manage to figure out what I really am, you'll understand why gender is irrelevant." She shifts back to her male form, and spins the sash rapidly. "Say hi to Kyubi and Laharl for me. We'll meet again, Oni Me no Naruto. (Naruto of the demon eyes)." He fades into the ground with a sound like someone passing through water. "If you remember what my other form looks like and the name I go under in that form, then I will grant you a match with my full power." His voice rings out as he fades. "Ahahahahahah..."

Naruto just stares at the empty space… his mind confused. Slowly, he raised his fist, and raised his index finger. He didn't know if Aaron was around to hear him, but he still said it. "One… how did you know about Kyubi-nechan? Two… I'll do find my own style of fighting… I ain't no copying bastard like Sasuke-teme! Three… I'll be strong! You just wait!" He closes his fist.

Somewhere in the heart… or maybe soul of Naruto, he trusts the secret of Kyubi to Aaron. Maybe something of a friendship between him and Aaron… or maybe something else. Naruto won't fully know… but then, he doesn't need to know. He's going to learn it in the near future just exactly what Aaron is and his relationship with his brother Laharl.

Naruto looks at his hand… raises it. All the scalpels he threw suddenly jumped from where they have landed, and all went back to his hand. Once all of them were tucked inside him again, Naruto looks at his hand, and grimaces at the slight tinge of pain. He still has to get used to that. "Now what do I do…?" he asks himself. Before he can say anything else… his stomach grumbles. "I know! Its RAMEN TIME!"

With that, he suddenly jumps onto his feet like nothing had happened to him a few minutes ago, and began to run towards his favorite hangout. The Ramen Stand!

Uchiha Sasuke was surrounded by ANBU as he walked towards the office of Hokage. Many people waved, and greeted the Uchiha survivor with smiles, others shouted some compliments and other blessings towards the boy. Fan girls were looking at him with hunger. No one could get near though, as the ANBU had been warning people to step back.

Sasuke looked at each ANBU surrounding him. He knew why they were there. They provided him protection against the mob of fan girls and well wishers… but that was just a cover. Their real intention is to guard Sasuke, and prevent him from escaping. It didn't matter. His escape was on a later date, after he hears what Tsunade wants to talk to him about.

On Sasuke's left, 4 blocks, away from the crowds, Naruto was there, eating his fill of Pork Miso Ramen. He was on his third bowl, and still going strong. He and the old man were talking, with him doing most of the yabbering and jabbering, talking about how Hospital food seemed stale (even if he never got to ate at the hospital, just given a bag of Nin-V (IV)). He was about to delve more on his day's adventure, when suddenly, a voice caught his attention.

"I'll take a beef ramen."

Naruto froze, and suddenly turned his head towards the newcomer. "… YOU!"

"Yo, midget," Aaron smirked.

"What the hell are you doing here you bastard!" Naruto asked, his eyes narrowing, his hand twitching, ready to call out blades.

"I forgot to give you something," Aaron replied. "Ah, thank you…" he took the beef ramen, and began to eat. Naruto visibly relaxed, but still ever so cautious, stealing glances at the man while eating his own ramen. After a few minutes of silence (except the sound of sipping), Naruto looked at Aaron.

"What did you want to give me?"

Aaron placed his hand towards his sash, and grabbed a ripped, piece of cloth made into a ball, and put it in the table. Naruto looked at it, unsure what to make of it. It looked flimsy, yet the size of the ball seemed to show that the cloth's length was long… very long. It is also colored black… dark night black. Like no light could escape it.

"What… what's this?" Naruto asked, looking at the ball.

"I don't know myself, really," Aaron shrugged. "It's a piece of cloth. Budsy used it as a scarf that covered his mouth. I said to him it makes him really silly… using that like a Shinobi poser."

"Shinobi poser?" Naruto asked.

"Yeah… you know Shinobi, right? Ninja guy, walks fast, red scarf flowing behind him with the wind as he moves…? Budsy uses the scarf as the same way," Aaron sighed. "Stupid really."

