On spring-cleanings and how to evade them


Warnings/notes: Tylendel/Vanyel, Mardic/Donni, failed drabble, ooc.

Disclaimer: The wonderful world of Valdemar was created by Mercedes Lackey.

written at 27th december 2004, by Misura, for Pleasance, as a small Christmas-present.


It wasn't, Savil decided, that Tylendel and Vanyel -did- anything. They had greeted the news that they were included in this day's spring-cleaning activities with the same amount of enthusiasm as Mardic and Donni had; not jumping for joy, but accepting the inevitable and willing to give their best, if only because the work would be done quicker that way.

Whenever she looked at them, they were busy with the tasks she'd assigned to them, not showing the slightest hint of having eyes for anything -or anyone- else. They hadn't uttered a single word of protest when Savil had given them things to do at separate sides of the room.

They were, in short, behaving. Behaving extremely well, in a way that Savil ought to feel impressed with, considering how they usually acted when they were inside these four walls. No one watching them at this moment would ever guess that their relationship went any deeper than a casual friendship, if even that.

And yet.

Her shoulderblades itched any time she had turned her back on them, making her want to spin around to catch them at ... doing exactly what she'd told them to do, without throwing any of the longing gazes or the heated looks she'd expected.

It was beginning to drive her crazy, or at the very least rather irrationally annoyed. The fact that she didn't have anything to be annoyed -about- only made it worse.

"Mardic? Could you give me some help with moving this cabinet?" Tylendel asked, wonderfully polite and practical in requesting the aid he needed from the person who was most nearby, rather than the person whom he undoubtedly would have preferred to get it from.

Savil gritted her teeth, distracting herself by assisting Donni in dusting off a row of books.

The cabinet was moved, and Mardic went back to what he'd been doing before. Vanyel, when she looked at him, appeared much too busy with sorting out the contents of a drawer to be paying any attention to the view Tylendel presented by bending forwards in cleaning a hard-to-reach corner.

With a sigh, Savil concluded that she was just being paranoid. That didn't make her feel particularly better, of course, but it did suggest a solution for her trouble.

" 'Lendel? Why don't you and Vanyel go and take a little walk or something, to relax for a while?"

She'd simply remove the source of her unease. In the long run, it'd help in getting the cleaning done sooner. Besides, she told herself, Tylendel and Vanyel had deserved some time off for their efforts.

"But I don't - " Tylendel began, before he got a good look at Savil's expression. "Well, I suppose, if you insist, we could take a break. Though I don't really feel like taking a stroll."

Savil firmly told her mind to stop jumping to conclusions; she was just imagining the gleam in Tylendel's eyes, and there were plenty of things that weren't 'taking a stroll' yet didn't involve sex either.

Vanyel insisted on finishing with the drawer, before he and Tylendel finally left, giving Savil the peace of mind she'd wished for. As she walked back to her own work, she noticed Mardic and Donni exchanging a look. A rather speculative look.

"Don't even think about trying it," Savil snapped, too weary to care if she was perhaps being a little unfair in taking out her tension on an innocent party.

"Trying what?" Donni inquired, with wide and innocent eyes, that were sparkling nonetheless.