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The New Justice League

After a head-on collision with the Legion of Doom, the Justice League looks to refill their depleted ranks, and searches out the heroes with the talent for membership, and relocates to the home of one of the new members, but when Lex Luthor decides to replenish his ranks with the worst foes these new members have ever faced, the time will come, when the two forces will face off again, but only one will come out on top. Who will it be?


The three people stood overlooking the battlefield where their fallen comrades lay, it was a testament to their survival that the legacy would continue.

The three people were among the special, chosen protectors of what was right in the world, Superman, The Man of Steel, Wonder Woman, Amazon Princess of Paradise Island, and the Dark Knight, Batman, the first one to speak, was Wonder Woman,

"So, it's all over now, isn't it?" she asked, looking at Superman, who was standing to her left,

"No," Superman said, looking at the Amazon, and smiling, "as long as there's still a breath in my body, I'll continue to fight for what I believe in."

"Me too, Clark." Batman said, now stepping up, and removing his mask, to reveal a man who looked as though he were in his late thirties, with dark black hair, and a rather regal air, not smug, but battle hardened, as though he had seen the world through deadened eyes.

"Count me in, then." the Amazon Princess said, looking at her comrades-in-arms, and smiling. The three had reached a silent agreement, they would rebuild The Justice League.

"We all know what this means," Superman said, the other two nodded, "Good, meet me at The Fortress of Solitude tomorrow morning. I'll be there, waiting."

A/N: I needed to have the Justice League killed off, all except for three of the original members, so I decided on Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. In the next chapters, the surviving members of the old league start recruiting new members, and form the New Justice League.