"Don't call Laharl-nisan stupid, bastard!" Naruto muttered, grabbing the ball of cloth. His eyes widened as suddenly, the ball unfolded itself, and lunged towards Naruto's neck, and wrapped around it, covering his mouth as well. "What the fuck!" he muttered, voice muffled. "Hey! Get it off me! Get it off me!"

Aaron looked at him, and shrugs. "That never happened to me…"

The cloth unwinded itself from Naruto's neck, and suddenly went towards his right arm, and began to wrap around there. When it was done, Naruto now looked at his new black fingerless gloves. He flexed his fingers and arms a bit… "Weird…" It was comfortable, and didn't even feel like a glove. It felt natural… it was like fused to his skin.

"Heh… you're really Laharl's inheritor," Aaron smirked.

"What do you mean? Didn't you already tell me that?"

"With your fighting skills, I had doubted you... big time. And it also didn't help you being heightly challenged," Aaron smirked.

"Shut up, bastard," Naruto muttered. "What's heightly challenged…?"

"Forget it," Aaron sighed. He looks towards Naruto, placing his empty bowl down. "Train a lot. Once the time comes, I'm going to beat you down again."

"Heh… next time, you're going to be crying your ass off," Naruto declares, pointing his chopsticks at Aaron. "That's a promise!"

"Whatever kid. Whatever," Aaron takes out a few coins, and places them on the table, and stands up, walking away.

"Weird bastard…" Naruto mutters. "Ah well… time to visit baa-chan!" and with that, slams his Ramen tickets on the table, and left after saying goodbye to the old man.

In the Hokage office, Tsunade watched as Sasuke suddenly began staring at her with intense eyes. The Hokage might be old, but concerning health and anatomy, she hasn't rusted yet. Sharp as the sharpest katana in the world, she had been studying the curse seal and its effects since the studying it first on Anko, Konoha's officially first Cursed Seal survivor.

She studied it extensively, the effects it has, and its primary focus. What she found scared her. The Cursed Seal is a complex seal, lodging in the neck area affecting the chakra flow in the body. It affects the chakra flow by accelerating metabolism to increase energy output, and forcefully pulling out the energy without restraint. In the long term, using the Cursed Seal for prolonged periods of time would exhaust all chakra reserves in a body, then would slowly be stealing life energies to keep it powered.

Sasuke's eyebrows raised a centimeter hearing that. He wasn't a genius for nothing… although not having smarts and brains like Sakura, he could more or less break down what it meant. If Tsunade's studies and theories are true, then using Level 2 would make him risking exhausting and diminishing not only his chakra, but also his life energy.

Of course, that is, if Tsunade was actually correct. "Heh… this is all interesting, Hokage-sama, but… I'd rather choose what the Cursed Seal can do. I have used it, after all."

Tsunade sighed, and shakes her head. "So has Anko, and she had been cursed way longer than you. I studied her really close, and experimented with the seal with multiple processes. The data I gathered are accurate."

"You can be wrong. After all, the one who fully knows the seal is the one who made it," Sasuke insists.

"Yeah… you're right," Tsunade glares at the boy. "Orochimaru is the only person who can fully explain what his Seal can do."

"So, its possible that it just gives power, and what you have studied, and everything you've conceived so far is all wrong," Sasuke smirks. He's gaining ground here.

"If that is so true… then why is Orochimaru, who created the Seal himself, not use it. Especially during the time where me and Jiraiya fought against him," Tsunade replies back. Sasuke suddenly loses his smirk and stays silent. "If what you say is true, then he should have used it during the time he was getting his behind kicked."

Sasuke turns away, unspeaking. Tsunade smiles. She just overturned his advantage.

"Uchiha-san, there is a reason why its called a cursed seal. You felt its power… yet if I'm correct, then its nothing but your own power run amock. Just imagine that as your potential. You can further increase it. You don't need to go to Orochimaru just for power," Tsunade states.

