Chapter 10

Still Out There

The Justice League, and The Order of the Phoenix made it back to headquarters a few minutes after the battle at The Everglades, and they were now waiting to finish their business, and close Voldemort's case file,

"Well, that should do it." Superman said, placing the file into the "deceased," file of their cabinet,

"Yeah, finally." Harry said, sitting into a chair, and panting slightly, his fight with Voldemort had drained him, both physically, and mentally,

"So, whatcha you gonna do now, H.P.?" Ron S. said, looking at the hero of the wizarding world,

"I think I'm going to stay on," Harry said, looking at the crowd, and smiling, "The Death Eaters are still out there, and I'm willing to wager my entire fortune that they stay with Luthor, even though he's a muggle, so my work here is not finished."

"If your staying, Harry, than so am I." Ron W. said, smiling,

"Me too." Hermione agreed,

"What about the rest of you?" Superman asked, looking around at the assembled mass in front of him,

"Drakken got away, so did Shego, so I'm in." Kim said,

"And wherever K.P. goes, Ron Stoppable goes." Ron S. said, smiling widely,

"The same holds true with Magneto, and his brotherhood, and I'm willing to bet, they stay on with Luthor," Professor X said, "so, with your permission, we plan to stay, Superman."

"If you ever have need of assistance, you need but to call me, Superman," Professor Dumbledore said, "The Order of the Phoenix is only a short alert away for your services."

"Your offer is appreciated, Albus, if we ever need you again, we'll get in touch with you." Superman said, bidding the aged headmaster of Hogwarts, and his army of fighters goodbye,

"And as for the rest of us," Superman said, now turning to the group at large, "watch rotation is posted on the bulletin board near the entrance to the control room." this announcement was met with several groans,

"We've just defeated The Legion of Doom, what are we gonna do?" Wolverine asked,

"I was gonna to say, 'I'm going to Disneyland,' but that option's been denied." Ron S. said, causing the entire room to burst out in laughter.

A/N: I thought I would have Ron Stoppable give the 'I'm going to Disneyland' pun, because he's a Disney character, it fits. As for the rest, it was a no-brainer they would stay, including Harry, with the Death Eaters still on the loose, that was all the incentive he needed, Ron Weasley, and Hermione following his lead would be a lock, so would Ron Stoppable following Kim's lead, those two seem to go everywhere together anyway, so why not have him voice it.Btw, for those of you who are curious, this will be an ongoing series of stories, I'm planning about four, maybe more, I'll let you all know soon.

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