"You just don't want to lose me… and my power to Orochimaru," Sasuke whispers silently.

"Yes, of course. I'd be a complete liar saying no…" Tsunade frowns. "But… your bloodline ability is a threat to the village if you go to Orochimaru. I stand by what I said at the hospital. I'll kill you if you turn coat."


Tsunade took liberty in sitting down behind her desk again, with a neutral expression. Sasuke himself was also silent, looking at the wall like it has something interesting. After a few minutes, a few notable faint shouts were heard just outside the office.


"I have told you, Hokage-sama is in an important meeting… HEY! Get back HERE!"

"Screw you! Tsunade-baachan will see me!"

Tsunade suddenly looked up. Was that Naruto?

The doors opened, and revealed Naruto, walking in, followed by some rushing ANBU guards. "I'm sorry, Hokage-sama! We tried to stop him…"

"Eh… it's okay," Tsunade groans. "It seems people want to break in my office… Hey Naruto…"

"Yo!" Naruto greets. "Tsunade-baachan! I wanted to visit, so…" he sees Sasuke. "Eh, what are you doing here, Sasuke-teme?"

Sasuke freezes, looking as he looks at Naruto. His fist closes, and he tenses up, ready to pounce. "Naruto… baka."

"Eh… whatever," Naruto replies back.

"Naruto… why are you here?" Tsunade asks, deciding to break the ice before Sasuke just might break something in the office. "I didn't receive word of your recovery…"

"Eh… I escaped the hospital…" Naruto smiles. "Got through the window… coz everyone was like so noisy outside the room. Noisy bunch of girls and some shouting of orders. It was annoying."

"Really? Well, never mind. I was about to call you anyway, because we have something important to discuss," Tsunade gives a smile.

"Eh? What's up? Spill!" Naruto asks.

"Jiraiya feels you're ready to be his official student," Tsunade gives Naruto a smirk, and begins messing with his hair. "He's gonna train you for a good while… maybe a few years during his travels."

"EH? Really! YATTA!" Naruto jumps up and down. "I'm gonna learn lots of new jutsu! Then, I can kick anyone's ass!"

"I don't know where Jiraiya is… but he and I talked that you're going to leave as early as possible. Probably tomorrow…" Tsunade nods. "Unless you aren't up to it?"

"You kidding? Tomorrow sounds great! I'm going to learn lots!" Naruto raises his fist. "Yatta! I'm gonna prepare now! See You, baa-chan!"

The woman smiled at the child's antics and cheerfulness, but her forehead twitching a bit with the baa-chan comment. He and Jiraiya are made for each other, as Naruto, as much as he looks like Yondaime, acts more or less like Jiraiya when the sannin was young. Maybe except for the perverted part, but then again, that might come later. Tsunade frowns at that. She hopes that Naruto wont turn perverted or something.

As Naruto walked towards the exit, Sasuke blocks his path. He had a hard look on his eyes, and his fist was ready. Naruto stops in front of him, and stares at him hard. "You like it, don't you?" Sasuke asks in a hard tone. "You're the new fucking hero of the village. Aren't you happy? And now, you're being trained by a sannin… you must feel pretty good eh?"

"Whatever, Sasuke-teme," Naruto replies back, staring at Sasuke neutrally. Tsunade watches the two boys facing each other off. Not that she had anything against fighting, if Sasuke explodes in her office, and both Naruto and him throw jutsus all around her office, she's gonna kick some asses out of the door. "Now, if you don't mind, I have to pack."

Sasuke grabs Naruto's shoulder hard, stopping him on his tracks. "You think because you got lucky, and beat me with some new technique, you think you're BETTER than me! I'm challenging you! NOW! STEP OUTSIDE!"

Naruto looks at him, and frowns. "Why the hell should I fight you!"

"You took my dream from me… you fucking idiot," Sasuke growled. "Everything was fine for me… and you had to pull something out of nowhere, getting lucky, and beating me! I'm going to show you that you were just that! Lucky!"

"You're mad… because I stopped you from making the biggest mistake in your life…!" Naruto's face suddenly went dead serious, momentarily stunning both Tsunade and Sasuke. They never seen this face of Naruto before. "I'm not the idiot… YOU ARE! You know the shit you pulled! Sakura cried! SHE CRIED! For you! A no good traitor who was willing to sell out his village just for some stupid POWER! ALL THIS FOR YOUR STUPID REVENGE… STUPID REVENGE AGAINST YOUR BROTHER!"

"DON'T YOU DARE CALL MY AMBITION STUPID!" Sasuke shouts. "YOU ARE THE ONE WITH THE STUPID AMBITION! Hokage this, Hokage that… LIKE someone LIKE YOU could make it to HOKAGE standards! MY DREAM… no… My AMBITION is far more worthy than yours!"

"So worthy that you'll betray your village, and your friends!" Naruto asks, his tone hard.

"Don't talk like you know everything… I LOST EVERYTHING TO ME BY THAT BASTARD BROTHER OF MINE!"

"You think you're the only one who lost something! WAKE UP! Everyone around you suffers! Neji had that stupid seal on his head, his father died, maybe killed by his own clan because of its own discrimination! Sakura, she almost lost her most precious person! I lost a BROTHER! You want to talk about suffering! Why don't you look at other people and watch their suffering! Instead of wallowing on yours like some goddamned BRAT!"

"You… bastard…!" Sasuke growls, and punches Naruto hard in the face, knocking him off his feet. "You don't know how I feel! No one DOES!"

Naruto wiped the little blood which was escaping from his lip, and stared at Sasuke, who was twitching. "Yeah… I don't know how you feel exactly… but you're a fool if you don't see people out there wanting to help you." He stands up. "You couldn't beat La… me… because you yourself you can't defeat…"

"You just wait… I'll beat you so hard that you're going to cry about it for months!" Sasuke stares at Naruto hard.

"Then train hard… then wait for my return. We'll have a rematch then!" Naruto declares.

"By that time, you'll regret challenging me…"

"You wish, you bastard," Naruto gives him a last glare, and walks out of the office, and made his way back to the hospital.

Naruto walked in the front door, seemingly ignoring everyone else because they were ignoring him. He didn't mind. He had to put up with their attitude for so long, it's become a habit. Walking with silence towards where his room was, he opened the door, only to see a girl with short indigo hair and pale and white, pearly pupil-less eyes.

"Oh… hey, Hinata… what brings you here?"

Hinata, the Hyuga's very own Miss Shy Girl, stared with a tomato face at Naruto. Poor girl, bless her heart. She has the big heart to love… yet lacks the courage to commit. Or even admit her feelings. "Hi… Na… Naruto-kun…"

Naruto just gave a small smile at her. "What's up? What are you doing here?"

"I… I was… visiting… but… you… I mean…" she slowly presses her index fingers together.

"Oh, you came to visit, eh?" Naruto nodded, understanding. "Sorry I wasn't here to greet you. I sneaked out to visit baa-chan."

"Ah… okay…" Hinata went silent, and moves a bit, allowing Naruto to go towards the bed. He suddenly grabs the stuff on the bed… 5 scrolls, and a small package which Hinata didn't bother guessing whats inside. "Ano… Naruto…? Are you okay?"

She had heard him being injured and brought here by his Jounin instructor unconscious. She had wanted visit him earlier, but she couldn't find the courage to bring herself to. When she did, she walked inside an empty room, staring at practically nothing, wondering where he had gone to.

"Hmmm? Yeah, I'm okay. Just grabbing some stuff, cause I'm leaving soon," Naruto replies.

"Eh…?" Hinata gasps silently. "You… you're leaving…? Where?"

"Training trip with Ero-sennin," Naruto replies easily. "I'm going with him, and become stronger!"

"Um… that… that's nice… Naruto-kun," Hinata's head went down. "Goo… good luck…"

"Thanks a lot, Hinata," Naruto gave her one of his fox smiles. "You train as well, okay? I wanna see how much you will improve when I return!"

Hinata's head sunk lower, his cheeks almost glowing red. "H-hai…"

"Alright… anyways, ja ne!" Naruto waves and walks towards the door, exiting, leaving the shy Hyuga girl staring at the floor.

The day passed down fast, with Tsunade giving Sasuke his final sentence. He was given 2 years of house arrest, and he'll be guarded by ANBU all the time. As much as Sasuke hated it, he felt that he'd had gone for much worse. And it seems he can still continue his training, as Kakashi had told them he's going to visit the last Uchiha when he could.

Sakura had come home, informing her mom of her success… well, not really success because she was just accepted as Tsunade's student. Her mom, of course, cried with joy. It wasn't everyday their daughter would be taught by a sannin. Then again… it wasn't everyday her daughter was teamed up with that demon boy.

Naruto walked straight home, and packed the necessary stuff he needed. He grabbed his piggy bank, and cracked it, taking out the bills he had been saving for quite some time. Satisfied, he was pleasantly surprised when he found an envelope with loads of money inside. There was a note written by Tsunade herself, saying the money was the reward of a successful rescue mission, and some more for his travels. It also said to hide it from Jiraiya. Naruto did just that, hiding the big part of the money at the bottom of his bag.

He was about to pack his clothes, when he remembers what Aaron told him. He ponders a bit on the advice given to him, and shrugs. He'd pick up more clothes as he travels, so only took 5 of his jumpsuits. He'd also ask for Laharl's help with clothes when he has the chance. He also packed the scrolls and the package with scalpels in it. After another quick eat at Ichiraku Ramen Stand for dinner, he went home, and slept really early.

Jiraiya, after talking to Tsunade an hour before Naruto left her office, didn't spend much of his day doing anything except peeking at the baths, not really worried about tomorrow. He was going to teach Yondaime's son… it wasn't something he didn't do before. And this kid was showing potential. His last mission proved it.

Sasuke had nothing to do, except go to the secret opening in his house, and read a few scrolls. For the next two years, he won't have missions, won't see anyone outside unless they visit, and in short, bore himself with training for the next 24 months with ANBUs guarding his ass.

The next morning came without much incident, maybe except Tsunade calling all the villagers as she had an announcement to make. The announcement was simple… it was a edited version of the events of what had happened when Sasuke was kidnapped. She had explained on how Sasuke was lured by Orochimaru, tricked him saying he'd give the boy power. And it was with the combined effort of their gifted gennins, and a chunnin, they were able to recover one of their most gifted ninjas. The named gennins and chunnin all went up, and were given a medal for their efforts. Of course, except Naruto, who was with Jiraiya in front of Konoha's entrance.

Naruto's missing name was ignored by most of the village. Those who noticed his absence were of course, the gennins involved, Shikamaru, Hinata, and Sakura. Their questions were met with silence later that day when they asked to Tsunade where Naruto was. She just gave them a smile, and told them that he will be returning after some time.

As the crowd suddenly celebrated in the successful rescue of Sasuke, and blaming Orochimaru for trying to steal Konoha's most precious treasure, Naruto and Jiraiya met at the front gate, with no one there to greet them out except for the guard.

"Naruto… looks like this will be the last time you'll see the village in a long time," Jiraiya declares. "This is your chance to say goodbye to it."

"No need," Naruto replies, looking back to his village. "I'm returning after some time. It would be awkward to say goodbye to it and then return after a bit."

"Haha, whatever, let's go."

"Right behind you… Ero-sensei."

As the sun rose, so did a new era, where Naruto left the village to train, and start his adventure.

Uzumaki Naruto Ninja Chronicles: Beginning…

The End.

Author's Note:

The next arc of the UNNC is Fairy Odd Adventure. - See you there!

Oh, and before I forget... everyone, give a hand to Aaron, the one who wrote the fight sequence. He's been a great help, and due to his help, this fic came out earlier than expected! So, yeah, give him lots of hands, guys!